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Beauty Tips: Help! How to break the Skin Care Routine That Isn’t Doing Anything For Your Skin

We all love skin care and Asian skin care products are basically life. With the Asian skin care trend “layering skin care” viral on the internet, our skin can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the products that we’re slathering on. If you’re starting to feel that your skin care isn’t doing anything amazing to your skin, you’ve probably hit a skin care plateau. You’re in the right place: see these tips and tricks on how to improve your skin care routine.

There are two things you should keep in mind when trying to break a skin care plateau – “Less & More.” You can subtract the number of skin care products you use (Less), and increase your time in massaging and helping your skin absorb what it needs (More).

“Less” - Subtract the amount of products you use in your daily routine and night routine.

A classic skincare routine usually goes: Makeup remover, Skin care toner, skin care serum, skin care moisturizer, then skin care eye cream… during an average Asian skin care routine (especially Korean skin care routines) you will find yourself using no less than 4-5 products. When your skin condition is unstable or you hit a plateau, minimalize and simplify your routine to let your skin get its rest. Reduce the skin care product to two or one products.

Try to complete your routine with one skin care product after facewash

Choose only one product in your skin care routine to simplify what your skin gets. For example, you could skip your skin care toner all together and place some lotion on a cotton pad. Then, massage the cotton pad on your face carefully and thoroughly for about 5 minutes. If you have oily skin, choose a thicker toner (Learn all about toners here) and use the wet mask method instead. Or, use skin care oil or another skin care product that is more nourishing if you have dry skin. Since the skin layer cells adapt to oil based products very well, skin care oils are great to help soften the dead skin and repair the damage on the skin.

“More” Massage your skin and focus on other elements of a skin care routine

When you apply skin care toner or your lotion, do you ever give it a second good pat or just slather it on and call it a day? Well now you know you should change this! When you apply skin care products, it’s always great to take the time and slowly pat the product into your skin. Or, massage your skin until you can’t “feel” any residue products on your face. If you have the time, it’s even better to wear disposable gloves when doing this. Since our palms can absorb the skin care products which may reduce the effectiveness, putting on a pair of gloves would prevent this situation and ensure that your face is getting all the goodies, not your hands.

Use a warm, hot towel on your face

When you’re taking a shower, use a warm, hot towel on your face and give it a steam. When your skin is hitting a plateau, it’s probably because the circulation stopped in the renewing system of your body. You can help your skin kick up its circulation by using the warm towel. It will increase the amount of oxygen in your skin and help it find its way back to the peak condition! It can also help speed up your skin to detox and get rid of accumulated discoloration.

These are some tips that you could use if your skin is hitting a stop and not getting any better with the skin care products that used to work for you. Remember though, these methods should only be used in this specific situation, once your skin gets back to normal, you can head back to your normal routine!

Article written by Jobobo

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