Canmake Cream Cheek

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Name: Kateri

Age: 25-34

Skin: Combination

Skin: Medium

Hair: Wavy


You can't really get a better cream blush for the price. I think I paid somewhere around $5.00 for o...

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11 0

Name: Indira

Age: 18-24

Skin: Combination

Skin: Olive

Hair: Coily


I got mine in shade CR07 aka Clear Ruby Cherry (was checking this on canmake website, but it seem th...

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Name: Swanbeautyy

Age: 18-24





You can use this makeup blush on your cheerks  Or even on your lips! They look really ntural&n...

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119 1

Name: 張嘉菱

Age: 18-24

Skin: Dry

Skin: Fair

Hair: Flat Ironed/Straigtened


Canmake is one of my favorite drugstore brand. Even though Canmake does have some really crappy prod...

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