Sharing the love with brief, helpful reviews! We all deserve to learn more about products that may or may not work for us so that we can achieve the skin we want! 

My products are mainly k-beauty products but you can find good products anywhere! Skin tone is a MAC NC 20-25 and I love sheer to medium coverage when it comes to foundations or bb ! I also love a satin glow! My skin type is dehydrated and sensitive.

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About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian, South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Other
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This product is packaging so beautifully, I can't stop staring at it. It comes out with sort of a light amber color and doesn't have too strong of a scent. It is a bit runny, the consistency is similar to the Banila co Ms Flower and Mr Honey essence oil. It also sinks in nicely (I recommend waiting for each step of your skincare routine to dry down first to prevent that tackiness). However, it does not really make much of a difference for my skin albeit being pleasant to use.

I was really excited to try this but it didn't work well for my skintone. I'm about a N20 and while it suited my shade, it didn't match my tone if that makes sense. It spread so nicely and sat really well on the skin with just the right amount of coverage but it left a grey cast that made my skin look like a vampire. It didn't oxidise for me at all which is great if you find a shade that matches you! I would definitely recommend you to swatch these if possible before committing to a full bottle!

I actually have no complaints whatsoever regarding this product for my skin. I worried about how the alcohol ingredient may dry out my already dry skin but this works really well! You do smell of a bit of alcohol but it's faint and leans a bit citrusy to me. It's also pretty moisturizing as it has the texture of thin lotion! Spreads and sinks into the skin really well without leaving any cast or grease! Not only that but it fares really well under my bb cushion and feels so comfortable to wear. I would say that oily skin people may need some blotting or powder to prevent oiliness later in the day!

Looooooooooooooove. I adore a satin, natural finish and this gives me just that. Not dewy, not matte, just right. It feels so light and I don't mind it's floral scent. For reference I am a NC 20-25 and I use #21 which is the shade 'light' for those who want to pick it up at Target! It's a perfect match for my skintone. It feels like skin to me and even without setting, it does not budge! Although oily skinned people might find they need setting powder or you can go for the pore control version! Mine is just the regular version. Definitely one of my favorites!

Looooove this sun cream. Yes it does leave a bit of a white cast but I do not mind at all since it helps to balance out my redness and it applies nicely under my bb cushion! It has a light, citrus scent and it is a bit thick in texture. Not irritating at all and my dry skin didn't have any problems with this! For those who like physical sunscreens and don't mind a bit of a white cast, definitely give this a try! (edit: I know it's discontinued but it seems triple care might be the newer version of this albeit has a bit of a beige tint). 

This treatment leaves my hair feeling really soft and tamed! Usually my hair gets poofy and a little frizzy but it leaves my hair manageable and smooth. It has a nice flowery,powder scent which I like a lot! It is a bright orange color and it comes out thick and creamy. The scent isn't overpowering so it wont stick to your hair too much. Great for dry, dull hair (but try not to apply too much too close to your scalp or it can get heavy). I love it paired with the lador low ph shampoo! I ended up buying a huge bottle from roseroseshop!

This is an okay leave-in conditioner. It has a nice scent which isn't too strong when applied and it doesn't weigh the hair down (unless you over apply). It didn't make my hair much softer or less frizzy. For the size and the price, it's not bad but I would have preferred if it performed better. It doesn't leave the hair greasy either. 

This is really convenient to use! I find that when your pimple has a 'head' (where the white part starts to fill it up) and you prick it -with a sterilized needle that is specially for pimples- and then drain it then stick the patch on a clean face, it performs better. It sticks to the skin really well so that even those who move a lot in their sleep do not have to worry about it coming off. In the morning, you'll find that all the gunk will have been seeped out! The color of the patch blends well into skin so that you don't really have to worry about it standing out too much! It comes in 3 sizes but I find that the medium size is perfect. Definitely worth a try!

A nice sheet mask that has a soft flower scent that isn't irritating at all. The sheet mask fabric is really soft and it isn't overly drenched in essence. The mask also fit nicely! It does feel quite moisturizing but there wasn't much brightening. It is nice for dry skin too and it doesn't leave your skin feeling oddly tacky when you take it off. My redness was calmed and my eczema wasn't flaring and I think it's nicely soothing.

I looooooooooove this product for my scalp! I use it about once every other week when my head feels like it needs a little deep cleaning! It has a nice minty/menthol scent and it tingles from the cooling sensation. I get 5 uses from one tiny little bottle. A little goes a long way! You just need to massage it into the scalp, you're not coating the whole head so this is really nice and worth it for the price. After rinsing, my head feels clean, refreshed and the hair close to the scalp feels softer as well! This isn't like a conditioner which will leave your scalp oily. It doesn't weigh down the hair as well. I recommend this to those who want to start taking care of their hair! Healthy hair starts from the roots!

For those with dry/dehydrated skin, this can be drying and leave the skin feeling a little tight. This is nice for oily skin but for those who have sensitive skin, you might want to try a small sample which memebox should have! I did enjoy the lemon scent and of course the texture. It foams up pretty nicely too and glides well on the skin. Sadly, it just doesn't suit my skin type. (Even the it has a nice low pH too) I'm probably going to stick with adlay or green tea!

Great for those who love a subtle glow, especially for those who like a liquid highlighter. Don't expect it to be as strong as those BECCA highlighters! However, it's definitely a pretty champagne hue that looks flattering on all skin tones without being too overpowering. The packaging is also wonderful as expected of Pony's style! I really enjoyed using this but it does take some work to get on as it might clash formula wise with other cosmetic products. For example, it causes a weird white cream up with my sunscreen but applies nicely without it. It can also happen with some foundations but it works nicely with my laneige bb cushion. Overall, I say this is great for anyone to use but don't expect that vivid, bright highlight compared to western brands!

An adorable, retractable kabuki brush that is easy to carry and cute to look at. The brush is super duper soft and glides so nicely on the skin. I adore it!!! Even after cleaning it multiple times, it still feels just as soft as when I first got it. We all know how cute too faced products are and their brushes are no exception. However, with all the cuteness, for those who are on a budget, this brush can be quite costly and I will honestly say that you can find better brushes elsewhere for a lower price. I'd spend the money on other too faced products that are more worth it. For brush lovers and too faced fans with the money to spend, this is a nice one to add to the collection, especially for on the go types!

Adorable and long lasting!~

Aside from the cute packaging, I received mine for a honest review and it came in the color #01 It lips. A cute bright pink (kind of reminds me of a neonish pink color when swatched on white!).

I loooove lip tints that last a long long time and this is it. Seriously. I may have gotten a little on my fingers once and this stained my fingers for a straight 7 hours, even though I constantly washed my hands! If you apply it without any lip balm or moisturizer, it is less likely to transfer or smudge. I adore the packaging too, the art is cute and the bottle is nice to carry around~

When applied, it goes on really nicely but if you're aiming for those gradation lips, you better work quickly as this lip tint sets very fast! It is a low shine lip tint, which is nice for those who don't want that super glossy look! The color is of course very bright and eye-catching which I love because then at the end of the day, your lips still carry that nice pigmented color. It kind of reminds of the Beauty People Vitamin lip tints if anyone has ever tried those. It also has a bit of a scent, a sort of sweetish scent that I don't mind as it doesn't really linger on the skin. Since the color is so vivid, I only need to dab a little on the lips to get the look I want.

A nice mask that is saturated with the right amount of essence so that you don't feel like there's a lot leftover and worry about it dripping all over your face! The mask is a soft cotton and the the fit is quite nice. It's a little on the long side so it gets on my hairline but I don't mind as I can fold it in! While it leaves my skin feeling soft, there is no brightening effect. It's a tiny bit itchy for my sensitive skin. Overall it's a nice mask that would be good for those with nonsensitive skin. There is no scent as well so those who worry about fragrance can give it a try!

A nice watery lip tint that gives a sheer, flattering red lip! It goes nicely on all skin tones and is super lightweight its a water tint. Smells like roses and tastes a bit bitter if it gets in your mouth. I enjoy it a lot because its so thing and sinks into the lips nicely. The only thing is, for the price, you could honestly get better and longer-lasting tints. I do recommend trying out a mini size if you're ever curious as benefit usually has mini sets to try out!

You know it's a sad day when a product you've been eyeing did not work out for you. I've been stalking this for so long and when I finally got my hands on it, I thought I was in love. The scent was amazing and the foam was quite luxurious (although it's not a big amount of lathered foam, just enough to glide on the skin). After a week of using it, I noticed that it was too drying for me and then when I had my eczema flare up, it stung like crazy :( My skin was afraid of this cleanser and I had to stop using it. It also can get irritating if it's near your eyes. It was such a shame because the packaging and aspect of the cleanser was gorgeous. The rose petals were really soft and didn't really exfoliate much, if anything, it's just fun to see but not neccessary. This has been widely raved about though so perhaps my skin just was too sensitive for this one.

I adore this face wash! It creates a nice, soft, rich foam with a foaming net and glides onto the skin smoothly. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and no weird residue yet the skin feels clean and soft. The smell is herbal, kind of reminds me of those aromatic tea blends at teavana with a citrus scent (LOOOOOOOVE). The fragrance may be strong but it doesn't linger and I think it's quite lovely and adds to the experience. Plus it's low pH~ Using this in a double cleansing routine is great and I will definitely keep going back to this cleanser! My dry/sensitive skin did not feel irritated whatsoever, if anything, it feels a bit soothing. I only need a pea sized to create a nice lather!

I adore this powder because it goes on so nicely and really does blur the skin. For those with really oily skin, this might not be able to keep all the oil at bay. Since I have dry skin with occasionally oily spots when it's warmer, this is perfect. Really great for setting makeup and the scent is interesting! It does have that peachy smell which I enjoy and the packaging is adorable, however; since it isn't a proper twist off lid, pushing down the top too quickly can cause powder to come out. The packaging is big so it's not too travel friendly so it would be better to decant it into smaller loose powder containers. The puff it comes with is nice and soft but I do like to apply it with a brush. It makes me skin look and feel smoother and keeps my makeup in place! It doesn't really create a white cast (I am a NC 20) unless I really pack on a lot! Overall, since it works so well, I dont think I need to search for a new loose powder anymore!

For those with oily skin, this is great! My friend has very oily skin compared to mine and said, I quote "it keeps [her] face from looking like a frying pan." I have dry skin with occasionally oily T-zone on warmer days so this really helped to keep the oil at bay. However, it's a bit too drying for me so I switched over to the skinfood peach sake version. This pact is also great for traveling and is way less messy. It also lasts very long even with constant usage and it's not bad as setting powder. You can create a white cast but that's only if you pack on a huge amount. For those who like these powders for makeup, I say get the loose powder version for easier application!

I got the Happy Bath Natural Mild version in the light brown bottle. It is pretty nice and lathers well but it would be great if it was more richer in consistency! The scent is somewhat floral which I don't mind and the bottle is quite big which is a plus. My skin doesn't feel more moisturized but it also doesn't feel too trying as well. Overall, this body wash is decent but I would not repurchase!

Pleasant scent and mild on the skin! I really enjoy using this for colder weather so that I don't dry out my skin. The scent isn't too strong but if you are familiar with dove products, it has that same light powdery, floral scent. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and I think it's quite nice to foam up and lather for your legs when shaving so that the blade glides nicely!

Pretty nice during cool weathers that aren't too dry because the consistency leans a bit thin and waster (like most vaseline brand lotions). If you have really dry skin during the winter like me, you might be slathering on a lot so it might not last as long! I do like the scent since it's not overpowering but it does linger a little bit. I would say this is perfect for during fall season!

My hair is a bit dull and dry due to the climate that I live in. This hair oil helped to moisturize and reduce the frizz my hair had! The scene is soooo nice and I cant stop smelling it but it's not too overpowering and feels and smells very light on the hair. Even when I over apply the serum, my hair never got weighed down or oily and heavy. I'm addicted to this hair oil and I definitely recommend it for those who need a little more moisture and softness in their hair. It makes your hair feel smoother and easier to comb through as well.

For those who are interested in trying out snail mucin and for those looking for another hydrating step, this essence would be a great try. This absorbed really well into my skin and helped to make my skin more plump and to tackle some of the redness I had. The texture is interesting, a little stringy and thicker than your usual essence. No fragrance whatsoever and since it's a bit stringy, sometimes a small strand gets into my mouth and it tastes bitter! Other than that, this is really great and a bottle lasts me 6 months! Only need one pump for my whole face! It's a great step to add for another layer of hydration.

Since I have dry skin, this product can be a little too harsh and drying. Even for oily skin, I recommend going for a more hydrating cleanser that doesn't feel too stripping on the skin. My skin is sensitive so it felt a little tight and uncomfortable after a week of using it. While it did not break me out, it did not really help my moisture barrier either.

Not very soothing or moisturizing for my lips unfortunately. It has a menthol scent with a Vaseline-like texture (although I'd probably go for vaseline cause it's less irritating) and it does have a tingly sensation on the lips. It feels thick and made my lips feel itchy after a couple days of constant use. 

One of the best toners for me so far! Left my skin feeling hydrated and soft! Also cleaned my skin well without leaving behind a residue and good enough to use to wipe off makeup (please still try to double cleanse!). The scent is soft and delightful and does linger a tiny bit if you don't mind the rose scent. My sensitive skin felt refreshed after using this and you could probably decant it into a mister to use as a facial mist!

This essence feels very light and absorbed very easily on my skin. It also helped the rest of my skincare regimen to absorb better! I do recommend making sure you leave time between each step to fully dry into your skin so that you wont have that tacky/sticky feeling on your face. The newer version feels similar to the original formula (although the plus of licorice root and whatnot from the original will be missed). The scent is still similar and luckily it did not break my sensitive skin out.

A really nice wash off/physical exfoliator!  The scent is a bit perfumey but I do not mind! It is nice for sensitive skin. My skin feels smoother, softer, and brighter after using this! I don't usually like using physical exfoliation but this is great in the sense that it does not irritate my skin. It feels refreshing to use but it did leave a little bit of a residue. You can rub it in gently as the rice granules are not too harsh on the skin. 

Very lightweight but not hydrating enough. I would not really recommend this for any skin type. It can have a stinging sensation to sensitive skin and it is not moisturizing enough which causes more oil production on the skin. It has a bit of a strong scent for those who might mind fragrances but does not linger on the skin for too long. 

This cleansing water is nice but I would not repurchase. My nose may be weird but it does seem to have a very earthy scent. It is definitely gentle and does wipe makeup off well (but I do recommend double cleansing). It is gentle on the eyes for removing mascara and is good for fixing eyeliner mistakes. The price point is great for the size. Doesn't leave the skin feeling dry but it does interact weirdly with my skincare products. Whatever I apply after using this seems to make my creams become milky/soapy looking but it will dissipate after a little bit more of patting and rubbing in.

Before I got into AB oil cleansers, I first tried this cleansing oil which contains jojoba and macadamia oils. This oil cleanser can sting a little in the eyes and for people that get rashes on their face. It does remover makeup nicely (although I haven't tested on waterproof makeup). It doesn't leave the skin feeling dry but it does leave a tiny bit of a greasy residue which you can take care of by using a second cleanser or a foaming cleanser. Unfortunately my skin didn't feel as clean after use and I would not repurchase.

It's pretty decent for a makeup wipe! I do recommend the traditional double cleansing to really cleanse the skin of any residue that may be left behind! This is great for traveling or for short, quick cleansing to put on new makeup and whatnot throughout the day. It's also great for traveling! I don't find it to be gentle enough for me (only due to when there are eczema flare ups). The price point is also nice! Easily can find travel sizes for a dollar. 

The jar and design is so elegant and pretty to have in your bathroom! It dissolves with water really well and leaves my skin feeling smooth albeit a bit dry. Since it's in powder form, it's really travel friendly! Especially if you buy the smaller size (which you can find in the sephora travel section). The scent is really nice and smells a bit like rice! The only downside is for those who are mindful of the pH, it has about a high level of 9! Other than that, this is pretty nice if you don't care for the pH!

If you have sensitive skin that feels clogged easily, this product will help you to clear up your skin by effectively cleaning out the makeup and sunscreen on your skin as well as whatever residue may be leftover. I am in love with this product for how gentle yet great it works on my skin. It has enough 'slip' for me so that I don't feel like I am pulling or tugging on my skin when trying to rub in the cleanser! It also doesn't leave behind anything but soft skin so I can pair it with any of my foaming cleansers (although I do prefer a low pH cleanser that is also gentle!). This tub usually lasts me around 4 months because I just need about a dime size!

While this smelled sweet and pleasant, the taste is very bitter and strong if it gets in your mouth a bit! It gets little tingly on your lips too. There aren't much tiny beads that help to scrub the lips so not much of your dead skin gets exfoliated. For those with little chapped lips, this would be okay but there definitely wont be much exfoliating action. It does leave your lips a bit moisturized after but you should always use a better moisturizer!

I had combo skin and this product helped to keep the oil at bay but did not help fully with the dry spots on my skin. It felt really nice and absorbed really well though since it is a gel and it is oil-free. It feels refreshing on the skin and I recommend possibly putting it in the fridge so that it feels really cooling when applied! I liked using this during the summer/fall months as winter calls for more moisture. For my eczema prone skin, it did sting when the flare ups occurred unfortunately.

Pretty thick and moisturizing and lack of fragrance which is great! I like it during cold winters but I would say if you have a major eczema flare up or open wounds from it, it might sting and isn't that gentle for the skin that is sensitive. Since it's really thick, it can feel a bit pore clogging so I recommend it for dry seasons rather than humid! Since it's really thick, you wont need as much so it does last quite some time.

A really nice concealer for the price point. I got the color sand which fit my NC 20-25 skin tone perfectly. It can be a tiny bit difficult to blend with your fingers but it does not smudge or transfer easily! It can be a bit drying so try to steer clear of dry patches. Definitely has good coverage though!

This is quite pricey but the finish is beautiful! It's a natural, satin finish and is super easy to apply and blend into the skin! I love using my cushion puff for it and the coverage is medium-high and is buildable. I got no. 5 which fits my NC 20-25 skintone perfectly! It did oxidize a tiny bit but is not noticeable. I would say all skin types can use this foundation but oily skin might need to use powder to set it a bit more!

I'm in love with this eyeliner! The black version is best as it lasts longer and stays pigmented. I like this more than my kat von d as this one does not smudge nor crack under my oily and hooded eyelids. It lasts pretty long throughout the day without fading, looking just as good as when first applied! With barely any pressure, the product glides pretty easily on the skin and you can make thin to thick lines for your wings easily! Definitely my go-to eyeliner!

I got the diamond color and the brightness and pigment is quite good! It's creamy and easy to apply which I enjoy! It gets dull quick so you might need to sharpen it. Unfortunately when applied to my undereye, it looks a little scattered and can fade a bit at the end of the day which might be due to how oily my eyes get.

I got the felt tip version which was a little too rough for my skin as my eyes are sensitive but the color and pigmentation is very good! It is quite water-proof but not oil-proof as my eyelids get oily later in the day. It didn't smudge but ended up getting a little cracked. If I didn't have oily, hooded eyes, I think this would be perfect as it dries quickly and nicely. 

A nice lightweight cream that would be great to use during the summer when you don't want to opt for a gel moisturizer in case it's not hydrating enough or use during the winter to layer on moisture. It feels pretty soothing on my skin and has been kind to my eczema.  The cream is not thick at all and comes in a smaller tube size in case you want to test it out! I would say if you're unsure of snail filtrate, the price and quality of this is a great place to start!

This is definitely a medium to high coverage foundation but on the thick side! It can accentuate flaky spots so be sure to moisturize your skin. I would say it's good for oily to normal skin. The finish I get is a matte-natural finish but does feel a bit drying to the skin. I do like it but not enough to repurchase. Be sure to get color matched as there is quite a bit of red-tone if you pick a color too dark! Going to a Sephora would be best so you can get swatches!

While it feels quite luxurious on the skin, I feel like no matter how much product I use with a foaming net, it feels like weak bubbles which dissipate quickly and doesn't have that 'slip' a nice foaming cleanser gives. It also leaves my skin feeling a bit dry. I did like the floral scent but some people may not enjoy the fragrance. I would recommend people to start with a mini size of this to see if they'll actually enjoy it!

This lovely product comes in a heavy glass bottle which looks so pretty sitting on a vanity! It goes on after cleansing the skin to prepare the skin for absorption of your moisturizers! It sinks in very nicely for me and leaves my skin feeling more hydrated! I like to apply it by putting it on my hands then patting it gently into my skin. The best would be to decant this into a spray bottle so that you can apply more easily and even carry it around! The reason why I take off one star is because my skin is sensitive and it can sometimes slightly irritate my eczema when it flares up.

Lots and lots of essence inside! This mask will stay moist on your skin for a long time and feels really refreshing when you leave it in the fridge before applying! The eye area is a bit narrow so be careful not to get essence into your eyes as it will sting! The only issue I have with it is that no matter how many times I use it, whenever I take it off and let the rest of the essence dry on my skin, it feels really tacky and sticky which makes it uncomfortable. The results are definitely nice though as it leaves your skin much brighter!

I really enjoyed this cleanser in all aspects. The scent is soft and faint but doesn't linger on your face and the texture is bouncy and poofy like a marshmallow! (I warn you that if you store them in a warm place, it looks like a deflated, moist marshmallow!) This cleanser comes in a jar which looks pretty but if you're lazy, it might get a bit messy! This cleanser is also low pH and leaves your skin clean yet moisturized so it isn't drying! It foams so nicely when paired with a foaming net so be sure to get one!

Have you ever been stuck choosing a exfoliator that wont irritate your skin ? Where even a konjac sponge can leave you feeling a bit red? This product leaves my skin so smooth and bright! Even though you rub it in to get the dead skin off, I don't get any redness or irritation from it. After using this, my moisturizers go in so nicely and my skin feels so plump and soft to touch! It's best to use once a week or so and maybe even before special events because my foundation applies so nicely as there are no dry spots left! 

A sunscreen in spray form designed to make sun care much more easier! I really liked that it was aerosol so it felt very very light on the skin, so light I could barely feel it! It's very convenient for reapplying sunscreen rather than having to take off all the makeup and do everything again. The bottle is big so it might not be as portable but it's easy to use. I recommend using this when going out when there is not much sun or staying indoors when the windows are not UV tinted. Of course, it might not provide full coverage as much as a liquid would so this is better for when reapplying.

This lovely konjac sponge is super soft and a great way to physiccally exfoliate skin. Especially those with sensitive skin! Generally I cannot use physical exfoliators because they are too rough and my skin turns red and irritated very easily. Pump a little bit of your cleanser and massage it into the sponge gently and rub your face! Super easy and leaves your skin feeling very soft! I recommend you to clean it in boiling water for a minute or two every week or so to clean out any dirt and prevent mold! Should be replaced every 2 months! Really cheap and great alternative to exoliating!

A lovely bb cushion by the cute etude house! For those seeking a dewy finish, this is a great cushion with sheer to medium buildable coverage! It lasts about 4 hours on me before I get a little oily and the price point is pretty afforadable, especially for those wanting to start using cushions. The shade range is pretty limited and I got the shade in natural pearl which fits NC 20 skintones as the 'pearl' part can cause the shade to be a bit more lighter than it's normal any cushion counterpart. Mine did not come with a refill but it only cost me 9 dollars on Jolse which is a really good deal! It does have a floral scent which fades when applied. The undertone seems to be a bit light pinkish grey for me as well. I recommend this for beginners who have a lighter skintone!

A cleansing water that helps to clean away impurities while leaving behind soft, clean skin. This toner not only goes on nicely, it has all these nice extracts in the ingredients list! It definitely lasts a long time and I did enjoy using it as it has a citrusy, slightly alcohol scent. So for those sensitive to alcohols, this might be a bit irritating as it was for me occasionally because my eczema did not find it gentle enough. However, this product is gaining many rave reviews and it is worth a try for sure. For me, since I've tried it, it's a possible repurchase but only when my skin is more calmed down and stronger!

This is my second repurchase because I am in love with this. I find aloe vera products to be too much and sometimes sting my sensitive skin and I was looking for an ingredient that soothes and helps lessen redness. Snail mucin was the answer and it helps me to hydrate and soothe my skin, especially my eczema. This product is thin and light on your skin, a perfect essence to layer on but try not to get it in your mouth! It can be quite bitter! 

A light mist that is really hydrating at the same time. Of course since it is not a aerosol type product, it wont give off fine, small true mists but the nozzle does allow for a decent spray. It is really nice to use, especially in the hot summer. It has a cucumber like scent and did not irritate my skin whatsoever! One spray is enough for my whole face so it will lasts very long since it is 150 ml of product!

I've bought this two times now because of how soft it leaves my hair! I usually have really dry. dull hair and this helps to keep it shiney, soft, and flowy. Generally I use it after showering, when my hair is about 70 percent dry and either air dry or blow dry my hair. I use about 3 pumps as the product comes out in small amounts so you dont end up overusing and making your hair all greasy or heavy. It helps to work it into your ends and what ever is leftover, I softly comb through the top part of my hair. If anyone is looking for a leave in type conditioner, this would be a great product to try out, especially those who have frizzy, dry hair like mine.

A moisturizing hand lotion in cute packaging! The packaging is a bit of a thick plastic so there is more control when you squeeze out the lotion. The scent is lovely and kind of strong with a very thick texture. I think the design makes it easy to carry around without having to take up too much space in your bag. The one thing I didn't like was that it left my hands feeling a bit oily since it is not a lightweight hand lotion. For those who seek more hydration for their hands, this lotion is perfect!

Definitely vivid as stated on it! The color turns into a coral color when applied lightly and blended out on my lips (my lips are a soft red color with a hint of brown). If you use a lip concealer, you'll get a bright orange-red color that will be really eye-catching! I think it's more pretty when used in a gradation style to compliment your lip and bring out the color of the product! The product lasts for about 4 hours before it fades a bit and unfortunately it does transfer a little which adds to the fade but I still adore the color.

A lightweight moisturizer that can either be used as a ending moisturizer to seal in everything or alone (especially for those who have oily skin). I love to use it as either a last step moisturizer for when I layer on many products or second to last. I find that it is formulated to be gentle as it helps to calm down any flare ups I have on my face as well as soothe my skin. Move over, aloe vera, it's all about snails. Cut? Snail gel. Sunburn? Snail gel. It's the answer to everything! 

For those with sensitive skin, whether dry or oily, who are seeking a luxurious foaming cleanser might find this one to suite their needs! This foaming cleanser has a light scent with the hint of green tea in the background. If you have a bit of redness, green tea helps to soothe and tone it down! I use it as a second cleanser after oil cleansing and the pair go hand in hand and leave my skin feeling refreshed and clean but not tight! Sometimes foaming cleansers seem stripping, but this one left my skin feeling perfect. It does have a pH of 7 for those who worry about higher pH levels but as for me, I'm enjoying my third bottle of it! Feel free to read a more longer review on my instagram @ jijaee !



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