My Beauty Diary Collagen Firming Mask

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@joinas   163 10  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Straight ·


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@carouselmakeup   36 6  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Straight ·


MBD masks are masks that I used to use when I was a teenager.  My sheetmask expectations have changed after trying L'Herboflore and other Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese masks that MBD is a brand I would introduce to those that are just starting out in their Asian Beauty journey or are on a strict budget.  For their price, I feel most MBD masks fulfil their claims.  They are always drenched in essence with at least 1 one face's worth of ...

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@kbeautykitty   43 6  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Pale · Hair Type: Straight ·


Notable ingredients: Irish moss, collagen, Oarweed (algae), Butcher's-broom, witch hazel, panaz ginseng, sodium hyaluronate, sugar cane. •­ Targets: ­"Intense plumpness". I've already got that going on. 😉😉😉 •­ Scent: ­Fruity and pleasant. Not very noticeable when the mask is on. •­ Essence: ­Watery, maybe half a teaspoon left in the packet. •­ Material/Fit: ­Thick cotton. My beef with MB...

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@sammyb36   41 3  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Oily · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Wavy ·


This is my first experience with My Beauty Diary and I'm impressed :)   The mask has a backing sheet so the application is super easy. The fit is a little off though - it doesn't sit too flat around my nose and the lower half of the mask is too big but after a few folds, it was fine.   The essence is watery and has a mild fresh scent. There was enough left in the packet for neck, décolletage and shoulders. I left the mask on ...

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