Bifesta Mild Makeup Remover

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@chocofr34k   144 0  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Wavy ·


this is my first experience with cleansing water. i use the bright up one, and i like it. it cleanses my sunscreen and non waterproof makeup well, but for eyeliner or waterproof mascara, i still use my makeup remover or cleansing oil. this cleansing water can remove stubborn makeup, but it requires a lot more than cleansing oil. i don't like the pump, it splashes the product everywhere so i decant it to a pump-on-top bottle and it's perfect! no m...

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@sugarpetalss   96 10  
Age: 18-24 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Olive · Hair Type: Straight ·


Since i have an oily face and oily eyelids , using cleansing water is the best way to clean up any dirt or make up on my face.  I love the product because it came with the pump , the size is quiet big and the price is affordable. It removed all of my make up but sometimes need to clean the mascara with oil cleansing but for everyday cleansing water this is the best♡

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@holliebeauty   2 0  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Olive · Hair Type: Straight ·


This my favorite alternative to Bioderma. I use the Bright Up variant of Bifesta, since I find that it has the closest formulation to Bioderma Crealine H20. I works the same was as other Micellar Water, but I noticed that this removes eye makeup much better. However, it does tend to sting my eye. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good waterbased makeup remover.

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@why168   24 0  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Olive · Hair Type: Curly ·


My skin tends to be darker without a nice glow. So when I used this product I could really tell the difference that it made on my skin. The product has no additive color or scent, and contains vitamin C & Lactate that helps hydrate the skin. This helps the skin to circulate better and renew itself to get rid of dead skin. Usually you need a lot of patience when removing your makeup. But this product removes everything instantly, saving me a l...

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@mandypai   19 1  
Age: 35-44 · Skin Type: Combination · Skin Tone: Medium · Hair Type: Straight ·


Even since I started to bathe with my kid, I need to speed up my makeup removing process, I’d bathe her first then myself(Basically when she is playing around in the tub). I would love to remove my makeup first then bathe without pressure. This is the first time I open so many makeup removing products at once, such as gel remover, two oil base remover and lip & eye remover. I’ve been looking for a makeup remover that removes eve...

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@misshana   32 1  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: · Skin Tone: ·


The pump is very hard to control, the makeup remover will go everywhere. It cleanses pretty well, but makes my face tight, so I have the habit to put on skincare products after cleansing. 

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