Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover

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Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover

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Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover by Korean beauty brand Innisfree: A hypoallergenic makeup remover for effectively removing point makeup. This mild product removes point makeup and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Polysaccharose and minerals from apples protect skin from dryness and irritation after makeup removal. Enjoy the sweet and sour scent of apples!

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@kerrthegreat   18 0  
Age: 18-24 · Skin Type: Normal · Skin Tone: Very Dark ·


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@kui_le   27 0  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Sensitive · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Straight ·


I will keep on repurchasing the innis free green apple makeup remover. I feel like the price is very reasonable and the product packaging is really cute. It removes makeup completely - I use it to remove my mascara and lip tint. Although it does sting my eye a little bit, if you're extra careful for the product to not touch your eyes actually it's very gentle!

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@94_69yh   117 4  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Sensitive · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Straight ·


I was so disappointed at this product ;-( I bought it under other people’s recommendation but I’m so disappointed! It does have an apple scent but it’s not cleansing enough and there’s nothing special about it. Good thing is it’s not expensive, this brand has several upsetting products. I’m not sure why many people love this cleanser. ..

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@leilazhang   119 1  
Age: 25-34 · Skin Type: Dry · Skin Tone: Fair · Hair Type: Flat Ironed/Straigtened ·


Some people do not recommend Innisfree, but I love it! I would defintely purchase the whole bottle after I finish it! I love the apple scent! Love the smell when I use it, reminds me of the bubble gum I had when I was little!!! So I don't care if it's not so cleansing or it's not refreshing! It's not the best but it's very mild! If you don't mind this scent I would recommend you to try this product, I know some people do not like the scent. ...

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