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General Information

  • Ethnicity: South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Makeup addict
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Philippines
  • Ingredient Preference: Oil-Free, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

* Fit - not the greatest. Lots of wrinkling and excess. Eye holes are a bit small

* Essence - couldn't detect (or remember) a strong fragrance but it was runny and kept dripping. Had to keep wiping my eyes and neck

* Results - no noticeable brightening when i took it off. Let the essence absorb and went on with my routine. BUUUUT after washing my face when i woke up this morning, it was smooth! Same skin texture as when i put on the CosRx PHA cream or the overnight rice mask!

* Would i repurchase? Yes, if they're having a promo. I have a separate bottle of BHA so i can always use that but this would come in handy if I'm traveling so i dont have to bring a separate bottle but still have some form of BHA with me

Step 1: Morning Cloud Foam - nice fruity smell to wash off the night's routine. Did not leave my face feeling dry.

Step 2: Dual Morning Pad - use 🍓 looking side first, flip it over and use smooth side to let skin absorb essence. I love how it has a dotted side to mildly exfoliate and a smooth side to make sure essence is patted back in.

Step 3: Sherbet Ice Cream - apply the more sherbet like than gel type moisturizer to seal in everything. Not as sticky as I was expecting and left my skin moisturized. All I had to do next was apply sunscreen!

 I initially thought it was a 2-step sheet mask but i was surprised to see that it's a peeling gel!

Gently exfoliated my face and it started pilling right away. Don't you just love gommages? 😍 My face was definitely smoother and a bit brighter afterwards. It was a bit tighter than usual but i wasn't surprised with all the scrubbing.

Moved on to my routine and applied toner, essence, then this and my skin felt like it was being soothed and was getting its moisture back. No sticky or oily residue left.

I love concealers so when Nars came out with this one, I had to go check it out. The texture feels slightly mousse-y and the finish is indeed matte but not dry. The shade i have is now (creme brulee) a bit dark on me but the coverage is great! I use this whenever there's a spot that needs to be covered. I don't really use this for under my eyes (unless i'm in just doing errands) because it's not as moisturizing as a liquid type one and my under eye skin needs the added moisture. 

I finally got around to writing my review on this! This serum (with a really long name!) was sent to me by @amabiebeauty @makeupinasia as part of their #AmabieAList giveaway. I wanted to really take my time and see any results so i waited until almost a month of continuous, twice a day use.

So do I love this serum? yes!!! i saw the biggest change on my neck and my face of course. i'm so happy that amabie is actually planning on opening an online shop so when that time comes, yes, i will definitely be repurchasing this!

i received this CYLAB Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturizing Repairing Mask from @amabiebeauty @shopamabie as part of their #amabiealist in exchange for my honest opinion. i was pretty excited when i saw that this is a Taiwanese mask because I've had positive experiences with masks from Taiwan when it comes to effects and fit! they have the best fitting masks for me!

- material and fit : the sheet mask is made of really thin cotton (is it cotton?) and comes with a plastic backing. i had a bit of a challenge trying to put this on my face because it can stretch easily if you pull too hard. buuuuut once it adheres to your face, it really clings. the thin material turns out to be a positive because it felt like the essence was on my face instead of just sitting on the sheet. when it dried up, the edges did not flap around like other sheet masks. it dried on my face and had to peel it off so another plus for me!

- claims vs results : it's an intensive moisturizing mask, as the name suggests and true enough, after wearing the mask for about 40 minutes, i was surprised by how bright my face was! and my skin was really soft, and looked well rested! 20 minutes later, my husband came home and even noticed that my skin looked nice and bright!    

One of my favorite products from etude house! Waterproof as soon as they set but blendable when freshly applied. I love how it has a built in sharpener so you can always have a pointy end for precise application. And omg color selection is awesome! More than 50 shades to choose from with different finishes!

I love these liners! They're so pigmented and they glide on smoothly so application is a breeze. They're really waterproof too. I also love that you have a lot of colors to choose from. The glittery ones are especially nice because they're very pigmented. 

I think this is a great dupe for mac's girl boy. My only problem with it is it dries up quickly but othwr than that, I'm pretty happy with it. 

Constantly disinfecting my hands with alcohol has dried them up so much so i decided to open up my #Beyond x Alice dress glow hand cream.

First off, it's the packaging that led me to purchase this. I would've preferred more optipns or variety of fragrances but with such cute packaging, who cares! The fragrance is musky so if you're not fond of that don't get this unless you're like me and you're after that cute packaging.

It's moisturizing and isn't sticky at all. I've veen appying  reapplying all day and i love it! Would definitely repurchase! 😊

i received this from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. :) i received this moisturizer, a toner and foaming cleanser all from the same line so i was pretty excited to try them out. i was happy with both the cleanser and the toner so i was hoping this would give the same results too. i was initially concerned because virgin coconut oil can either make or break your skin. either your skin will love it, or will hate it. 

first, the fragrance is just way too strong. it smelled like the grandma type of moisturizer. well, at least it reminded me of my grandma. you know =, that western moisturizer smell but 3x as much. 

the product is labeled as a day and night moisturizer so looking at it, it looks like a gel type of moisturizer. a lumpy one :) but when you spread it out, it gets shiny and leaves a thin film of grease on your face. good thing i first used it at night because i cannot have this thin film of oil on my face and put on makeup! anyway, the oily film reduces after a while but it's still there and you  can feel it because your face feels a bit oily. not oily like how your face gets at the end of the day. oily like you spread a thin layer of baby oil.

a few days after using this, i got 2 new bumps on my chin and 1 on my cheek. in the next few days, a new one. sadly, i had to stop using this together with the cleanser and toner. i took a 1 week break and introduced the cream again and spread a really really thin layer. i still got pimples.

sadly, this moisturizer is not for me. my oily skin is loving it. 

This product was given to me by Amabie in exchange for my honest review. as far as toners go, this one comes in a unique bottle in that it comes in a spray bottle. at first i would spray this on a cotton pad whenever i used it but found that a lot was wasted because it was in a spray form so i decided to just spray it on my face and tap it in until it is absorbed. it has an instant hydrating effect on my skin which i like and the spray bottle makes it convenient to bring with you. whenever your face is feeling dry or lacking in moisture, this is a great hydrator! did not get breakouts with this one :)

i got this product as a freebie (brown shade) when i ordered from Althea and i didn't think much of it coz i've always been loyal to Anastasia's dip brow so i just put this away. finally, i opened it and tried it out. i was so happy with it that i went out and bought 3 more in light brown as back ups! i use a light hand with the brown one coz it goes on opaque. but for the light brown one, i find that i can go back and draw over it several times which i don't mind because its better to start out light and darken it as you go along.

the angled edge is very nice when you want to use the thin side to do hair like strokes or to you use the wide side and fill in your brows. it's also so convenient that the spooly is at the other end! no more rummaging through my makeup kit.

I was lucky enough to receive this Orifera self-foaming cleanser from Amabie as part of their A-List giveaway in exchange for my honest review. 

 First, i love the packaging of this cleanser! It looks so clean and fresh. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle which makes it easy to travel with and i can see if i'm running low already. Second, i love the peppermint smell. i'm not really picky when it comes to products with fragrances as long as it isn't too overpowering. but i just love the minty fragrance of this one! it actually surprised me because i was expecting it to have a coconut like scent since it's made with virgin coconut oil.

about 1-2 pumps is enough to clean your entire face. the foam it creates is a bit different from other foaming cleansers such as the popular hada labo. whereas the hada labo looks more like a mousse, this one is slightly thinner in consistency and you can actually see the tiny bubbles. more like frothy milk. i tested the cleansing powers of this against my k-palette liquid liner, cyber colors gel liner, dolly wink liquid liner, maybelline cushion, and nars cream blush. you don't need to rub so hard to get rid of the makeup and it removed about 90-95% of it. so as a second cleanser, this works great! 

as for the other properties of this cleanser, aside from organic extra virgin coconut oil, it also contains vitamin c, arbutin, and glutathione -- all known for their whitening and brightening properties. i'm not so sure about the ph level of this one but considering it has all these whitening/brightening ingredients, my skin does not feel dry or tight after every time i use it. quite the opposite actually because it feels soft yet clean. 

good job orifera! and thanks to amabie for sending this! 

This product was sent to me by Amabie as part of the A-List giveaway in exchange for my honest review. 

I've been seeing this mask around locally but I never got around to trying it out so i was really excited to finally be able to try it coz if i loved it then i can easily repurchase it!

First, i was surprised the mask was white coz charcoal masks are usually black. Anyway, the material was slightly thicker than other sheet masks out there and the fit is a bit wrinkly and had excess on the bottom half of my face. i loved the eye flaps though coz you get to put them over your eyes and really sit back and relax. the slit on the nose is a nice addition too coz it helps with the contours of your nose. 

It wasn't dripping with essence (no extra essence in the pack) but the sheet was soaked. i wore it for about 40 minutes until the bottom half was almost dry. there's a hint of fragrance but nothing too overwhelming. when i removed it, my skin was soft and that was mostly it. my face was also sticky and it took a while before it was absorbed and even after that, my face is just now oily. 


sadly, i will not be repurchasing it but i'm happy to have been able to try it otherwise i'd always be wondering :) 

I purchased this recently and i loooove it! the shade of red has blue undertones and gives a great contrast against my skin. i just wish the brush of Chanel nail lacquers are a bit wider but they have nice colors and are opaque and not streaky! 

This medium coverage cushion feels light on the skin but is buildable. you can apply 2 layers or so and it won't feel heavy on your skin. it has a satin finish too. i once used it on its own and did not apply concealer and even got a compliment for having very nice skin! so i guess it looks natural while covering up imprrfections. good job considering it's a non AB brand coming up with a popular AB product 

This product is HG status with me. i just opened my second jar and i'm already planning to purchase a back up for this. it's small but sooo worth it. whenever i get a pimple, i put one of those acne pimple patches by cosrx too and the next night, i pile this on the pimple and it helps make the pimple subside and heal quicker. i also apply this on my cheeks, nose, and chin. basically the areas where my skin are the oiliest because that's where most of my breakouts occur. i only use this at night though as it has a slight white cast. also, when i tried this in the morning, my makeup started caking after a while. too heavy for daytime for me but i don't mind coz i'm usually in a hurry in the mornings. 

this product is one of the best eyebrow products out there. it's creamy, buildable, and i love the range of colors available. i've gone through 2 pots of this and i keep buying it. it looks natural and stays on all day! worth every penny!

There is a reason why this is on a lot of people's HG lists. It melts even the heaviest makeup effectively while leaving your skin soft. Your skin won't feel like it's been stripped of  moisture. I love the mild fragrance it has because it's not irritating. Would love to try the other variants. Maybe after I've finished my 3 tubs of this. Lol!

I love all the UD palettes because they're all so pigmented and the colors are awesome. the color selection in this palette is so versatile because it can give you so many smokey combinations  definitely worth every penny 

For us oily skinned girls, this is a godsend. Whenever my face is shiny AF, i just pat this on and it instantly mattifies my skin and somehow my pores seem smaller. At the start i made the mistake of doing swiping motions when applying this and it only resulted in making my makeup cakey.  It's best to apply this with a patting motion like how you would with a cushion. don't forget to wash the puff often because the oil it aborbs accumulates on the puff and that's just gross 

If i did not have very dark under eye circles and was having a really good skin day, i would wear this on its own. It has light coverage but it really does brighten your complexion. I also use this as a base for my cushions that are now a shade dark on me. It brightens them up and gives me that lit from within look.

The packaging of this cushion is the main reason i purchased it. Adorable packaging gets me every single time! This is in shade CR01 and is a nice peachy color. The coverage is light so you can layer it on if you want. I noticed though that i fades after a while but since it's in a cushion, it's pretty easy to touch up. The finish is dewy so i set it with loose powder. I have oily skin so in a few hours, it gets dewy again. Ladies with dry skin would probably appreciate this on its own.

I probably went through 3 pots of this before realizing that it's not the right concealer for me. Yes, the coverage and staying power is excellent but apparently i have dry skin under my eyes and this just makes the fine lines more visible. I have since then switched to cream type concealers :) But if you don't have dry skin under your eyes, then this concealer is great! Just not for me.

This was my very first cushion (when they just came out with this) and it took a couple of years before i gave it another shot. Maybe because I had high expectations from this product since it was raved about so much. It was dewy and sticky. Too dewy for my oily skin. The coverage was light too. When i gave it another try, i would set it with powder and only then would i be able to go on a full day with it. Living in a country with year-round tropical climate, plus oily skin, i cannot last even 2 hours with just dewy cushion. 

This is a great mask! The fit is awesome and the results are instant. You can immediately see the brightening effect and it keeps your skin moisturized. It is also dripping with essence so you can even apply the extra essence on your neck. 

This is my current foaming cleanser and i loooove it. After finishing thr foam type, i realized i missed my clarisonic so i went ahead and tried this out because i love hada labo products! It's unscented so thats good for those who are sensitive to fragrances and it's a ph5 so that's great for the skin! I will deifnitely be repurchasing (or hoarding) this ;)

This is such a great mild exfoliator and an awesome wash off mask. 

As an exfoliator, it's so gentle but still gets the job done. Removes the build up of dead skin cells without being harsh to your skin. I have both this and the strawberry one and i use both depending on what my skin needs at the moment. 

As a wash off mask, this is also awesome because you see the brightening results immediately. 

Whenever i use this, i leave it on my skin for about 10-15 minutes then wet my fingers and start to massage my face. Not so much pressure needed because it's an effective exfoliant. 

I loooove this. Love love love. My oily skin is somehow under control with this in my routine. For some reason, i did not experience purging when i started using it unlike others. Thank goodness for that. It de-gunks the pores and keeps my breakouts limited to hormonal ones and even then, they're not as many as they used to. I already have my backup on the way!

I love this cleansing water-toner-exfoliant in one! My skin is always left feeling soft and moisturzied after each use. Some have gotten breakouts from using this and I'm so glad my skin loves this. There's a faint cutrus smell but maybe it's just me. It's alcohol free too so that's another plus. I have the 500ml bottle and as soon as i hit a quarter of the bottle, I'm ordering my replacement. 

I received this from Amabie's August giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion on it :)

This is the first skincare product i tried from Face Shop so i'm pretty excited to try it out!

First, the packaging of this is just lovely! Simple yet classy. It has a natural feel to it with the matte box and bottle. It comes in a pump type so dispensing it is a breeze and it even comes with a cap to orevent accidentally pressing the pump.

The consistency is watery and i detect a faint scent but that might be from the alcohol in the product. So if you're sensitive to anything with alcohol then this isn't for you. The product also contains volcanic soil for sebum absorption.

In terms of performance, this product is supposed to absorb excess sebum, reduce unwanted shine, keep skin smooth, and matte. I used the product consistently (twice a day) for almost a month and did not introduce anything new to my routine to see if it really does work. And guess what, it didn't really do much for me. Yes, it's a nice toner but in terms of what it was claiming -- anti-shine, sebum control, mattifying -- i did not see any difference. I even stopped using a primer with my makeup routine to see any effect. There was none. Buuuut, it kept my skin smooth so at least there's that :) i did not get any breakouts from using this despite the alcohol. 


I wouldn't repurchase this but it was great to be able to try something new thanks to Amabie! 

I looove this snail essence. I've gone through 2 bottles already and have purchased a back up. It makes your skin soften and keeps it moisturized without making your face sticky. Even the husband has been using this. He got dry patches of skin under his eyes and told him to apply this. He was amazed that after 2 days, the dry patches were gone and his skin was even softer. 

this sheet was ok....a bit too sticky for my oily skin. the fit wasn't the greatest either. i ended up folding the sides and adding more essence so that it'll stick to my cheeks and it doesn't flap around. i have not repurchased since but i will try other variants more suited for my oily skin :)

i love all the Naruko products i've tried and this is one of those. this is my go-to sheet mask whenever my skin is misbehaving and my hormonal acne needs some taming. it soothes my breakouts and reduces the redness immediately. one of my best buys. 

this is one of my favorite sheet masks because you can immediately see the results. your skin is instantly brighter and moisturized. the fit is good as well (at least for my face). i'm so glad my stash of this has not run out yet since they discontinued their entire I Need You mask line. 

I received this mask from Amabie and here is my honest opinion on it 😊

The mask itself was of thin material made from wood pulp fiber and apparently it's completely decomposable so good job hanaka! The fit was good except for the nose bridge. I had to cut the section on the bridge so that it would lay flat on my skin but other than that, I was happy with the fit. Not a lot of excess and folds on the cheeks and chin and it covered my forehead pretty well! Big forehead problems 😘

It had a brightening effect and when I woke up, my skin looked bright, well-rested and not oily at all. Like I put on some oil controlling sleeping mask. An hour or so after, my skin was still relatively matte. I love the oil controlling feature of this mask!

I would definitely repurchase this and would also love to try the other variants 🍓

I was excited to try this because I've read so many good reviews about it. I have a third of the bottle left and I'm not sure if i would repurchase it. I didn't really see any drastic changes to gush about. While i didn't breakout with this, i feel like there is a serum better suited to my skin needs. 

Clearly like everybody else, i bought this lip balm because of the cute packaging. It's bery handy since it's slim and small. there's a bit of color, but don't really moisturize so much. Not sure if i would repurchase

I have 3 tubs of this waiting to be opened! the alcohol is a bit strong so i don't use it on the face. i use this on the body and it gets absorbed real quick and leaves a cooling feeling. I keep mine in the chiller so it really is refreshing specially with the hot and humid weather in the philippines. 

Have you ever had a pimple that you tried to pop but failed miserably and are left with an angry red zit? Then these patches are the answer to that. Stick them on clean skin and you'll wake up (or after about half a day), a white thingy would form on the sticker and when you pull out the sticker and check ts underside, you'll see that the white thingy has a bump and your then angry pimple is now flat and on its way to recovery!  

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Glam Glow, this might be it. The cooling effect is not as strong as GG's and thank goodness there are no leaves. It helps degunk the pores and makes them tighter. I always notice that my pores seem cleaner after using this and my skin smooth. The only downside to this is that it dries up pretty quickly. If you don't use it regularly, the top layer hardens or forms a "crust" a bit  and you have to mix it a bit. 

When it comes to sunscreens, I always get Japanese brands. This Anessa is one of the best! I always make it a point to hoard these whenever I come across a Sasa. They're than other Japanese brands but hey, it's Shiseido. The whitening feature (tranexamic acid) is a plus for me because of my freckles and PIH. They have lightened a bit after going through 1 bottle. It's not sticky, is easily absorbed by the skin and there's no white cast!

I am in love with this wash off mask! it smells absolutely delicious (but don't taste it please lol!). i started using this like how you would a regular scrub -- apply it on my face, massage then rinse with water. i have since then changed my methond and have started applying it on my face after cleansing, leaving it on for 15 minutes then wet my fingers and massage the mask on my face to exfoliate. it always leaves my skin very soft and smooth. second method produces better results. i already have a back up on the way! 


I use this mask whenever I want to have that "glow" for the day. you'll see the brightning effects immediately after use. it doesn't hurt that it's dripping with essence and you can pat the excess on your neck or maybe transfer it to a small container for whenever you want to apply the extra essence. it fits well too! 

This top coat is my favorite! It dries quickly and makes changing your polish a breeze. Just make sure to apply a not too thick layer on STILL WET nails and to cap the edges to avoid shrinkage. Keep a nail polish solvent nearby because one downside with this quick drying polish is that it thickens by the time you hit half the bottle. But I have gone through about 5 bottles of this and will continue to repurchase until I find a better one :)

This helps lighten my acne scars and PIH and even speeds up the healing process of some pimples. I store it in the fridge to keep it from oxidizing making it last longer. It has a watery consistency but if you apply too much, it tends to be a bit sticky but I love this product! Will definitely repurchase!

This is a HG item for me! An absolute lip saver! I have this bad habit of picking at my lips so it's important that I keep them moisturized so that there's nothing to pick. I apply a generous amount (usingt he spatula that comes with it) before going to bed and i wake up with really soft lips and are even toned! I also use it during the top to top of lip tints and lipsticks. The small tub has a lot of product in it so it'll last you a while. Worth every penny! I hope Laneige can come up with a tube version of this so I can reapply whenever. 

I bought this because of the good reviews I've been reading about it so I had quite high expectations. I used it as a toner, applied on a cotton puff and applied to my whole face. I was saddened when i started breaking out. STopped using it immediately and the breakouts did not progress. I gave it another shot but this time used it as a spot treatment on cystic acne and voila! It worked! My pimple had gone down in a couple of days. YMMV really.  

This is an awesome product! For one, it brings back your skin at the right pH level so there's no need for a wait time. Second, it's absorbed by the skin quickly and does not leave it sticky. I also think that it helps control oil -- like it says it does! Finally, a product that actually does what it claims. Oh, and the pump is great coz it keeps everything hygenic.   

The texture has fine grains that help gently scrub the face clean. It smells deliciously of limes and lemons and thoroughly cleanses the face and removes all traces of gunk. It has a tendency to leave your skin really tight immediately after using though which makes me think that this has a high ph hence the not os high rating. 

I got this product out of mere curiosity and have ordered another one since then. When applying, I usually start with the upper lip then move on to the bottom lip. I apply this first then proceed with applying my makeup. By the time I finish, it's dry and I can peel it off. I then top it with lip balm so my lips don't dry out. I haven't tasted it while it's wet but I hear it doesn't taste good. Make sure too that your lips aren't dry or chapped otherwise it'll sting a bit. 

 This is one of my favorite mascaras! It keeps the curl all day and doesn't smudge. It really is super waterproof; I had to get a separate eye makeup remover just to completely remove it coz there's still some left even after double cleansing.  

 I got this cushion because Brown is a cutie. I was a bit hesitant to try this because my BB experience with Missha was not a happy one so when I tried this out I was ready to been disappointed but I was not. I got shade 23 eventhough I'm an NC20 in MAC because that was what was available but surprisingly the color suits me. It has really great coverage and has a satin finish. It also doesn't oxidize on me so I would definitely be purchasing refills forth is when mine runs out. 

The main reason I bought this cushion is because of the pretty case. I did not have any expectations since I've never tried any of Beyond's products which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out. First, I love the scent and the slightly cooling sensation when it's applied. Second, I love the coverage! It brightens while covering up blemishes and has a powdery finish my oily skin loves. The only downside is that there is no refill available. For reference I'm shade NC20 in MAC and use shade 01 for this cushion.

This concealer is a great AB dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. The packaging is similar and also has a doe foot applicator. It's not as creamy as Nars but the coverage is great! It dries quickly so apply one area at a time. It dries to an almost powder finish. It's pretty cheap too! But there's only 15g of product per tube. Would definitely repurchase but i wouldn't throw out my Nars. his is a great everyday concealer 😊

This is one of the best concealers I've tried! It is what the name says - creamy. It's easy to blend, lasts all day, doesn't oxidize and you only need a small amout so you get your money's worth. For color reference, I'm NC20 in MAC and I use Custard for my undereye circles topped off with Vanilla to brighten it. 

This was one of my first cushions and i loved using it until the last cushion squish. It dries to a semi matte finish and lives up to its name. Fading starts after about 4 hours and even longer if set with powder. Would definitely repurchase! 

I have been using this sleeping mask for a little over a month now and I love it! The gel consistency is not sticky at all and is aborbed by the skin quickly. It has a minty scent and cooling sensation. I apply it as the last step in my skincare and wake up with an even skin tone and nice fresh oil-free glow. 

I used to love this cleanser and even got 3 tubes! But i found out that it has a high pH (level 8) making your skin more prone to ance. I'm now down to using the remaining tube once a week coz it'll be a waste to just throw it out :)



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