Etude House I Need You Acai Berry Mask

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@dayangkunuraini   124 3  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Straight ·


This mask sheet contains Acai Berry extract to provide anti-oxidants for younger & healthier skin. Upon opening, had a subtle acai berry juice smell. Etude House I Need You Masks have a good amount of essence, this one included. Mask was soaked & even had leftover essence in the packet. The thickness of the mask is good, however the fit is a bit small. The forehead area didn't reach my hairline & the eye holes were small, they covered...

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@chocofr34k   144 0  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Wavy ·


this mask contains superfood acai berry extract, essential fatty acids and various vitamins, providing antioxidants to deliver young and healthy skin. it comes in standard sachet that has the picture of the main ingredients in front of the sachet. i can't say anything about the scent, it's nothing weird though and no wet tissue scent too. i don't know how acai berry should smell like so i don't know whether it's an acai berry scent. the fit is ok...

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@delaseoul   185 12  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Normal · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Straight ·


Positively surprised is what I was with this mask. There is quite a lot of essence left in the pouch, despite the facts that 1. it only contains 20 ml, and 2. the sheet, once removed, is beautifully dripping. Speaking of the sheet itself, to me, it is surprisingly nice for such a cheap mask; it's thin and adheres to the skin wonderfully, and it's stretchy enough where I can nicely adjust it to fit my face. Except for the eyes, of course. With the...

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