Hi, I'm AJ and I'm a Kiwi living in Korea. I love Asian beauty and am always looking for something new to try. You can find me on ig @cutepretybeauty

This HD Ultra 4K Resolution High Definition Liquid Foundation was provided to me for free by Amabie in exchange for an honest review.

This is what the website says about it 'The sophisticated formula for model looking without blemishes. Silky and sensual to the touch, it floats across skin. It covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life. It is available in a wide range of shades to suit all skintones.'

Fly Up is Taiwanese based makeup but is made using French technology. Their HD line looks amazing in it's silver packaging; this foundation comes in a shiny silver box and a shiny silver pump bottle. I really like that it's pump bottle as it makes it so much easier to use. Especially since the formula is on the thin side so it could get quite messy. The other good thing about the bottle is that it has a window down the side so you can see the product inside, this means you can see how much you have left. I really appreciate the thought that went into the inclusion of that but wonder if they should have considered the silver packaging also. While it looks beautiful it's not really practical and gets dirty so easily.

I received the shade F20 and although the website says there are other shades I could not find any pictures of any. It seems like F20 is the only one available but perhaps the others are just harder to find or something. Unfortunately F20 is slightly too dark for me, when I first pumped it out I thought it was very dark and that I wouldn't be able to use it at all except for testing at home. But I found that it did oxidize and became closer to my skin tone so I was able to wear it more than I thought. It still wasn't perfect and I had to be very careful to blend down my neck but I could get away with it.

As I mentioned the consistency is thin and a little on the runny side. I like that as I found this foundation lightweight, easy to use and very blendable. I used it with a beauty blender and I was able to get a really nice flawless smooth finish that looked amazing. It was super fast to apply and I only need a small amount of product. It has good coverage too, I only needed one application, I did however go back and do a second coat over some trouble areas but I used that instead of concealer so as not to build it up too much. It has a small floral smell but I don't think it's quite as strong as the Make Up Base which has quite a strong floral scent.

I wore this a few times to check how it went in the real world. I used the setting powder from the same line also which gives even more of a smooth, flawless finish. I also used it with the Make Up Base of the same name, I don't think it helped it stay much longer, maybe a little bit but just not really much of a difference in the long run. I finally got a chance to wear it for about 8 hours last week to really test it out. It held up pretty well, after a few hours it still looked really good both with and without base. By the end it was still mostly looking good but had worn away around the nose, I did wipe my nose a couple of times so that would not have helped matters. I think that it does have a tendency to settle into fine lines which was the one thing I did not like very much about it.

It's been a while since I used a foundation as I've been on the BB Cream wagon for a long time now. I have to say I was so pleased with the results of this foundation that I will most certainly be using it some more. I might see if I can mix it with another one to get it a little lighter.

I was provided this for free by Amabie in exchange for an honest review.

The Fly Up HD Professional range is made with French technology and specially formulated for photos and screen. This is the Ultra 4K Resolution Make Up Base and it's basically a type of primer for your skin. It's made to be used before your foundation to smooth out the skin and help the foundation adhere better. The range also has a product called a primer but from what I can tell that one is more of a moisturizer so you would use that first, then the base, then the foundation if you wanted to.

I really like the packaging of the whole range. This one comes in a silver box and the product is in a pump bottle. I do like the pump bottle as it is much easier to use.

The information from the Fly Up website says 'It provides whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, skincare and function all in one. It instantly brightens your complexion and protects your skin against UVA/UVB and Pollution. The unique technology can correct skin imperfections such as uneven skin tone, dullness and fine lines.'

This product has quite a thick consistency and it's not completely clear so it does add a bit of tone to the skin; it's a slightly peach color. Once it is blended in the color is not really noticeable but it's there ever so slightly and I think it helps to even out the skin tone. I though the thickness of the product might be a problem for me as I'm not a fan of thick textures but once it's on the skin and you have your foundation on it does not feel heavy at all. It also helps to smooth out pores to give more of an air-brushed effect, it's not the best I've ever seen but it does a decent job.

The only major issue that I had was the smell, it's not a bad smell and I think it comes from the Flower Water that it lists on the ingredients. It does smell quite floral and like I said it's not bad but I don't really like my face products to have a smell. There is not any need for it and because you are putting it on your face then it's much closer to your nose and therefore more noticeable.

Other than that I actually quite liked this base, it went on easily and helped to make my skin nice and smooth. It really felt like it was a good base for the foundation. I did try the foundation with the base and without on the two sides of my face. I thought the one with the base was ever so slightly smoother but it was not that noticeable. Same goes for lasting power, it may have helped the foundation stay on a little bit better but there was really not that much of a difference.

Overall I did like the way it made my skin feel and I will definitely continue using it.

This was sent to me by Yvesom in exchange for an honest review. Although this product was provided to me for free all opinions are my own.

The Yvesom Spirulina Toner is a non-irritating product which is supposed to tighten pores and clean skin crystalline clear. The properties for this product are listed as Moisturizing, Replenishing, Exfoliating, Soothing, Pore Tightening and Anti-Oxidant. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and the Spirulina is for soothing the skin. Spirulina is an algae found in fresh water and it contains amino acids, minerals and enzymes. This Spirulina Toner seems very gentle and mild and says it is good for all skin-types including sensitive skin.

I’ve been using this toner for almost a month now so I have had a good amount of time to trial it and consider what it has done for my skin. I’ve used about half the 150ml bottle so it lasts pretty well considering I use it morning and night.

The packaging is simple yet effective and I think it works well with the natural image Yvesom is working to portray. Green is the ideal color for a Spirulina product and both the box and bottle are different shades of green. The bottle is plastic and it has a screw off cap and an orifice reducer to limit the amount of product that comes out. This is good so you don’t use as much product or accidentally pour too much out at a time.

This is of course a toner so it has a pretty standard look and feel. It’s a very thin, watery liquid and is colorless. I’ve been using this toner morning and night after cleansing with a foam cleanser. After cleansing, I use a small cotton pad which I splash a couple of drops onto and then I wipe that all over my face and neck, especially my forehead, nose and chin because those are the areas where I tend to get oily.

I’m not a huge fan of the smell although I have to say it has been growing on me. It’s clean and fresh but I think it’s also a little alcohol-like. Now in saying that there is a good chance I am noticing it because it doesn’t have any added fragrance to make it smell nice and pretty like I am used to. That’s actually a good thing so this is just a minor observance but I would be remiss if I did not mention it. It’s not a bad smell nor is it strong.

I like the clean and fresh feeling of this toner. It does not sting, nor does it dry out my skin like some toners do. After it dries I can apply any other skincare but often in the mornings I just apply a moisturizer. I’m usually pressed for time so I do only the very minimal – cleanse, tone and moisturize

I haven’t noticed any major changes in my skin but I like the immediate effects. My skin seems a bit brighter and smoother afterwards. Overall it’s a pretty decent toner that works well.

This Jelly Peau mask from Skinfood is a wash-off mask and it comes in a little capsule that looks very cool. There are some other fruit flavors in this range like Peach and Grape but I decided to try the banana one as I don't really have any banana masks so it was something a bit different.


This mask is for nourishing and has fruit extracts and honey for moisturizing the skin. The texture was very gelatin like and soft and squishy. The smell was very strong and it smelt like sweet banana flavored candy.


Apparently there is enough so that you can use it more than once and I did think that when I was using it as there was quite a lot. But it should be used quickly so I would use the remainder within a day or two. I'm not someone who going to use it twice, I'm likely to just forget about it so I just used the whole thing.


The instructions say to use after cleansing. Take the contents out of the capsule and massage into your face. Leave for about 10mins and then wash off with warm water. Then proceed with your normal routine.


It was easy to use, I dropped some of it but as it is jelly it just bounces off your clothes rather than soaking in which is nice. It stayed on well while I was waiting, no dripping and I was up and around the whole time. Then I washed it off and it came off super easily.


After I washed it of my skin did not look any different but it felt quite smooth and soft. I did think it was a little bit drying and I felt like I needed to put a nice moisturizer on afterward so I'm not sure about how nourishing it is supposed to be.


So overall it was fun to use and it was pretty cheap so I'm not bothered too much by its averageness. It probably won't be one that I buy again though.

This is a thin hydrogel mask and it comes in two parts like many do. The parts come sandwiched between two pieces of protective packaging however the top part had slipped out a bit. Luckily it had not done any damage or anything so the mask was still okay and easy to apply.

This one does not have much extra essence, it's wet but not soaked or anything so it was not slippery and was not hard to handle.

I really liked the fit of this mask. It suited my face shape well and the eye and mouth holes were big enough that they were much more comfortable than I find with many masks. I didn't feel like any product was going into my eyes, which was a nice change.

It did not have much of a smell, just a fresh wet kind of scent. You would only really notice if you purposefully sniffed it.

I felt like this was quite soothing while it was on. Bear in mind this could be in my head but I have some red bumps and breakouts at the moment and it seemed like they were tingling and doing good things.

I left it on for quite a while, longer than I usually do because it was comfortable and not bothering me while I was watching TV. It was about 50 mins or so I think.

The mask had dried a little around the nose but that was all. After I removed the mask my face was very slightly damp so I just patted that in quickly. My face felt hydrated and the skin was plump. Some of the redness had diminished a tiny bit but not much.

Overall I really liked this mask. I think it fit well and my skin felt good afterwards so it was a definite winner. I look forward to using it again.

This palette is from the Pony Floral Collection that came out a while back. I got this in a collated box from Gmarket and MEMEBOX. I had looked at them in store when they came out and I was tempted because the packaging is gorgeous but I decided they were not for me. It was nice to get this one to try out however.

The packaging is the highlight. The box is beautiful - baby pink background, white flowers and gold accents.The case of the palette is equally gorgeous. It is gold and white and looks very luxe. It feels solid and well made; the lid is magnetic which is a nice touch. The gold top does get dirty almost immediately after you take it out of the box but that happens. The inside also looks great, the shadows are a good size and the mirror is nice and big. They have not included an applicator in this which is fine and it looks better without it.

On to the shadows. This is a pretty warm brown palette and is very wearable as long as your like your shimmer and glitter. It lives up to its Shine Glam name and is full of it. Even the one matte looking shade has glitter through it.

Pigmentation is pretty average. It shows up better in swatches than on my lids. You will need a primer to get more out of them and even then they give a very sheer look. This is fine if that is what you like and it fits with what Korean makeup is all about. They like natural colors and shimmer in their eye makeup so it is very Korean in that sense.

The product itself is soft and smooth but lots of glitter means fallout. I also find that they do not last long on my lids even with primer.

The first shade is called Glam Nude Brown and is the one that looks matte but has glitter in it. The next one is Glam Fair Brown but is more of a champagne color and comes out as just glitter with barely any pigment. On the bottom is Shine Brown again not really a brown but more of a metallic amber gold color and this one is my favorite. It looks nice layered over other shades as it gives them a metallic glow. The last is the darkest and is called Shine Midnight Brown it's a shimmer brown and really is not dark enough to warrant the midnight label.

Overall this palette looks great and it's nice enough but I would never have bought it myself and don't get much use from of it.

This cleansing mask was a little more expensive at 4,000 won but I got it at 1+1 so that made it 2,000 each which is a little nicer. It's a cleansing mask so a bit different from other masks in that regards too.

Entia is one of the sub-brands of Coreana. Their products are brightly colored and fun looking with a focus on vitamins. This mask is a 3-in-One for deep cleaning, peeling and brightening.

The packaging of this mask was so cheerful and sunny. I was hoping this mask would smell like sunshine and happiness. The packaging really promised it. Luckily I was not disappointed and it did smell fresh and summery. I really enjoyed the smell of this one.

The mask was basic cotton and covered in a thick gel cream. It did not run at all because it was so jelly like and clung to the mask. The fit was okay but on the big side Once on it stuck in place well and did not move.

Then once the mask is on your face the cloud magic happens. It bubbles up into a foam. This one is of course white like a cloud. You leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. It's supposed to cut down on sebum, dust and dead skin cells and leave your face clean and fresh feeling.

After I removed the mask I used the residue like a foam cleanser. That's what it felt like. I think it cleaned my face well. Afterwards my skin felt clean, soft, fresh and it looked a little brighter too. The only thing was that my skin felt quite dry after that. Not bad for me as I tend to be oily but enough that I wanted to follow it with a nice nourishing moisturizer.

The only other negative was that a bit got in my eye. Not sure how but once I cleaned it out it was fine. Just be careful to make sure the eye holes are well away from your eyes. Other than that it was a fun cleansing mask and I would certainly use it again.

This moisturizer from Dr.Oracle comes in a 50ml tub. The packaging is a really nice forest green color. I really liked this one and would mostly use it when I had breakouts. It has a herby medicinal type smell that a lot of acne products have. It's not a bad smell and it always makes me feel like it must be doing something good for my skin.

This cream is made for acne prone skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin also. It's supposed to reduce sebum production, oil production and blackheads. I never used it consistently enough to check those results. I found that even though its main function was acne care it was still very hydrating.

This is a gel cream so it is very nice and light, definitely not as heavy as a real cream. It has a white, silky formula that goes on very smoothly and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Some of the main ingredients are Lemon Balm Water, Apple Mint Extract, Licorice Extract and their patented Phyto Oligo which is a vegetable complex that soothes the skin.

I used this both morning and night sometimes if I was having a bad skin time. It's moisturizing enough for nighttime and it's also very light and absorbs well so it's fine for day wear too.

Overall I've been really happy with the Antibac line. I would definitely buy this moisturizer again.

This Evolu Protective Day Cream SPF15 is from a New Zealand brand. I just have the 30ml travel size tube, this is a great size to give you a feel for the product and it lasted way longer that I thought it would. The normal size tube is 75mls.

evolu skincare specializes in natural and botanical ingredients. Their range contains 100% pure botanicals, no parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, artificial colors or fragrance. They are also cruelty free and the only animal products are things like beeswax and honey.

I've been using this moisturizer through autumn and it's been really nice. I'm not usually much of a cream person having switched to gels because I don't like heavy feeling products on my face. I've found that this cream has a very light formula that is slightly runny so it does not feel too heavy. It goes on very easily and absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

It has SPF15 and has the slightest white cast but it's barely noticeable. Apparently SPF15- 30 is what is recommended for daily use. So this is fine and having it lower probably helps it to be not so thick which makes me use it more often.

I would not use it if I was going out hiking or something for a full day in the sun but it's perfect for everyday use when I'm just going to work. I like that I don't have to worry about extra sunscreen and I know my skin has some protection even if I don't have time for anything else.

Among other things this moisturizer contains kiwifruit seed oil, wheatgerm oil, greentea extract, rose geranium and camomile. The smell is a little pungent but it's all natural so it's actually quite nice.

I feel like it hydrates my skin well and all of those ingredients are designed to help with that and also to provide nutrients and vitamins. A great all rounder so if you are looking for a daily moisturizer I would recommend giving it a try.

This is the Miss Hana CC Color Correct Cream. This was provided to me for review purposes by Amabie. As this is a CC cream rather than a BB cream is has a lot of skincare properties to it with coverage being the secondary function. One of the major selling points is that it has a strong sunscreen in it SPF50+ and that it is Physical Sunscreen (as opposed to chemical). Physical sunscreen or sunblock is the one that sits on your skin and works immediately, it blocks both UVA and UVB but is does rub off more easily that it's counterpart which is absorbed into the skin. It is oil, alcohol and paraben free and contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Collagen.

The packaging looks very nice. It is a pink and white color scheme which is always a good combo. It comes secure in a box and then the actual product is shaped like a tube but it's actually solid plastic so not squeezable. It has a pump nozzle which a lot of people like as it is more hygienic. It does dispense just a small amount at a time so that is good for product saving. I think the tube looks nice but it feels quite flimsy and cheaply made when you are actually holding it in your hands. It could just be that weight makes you think more expensive or something like that. On the other hand it is light so a good one for putting in your travel bag or purse.

The actual cream is soft, smooth and spreadable. It's a very light pink shade and has a glow to it that is noticeable when you first pump it out. This shade was much too light for me so it was not something I could wear out. It does however change from the pink it comes out as to a more natural color once it is on your skin and oxidizes. It's very lightweight and that is one of the things that I did like about it. It does not feel like you're are wearing anything on your skin. I ended up using it as a base under another foundation.

I have combination to oily skin and so glow and oily do not really go together. I do however buy a lot of glow products just because I'm always curious about the other side. This one was not too bad, it did not make my skin look any worse in terms of oiliness. It says it is a mineral CC cream which probably helps and it does have a powdery finish once it has been on the skin for a bit. It has a kind of floral scent mixed with sunblock but it's not bad or very strong and once it was on could not smell it at all.

Coverage wise it is very minimal, it smooths out your skin and evens out skin tone and it does cover some bumps but nothing major. It's not really designed for that so if you have a lot of problem areas then it may not be for you. I found that it sank into my pores around my nose a bit too, I have large pores and it did not really do anything to help disguise them and maybe even made them a bit more noticeable. However if you have pretty good skin and just need something light or are looking for one that is not too makeup-like then this might be a nice affordable option.

It also says it is waterproof and sweat proof. I tested it out with water and it was splash proof, I don't know how it would do in a downpour or if you went swimming but it seemed fine for normal wear. It did last okay but I did not wear it for any really long length of time, the longest was 3 or 4 hours and it stayed on pretty well. It had started to disappear around the edges of my nose. That's where I loose most foundations first due to being a bit oily in that area.

As a base it worked okay, I liked the knowledge that I had extra sun protection and it worked fine under the few cushion bb creams that I tried it with. So I think it is something that I can make work but not something that I would buy again as it only comes in the one shade and that is too light. So overall it was average for me but it's not really what I would be looking for in base makeup. I could see people with different skin tones and types really enjoying it.

This was sent to me by Amabie for review purposes. It is the Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream Kit. Code 9 is one of the various lines that Neogen Dermalogy has on offer, they split up their products into these lines to make it more clear about what those products are supposed to do or represent. Code 9 stands for Convenient, One Stop Skincare, Dynamic, Effects and then the 9 is for 9 kinds of special care for skin problems. The kit part of the name refers to the packaging of this product. It comes with its own little plastic stand which also holds the spatula that also comes with it. This is quite a nice touch as I have so many products that come with applicators but no way to actually store or hold it so it just ends up getting lost.

This cream is actually a gel/jelly type product and is suitable for all skin types, it is supposed to be highly moisturizing and to brighten and plump up skin for a more youthful appearance. One of the main things that they promote with this product is that it has 119 ingredients and that 49 of those are black which gives the gel a black coloring.  To use this they suggest you use the soft spatula that comes with the product because otherwise it can absorb into your hands rather than your face. You are supposed to apply it to the face and neck and then use gentle patting movements to spread the product. Now it does absorb well but I don't think using your hands it really going to lessen it that much, I find it a bit awkward to spread it with the spatula so I just use it to scoop it out and then use my fingers to apply.

Although I like this product one of the negatives that I did have with it was that it did not really absorb completely. Even after 30mins my skin will still be just slightly tacky which I don't really like. I want my creams and moisturizers to absorb completely. The other issue I had with it was not a really issue but just something that needs to be addressed here for a proper review. That is the smell - obviously with that 119 ingredient list there is going to be a smell. It is a very strong smell and it's impossible to describe but I really like it. It took me a while to realize why it was so familiar but I finally figured it out and I think it smells similar to the Issey Miyake original L'eau D'Issey perfume. I really like that perfume but it was very bold and I had to spritz the air then walk into it because otherwise it was too powerful. So this cream has quite a big scent and I feel like it's too much for a facial cream. It would be okay for a body lotion and I actually used this on my arms first just to make sure I did not react or anything. I liked it as a body lotion as it gave off a pleasant scent for a while.

I did use it on my face as well, I've tested it for about a month and I like it. I only use it at night because of the fact that it does not absorb completely. I does absorb but like I said before it just leaves my skin a tiny bit tacky. I like my day time moisturizes to be gone and not leave any residue. I basically used it like a sleeping pack and it works fine in that capacity. Although it is black it does not leave any color on the skin, the gel consistency also gives it a cooling feel which is very nice. A little goes a long way so be careful when applying it.

I like how moisturizing this product is, I have combination to oily skin and I felt like it was fine for everything and did not make my skin more oily.  It also left my face feeling quite plump and hydrated. I even used it like a mask one night with a thick layer for about 20mins. My skin was left very bright and feeling well nourished and moisturized. With continued use of this I really liked how soft my skin was left in the morning. I don't think it really made much of a difference with my lines in the long run but immediately after use when the skin is nice and plumped up they do diminish slightly.

Overall I like this cream and will continue to use it. I don't know if I would buy it again just due to the couple of small things that I was not 100% on board with. If they bought out a body lotion with this smell I would be there in a flash though. Also another good thing about Neogen Dermalogy is that all their lines are not tested on animals. Outin Futures which is the parent company of Neogen and Code 9 is recognized by Cruelty Free International and is Leaping Bunny certified.

I got this from Amabie in their September A-List pack for review purposes. I received the color brown and it also included a small pink sharpener with it. Solone is a Taiwanese brand and this one is called Magic Waterproof Eyepencil.

This pencil is very soft and creamy, I found it quite easy to apply and also very pigmented which helps. I'm not the best at eyeliner, actually I'm pretty bad at it and don't wear it that often because of my lack of skill. I tend to find pencils harder to use than liquids but this one was an exception to the rule. It glides on easily and looks very nice, I did not have much trouble with it being uneven or looking patchy which I often find when trying to use eyeliner.

It's supposed to be waterproof, very long lasting and to set in about 10 seconds. It does set quite quickly and it is long lasting so it does live up to it's claims. It's not hard to remove though and I could remove it partially with a tissue. Obviously if I want to remove it properly I use a makeup remover because I don't want to be tugging the delicate skin around my eyes. I've worn it all day though a hot day and it did last however there was some fading, I didn't really mind as it faded naturally and did not look bad or anything. My lids are quite oily so that could be why it's not as long lasting as other claim it to be.

I've had to sharpen it a few times since I've been using it and testing it out, you have to be careful because the product is so soft. The first time I did it I broke the pencil lead off but after that I got the hang of it. The pencil sharpener works really well and it's good that it was included in the package. It's very easy to wear the tip down and I find it harder to work with the pencil when it does not have a fine tip so I tend to sharpen it more often.

Overall I am very happy with this product, I can see why it is a cult favorite and it certainly lives up to the claims. It will be one that I continue to use.


These are from the brand Unpretty Rapstar (UNPR) which is affiliated with the Korean reality show of the same name.  I have these Unpretty Rapstar Easy Long Wear Auto Shadows in no.04 Vanilla Pink and no.06 Smoky Brown.
The packaging is quite long at 12.5 cm and you get 1.5g of product. They cost 7,900 won each so that is not too bad. There are 10 shades to choose from. The colors of the two that I have are very pretty and pigmented. They are both quite shimmery and the brown has a bit of fine glitter through it. Both colors have a gold tone to them. Vanilla Pink is like frosted gold pink. Smoky Brown is a metallic medium brown.
They apply reasonably smoothly but they are not as smooth or creamy as others I have used. You have to smudge them out immediately because they dry and set. Once that happens you can't blend them anymore.
Once they set they are long lasting which is good thing. I find the pink much more lasting than the brown for some reason. The pink will still be on after like 6 hours of summer weather and subsequent sweating whereas by then the brown is more of a faint smudge by that time.
I like anything that makes my life easier so crayon type eye shadows are always something I'm drawn to but overall I found these to be pretty average. They might work better on younger, smoother lids and they are long lasting which is a plus. While I don't mind the two I have I don't have plans to buy any more of them.

I bought a set of 7 of these money shaped masks a while back but and as soon as I posted them on IG I got reports of how much people did not like them. I thought I should try it out myself anyway so I could see what was what.

This one is the Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea $Impact Essential Mask (UK Pound). First off the positive. The packaging is adorable. It is so well executed and looks amazing. It's a great idea and this UK Pound one is designed to look like a note from Guernsey. The other thing I like is the size of the packet. This is great size; more portable and more economical. I don't know why they don't all use these smaller sized packets.

The mask itself is a very thin papery cotton and it comes covered in a thick essence. This gives it that slimy texture that many masks with the thicker essence have. It was covered in the essence with a little bit left in the packet. It has a floral smell which I was not a fan of but to be honest I did not really smell it much once the mask was on. The fit was okay. I've had better but I've certainly had some that have been worse. The eye holes were good but the mouth could have been a bit wider.

I found that the mask dried out a bit while it was on. I only left it on for 20mins and it was betting  dry around the nose and mouth area. The rest of it was still quite damp and after I removed the mask it did leave a thin layer of essence on my face that had to be patted in.

The essence absorbed okay but I still felt like my face was ever so slightly tacky even after a about 30 mins since I took the mask off. I didn't feel like it did a whole lot and I can't see anything different in my skin. I guess it was a bit hydrating as the essence is there so hopefully it is doing a little bit of good for my skin.

Overall not something I would purchase again but I will probably use the rest of them at some point. And for me they were not as bad as they were made out to be, everyone is different, so I'm glad I tried them myself

This mask from So Natural and is a mud mask. That means it's a little different from regular sheet and hydrogel masks. It does not have essence so it's not really wet like those types of masks; instead it is covered in an ultra thin layer of mud which is wet but a different sort of wet if you know what I mean.

So the mask comes in two pieces which are sandwiched between two plastic layers just like hydrogel masks usually are. The texture of the mask is different too - it's a thin material that reminded me of a bandage-type of material. The mud color is a beige-pink which is where the - Pink Mud name comes from.

The fit is very good and it was pretty easy to apply. It really adheres to your face because of the thin fabric. It says 3D Corset on the packet and I think that refers to how it lays snug on your face. It does not move at all once it is on.

After about 10mis it started to dry out. The mud is very thin so that makes sense. This mask actually says to leave on for 40 to 50 mins so is a lot longer than most masks. By 30 mins it was very dry and really stuck to my face. It kind of feels like a clay mask after it dries and gets a little tight.

When you are ready to remove it you have to pull it off gently because it has stuck to the skin. I found that it came off pretty easily but it had stuck to my skin quite a bit so it felt like I was really peeling it off. It didn't hurt but it was an odd feeling. After you have removed the mask you have to wash off any remaining residue.

Results - my face felt very bright and clean after using this mask. The skin looks and feels very smooth as well. It is supposed to tone up the skin due to the compression type of mask, not sure about that and it is also supposed to remove waste and bad stuff from your skin. I think it did a good job of that as when you peel it off it feels like you are really taking a layer off with it.

Because of how dry it got and how I had to peel it off, my skin did feel a little on the dry side afterward but as I do these in the evening I just put a sleeping pack on afterwards for some extra moisturizing. It's definitely a once in while type of mask not for everyday.

I would definitely use again as it was quite fun.

This mask was sent to me by Amabie for review purposes. It's from TreasureC which is a Taiwanese brand. I usually stay away from whitening products as I don't really need anything lightened but I figured it would be fine for trial purposes and it was for moisturizing as well which is something I do look for in a mask.

This mask is a very thin cotton material and comes sandwiched between two packing sheets which helps to keep it flat in the packet and makes it easier to unwrap. It comes soaked in a thin essence. The smell was slightly floral but very mild and quite pleasant, it was not very noticeable unless you really sniffed it.

The fit of this was quite big with small eye holes. I was not that happy with it at first but once you get it on it's not that bad. Because it is so thin it sticks down easy so even though it is a bit big it was easy to smooth it down. It just has a lot of wrinkles in it. The eye holes did not bother me as much as small ones usually do and it did not irritate my eyes which is good. Once it was on it stayed in place well and was not too bad comfort wise.

I left it on for around 30 mins or so and it was starting to dry out around the mouth and nose parts. Once I took it off there was not much essence left on the skin so a couple of pats and it was all absorbed.

I thought this did a nice job of moisturizing the skin, my face felt very smooth and soft after using it and my fine lines were plumped up a bit. I did not notice any whitening effects but I was not really looking for it and as I mentioned I don't really have anything that needed lightening. Overall this was a nice mask, I don't think it was anything extraordinary or anything but I would use it again if I came across it.

I got this from Amabie in their September A-List pack for review purposes. I have not used that many masks that are not Korean so I was interested to try out something from a different country. TreasureC is a Taiwanese brand that specializes in collagen masks.

This mask comes in a small packet, the mask is a super thin woven cotton type fiber and it was covered with a thick slimy gel essence. It came with a plastic backing which was good because the essence was very slippery and it could have been hard to unwrap without it. The plastic backing is covered in little holes so the essence can still go through it and make sure the mask is covered with the essence. There was a little bit of essence left in the packet once the mask was removed but not much. The mask also has little flecks of gold on it. I'm not sure if that does anything, I highly doubt it but I guess it makes it seem a bit more luxe and it does not do anything bad. You can get some gold flecks on your skin after you remove the mask.

The smell was quite subtle, a fresh slightly herby floral scent. I did not really notice it much except when I purposefully sniffed it.

The main thing I did not like about this mask was the fit, it was much too big and it had small eye holes which is a major annoyance for me. I hate when they get too close to my eyes and it means I have to spend the whole time pushing them back and making sure the essence does not go in my eyes. The size was not too bad once you put the mask on, because it was so thin it stuck to the face very well and you could just fold it up and slick it down. It was fine once it was on and it stayed on well.

I left it on for about 25 minutes and it was still quite damp. When I removed the mask I had quite a lot of essence to pat in. I think this did a good job of moisturizing the skin, it's a collagen mask and I felt that my skin was very firm and plump after use. Fine lines were reduced and my skin looked nice and smooth.

I think this mask did a good job and is certainly comparable to those from Korean brands, I would use it again.

I got this in Amabie's September A-List package and have been using it ever since. There are six color available and they sent me brown which is perfect. I don't really use brow products that much as I'm not sure how to do my eyebrows and I don't want them to look weird. I just stick to very basic pencils like this so the only other one I have used is very similar from Fairy Drops and when I swatched them side by side they are almost identical in color.

Another great thing is that you can actually buy refills of the pencil part. It just pops out and you can switch it out with a new one easily. This is great as you are not paying the extra for the packaging the next time you want to buy it. You could also buy a different color if you need to.

The Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler has a wedge shaped pencil at one end and a spoolie brush at the other. I've really noticed the difference with the brush, it helps to distribute the product and just makes everything look nice and tidy.

As I mentioned I'm a beginner at brows and I think this type of product is perfect for me. It's easy to use and you can't really make a mistake. I use it lightly to fill in my brows and then brush them with the spoolie. The wedge shaped pencil helps so you can use one side for filling in and the smaller side for more precise lines. I start of very lightly, brush it out and then go back and add more gradually if I need it. It gives a very natural looking finish.

The only thing that I would mention as a con would be that the pencil is a little bit hard, I have not used a lot of eyebrow products as I mentioned so maybe that is how they all are but it is quite hard. On the other hand this helps so that you can't really use too much of it, you have to build it up so for a beginner it makes it more fool proof.

This hand cream is part of Nature Republic's Aloe Vera line which began with the very popular 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

The hand cream's tube looks interesting as it is shaped to resemble the aloe plant leaf. The only problem with that is it has to lie flat; it won’t sit upright so it takes up more space on your dresser. Of course you can stand it up inside something if you really need to.

It’s made of a semi-hard green plastic. It is soft enough to squeeze the product out of but is still quite sturdy. The cap is the bottom part of the leaf design which screws off. Because of the packaging it is a good one to keep in your purse. It is a nice size and feels quite secure. It is 50ml.

The smell is lovely and fresh with just a hint of perfume to it which makes it a little different to the gorgeous smell of the gel. However the gel does have quite a strong scent and I think this one is much more subtle so it's nice in it's own way.

The cream is very light and it’s actually not so much like a traditional cream – it’s more like a cream mixed with a gel. This makes it much lighter than the traditional creams and it feels very nice on your skin. It feels is a bit watery when you rub it in but then it absorbs very quickly into the skin. It's very cool and moisturizing and it does not leave any residue behind.

All-in-all this is a very nice hand cream and a great addition to the Nature Republic Aloe Vera line.

This is an oxygen bubble charcoal mask that is in Earth Beauty range of masks, there is also a Kelp one and a mud one in this same range.
First off when I opened the package it was hard to find the product. It was right at the bottom and was stuck in there. I had to actually reach my fingers in to pull it out. It came out covered in a thickish essence and was quite slimy.
The mask is just a half-face mask and is black and very thin. Because it was thin and slippery I had a hard time unfolding it. This meant it had started to oxidize a little bit while I was still working on getting it on. I finally got it on and it fit very well. It has a big mouth piece which I think is due to the bubble factor. They probably want to keep the space so you don't end up with product in your mouth.
You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and it slowly starts to bubble up. If you have used any of the bubble masks like the Elizavecca one then this is similar. You can feel it bubbling and it's a little tickling. After it has bubbled up you massage the bubbles in which pops them all. Then remove the mask and massage into the skin further.
After that you wash it off. So it's a bit different from a lot of sheet masks where you don't need to wash them afterwards. It is more of a cleansing mask. It is a little bit more involved than some other masks but is fun to use.
It left my face looking very fresh, clean and bright. The skin felt very soft and smooth too. So overall this is a nice and fun mask. I would use again and probably will.

This is a liquid lipstick type product. I have No.02 Parisien and it is extremely pigmented. It's a dark hot-pink and it has a kind of flat matte type color (not in finish tho) to it rather than a glossy look. It's a really pretty color, very bold and opaque.
The packaging is nice, basic but functional which seems to be a hallmark of I'M MEME. It has the writing up the side which allows you to see the product through the black case and it's a good look. It's square which is good because it won't roll away.
One thing I like about this is the versatility. I prefer it for lips as I am not that confident in my abilities to wield such a pigmented color for blush.
It's great for a gradient look. It is so bright that I only need a couple of dabs on the inner lips and then I use my finger to blend it. It looks really pretty like this but you can also wear it as a full lip color. It's quite bright so I usually blot it down which also gives a nice look.
The main thing I don't like is the smell and subsequent taste. It has a kind of perfume baby powder smell which lingers. I am so spoiled by lovely smelling and tasting lip products here in Korea on the odd occasion I find one that is not good it surprises me.
It does not dry down much at all so it does not last very long and it transfers easily. You have to be careful. It disappears quickly when eating or drinking especially on the inside of the lips. It's definitely one you have to take with you for touch ups. When I just wear as a light gradient it's not so bad because it wears away naturally.
On the cheeks I thought it would be really bad as it is so bright but if you just take a tiny, tiny bit and blend it out it actually works. Start tiny and if you need more you can add it. Not sure if I will use it on the cheeks but nice to know that in a pinch it works.
Overall it's a lovely color but I don't reach for it that much because of the taste.

This is one I got as a free gift a while back. The packaging is very cute but it's just on the outside. It's not a character mask.
The mask is a very thin cotton type and the essence is quite runny. This makes the mask very wet and it dripped a lot. The mask is soaked in the essence and there was about half a teaspoon left in the packet as well.
Despite being thin and wet it was easy to unfold. The fit was quite weird as I could not get it to sit right. If I lined it up with the eyes then the mouth was way too low and if I pulled it up so the mouth was good then it was too close to my eyes. In the end I had to bunch it up in the middle so it fit my eyes and mouth.
Mugwort is used in food as well as traditional medicine here in Korea. It's well known for its healing properties so it's no wonder it has made its way into masks.
The mask dried out a bit but was still slightly damp when I took it off after about 20mins. My skin was hardly damp at all so I didn't have much to pat in.
I did find that my skin went a little red from this one. It was not bad, just on my nose and top cheeks, and it faded pretty fast but I would be wary about using it or anything similar in the future.
Overall my face feels soft and smooth. Since it was supposed to be calming and my face was a bit red from it I am not sure if that claim is very valid in my experience. I would probably not use it again. As it was a freebie I can't really complain too much.

Lobiotte boasts lots of Eco friendly aspects. It has a list on the packet of all the good things in it and all the bad things that are not in it.
The mask itself is a very thin cotton fiber type material. It comes soaked in a thick essence which makes it quite slimy feeling. The mask was covered in it and there was about half a teaspoon left in the packet also.
The fit was quite good. I found that it was easy to pull it into place so that it fit better and it did not tear or anything. The main concern I had was that it had the thick strip under the nose that I really don't like. I had to fold it up for comfort.
The mask stayed on well. It dried out on the nose quite a bit but the rest was fine. I probably had it on longer than 20mins as I was watching TV. Once I took it off it had a small amount of essence left on the skin which was easily patted in.
Overall it left my skin feeling smooth and soft and had a nice soothing effect. My sister also used this one when she was staying with me and quite liked it. I will be using again as I bought it in a pack so I have a few more to use up.

This comes with the standard two plastic booties which are joined together at the ankles with a perforated line. You tear them apart and slip you feet into the booties. Very easy to use and nothing had leaked out.

You can smell the peppermint once you open the packet but it's not that strong because it's sealed in the booties. Once you open them up the smell is a bit stronger but it's not bad. I like peppermint so it was quite nice.

The booties have some essence inside them so feel a little wet when you put them on but I did not find these ones too bad. They felt quite nice on and did not make my skin go wrinkled like some products do.

After you take them off it says to pat in the extra essence but I found them quite wet still so I did wipe some of the excess off.

My feet feel nice and soft now and have a faint aroma of peppermint. I don't think it did anything magical but I quite like this foot mask and would use it again.


Cremorlab is one of those brands that has much more of an overseas market than it does in Korea. That is reflected in how much English is on the packet. It's a very popular brand in the Asian Beauty community with good reason.

This one is a hydrogel mask for 'firming, pore tightening highly effective hydrating.

The first thing I noticed was that it has little to no smell at all. It's a hydrogel so it comes sandwiched between two sheets. It is covered in essence but is not overly soaked or anything.

The second thing that struck me was that this is probably one of the best fitting masks I have ever used. It comes in two parts and just fits nice and snugly. It stayed on well too.

After I took it off my face felt very fresh. It was soft and hydrated and I could see that the fine lines around my eyes were looking much better.

This is definitely a winner and I will be using again in the future.

Not an eye mask but the same kind of idea so I put it in this category. These patches for the lines around your mouth like laugh lines. The packaging is very cute. The actual patches are in a little plastic case inside the packet. I feel the packaging is a bit much for such a small product. It could easily be packed like the lip ones that you get.

I don't have many deep lines or wrinkles around my mouth yet so this was more preventative for me.

The strips are quite a decent size. They are milky white in color and a hydrogel consistency. They are quite solid however and seem to have a mesh backing which makes them easier to handle than some of the more flimsy ones.

Once on they stick well and I didn't have any issues with them moving around. They feel slightly cooling on the skin.

They had a slight fragrance but it's not much and is quite pleasant.

After using my skin felt hydrated and soft. I don't know if it would do much for your lines if they are really deep but it definitely can't hurt.

This is a lip exfoliator so I would class this as skincare rather than makeup or a lip balm. So please note this is a wash off treatment. They actually have a few different ones now but this is the original brown one.

The best thing about this is that it smells delicious. It has vitamin E, shea butter  and lots of oils to nourish and protect yor lips. I think it's the shea butter that smells so good. The exfoliator part is sugar so it is natural and tastes sweet if you accidentaly get some in your mouth.

To use this you apply to clean, damp lips and massage in a circular motion to exfoliate. Use a damp cotton pad or cloth to gently wipe away the scrub. You can then apply a lip balm or treatment to condition your lips.

The only issue I had with this was that after awhile the moistuizing part that holds the exfoliator together wore away. Once that happened it actually got too rough and did not feel good. But for the very cheap price it was a good product while it lasted.


This mask comes soaked in essence and it's a bit drippy. The mask itself is very thin it says it is 'skin cellulose' but it basically means its a really thin cotton type material. It was a little hard to unwrap because it was so thin and slippery with essence.

The fit was okay but had some of the issues I dislike, small eye holes and the thick strip under the nose. However while the eye thing annoyed me while it was on the product did not irritate my eyes and I just folded the bit under the nose so that it kept it off my lip.

It stayed on well and although it had a bit of a chemical scent out of the packet it did not keep it once it was on so I did not really smell it while wearing the mask. While it was on there was a cooling feeling which was quite nice. I left it on for a bit longer than usual just because I was lazy. It was about 30-40 mins it had dried out a bit but still had enough to leave my face slightly damp when removed.

It was not much left and a few pats helped to get absorbed into the skin. Overall I think it left my face looking clean and fresh. My skin feels very soft and moisturized. I would use this again.

I had such high hopes for this one. It is one of the most adorable packets I have seen, love it. There are two different looking packets for this but they are the same mask inside. The mask sheet actually looks like Gudetama which is also cute and why it is a 'character mask'.

First impressions was the smell, I think it smells like honey. It's really nice but that could just be me because I love the smell and taste of honey.

On to the sad stuff. It's a paper type one. It came pretty soaked in essence and while it didn't exactly drip it had that wet feel to it. And once on it felt wet around the chin and it did drip down my neck which I don't like.

Even worse was the fit. I think this has to be the worst fitting mask I have used in a long time. The eye and mouth holes are too small. My eyes are really sensitive and this was too close and made them sting. It had that big peice under the nose that I really don't like as it covers my top lip.

It stayed on well but it was just generally uncomfortable because of the reasons above. I did not leave it on for 20 mins as my eye was sore but I left it for about just over 15 mins.

It was still pretty damp when I took it off and my face had a bit of essence that needed patting in.

The skin feels soft and does look a bit refreshed but I'm not sure if my skin liked it. It's a bit red around the nose and the cheeks around the nose. It's not bad and it fading pretty fast.


I love the packaging on these ones. They look so vibrant and cute in the basket.

This mask was quite thin and it has a pattern embossed on one side. It looks like leaves. It was wet but not soaked in essence so no dripping or anything.

It did not have much of a smell to it.

The fit was okay but it had a thick peice under the nose. I really hate when they have this as it goes over my top lip and really annoys me. This mask also had small eye holes so that was not a plus in my book.

It stayed on well, it did dry out a bit but not completely or anything. It was still a bit damp when I took it off and I actually liked this as was less wet than usual. It had just enough moisture but it meant it was not messy or anything.

When I took it off there was a little moisture on my skin but it was gone with a few pats.

Overall my skin looks a bit brighter. It was mildly moisturizing. It was not really that exciting but the packaging was good and the level of moisture was good so I would use it again.

The mask is a very thin black cotton type fiber one. It comes soaked in a thin essence. Because it is so thin it was a bit harder to unfold but it was not impossible or anything.

The first thing I noticed was the strong smell. It has a alcohol or chemical kind of smell. It was not particularly pleasant but I have to say I didn't really notice it once the mask was on. Maybe I just got used to it, I don't know.

The fit was okay, the eye holes were a bit smaller than I Iike but that's because my eyes are uber sensitive. They don't like any kind of skincare product getting too close. I also found the bit under the nose and above the mouth to be quite thick. It went over my lip and was uncomfortable. Most of them have this strip very thin so this was a little weird.

It was fine to wear, stayed on well and did not dry out too much. After taking it off it left my face with the perfect amount of essence. Just a small amount to pat in which was easily absorbed.

Overall this was quite nice. It left my face feeling soft and I think it did a good job nourishing the skin.

This little packet has a cute 🐌 on it and is full of slimy snail goodness.

I was wondering why it felt quite thick in the packet and it is because it comes on a plastic backing sheet. It is covered in slimy essence and it actually dripped with it when I pulled it out of the packet. The sheet itself is medium thin cotton type.

It has quite a strong floral smell to it that I could have done without.

The fit was average but it stayed an pretty well. It did run down my neck and make a little slimy patch on my t-shirt so watch that. The mask dried out a bit as I left it on for about 30 mins but it was still quite wet when I removed it and it left my face with a lot of essence on it.

Luckily I like snail products so I didn't mind the extra essence as it absorbed quite quickly with some patting.

This mask left my face feeling hydrated and it looking plump and healthy. Overall not too bad just a little less fragrance and it would been even better.

This is a lip patch from the brand Shara Shara. I put this in the sheet mask category as there is not one for lip masks. It is a similar product to the hydrogel masks I guess so it kind of works.

It comes in some pretty pink packaging and the product itself is also pink. The back of the packet peels off to easily dispense the product, it's kept in a foil type packaging to keep it moist.

It's very simple to use. Just pop it over your lips when they need some extra TLC. It's very soft and jelly like. If you have long nails you need to be careful not to dig them into it. It has a little bit of moisture on it but not enough to make anything feel wet.

It smelt very tropical to me. Like peach also maybe some coconut too.

It stuck on quite well. If I was not moving around it stayed in place. And it did slip a bit when I was moving around but it was easy to adjust back into place.

It left my lips feeling quite soft and looking nice. I don't think it was the best thing I've tried but it was okay.

This mask sheet comes soaked in a milky essence. The mask itself is a medium thick cotton. The essence is all on the mask there was not much left in the packet. It was easy to unwap as it was a bit thicker than many masks which makes it easier ro handle.

The fit was okay. I found it a bit big so it didn't really fit well around the chin. However it still stayed in place fine.

It has a scent to it. It's one you can smell quite easily but I didn't find it overpowering or anything. It's a sweet fruit smell and was quite pleasant.

I probably had it on for a bit longer than 20mins and it had dried out slightly by the time I took it off. It wasn't completely dry or anything but it meant that there was not much essence left so a few pats and it was all absorbed. I actually like this, I'm not a huge fan of the ones that leave your face wet.

Overall I really liked this mask. I would definitely use again. On the packet it says for lifting and brightening. I think the fine lines around my eyes looked better and I felt that my face was brighter. It could have just been my imagination but it also feels smooth and hydrated so that is a win.

The full name for this is the McGirly Rice Wine Secret 36.5°C+ Eye Gel Mask but even that is obviousy too long for Korea who really does love a good long product name. On the website it is just McGirly Whitening Eye Gel Mask.

The McGirly range is a skincare line from Too Cool for School and features their 'Rice Wine Secret'. They use the natural fermentation of rice wine which is supposed to have lots of nutrients and enzymes that are good for your skin.

I got this as a gift with purchase but it's 2,500 if you buy it. I'm kind of on the fence about it. I think it's a lot of packaging for one product when you can get a similar product in a tub for about 60 uses.

It was easy to use, the back peels off and the eye peices are sandwiched between two covers. It's a thin type of hydrogel with a mesh through it.

They peel off well and are easy to place on your face. The fit is very good they sit flush and never feel like they are going to move at all.

There is a cooling sensation after a short time but its very subtle. Otherwise they just sit there until you are ready to remove them. They are quite comfortable.

I didn't really notice a big difference after I removed them. The undereye area feels nice and smooth and plump but it's not all that noticeable.

So it wasn't bad and it was probably good for the skin but I wouldn't buy it myself. If I got it I would use it but otherwise I will stick to the ones you get in a pot as they are better value.

I couldn't wait to get into this beauty. These Dearpacker ones have such pretty packaging and this French Winery is so pretty. It's very luxe looking with the gold and black.

So this was a hydrogel one and it was a clear pinky/red color. I guess to look like wine. It did not have much of a scent at all. There was one but it was so faint I could not tell what it was.

The hydrogel was very thin. It comes sandwiched between two peices of plastic and covered in essence. It was a little hard to get on as it is slippery and thin. It came in two peices and the bottom peice had slipped out halfway of its protective sheeting. That made it fold up a bit and so I had to smooth it out first. This made application take a bit longer than usual.

Once on it fit quite well. Very big eye and mouth holes so if you don't like the ones that get too close to your eyes then this might be a good option. It sat pretty nicely, I was a bit worried it was going to slide off at first but once it was on for a minute or so it stuck in place.

It had just enough essence to work. A good coating but not too much. There was very little left in the packet either.

Taking it off was easy and it just left small amount of moisture on the skin that was easily patted in.

Overall it was a nice mask. Another that was nothing magic or anything but did nothing wrong. My face feels nice and soft. It says it is 'miracle time lifting' which makes me think it's good for wrinkles but I didn't notice anything in that regard. I would use again.

I got this as a gift with purchase from Watsons in Korea. I really like the packaging. It's very cute.

This mask is a thin rayon sheet which is soaked in essence. That makes sense as it is called an Essence Mask Sheet. The essence mostly clung to the mask and there was minimal left in the packet.

It was pretty easy to unwrap and apply. The fit was pretty good too. It was very wet so it had that uncomfortable feeling when you apply it like it's going to run everywhere. It did stay on well though.

I thought the scent was a bit strong. I prefer the more subtle ones. It was not a bad smell, kind of fresh but it was just a bit much for me.

Overall it was not too bad. I would use it again if I had it but wouldn't go out of my way to buy it. I would like to try others from their range. I don't think it did any thing magic but it had a lot of moisture so that has to be good for you.

This is very thin (and a clear green tone) and it felt like it was going to break while I was applying but it held up. It was sandwiched between two plastic layers and comes in two parts. The top part had already slipped out of the covers a bit when I pulled it out of the packet so I was a bit worried.

Only a thin layer of essence and it was all on the mask. I do like these ones as they are usually not so wet and so they do feel like they are going to run down my neck. Which while that might be good for the skin is a horrible feeling.

Once it was on it stuck pretty good. I was sitting up the whole time and it didn't slip.

It has a slight scent but I really didn't notice just kind of smelled wet. 

Love that when you take it off there is not much essence left. Just a few pats and its all gone. Much easier than some of the sheetmasks that a chock full of essence. It left my face feeling very cool and fresh. My skin feels really nice and looks good too. I think my pores are Slightly diminished.

Overall a really nice mask. I would use again.

The essence in this is a bit different as it is milky white and a little thicker than most so it's almost like a cream. The sheet was thin and a little tricky to unwrap.

The fit was average and it stayed on well. It was covered in essence so it did drip a bit down my nose. I think it is probably the one that has dried out the most while wearing it but it was still a little wet after about 25 mins. There was about half a teaspoon left in the packet.

The smell was very healthy, kind of earthy or vegetable but I couldn't place it. Maybe wheat and celery, it also contains avacado and pear among other things. It did not smell strong at all.

The main problem I had with this one is that it left my skin red. It obviously has something in it that made my face react a bit. It was not bad and I didn't really notice when it was on. Good thing I do these at night so it will have time to calm down. I've had this happen only twice before so I don't know what exactly triggers it.

I washed it off as soon as I took the mask off. My skin feels pretty smooth but I would never us this one again and prob to be safe won't use any more in their line. Unless I forget which is entirely possible.

It felt very squishy in the packet so I had high hopes.It definitely was jelly like, the essence was thick and clear and there was lots of it. The mask was covered in it so it felt a little on the slimy side. It was a little hard to unwrap as the mask was quite thin.

The mask was a thin fibrous cotton, you could see the mesh type weaving and on the packet it calls it Tencel - cellulose fiber. The fit was pretty good and the best thing was that it stuck really well. Once it was one it never felt like it was going to move or slip and I was moving around a bit.

There was quite a bit of the jelly essence left in the packet, about a tablespoon. I just smeared it on top of the mask and down my neck to use it up. Once you take the mask off it says to pat in the excess but it was too thick. I had to wipe some off or it would have taken ages to absorb. Probably a mask that is better for nighttime use.

The smell was not like gummy bears unfortunately. It only had a very slight scent, kinda floral.

Overall it was fun to use, my face feels nice and hydrated and plump.

This one contains Natto Gum which is supposed to be good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity and moisturizing. It's one of those Asian super ingredients basically. If you don't know Natto it's actually a Japanese food of fermented soy beans. They way they prepare and ferment it leads to a very sticky, gooey food that apparently smells quite bad.

So this mask does not smell bad as such (I was prepared for a funky smell) but it does have a strong flowery sweet perfume scent. I have used this one before but I must have forgotten about the smell so it obviously was not traumatizing or anything.

It's a thin cotton sheet that comes soaked in essence. The essence stayed on the mask however as there was very little left in the packet. It was quite wet feeling but nothing out of the ordinary. I think I was expecting it to be more gooey. It unfolded pretty easy.

The fit was actually one of the better ones. Definitely a good match for my face shape. The essence pooled a bit at the chin like these wet ones do but it didn't run down.

My face feels nice and hydrated so overall not a bad one. The only thing I didn't care for was the smell and it wasn't bad just a little strong.

This is interesting because it's not cotton or paper or hydrogel. It is actually made of real kelp.

It comes in two peices and has backing plastic to keep it together in the packet. The essence is a brown color which adds to the earthyness. The smell, is not bad or anything but it's not that good either. There is alot of essence on the mask so it does feel slimy and there was about a teaspoon left in the package also.

The sheet is quite thick and because of that when I was sitting up I can feel it slipping down ever so slowly. Best to lay down.

Overall something fun to use. I like that it's a bit more natural.

It says to wash your face after or for nighttime let it absorb and go to bed. I did like that the essence was not very sticky. As it was nighttime so I just patted it in and my skin was a lot less tacky than it usually is.

I think that my skin looks quite plump and hydrated. I would definitely use it again.

This was the first time I tried one of the hand masks. The first thing when I opened it was the strong scent. It smells like peach candy and I actually did not mind it because I like peach scented things. The smell did linger too.

You get two gloves that are connected at the wrist, they are perforated so you can tear them apart easily. Then slip them on your hands. They are covered in plastic and then on the inside is another layer of cotton which is the mask part. I like that it was covered in plastic as you can move around with them on and do stuff. The essence is inside on the cottan part and it feels kind of squishy when you put your hands in.

The main thing I did not like about these hands masks was that my skin shriveled up like it does when you have been in the water too long.

They did feel kind of soft afterwards and they smelt nice but I did not notice a huge difference.

I was not sure where to put this product as there is not really a catergory for it. There were other mist sprays in this one so that's why I put it here although it's not really a Leave-in-conditioner.

There is a whole range of this Argan Hair Care at Nature Republic which includes shampoo, conditioner and various other masks and treatments.

This Essential Moist Hair Mist comes in a 220ml spray bottle. The product looks milky in the bottle but you don’t really see it because it comes out in a fine mist spray. It smells fantastic, really sweet and light and fresh.

Once you put it into your hair you can’t really feel it, it’s not a product that sits on top of the hair like some oils. Once it is sprayed onto the hair it absorbs and you can’t really tell that you have any product in there at all. It’s very light weight and feels very natural.

I love this especially because it’s not ones of those products which you use and then as soon as you put it in you can’t help thinking that you are going to need to wash your hair again to get it out.

The directions say to shake the bottle before use, then hold the bottle 10-15 cm from your head and spray evenly. You can use it on wet or dry hair. It’s such a mild product that you can use it whenever you want just to add some moisture to your hair or cut down on the frizz.

One of my particular likes for this spray is that I can use it on dry hair, most of my other products are for wet hair. I don’t wash my hair every day. It is way too long and takes too long to dry and of course it’s not good for it anyway. So this is good for in-between washes, it’s simple to use and I don’t get it all over my hands. I can spray it in quickly and I’m good to go, I can either style it further or just pull it up into a ponytail.

I have extremely long, curly hair. It is very dry at the ends and really needs to be cut but I’m too lazy to go to get it done. It also tends to get frizzy very easily. I love this mist because I can just spray it on when I feel like my hair is not looking so good and it will smooth everything down and add a bit of healthy shine. It does not last long but the immediate results are really great.

The downside would be that I go though a lot of it very quickly, but I guess that is because I have a lot of hair and it’s so dry. It’s not too expensive so I don’t mind that much and I probably use more than I’m supposed too, I always spray lots on the ends where it needs it.

So in this regards I went thought my first bottle rather quickly, this is especially strange because I don’t ever tend to finish things. Usually I will move onto another product before I actually finish something.

I recently introduced a friend to this also. She has straighter hair that tends to go oily and she really likes it too, so I think this would be fine for most hair types.


This one smells slightly fruity but it's very faint.

This mask is super thin almost transparent cotton. It actually looks more like a hydrogel mask. Especially since it was very wet in a slightly thick essence. It was covered in the essence but still only had about half a teaspoon left in the packet. It mostly clung to the mask. It did pool under my chin but did not run down.

The fit was average to a little on the small side. There was about two fingers width between the edge and my ears on either side.

It says to pat in any excess essence once you remove the sheet mask. Of course there is excess, it's lousy with it. There is only so much my face can absorb. So that's an extra 5 mins that you have to spend patting it in otherwise it will just be wet.

On the plus side my face did feel and look very hydrated. I think it looks less red too. It is soothing mask so that would make sense.

The first thing I like about this mask is the packaging. It's much more economical than usual sheetmasks and much easier to store. I think all sheet masks should use this design.

It does smell like apple which is nice. I like it when they smell like what they contain. It also contains fruit extract too which is nice. The sparkling part of the name is because it contains carbonated water but obviously it's not fizzy anymore so I'm not sure if you can really call it carbonated water?

It was quite wet but there is not any extra essence in the packet other than a couple of drops. It stayed mostly wet for the 20 mins I had on and only dried out a little bit.

It's a thin soft cotton mask and the fit was average. It stayed on well as I was sitting up the whole time I wore it. It did not move at all.

Left my face feeling soft and hydrated and smelling faintly of apples so I was happy with it.

Once you screw off the lid to the tub you will find a plastic cover, this is where the spatula sits. The plastic cover is very important too so don’t throw it out. If you don’t put the cover back on it will start to activate in the tub.

Once you open the tub, the actual product looks like your average grey clay mask. When you touch it it is quite slimy and has a thick jelly-like consistency. It does not have a strong smell. The scent is light and fresh with a hint of floral in it.

This is so much fun. Just like the name says it is carbonated. That means it bubbles up to a foam on your face. The carbonation happens very quickly when the product is exposed to air so you need to move fast.The grey color will start to lighten. In five minutes it will continue to foam up even more until you have a light grey fluffiness all over your face. Now you can massage it into your skin, popping all the lovely bubbles. It will go back to being more like a traditional clay mask but it does not dry. Then you can wash off with warm water.

One tip would be to make sure that you don’t put it too close to your eyes and nostrils. It does expand quite a bit. I made that mistake the first time I used it and ended up with foam up my nose.

Overall I like this mostly because it is fun to use. It does do a good job on the cleaning and is really mild. Definitely a great one to have in the cupboard for when you need an extra bit of whimsy in your life.

The Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is a great product. It's become a cult favourite and rightly so. The packaging is super cute and of course was obviously inspired by the old Urban Decay ones.

The product is applied via a doe foot applicator but if you don't like that you can just put some on your finger and then apply it to your lids. The consistancy is light and milky, it dries quite fast so you need to apply it and spread it around quite quickly. You don't need a whole lot as it spreads well and if you use too much it could crease.

I find that it helps the eyeshadow to look more vivid and keeps it in place much longer. I've been using this one for a while now and have repurchased it for myself and have also sent it to my sister who liked it too.

Once it's on your lids you can't really see it, it does not have any sparkle or anything it's just a barrier between your skin and the shadows that you apply afterwards. If you have oily eyelids then this will especially be good for you.

The Missha Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon comes in 10 shades. They are from Missha's 'The Style' and come in a nice sleek silver packaging. They are called the cushion lip crayon because they have a sponge applicator at one end and then the crayon lip product on the other end. You can use the sponge to blend out the color for a gradation look or you can just use it like a normal lip color with full application.

I have the shade 'Wild Plum' and it's a really pretty burgundy color. It looks nice on the lips and is well pigmented. The only thing that I have an issue with is that I find the color tends to seep into the lines on my lips so it does not look as good as it could. I prefer colors that fill and sit on top of my lips nicely. However it does redeem it's in the long lasting category as its name suggests. I find it to be quite good in this department and as it does wear off it does so in a very natural way. So it just fades down nicely and you don't have to check it all the time.


I have this in no.01 Red Hot Beam. There are 14 colors in the range.

The packaging is beautiful, so elegant and shiny. When you look at the product in the tube it looks like a gorgeous iridescent red with blue undertones. The applicator is a soft doe foot and is a good size.

On the box it says 'A soft tender polymer and polish in one' which makes it sound like a nail polish.

The gloss itself is very nice, it is quite sheer on the lips and it smells very sweet with maybe a hint of a berry smell.

So because it is quite sheer it does not show up as much of a color on my lips (which are reasonably pigmented anyway) but it gives a lovely sheen and makes my lips look very healthy and pretty. You can really see that shine from the bottle on your lips. The gloss coats the lips well and it's a bit heavy so you can fell it but I don't find it uncomfortable or anything. It's more like it feels nice and moisturizing.

It's a gloss so it's not going to last for al long time and it does transfer a bit.

There are four colors – Hot Pink, Orange, Pink and Red. The only one I don't have is the Orange. They are supposedly a multi-function 3 in 1 product which includes, Lipstick, Lip Tint and Lip Gloss. These are version 3 of Lioele’s Lip Color Sticks as they have been updated twice so far. So if you have one that look a little different it’s probably just an earlier version.

They are an easy twist crayon so no sharpening required. The bottom of the stick twists the product up and down as needed. They each contain 4g of product.

They are surprisingly creamy, I was not expecting that and they are all really nicely pigmented.

I think they feel more like a lipstick than anything else, they do have a nice little bit of a gloss to them but the consistency is definitely more of a lipstick. The colors are very wearable, they all look great on and don’t have any glitter or sparkle in them. Just a nice solid glossy color.

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I think it’s quite a nice BB Cream, it's one of a range of BB Creams from Holika Holika that all have different properties. The tube is small and lightweight, it's only 30mls but you don't use much so it does not disappear fast.

It has a sheer to medium coverage and gives a semi-matte finish, I have read that it is supposed to give a matte finish but I don’t really think it does on my skin, it always still looks a tad dewy. I usually set it with a translucent powder to make it look a bit more matte as I prefer that look.

The color of the product is a light beige, whenever I first put it on I always think it’s a tiny bit light but once I’m finished it usually looks fine. You can always use a powder that is a bit darker if it is too light. On the other hand if you have extremely fair skin then this might be too dark.

It has a liquid consistency, it comes in a squirt tube so you have to be careful when you squeeze it. It’s very nice to blend and application is a breeze. I really like this one for day wear, mostly because it’s not much fuss. It has decent enough coverage for me as I don’t mind if it doesn’t cover everything up perfectly (I’m not going for that doll-like perfection), as long as it covers the red, evens out my skin tone and makes every thing look nice then I am happy

It does have a fragrance, it’s not overpowering but it is definitely noticeable. I think it is because this clearing one has tea tree and some mineral powder to help with blemishes. I don’t usually like my face products to have a smell but this one is actually quite pleasant. It’s a nice fresh scent and once applied it does diminish.

It’s also supposed to be good for oily skin, I have combination skin and my nose gets really oily. I find this goes on okay around my nose which is great but it does wear off around the tip and creases of my nose pretty quickly (as do most BB creams). It is especially important that I ‘powder my nose’ otherwise it looks shiny after only half an hour or so.

It’s not hugely long lasting, as I mentioned I usually use a powder as well and that will make it last much longer. It will stay on for about 4-5 hours with the powder but I do have to do maintenance (blotting) and on my nose it will last about 2 hours. If you have less oily skin then it might last longer for you as it does last better outside my t-zone. So even though it is for ‘sebum control’ it is very average at best in this department.

On the tube it says ‘This is a triple function BB Cream with whitening, wrinkle care and water replenishment functions.’

One of the downsides is that there is only one shade of this particular BB cream, it’s called ‘Natural Beige’. The color is a pale beige with slight pink/peach undertones and it’s a little on the pale side for me. You can do some things to fix this, like mix it with another foundation or BB cream or use a powder or bronzer to bring the color back once you have applied it.

It’s quite creamy and has a light to medium coverage, for me I feel it covers more than most BB Creams but it’s still a BB cream so it is always going to be more sheer than foundation. I do find that this one is the closest to foundation in texture that I have used. Because of this thicker consistency it is not one of my favourites, I prefer a lighter product. I also feel like if you apply too much it starts to get a little cakey, so although it’s buildable you have to be careful.When applying it you have to move fast as it does dry quite quickly. It’s best to add the product to one section, blend and then move on to a new section. Because of the consistency I mentioned above it takes a bit of work to blend it out. This is a BB Cream where I find that my fingers work best for application. The end result is not dewy but not matte either, it’s kind of in-between.Overall it lastabout 4-5 hours then it can start to fade but it’s a little longer if you set it with a powder. It can tend to settle into lines and pores after a few hours of wear. I always have to take my compact so I can touch up but I have this problem with most BB Creams so it’s not an exclusive issue.


This has to be one of the cutest products that I own and I have to admit it got an extra heart just because of cuteness.

This cooling stick is obviously to soothe and cool the area around your undereye. It is also marketed as anti-wrinkle and whitening, it’s also supposed to brighten the skin around your eyes. It’s a lot of promises for one little stick. On the box it says ‘This portable stick-type eye serum provides moisture and cooling effects to the area around the eyes that are dry.’

The color is a translucent blue, it’s a gel like stick very smooth and soft. There is 9g of product in the stick.

The eye stick goes on clear and has a slightly wet consistency, (it’s called a serum) so it glides onto your skin easily. It does not stay on your skin for long but rather absorbs really quickly so you don’t have to worry about explaining why you have something strange around your eyes.

As soon as you put it on your skin you feel the cooling tingle but it only lasts for about 15-20 seconds, a bit longer if you put a few coats on. It feels lovely and refreshing.

The smell is slight but very fresh and a little bit floral, it’s very mild and pleasant. I love the smell of this, it’s subtle but so good.

While I have no illusions that this does anything major, it really is cooling and fresh. I like to take it to work when I am in front of the computer for a long time I can take a mini-break and swipe it on. I also like to use it when I have a headache, the cooling feels nice and refreshing.

I do think it makes my under eyes feel a bit softer so surely it must help to moisturize my skin, I figure every little bit helps

This moisturizer is so good, I’ve been using it for years and everyone I’ve introduced to it has loved it too. It was the first moisturizer I tried that was a gel and it makes all the difference, creams sit heavier on my face and I feel like my skin can’t breathe.

This is so light and smooth, once applied to the skin it i hydrating but absorbs very quickly so you are not left with that greasy feeling that reminds you that you just applied moisturizer. Because it absorbs into the skin it makes it perfect for under your makeup as you don't have to worry about it sliding off because your mosturizer is too slippery..

On the front it says ‘Lightweight snail gel cream containing 74% of snail secretion filtrate.‘ So yes it does contain snail secretion, if you are worried about that then it may not be for you.

The gel itself is almost translucent, it has a bit of white to it when you first squeeze it out of the tube. You only need a small amount as it spreads out very easily. After you have dabbed it all over you face it will feel a little slippery and cool but this disappears after less than a minute as it absorbs into the skin. It leaves a dewy hydrated feeling behindIt has a faint smell but most of the time it’s barely noticeable, it’s a fresh smell and it’s so mild I only notice it for a few seconds when I am first applying it.

These come in a typical wipe pack, and you can get them in the small purse pack or the larger 60 sheet pack. The smaller one just has the re-sealable cover while the bigger one has a plastic lid that clicks down and ensures that the wipes stay moist and fresh. They are very easy to access and convenient for quick use.

The wipes look pretty much just like any other wipe, they are quite soft but sturdy. Each tissue is about 21cm high by 11.5cm wide. They are a good size for wipes and I usually just need the one or sometimes two if I’m removing a whole face of makeup.

They are slightly damp but not overly so, they don’t drip or anything. The moisture in them is a really nice and mild cleanser. I can use them on my eye makeup and they don’t irritate my eyes at all. The smell is fresh and clean and they contain chamomile so that's what it probably smells like.

The Magic Wipes are super easy to use, you just wipe them over your makeup and it’s gone. Usually it only takes one pass. Sometimes a bit more, I have some stubborn lip stains that take a bit more effort but I have not found anything that these won’t remove yet.

I have this in no.04 Plum Brown. There are 7 shade combinations in the range and they are all quite neutal, lots of browns. I think they are okay for a subtle day look as the color is not very bold.

These little palettes look really nice, they swatch okay as well but it's not super pigmented especially once you apply it and blend it out. I think it is okay but there are better ones out there for the price. It does still give a nice look and one of the pros are that there are the three colors in the pot so it is ideal for travel if you don't want to take a whole lot of prodcuts. Even for a day trip this is small so it will fit in your purse nicely.

I have two of these Missha Dual Blending Cushion Shadows, there are six of them availabe and I have a beige/brown one and a red/pink one. They are some nice colors but very subtle and glittery.

They each have two colors, one at each end. The Missha site says they are cream to powder and they look very cream like in their pics but I did not think they were very creamy at all. The color is in the cap which you screw off, then the cushion applicator dips into the cap to collect the shadow. It makes sense that they would need to be more creamy than a poweder as it needs to stay packed into the cap. But they still do not feel very cream like to me.

The colors are all very sparkly which is pretty normal for Korean eyeshadow, they do love their glitter.

They work best with a dabbing motion rather than swiping as when you swipe you can rub of the color you have already put down. It's best to use them over some other colors as the colors are not very vivid.

I have this in no.03 Juicy Cherry.

This is a nice lip balm type product, it's called a lipstick but it's more in the gloss/balm family. It is much more sheer on the lips than it looks like it would be from the actual product. However it does give a nice and noticeable pink hue and it has a lovely glossy finish.

It smells like a really sweet candy, the artificial version of cherry. It has quite a strong scent when applying but it's not overwhelming or unpleasant and once it is on you can barely smell it.

As it is more of a balm/gloss it does not last very long, 1 to 2 hours would be the max so it is one that you need to reapply. If you don't mind that then this is quite a nice product. It feels glossy and moisturizing on and it's a subtle but pretty shade. Great for day wear when you don't want to go to too much trouble.

I have this in no.4 Cherry Red and it's a nice lip product.

The color in the pot is very red but it goes on quite sheer, it just has a hint of color to make your lips look nice. It's quite thick and you can definitely feel it on your lips but it's not overly sticky or anything. It had a slight cherry smell but only if you really sniff it.

Not sure why it is called magic tint as it does not change color.

A little twist on the traditional oil blotting papers that come in a cardboard packet. It's a cute little hard case pact with sheets of oil-control paper in it. You get 50 sheets in the compact and you can buy refills for it. The sponge applicator picks up one sheet of the paper and you just dab it over your face to blot the oil. As it fills with oil it comes off the applicator and you can discard it and collect a new piece.

I like this one because it makes it look a bit classier so if you don't like oil blotting in public then this is nice becuase it just looks like you are powdering your nose. The other good thing is that the case is quite sturdy, sometimes those cardboard packets can take a beating if they live in your bag. It's not the best oil blotting paper I have ever used but it works okay and the packaging really works for me.

The Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask is a great little product for lips that need an extra bit of TLC. On the box it says 'Overnight lip care for smooth and moist lips.'

It smells really nice, it's a candy berry smell but its quite subtle. It comes with a cute little pink spatula that has its own pouch.

You just apply a good layer to your lips before bed and then wipe it off the next morning. It's very thick so basically it's like a very intense lip balm. I really like this as I always want to look after my lips because then when you apply color it will look much better. My lips are always dry and have some discoloration so anything I can do to help is great. This leaves my lips feeling very soft and moisturized.

These are so cute, they look like crayola crayons. I have the pink and red ones but there is also an orange one too I think and maybe some others. I put them in the Lip balm category as I was not sure which one they should go in. They are a bit sheer to be lipsticks but not really glossy enough to be lip glosses.

The colors are very subtle and sheer, they do look nice on but it's just a gentle wash of color. They feel lightweight and moisturizing. I like the red color best as it shows up better on my lips the pink is nice but not really noticeable. The pink does smell nice, the red one does not have much of a scent but the pink on reminds me of something sweet but I can't place it.

They last about as long as an averge balm if they were not so cute I would not be that impressed but they are nice so with the added cute factor I am happy with them. Also they look like a twist up product but it's a trick. They have to be sharpened.

This is a clay pack that heats up on contact with the skin. This version is specifically for Blackheads and Pores but they do have a range of other mask products. 

I really like this on and think that it works well. The heating part is very mild, I have used others that get hotter than this one. I have found that it really cleans out a lot of the trouble and makes my nose look much better.

This is not really a crayon, I don't know why they named it that. It's a twist up lipstick but is a thinner and longer tube than traditional lipsticks. I have just the one color and it is BE01. This is a really nice color, a pretty rosey brown color which looks very natural and great on.

It has a light creamy consistently and glides on very smoothly. It's not drying at all and looks very nice. The shape is like a teardrop and I really like that aspect, I find it very easy to apply with this shape.

This cute little pact is from the brand Peripera and is an oil-control translucent pressed powder. The case is a bit bigger than some others on the market but it's not huge or anything and one of the reasons is because the puff does not sit on top of the product like in most of these kind of pacts. The puff has it's own little space under the powder. Another good thing is that the case is really secure so you can be sure it won't pop open in your bag.

I really like the look of the packaging , it's super cute. The powder has a faint baby powder smell but it's not really noticeable. It works pretty well and I have been happy with it so far, it applies traslucently and keeps your face looking nice and matte.

This looks like a clear gloss in the tube but it's actually one of the popular color changing products. Unlike most of the other ones I have that are quite subtle this one makes my lips quite bright, it's kind of a fushia shade.

It's looks and feels very nice. It's quite glossy but not sticky and it fades to a tint look which is nice too.

It has one of these plastic applicators which I didn't like at first but it's growing on me.

Definitely a fun, cheap little product.

I have a few of these but my favourite is probably the first one I got no.7 PP501 Grape Jam. After that one I went back and got a few more as I liked it so much.

These have really nice colors and smell great. It has a lipbalm type consistency but with a bit more pigmentation to it. It's very moisturizing and not sticky at all.

Great for day wear when you want a bit of color but don't want to go for the full made up look of lipstick.

I have this in no.01 Red Chocolate Mousse.

It smells amazing, like chocolate of course. The color is very pretty too however it is a balm type product so it's quite sheer. It does have that lovely dark wine tint to it that really looks nice on.

It's not ultra moisturizing or anything as even though it is called a balm it is not the 'lip care' type of balm. It's more of a tinted balm, it does make you lips nice and shiny and healthy looking and it feels nice on.

I have this in the color Double Shot Brown. I love this because it has the micro brush which makes it so much easier to apply especially to the corners and lower lashes. The mascara itself is quite small and slim which is great for on-the-go. The wand part is longer than the base and I always get confused by this and open it the wrong way.

It does have a slightly chemical smell as do most mascaras, I only noticed because I purposefully sniffed it. It’s actually not as bad as others that I have had.

This mascara is super-easy to use. I have quite sensitive eyes and when using the larger brushes I often end up poking myself in the eye. It still gives a good lengthening coverage, if I jut put on one coat then it’s good for casual day wear giving the lashes just a little extra oomph. But if I need something more bold I can layer it on and then the lashes become very defined and long.

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This is an exfoliating scrub, it has little particles of something like sand through it to scrub away dead skin cells and leave your face fresh. I love the bright colourful jar, it’s fun and playful and you get 75mls. The only issue I have is that it is in a jar, when using a scrub I find it easier to manage with a tube.

This is a smooth, cooling, gel like product. It actually looks a little similar to the jam that it is named after but not as thick. It has a strong, tangy fruit smell that I quite like.

It has some very fine sand-like particles through it that make it an exfoliating scrub.  They also enhance the fruitiness of the product as it looks like seeds. They give a really nice exfoliating property to the gel, it’s supposed to scrub away the dead skin cells and I think it does a good job.

It's a very mild exfoliator, you massage it around on your skin for a few minutes and then wash off. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

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This is a really good cleanser and exfoliator that I have re-purchased. It’s a nice mild, deep cleansing foam that will leave your face feeling clean and fresh. It has ‘Green Complex’ and ‘Scoria’ in it and the Scoria refers to the tiny exfoliating beads that is contained in the foam. On the tube it says ‘Purfiy pores and clean skin dull-looking.’

It comes in a 150ml tube which will last you a decent amount of time. The product is thick and creamy and you can see the liitle brown scoria beads in it. These beads easily break up so it is still quite a mild exfoliator. It has a nice clean, fresh soap smell.

It foams up easily into a creamy lather and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean but not shiny like some more intense exfoliators.

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This is one of those masks that you only need to use once or twice a week and you only use a small amount so the 150g bottle will last a while. On the tube it says ‘Provides your skin with beautiful and healthy benefits. Exclusively deep action enhances skin to help purify and care pore.’

This is basically a clay mask, it’s an orangey brown (terracotta) color. It has a medium to thick consistency but its not  heavy or gluggy like other clay masks. It’s very smooth and easy to apply. You only need a thin layer so it dries very quick. The smell is quite strong, it smells like earth and clay and it also a sharp mineral smell. 

You leave it on for 10-12 mins and then wash off, it's quite mild and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.

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I have combination skin and I don’t get a huge amount of acne but I do usually have at least one or two spots at a time. They usually occur along my T-Zone and I especially get the very deep cystic ones on my chin every now and then. I have been using this for years, and have repurchased many times. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a spot corrector.

It has a herb/medicianl smell that I like, it helps me to think it is doing good things for my skin. The color of the prodcut is green which is good as it helps to reduce the look of redness that spots cause.

You only need a very small amount so the tube will last you a long time. It is only made to go directly onto pimples that are already visible. It helps to sooth them and also helps them to heal quicker. It's not magic but it does work to reduce the time it takes for blemishs to heal.

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A good gentle exfoliator which has a nice subtle apple scent. It comes in 120ml tube which says on it: Gommage type peeling gel removes dead skin cells while moisturizing skin with rich fruit extracts. Apple and sugar cane maple extracts moisturize and sooth skin after exfoliation.

I like that it comes in a tube as I find them much easier to use. The product is a pearl white color and is a medium thickness with a bit of a wet gel like consistency to it. It feels quite grainy when you rub it but it’s a very fine grain and then when you massage it into the skin it clumps up like any peeling type product.

According to the promises it will leave your skin fresh and shiny like and apple and it does have that shiny feeling after use.

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The box is super cute with jelly beans on it, pink of course, it is from Etude House. The tube is in the same design as the other ‘Dear My’ products but it’s white instead of pink and it has a ring of shiny (jelly like) plastic around the tube instead of the bows that the others have. I have a couple fromt this line and they are really nice.

Because they are part of the ‘Sweet Recipe’ line they smell so delicious, like sweet cookies. The formula is quite sheer and glossy, it’s almost more of a gloss than a lipstick. It glides on easy and feels really nice on the lips, it’s very forgiving and covers up dry lips making them look soft and glossy. You can leave it light and sheer or build it up for a deeper color.

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I really like this lipstick, I just have one shade and it is gorgeous, its BE102 and is a lovely beige pinky nude.

I love the colour and the formula, it’s smooth and creamy and glides on super easily with no fuss. I also really like the shape of this lipstick rather than the more traditional pointed ones. I find it much easier to put on without mistakes

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I like the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Lipsticks, I have a couple of their lipsticks from this line and I really like the colors. They have a wide range of colors to choose from too. I really like the look and feel, they glide on very easily and so is perfect for quick application. The darker colors can be a bit more difficult but that is the way with all lipsticks.

They last for a couple of hours but then tend to wear away from the inner lips, they also don't stay that well after eating or drinking so you do need to reapply after meals.

One thing I didn't like was that they don't have any indication on the tube as to the color, so you have to open them or look at the bottom to find what they shade is. It's only a problem if you have more than one.

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This is one of my favourite skincare products. If you live in New Zealand or Australia chances are you already have it in your purse.Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is an ointment that is marketed as a kind of cure-all. On the packaging it says it can be used as ‘A local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.’

The thing I use it for mostly is my lips. It is one of the best things I have ever used for a lip balm. It’s moisturizing and leaves them soft and hydrated. It is a little bit on the sticky side as it is quite a heavy consistency but if you just put a little bit on then it is fine. A little bit goes a long way. You can also put it on over lipstick for a hydrating gloss finish.

It’s a natural remedy containing fermented papaya. You can get it in the 25g tube or in a bigger 75g tub. I have to say I have only ever had the tube and it lasts a while. I guess if you were using it for bigger areas then you would need more. The smell is quite pleasant, it’s not very powerful or overwhelming

This is a must have product, it’s the Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel from Nature Republic. It’s one of my favourite Korean discoveries and I use it all the time for so many things. It comes in a huge tub 300ml/10.56 fl.oz. and it is super cheap.

It’s mostly just Aloe Vera so you can put it on anywhere that you need to moisturize and it will do the job, also it’s light and it smells sooooo fresh. I especially love it because it is so versatile, you can use it on your face, your body and even your hair. I’ve been putting it on the ends of my hair as it is so dry at the moment.

The gel glides on easily and absorbs super quick. There is no stickiness or anything just soothing, cooling moisture.

I can’t say enough good things about this, and I don’t think I have ever heard anything negative about it. It’s one of those things that every Korean girl knows about.

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