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Amabie Beauty Tips: Skincare Secrets Revealed Part 1!

All the tips & tricks to get your perfect Asian Skincare routine and have your age go counter-clock wise!

What are the different types of skin care toners available today? What’s the difference between cleansing / moisturizing / activating toners?

Hi everyone, it’s Joanne from Amabie. Let’s find out all about skincare toners!! Toners are an important part of the skincare routine, especially Asian skincare routines. It is said in Asia that skincare products that are applied to your skin without the use of toner will not be effective to its full potential. Some say only 60% of the product will actually absorb into your skin. With that in mind, it is very common and practically necessary to include toners into your skincare routine.

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Yes, these women are in their 40s! These photos are recent and while of course there is always photography touch-ups, they really do look like this in person. Their skin looks moisturized, energized, and blooming with youthfulness!

"So great to be young!!" "You have so much collagen & Q10 in your face!" "Share with us your Asian or Korean skin care routine!" This is what the Asian Pop stars hear from the media. Taiwanese celebrities, such as Vivian Hsu and Korean celebrities Lee Young-ae & Jeon Do Yeon, the iconic Korean Beauty celebrities, maintain such beautiful skin.

They are often mistaken for being in their 20s! What are the best Korean skincare products or other Asian skincare techniques that they use? Skincare routine must be started as early as possible, there are too many outside factors that affect the health condition of our skin such as dirty air, stress, and lack of sleep. Learn these Asian skincare tips & tricks from this article to make sure that you are getting the most out of your best skincare products.

First things first – Knowing how to properly remove makeup & cleanse the skin

Famous male celebrity Daniel Chan from Hong Kong once said: "The most important step of your skincare routine is cleaning your face thoroughly." This is very true, according to the most popular Korean skincare reviews blogs and Taiwanese skincare review blogs. Cleansing the face is the most basic but most crucial part of the Asian skincare culture. In fact, cleansing is a top priority for these women in maintaining their fresh looking faces. If you don’t have a clean base, let’s not even think about how other products are going to penetrate through the skin for the benefits to work.

Many young looking Korean beauty celebrities have stressed the importance of cleansing the skin. One factor that often gets overlooked is what skincare cleanser and makeup remover product you use for different occasions and needs. Usually, the measuring factor is the type of Korean makeup or makeup look you are wearing. If you are wearing a little makeup, you could use a cream based skincare makeup remover to ensure that all the makeup you are wearing gets removed but doesn’t dry out the skin. If you are wearing heavy Korean makeup (which would not be typical for Asian makeup techniques but this is just for an example), it’s better to use oil based skincare makeup remover. Remember to clean the eye & lip area together, then the face area (make sure they are cleaned separately).

It’s suggested that you choose a skincare cleansing or makeup removal product that isn’t too strong for your skin but will also not make you rub your skin too much. You can occasionally add in skincare cleansing tools to help give your skincare routine some flare & your face a deep clean. Note that Korean skincare culture may have popularized the multi-step routine, but keep in mind the importance of thoroughly cleansing the skin has been a priority for Japanese skincare and Taiwanese skincare routine for just as long! There are many great skincare cleansers across all the Asian countries!

Details on how to remove your makeup and actually make your skincare work!

The most important "how to" for makeup removal is you need A LOT of makeup remover product on your face. It’s always better to have more than enough makeup remover to melt your makeup than not applying enough and rubbing your eyes or face back and forth. If you don’t use enough skincare makeup removal product, some makeup might be left on the face and cause breakouts, blackheads, and pimples.

In addition, you should be using a different skincare makeup removal product for your eyes and lips (It is not suggested to use the same one on your eyes and lips as the one you use to remove makeup foundation, BB cream, any other base makeup). Different parts of the face require specific skincare makeup removers to ensure that the skin is cleansed correctly. Use a cotton pad when removing eye makeup for example, soak the cotton pad with makeup remover and leave it on the eyelids for about 10 seconds. This skincare technique will melt off a lot of makeup beforehand so the rubbing gesture (which pulls and creates potential pre-mature wrinkles) can be minimalized. This is also especially important if you wear colored eye makeup. This is a great beauty tip if you want to keep your skin as young looking as possible and your skin as tight as possible!

Recently, colored makeup is popular on Korean makeup blogs and Korean makeup blog reviews. One color that’s getting very popular is red makeup. If these colors aren’t properly removed, they might overtime accumulate in the eyelids and cause serious discoloration. The same applies for any other color besides red or even your basic makeup! Not just foundation, but also mascara and makeup eyeliner, the black ink color could sit in the skin and cause dark circles! It’s so important to make sure your makeup does not discolor your skin and cause you to look older!

Some of the best Japanese skincare brand & best Korean skincare brand that have great skincare makeup removal product reviews on


  1. Banila Co. Clean it zero

    This product is deemed as a MUST HAVE for Korean beauty skincare. It is from Banila Co. and has a very special texture. It will feel quite oily when you first apply it, but the consistency will change afterwards. If you’re looking for the best Korean skincare review for makeup removers, look into investing this product! It also comes with different versions targeted for other skin types.

  2. Bifesta Mild Makeup Remover

    Bifesta is a Japanese beauty brand that focuses solely on skincare makeup remover products. Their product in Asia is very well known for removing makeup in one swipe. If you want a makeup remover that can quickly remove all the beauty products that you have on your face, this might be a good choice (But keep in mind, removing makeup should be a step that takes more time, don’t do it too quick and leave behind some unwanted residue!)

  3. Biore Makeup Remover cleansing gel

    Another Japanese brand that specializes in skincare makeup removal products is Biore. They have different textured skincare makeup removal products for all different skincare types. Textures available are: gel, oil, cream, and more!

Skincare Face Wash – Cleaning all the left over dirt and accumulates in your skin

After removing your makeup with skincare makeup remover, you are not done yet!! The next step is to use skincare face wash to finalize the cleaning. You have to use this to clean out all of the dirt and dead skin on your face. Depending on your skin sensitivity and situation, clean your skin with different frequency & skincare products. In general, if you have super oily skin, clean your face with skincare facewash twice a day and pair it with a cleansing machine on the weekends. If your skin is combination to normal, use skincare facewash only once per day, (usually the night) and use clear water to rinse the face in the morning to prevent over-cleansing. If your skin is dry, concentrate on the T-zone and use skincare facewash there. Rinse the rest of the face with water.

Some of the best Japanese skincare brand & best Korean skincare brand that have great skincare face wash cleansing product reviews on, listed below:

  1. Kanebo – Beauty Clear Powder

    This product is from Kanebo, the skincare face product is in powder form and will turn into foam once it contacts water. Since the powders are individually packaged, it’s great for travelling!

  2. Senka – Perfect whip cleansing foam

    Senka – Perfect whip is easily the most popular Japanese face wash available out there. It’s super affordable and the foam is so delicate. If you’re an entry level Asian skincare individual, check out this face wash, it has one of the best skincare reviews on!

  3. Corsx – Low pH Morning Gel Cleanser

    Cosrx is a very popular Korean beauty skincare brand in the Asian beauty community. This face wash is specially designed for the morning skincare routine. If your face is sensitive or dry, use mild formulas like this to prevent irritation reactions.

If you are still interested in how these women target moisture, see our PART 2 of this article!

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