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Beauty Tips – 8 Ways to become a Better Beauty Blogger

Hi everyone! It’s Joanne from Amabie. Based on extensive research, I have 8 tips to suggest on becoming a "great beauty blogger." Now, the definition of a great beauty blogger can vary depending on your ultimate beauty blogger goal. Are you sharing your beauty reviews because you want to use it as a way to record your own experiences and help the beauty community? Or are you sharing because you want to become an influential beauty blogger?

Regardless, the best content is always driven by pure interest and strong passion. If you have these two qualities, you’re off to a good start.

  1. Your content should include key SEO words

    If you already have a strong following, this is perhaps not a large concern for you since a strong following base will usually have a fan base that likes and shares your stuff consistently. However, if your following is small, key SEO words are very important. Think in your reader’s shoes - most people are still searching for keywords on the internet through search engines. If someone were to find your article, what possible beauty words would they search for? For example, if your article is about skin care products for oily skin, you would most likely want to incorporate words such as "oily skin products," "skin care oily skin," "How to’s for oily skin," etc. This is especially important in the first section or paragraph of your blog. Be careful though, do NOT over do these keywords because search engines will get suspicious and it might work against you. It is actually possible to be blacklisted!

    Of course another great to be found is being a beauty blogger on This isn’t just a shameless pitch! When readers are searching for a beauty review on Amabie and see a great review from you, it’s very possible and more likely for them to follow you and read your blog. Be sure to write enough content and keywords in your Amabie beauty review to make it interesting enough for them to want to read and follow your personal blog.

  2. Your articles should be opinionated, have your own style, and be within areas that you are familiar with

    An article should always have your personal style - remember, blogging is a form of branding and you are branding yourself. Find your special personality that make people interested in you and your content whether it’s being humorous, being charismatic, you name it. If you are a skincare expert or a talented self-taught makeup artist, use blogging as a means to showcase your skills and as a place for people to learn from you. If your readers could learn something from your article, take it back with them, and even use it in the future, they will come back and check out your content because it’s helpful and knowledgeable.

  3. Include photos and videos

    It’s always nice for users to view quality videos and photos on your content. Photos and videos help to tell your story better and give the users a nice visual that matches the text. Keep in mind you don’t have to be a movie director or a professional photographer to deliver nice photos and videos. They just need to be clear (higher resolution preferred), to the point, and should intrigue the interest of your readers. After all, people are looking for fun or something they can learn or be wowed by from your content. As long as your photos help to get your message across, you’re good to go.

  4. Add some external links to your content to generate discussion

    If you could, include links on the things that you have written about before so that users could click into it and take a look at it. You could also include some Youtube links. Optimize the environment of your content so that people can easily land on the things that you talk about on your content. You could include the links at the end of the article to guide your users to read more about other things that are related to your content.

  5. Use subtitles in your articles

    Don’t expect your readers to read your article from the first sentence to the last. Usually when people read blog articles they jump from one sentence to the other. Having subtitles help in this situation because it can help the readers get to the content that they want faster or let them have an idea of what you’re about to discuss.

  6. Write casually and double-check

    When your readers are reading your content, it should be a leisure activity of theirs hence their mood should be relaxed. So don’t make your content complicated or impossible to understand! Imagine you’re just talking to your readers. It’s always good to read out loud to make sure what you’ve written makes sense or flows well. If you think your writing is kind of awkward, change it up and make it smoother. Also, make sure you double-check spelling - people always appreciate polished work.

  7. Make your titles catchy and attention grabbing

    "How to do your eyebrows like Kim Kardashian," "How do test a skin care product and know if it works for you," "Three ways you could put on makeup in 5 minutes…" etc, are article titles that will entice the readers to click and read.

  8. Believe in yourself and continue to update consistently

    Managing and branding yourself on a blog takes a lot of effort. If you get lazy or tired, and stop updating your blog, people will forget about you quickly. All the time you’ve invested in the past would be put to waste. Aim to update at least once a week on a set schedule time so people who are following you know when to expect your new content.

Finally, blogging definitely takes a lot of planning, patience, and effort. If you are not ready to make blogging your full time job, treat blogging like a way for you to interact with your users and following. Blogging could become really stressful too, as the internet is not the nicest place in the world and we will talk about that in another article. In the meantime, if you started your blogging journey, consider making the above changes to hopefully increase your exposure on the Internet!

Good luck & Happy blogging!

Article written by Joanne, based on extensive research on blogging

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