Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

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@twistedsoda   2 0  
Age: 45-54 · Skin Type: Dry · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Straight ·


First of all, I didn't enjoy the smell, at all.  The cleanser itself, was pretty good but for the cost, there are way better cleansers out there.  I felt that it didn't really take all the makeup off and always had to do a double cleanse.  

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@vaintreasures   9 5  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Dry · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Straight ·


I tried this today and here's what I think: -smells a bit too strong, like cucumber with clealcohol -feels gentle on the face -doesn't foam much (I prefer foaming cleansers) -didn't give me a feeling of a deeply cleaned face -I don't hate it but I won't repurchase. Will keep using it until it runs out.

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@sheetmasklady   41 2  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Wavy ·


The first time this cleanser came out, I wanted to try it. It didn't really smell strongly of cucumbers back then, so I wonder why it does now. Did they add more cucumber like fragrances, or is it something in the formula itself? I don't know. It is, however, gentle to the skin. I guess that "good for sensitive skin" description is why they gave it a more cucumber smell. I do like the smell of cucumbers, but in this product, it can get overwhelmi...

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@jlooooi   41 3  
Age: 18-24 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Fair ·


I have bitter sweet feeling about it. Sensitive skin would definitely love this, since it's so gentle. However, for other skin types, it's too gentle to do anything. I don't think it cleans deep enough, but good thing is it doesn't get my skin dry. 

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@fabulush   84 2  
Age: 45-54 · Skin Type: Dry · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Straight ·


I dislike everything about this cleanser.  First off, it smells like cucumber.  While I know a lot of people find that to be a refreshing scent, I don't care for it.  Secondly, this product does a terrible job at actually cleansing your skin.  It's gentle - so gentle that it leaves all of your make-up behind, almost like you never touched it.  This might be good for someone with very sensitive skin, but i find it to be ex...

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@Tracyloveschloe   9 0  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Wavy ·


This cleanser was purchased as a gift for me for the holidays and I used it with neither a love or dislike for it. It was an ok cleanser and didnt leave my skin feeling too clean or too oily. I was a bit indifferent to it but i know my sister loves it. I have combination skin and my T zone can get really oily.

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