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Beauty Tips – 8 Things to DO and NOT DO to Improve Your Skin!

Some girls have naturally beautiful, flawless, porcelain skin (LUCKY GIRLS!!). Some of them even say that they don’t put on any skincare products in the morning, at night, and never use skin care face wash to clean their face (FML!! So jealous!) However, most of us need the assistance of beauty & skin care products, making sure that every step of the way is customized and designed for your certain skin condition. Many Asian brands such as Korean beauty brands, Japanese beauty brands, and Taiwanese beauty brands, design very advanced beauty products that are targeted for different skin conditions.

It’s very important to start your beauty skin care routine as soon as possible. In Asia, girls usually start their skin care routine as early as 14 years old. There are skin care products designed for entry-level skin care routines. These usually include the three basic beauty steps: facial wash, facial toner, and facial lotion. The earlier you start to take good care of your skin, the more foundation you will build when you enter your 30s and 40s, which is when you start to lose your skin elasticity due to lack of collagen, pollution damage… etc. Below are the 8 beauty rules that you should hold on to tight and even post it in front of you all over the place where you’ll see it and remember to do it. Although some of them are known facts, it’s still better to revisit what we should or should not do to our skin.

  1. DO: Apply facial sunscreen EVERYDAY.

    This one is a no-brainer. Using sunscreen in your skincare routine every day that has at least SPF 30 in the product. The skin is exposed to a lot of damage under the sun. If you happen to stand outside for a long period of time, it is highly recommended to wear sunscreen that has at least SPF 50. Some skin care dermatologists even suggest putting on sunscreen even if you are indoors. If you are in a room that has a window, facial sunscreen is necessary. Remember: the main purpose of skin care sunscreen is to protect your skin from harmful UV RAYS (UVA, UVB), rather than keeping you from becoming tan. The longer you are exposed to the sun, the more wrinkles you will get, which will in turn dry out your skin and give you dark spots. The worse case situation, if you are exposed to the sun and UV rays for too long, there might even be a chance of skin cancer. Thus, sunscreen in your skincare routine is not only important for protecting the skin from harmful rays, but also to make sure that you do not get undesirable spots, discoloration or cancer.

    It’s important to choose a facial sunscreen that matches your outdoor/indoor behavior, and also your skin type. Some skin care sunscreens may not match with your skin type and can cause a breakout. These are some of the sunscreen products recommended by Korean beauty bloggers on

    Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence

    One of the most affordable options for drug store level Asian skincare sunscreen must be Japanese beauty brand Biore UV Aqua. This skincare product feels light and watery on the skin and doesn’t give off the strong “sunscreen scent”

    ZA True White Day Protector

    Another affordable option for skin care sunscreen: ZA (under Japanese beauty brand Shiseido umbrella) True White Day Protector. This skincare product was wildly famous in the Asian community as it is extremely affordable and also casts a natural looking white light on the skin. This was the Asian skin care fanatic’s favorite as it lightens your face shade by one level without looking too unnatural. Do add additional products such as makeup BB cream or CC cream that contains SPF to enhance the protection.

    Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster

    If you have more on your budget, you could consider this product by Japanese beauty brand Shiseido, the Anessa perfect UV sunscreen booster, which has had years of good reputation in the Asian blogging community. This sunscreen claims to protect the skin while ensuring that you actually don’t get tan. (Although it’s still really difficult to not get tan if you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time)

  2. DO Exfoliate occasionally and accordingly

    It is great to exfoliate your skin because your skin might lose some ability to shed away dead skin cells itself overtime. Using skin care exfoliators will help your skin texture become smoother. Furthermore, removing the dead skin cells will help the skin care products you apply absorb better as it will help the products to penetrate underneath the complex layers of skin. Below are peeling/exfoliating products that will help renew the skin.

    Tatcha Polished Classic Rice enzyme powder

    Tatcha, a skincare brand that uses secret Japanese beauty ingredients to deliver the best possible products, is considered to be one of the top brands by a lot of Asian beauty review sites and Asian beauty bloggers. According to the reviews on, this is a good cleansing product if you have sensitive skin.

    Secret Key Lemon Peeling Sparkling Gel

    The Lemon Peeling Gel by Korean beauty brand Secret Key is suggested by some of the Amabie writers to be one of the more gentle exfoliating skin care products out there. It is also very affordable.

    Cosrx Blackhead Power liquid

    Blackhead Power Liquid by Korean beauty brand Cosrx is a skincare product that could be a little bit too strong for those who have sensitive skin, be careful and make sure to do a patch test before applying it to the area where your skin needs.

  3. DO Natural Skincare Method: Exercising

    You might be surprised to know how much exercising can change and improve the skin. When you exercise, your pores are open and ventilates because you are sweating. When this happens, you are forcing your skin and your body to regenerate cells that are “damaged” during your exercise, which usually becomes cells that are stronger. Exercising also help sweat out the toxins that come from our bad daily habits (sleeping late, artificial foods…) which will renew your body and help it restore damaged skin.

  4. DO Eat the right things! Decrease your sugar consumption.

    Your skin condition reflects on the things you eat. If you’ve been consuming too much sugar, it causes internal inflammation which will break out the skin. Refrain from deep fried foods as well if you want your skin to be in good condition. Sugary and oily foods (particularly oils like vegetable oil, corn oil, and canola oil) usually build up in the system and causes bad skin conditions.

  5. DO Quit Smoking & Be Careful of Pollution

    Smoking can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Smoking will decrease the ability for your lungs to inhale oxygen, which will make your skin suffocate. Aside from direct smoking, second hand smoke can be really harmful to the skin. One your skin contacts nicotine in cigarettes, it will gets stuck on the skin and turn into free radicals. Free radicals cause premature aging giving you unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

    Photo from Web MD: These are a pair of twin women. Twin A never smoked, and Twin B is a smoker. Look at the difference!

  6. DON’T Please Do Not Sleep with your Makeup on

    It is highly recommended by skin care bloggers and Asian beauty bloggers to make it a habit of removing your makeup first thing when you get home. The longer face makeup and eye makeup stay on your face, the more likely it’s going to leave unwanted pigmentation or potential breakouts. It is also great to remove your makeup before you sleep because your pores will be open for your skin to breathe and rest when you sleep (instead of suffocating it with that BB cream or Foundation!)

    Photo from Google

  7. DON’T Don’t Cover Your Face with Your Hair

    If you have a good diet and you take care of your skin using skin care products that match your skin condition, but still have acnes and pimples, it might be your hair. The hair actually collects and traps many dusts & dead skin cells. After rubbing your hair (or your bangs!!) against your face, the friction might cause your skin to get irritated and over time become pimples and acne. It is recommended by many Asian beauty bloggers to always put your hair up when you can (especially at home). Since some of us believe in not washing the hair day by day, it is extra important to keep hair away from our face when we can.

  8. DON’T Do not Pick, Poke or Pop Your Pimples or Acne

    Many of us know that it’s taboo to touch your acne with your hands and scratch it with your fingers (which most likely have germs and bacteria). Once you scratch or touch your acne with your hands, your acne would get infected again through the hidden germs that are on your hands. Even if you squeezed all the pus out, it will actually leave a larger passage way for germs to get in again. If you are just removing blackheads and other blemishes, use two cotton swabs to remove them instead of poking your skin with your nails.

That’s it! Having good skin really means having great habits. If you have the good habits, your flawless skin will definitely be on the way. Have faith in your skin care routine & make a change in your life style, you’ll thank yourself later!

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