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About Our Reviews

  • Amabie Beauty Reviews are written by users of all ethnicities and from all over the world.
  • We believe that the best beauty reviews are honest, unbiased reviews based on personal experience.
  • As we want to maintain the integrity of the site, we do not tolerate sponsored reviews!
  • While our website focuses on reviews for Asian beauty / Korean beauty products, of course we accept reviews for products from all over the world.

You Can Write Reviews...

  • By clicking the website header "WRITE A REVIEW", "WRITE A REVIEW"button on any product page, or on mobile, inside the dropbox, click the "WRITE A REVIEW" button. .
  • Up to 1000 characters for a review.
  • Using a minimum of 20 words, but up to a max of 1000 characters for any beauty review.
  • And add up to 3 pictures to better portray or embellish your beauty review and experience.
  • You can edit your review within the next 72 hours after submitting. Your review can be edited through "View My Profile/ Reviews" page. After that time frame, your review is locked for translating to help our international readers.
  • Note you do not have to only write reviews on Asian beauty products - products from all over the world are completely acceptable!!

A Helpful Beauty Review is...

Relevant: It should be related to a product.
Personal: It should come from your own personal experience
Honest: It should be honest and unbiased - write about real results. Please avoid exaggeration.
Informative: It should include details that can be helpful to other users

Compliment a Beauty Review

  • If you find a review very helpful, you can click "HELPFUL" below every beauty review.
  • The person who wrote the review will be notified and this compliment will show up on their review.
  • This will also help other members find helpful reviews as there is a SORT OPTION to find "Most Helpful."

Beauty Review Translations

  • Amabie strives to help people with a passion for beauty all over the world.
  • As many of our Asian beauty reviews stem from Asia, we translate them to help users from all over the world. As a result, your beauty review(s) will be translated into Traditional Chinese and English for international purposes and helpfulness. We will do our best to translate as accurately and as close to the original language as possible.
  • We thank you in advance for your understanding and compassion.
  • We hope to eventually have the site in additional languages. Please continue to check back for these updates.

Beauty Review Violations

  • All beauty reviews must be relevant to our site. Non-beauty related content that does not fit the nature of our website will be removed.
  • Advertisements or spam will also be removed.
  • Please do not plagiarize or use other people's reviews from other websites (including all copyrighted content and photos). Any copyrighted material will be removed and the user will be notified.
  • For owners and employers, please do not ask your employees or pay people to write beauty reviews in support of your company/brand. We do not tolerate this kind of action.

Flagged As Inappropriate Content:

  • If you find any content that's offensive, you can click "flag as inappropriate." We will then review the content and make a decision to remove it.
  • If your beauty review contains inappropriate content, our staff will remove the review. We will notify you that your review was removed.
  • In other cases, if a review has been flagged several times by different users, it will automatically be removed from the site.
  • For more information about appropriate behavior, please check our Community Guidelines

Amabie reserves all the rights to remove any content s that violates our website rules and Terms of Service

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