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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Trying out the @107oneosevenSecret Formula Snow Mask, a recently popular Korean brand that can now be found at Nordstrom.
FIT: 👎🏼I mean you can see for yourself that the fit needed improvement. This is the older version of this mask as I heard they recently updated it and corrected the fit. I had given them feedback the first time actually but forgot to write a review on here for you guys! Note this does not have a backing and needs to be unfolded, but it wasn't too hard. .

ESSENCE: 💦 wow there was so much Essence in here. It also does have a strong scent but it didn't bother me. It's very milky and does feel quite rich on my skin. It stayed wet for about 45 minutes before drying up which was awesome. I prefer to wear masks as long as possible 😂

RESULTS: 👍🏼 Overall I think it's a good moisturizing mask and my face felt more hydrated ~ so it was good minus the fit, which if they fixed then could potentially become a great everyday mask if it weren't so pricey. I would rate a 4/5 with the potential fit correction!

I loveeeee this bubble maker! I mean in general I think they're all the same? Regardless of brand, but basically all you do is add a little bit of the cleanser in here, add a little bit of water, pump 100 times and VOILA tons of foam!!! I'm a big fan of bubble cleansing so yes I definitely support this!

This Arbonne travel set is a full set with cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, night and day cream.  It gets a high rating for being a complete set.  It's definitely perfect for a 4 day trip.  While I thought the texture on the items were fine, I really disliked the smell.  It has a really strong odor for every product in this set.  If you like the smell then you're good, but for me personally I really didn't like it.  I also was disappointed by the day cream with its low SPF20.  I never use anything less than SPF30 normally but I did receive this set in exchange for my honest review from Amabie so of course I wanted to try it.  The brand is cruelty free and organic which I think is super cool but I think for the price and the smell, it wouldn't normally be for me.  

I thought this feminine wash was quite lovely! It has a nice smell and feel to it, which is important for your lady parts! It cleans well and doesn't irritate the skin, which is the most important! It's quite an expensive product and more expensive than typical feminine washes, so it's nice that the quality actually matches the price.  I would recommend it to others! I received this from Amabie in exchange for my honest review, so thank you Amabie team!


This rating is tough because I do think the quality of this Solone waterproof eyeliner is really great! I have it both in #1 (black with a bit of glimmer to it) and #3 (solid black). It glides on well and it comes with a hidden convenient sharpener which is at the end of the eyeliner stick itself.  It's super dark (which I love for eyeliner) and stays well throughout the day so I loved it when I was wearing it.  The problem as to why I didn't give it a 5 is because it dries out SO FAST! If you can use the whole thing in like a couple of weeks to a month's time then it would be perfect for you but I don't wear it enough maybe? I felt like it dried it fairly quick and I wear eyeliner everyday.  You have to continuously sharpen it for it not to dry it! 

It is only ok it smudges easily but it does stay on once it sets for a really long timeb

So first of all, when you open up the package, there is no backing for this sheetmask, which I don't really like because then you have to concentrate on opening the mask without ripping it.  Then I normally LOVE cucumber smell and I feel like this has a weird smell? I mean it's very faint so it's not a big deal.  The fit overall is fine and there is definitely a good amount of essence.  I wore it for 20 minutes and there was still essence. I'm giving it a 1 because I feel like it really irritated my skin and I couldn't WAIT to take it off.  I would not repurchase.

I've been using this Etude House sleeping pack for about a month now.  It has a gel-like texture and a very light fragrant scent.  I do feel like it's very lightweight and absorbs into skin easily.  It's hydrating, but sometimes at night I feel like I like a heavier cream personally.  I do think my skin might be slightly sensitive to it? Because I do feel like a short instance of irritation when I initially use it but it goes away quickly.  If you like it more lightweight, then this would be perfect for you.  

I basically have no eyebrows.  I've gotten them tattoed, but the tattoo has disappeared so I'm back to square one.  I've been using this eyebrow serum for about a month and a half, almost everyday.  I am starting to see a very SLIGHT difference in eyebrow hair growth so I would say overall it's working (slowly), but definitely going to take some patience to see desired results. It has a soft tip and you just need to twist the bottom so it's very easy to apply on everyday. 

I do my nails every week so it's very important that I use a very solid base coat.  OPI's natural nail base coat is great! It applies evenly and dries quickly.  When I take my nail polish off, I don't see any of the colors stain my nails like I see with other base coats at times.  It's very good quality.

All nail polish removers were NOT created equal so this one is one that I DEFINITELY recommend.  I do my nails every single week so I know that there are alot of nail polish removers that seriously dry out your nails and this one doesn't.  It takes the polish off quickly, smells nice and I feel like my nails still look healthy.

This product is AWESOME!! I feel like a little goes a long way too. My scalp gets oily quickly and I don't always want to wash it everyday because it damages the rest of my hair so I love to use this!! They also come in small sizes so it's great to carry around when you want to give your hair a little lift and some life!!! 

I bought this about 6 months ago and have been using it a few times a week.  I can't tell if it's actually making my skin brighter or not (I don't really see a difference but to be fair I did go to the beach a couple of times) but I will say that it does make my skin feel more moisturized and relaxed.  I say relaxed because it has a very light fragrance which smells DIVINE.  I honestly feel like my skin can appreciate that.  If you're looking for a nice moisturizing cream I would recommend it but maybe not if you're expecting your skin to be whiter/brighter quickly.

This conditioner is labeled as a Scalp and Volume conditioner so of course I used the conditioner ON my scalp but it actually leaves my scalp oily.  After a day I feel like the top of my hair looks, and even feels, greasy.  I think it makes the rest of my hair relatively soft but not any more than another conditioner.  I wouldn't buy it again.

This moisturizing lotion is very lightweight and I feel can be used all year round.  It is moisturizing so I feel like it can be used alone or as part of the first skincare layering before you put on all your other special creams :)

This is THE facial scrub.  I love to exfoliate my skin at night after all the dirt from the day has been passed from the polluted air and dirty streets of the world onto your face and I feel that this facial scrub gets it all out.  A little goes a long way too!!! SO WORTH THE PRICE.

This facial cream is fairly thick so I think it's good when your skin is feeling extra dry or during the winter time is a good time to use it.

Addicted to this product.  It's highly moisturizing, with a gel texture it feel really nice, thick but also absorbing and lightweight.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

I really love this face cream!!! It feels like a nice thick gel but also absorbing.  It doesn't have a greasy feel at all.  It actually makes my skin feel moisturized so I really love it.

OH how I love this mac powder.  I feel like it gives me a bit of a tanned glow when I use it.  Staying power is pretty good too.  I would recomend it!!

This is probably the best liquid eyeliner in makeup history.  I love it.  Yes its considerably more expensive than other eyeliners but it is totally worth it.  It has long lasting power and actually comes out SOLID BLACK which is super important to me.  I hate other eyeliners that come out streaky or not that black so this eyeliner is really perfect.  I would give it 10 hearts if I could.

It removes your makeup off well but I feel like if I get even a little in my eye IT BURNS SO BAD!! I also feel like it's very oily, but it does do the job and I don't have to rub my eye a lot to get the makeup off.  I would prefer other makeup removers though and can't wait to finish this one.

I bought it immediately because I just thought it was so cute but it works well! It has a very faint color but it stays on.  It's so inexpensive I think it's really worth the value and everytime I use it I feel happy because it's so cute. 

Honestly this product doesn't really feel like it works.  I don't feel like it has any effect on my hair whatsoever.

This curling iron is amazing!! It's the perfect thickness so it comes out in beautiful perfect curls.  It does it quickly too so when I'm in a rush I can have curls quickly and just add on the hairspray!

I LOVE THIS FLAT IRON!!! It straightens my hair so fast and I can also use it to curl my hair and give it nice waves SUPER QUICKLY!!! So a huge fan

As someone with thin, flat hair I NEED VOLUME!!! And this product works well but the smell is kind of funky.  So if you can get over the smell, it definitely is a great product.

This product is very creamy and has a strong, sophisticated scent - so it might depend if you like it or not.

For someone like me who has no eyebrows (I previously tattooed them and now they've disappeared 2 years later), this product is GREAT!!! It helps bring color to your brows - though I would prefer it to be darker it seriously helps (I used the darkest shade they had since I have dark brown/black hair).  It stays for about 5 days even after you wash/ use makeup remover.  I haven't seen aything else out there like this that exists so I think the idea so far is awesome.

Seriously LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! I have very thin and fine hair and I feel like one wash with this shampoo and my hair is instantly voluminous and thicker! It's a small bottle but a little goes a long way.  Very thick and smells nice!

I really like this product.  I think it conditions my hair well while thickening my hair, but I'm not sure how much thickening it does since I use it also with the thickening shampoo (which I think is AMAZING!!!).  It's not cheap but it does make your hair smell nice and tames the frizzy hairs.  

I felt like everywhere said this serum was amazing but I've been trying almost everyday for 2 months and I've barely seen any improvement? I've heard vaseline works so I'm going to try that instead.

This product is fairly thick and moisturizing so I do think it does it's job, but I don't particularly love the smell of it, especially since it's on your face.  Maybe wear it at night if no one is around you!

Really like this product.  I use it almost every other day to just to cleanse my scalp in an attempt to grow more hair and I think it's working!

Great product!! I'm a big fan of dry shampoo in general but this one has a great smell and absorbs the oils on my head pretty well.  When I don't wash my hair for a couple of days and use this, my hair feels new again.  Super great!

This awesome scalp cleanser has a very cool cooling effect on your head and I do see the difference on my head after using this for a few months.  My hair (very thin) definitely is fuller.  I'm a big believer in this product.  

I don't love the smell of this product at all but I do think it's moisturizing.  

SOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!!! It's like the perfect texture - gel like but lightweight.  It really moisturizes my skin.  I'm seriously obsessed and think it would work well for all skin types.  

This product is moisturizing and extremely lightweight but I feel like it's too thin to use on your hand to apply.  You really need to use a cotton pad or something so it doesnt just slip through your fingers.  I would really love if it were just a little bit thicker or more gel like.

It's pretty good for an inexpensive liner! Comes out get black.