Community Guidelines

Amabie is a beauty review platform for all people to discuss beauty products and tips. We aim to provide the best review site for everyone to share and discover beauty experiences while being respectful to each other. We hope that our users follow these guidelines to make Amabie an enjoyable place.

Be The Real You

  • Every beauty member has a personal profile which includes your profile picture, your community and the reviews you have written.
  • We suggest you upload your own profile picture - don't be shy and be yourself!
  • Please do not impersonate other people.

Always Protect Your Password

  • After you register and become a member of Amabie, we strongly suggest you protect your username and password. Please do not share these with other people.
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Help Readers Out with Your Reviews
If you want to know more about beauty reviews on Amabie and how to write a review, please click here.

Be Respectful to Each Other
We believe that everyone should be polite and respectful to each other and each other's opinions. Note that we have ZERO tolerance on the below:

  • Invading Other's Privacy
    Please do not post private information, such as personal information, of other people.
  • Violent, abusive, hateful content
    Amabie is a beauty website, violent words or abusive stories towards anything will all be removed.
  • Nudity, sexual related content
    Sexual related contents such as nude pictures, pornography, and fetish stories are not allowed.
  • Harassing, threatening content
    Please do not write unwanted, harassing or threatening messages on the site.

Content that violates our guidelines will be removed with no exceptions and beauty members will be banned in severe cases.

Flag Offensive Content

  • If you find content that is inappropriate, you can "Contact us" or use the flag function.
  • Please think about your motives before flagging someone: make sure your discontentment is reasonable and not a personal attack.
  • Flagging is anonymous, but our staff can see your records and warn you if you are a flag troll.

Find a Dispute Resolution
If it comes to a legal dispute, please see our Terms of Use and Contact Us with your issue.

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