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Beauty Tips – Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Beauty Blogger?

Hi everyone! It’s Joanne from Amabie. Earlier we talked about HOW to become a great beauty blogger and what does a great blogger entails. Based on the research of beauty blogger’s personal blogs about their journey into become one, there are a lot of factors that play in this career. I’ve read that many bloggers encounter hardships that they have had to overcome to become what they are today. I’ve compiled them into the below points and will talk about them in detail in this article.

Do you have what it takes to become a blogger, particularly a beauty blogger?

  • Do you have enough money to budget yourself for trying out new skincare and makeup products?
  • Do you have enough time and persistency to update your beauty blog on a regular and set basis?
  • Do you have a good camera? (Some people complain about unclear photos)
  • Can you take criticism and use them as a way to encourage yourself to be better? (The internet can be the meanest place in the world – are you ready to be bashed for your opinions and style?)
  • Do you have good work ethic? (Be responsible for the trial products you receive from companies and for your readers?)
  • Do you have the courage to create a brutally honest reviews?
  • Do you care too much about likes and followers?
  • Do you care too much about the free beauty products from companies? (Readers will notice these things and may not trust you.)
  • Are you ready for potential harassment on the Internet?
  • Do you have a stable skin condition? (If you have sensitive skin but want to become a beauty blogger, you have to be ready to encounter issues with your skin when testing out new products)
  • Are you still in the age range and of good skin condition to be a beauty blogger? (If you’re older and have really great skin, this can be incredibly great since many companies will likely want you!)
  • Are you ready to test out products that will potentially cause your skin harm? (You never really know what will happen to you until you test out the beauty products.)

Many people get jealous on the internet and say things such as: “Oh wow it’s so nice to be a beauty blogger! You can just sit in front of your laptop, write some articles, and get free beauty products to try.” But, did you know that this rarely happens for most beauty bloggers?

Most beauty bloggers start off as small bloggers with a very tiny following. It takes endless amount of effort to actually get noticed by companies, let alone company collaborations. If you’re a small time blogger, you probably would not get paid much (or paid at all) for your effort, which brings us to the 1st question: do you have enough budget to buy things yourself to first curate your own content? Most beauty bloggers would have to invest a certain amount of money for their blog. You would have to purchase your own beauty products, try them out, and write about it. If you don’t have enough budget to keep on doing this until a company sponsors you, it’s going to be a rough journey.

You would also have to have a decent camera to take photos for yourself and your products. Usually an iPhone 5 camera quality would suffice for a clear photo. If your phone camera is not good enough, at least make sure that you’re taking your photos in day light so you get as much natural lighting as possible. If possible, a nice DSRL or DSRL-like camera would be even better if it’s within your budget.

If you have the budget, but not enough time to maintain your site, that also is an issue too. It takes a lot of determination to make blogging your official career that’ll give you a decent amount of income. One would also have to plan carefully and build yourself as your own brand to attract followers. You would also have to be prepared that your effort and your money might not come back as a whole, like any investment out there in this world, investing in yourself and your blog has its risks.

If you are lucky and persistent enough, you’ll start to gain followers (hopefully loyal ones!) and beauty companies will start to notice you and might even pay you to do a beauty review. One thing to be really careful is what you write on your blog if your post is sponsored. Regardless of fame, a small-time beauty blogger would have to take the same risk and responsibility as a famous blogger about what they write. If you’ve accidentally written an exaggerated claim about a product such as “this cream healed my wrinkles,” you might get fined by the local government because you’re making false claims and your credibility will vanish overnight (depends on which country you live in!). Many beauty bloggers get called out by their readers because they’ve written about something which did not promise its claims. This is especially sensitive and likely in the beauty industry since so many vocabulary words are medical related.

Also, when you test out a product, are you really trying it for at least 2-4 weeks?

Sometimes a company would sponsor you but provide you with only so little product that you can’t really feel a difference or have a full experience. Would you still be willing to write a review if that’s the case? If you choose to do so and a reader finds your content not reliable, you might lose your credibility. You would really have to dedicate the time to testing out the beauty product and writing your full experience on it to ensure that your readers can trust your review.

A blogger should always be aware of work ethic – it’s best to reject a company if they force you to write things that are not true because it hurts your credibility. Also, if you cannot fully dedicate your time to testing a product, then you should not agree to do so if you’re too busy. If you are not able to dedicate yourself to testing these products, then you might pass the review trial time and hurt your relationship with the beauty company. In addition, make sure your skin is in great and stable condition if you are going to work with companies that are skin care based. If your skin is unstable, you are putting yourself and your skin in a not-so-ideal situation. This is more of a realistic problem – if you have super sensitive skin, do yourself a favor and be really considerate of your skin’s needs. Consider cooperating with beauty companies if only if the products are hair or nail-related. Age is also a key factor when it comes to being a beauty blogger. You can tailor the style of your blog based on your age. If you’re a young teenager between ages 16 – 18, test out skincare and makeup products that are good for that age range. Likewise, if you’re in your 30s or 40s and really into skincare, take advantage of your age group and work hard towards articles that reduce the signs of aging. Customize your beauty articles so that it fits with your age. Beauty companies will come to you if your characteristics are similar to their target audience.

Another important factor to consider is the haters on the internet. Are you ready to accept criticism and realize that people will say mean things just so they can put you down? Internet bullying is a real thing and one would have to make sure they have what it takes to stand up for themselves and ignore comments that are intentionally hurtful. You wouldn’t want to get caught up in the Internet bullying scene and find yourself stressed out about people you don’t even know. Sometimes, even popular beauty bloggers get harassed on the Internet. Make sure you’re ready to deal with these things and take necessary action if the situation is getting out of control.

At the end of the day, the work that goes into beauty blogging is often overlooked and blogging is considered to be “easy money.” I can assure you that it is not an easy route. Many people spend easily over 3 years to gain a decent following before receiving constant invitations from companies to test and review a product. If you did put in the effort and realized that you’re not gaining as much buzz as you want, don’t give up! Keep trying or make blogging your side hobby. Of course, you can always feel free to write your beauty reviews on and share them with the beauty community (and sometimes even get some skincare and makeup gifts from us)! In my opinion, if you are persistent and you have a loyal following, your efforts will not be wasted. These are some of the points and reminders that I could give you if you are thinking about becoming a full time blogger! Good luck 

Research based on Yahoo Taiwan & bloggers in Taiwan.

Written by Jobobo

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