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Amabie Beauty Tips: Skincare Secrets Revealed Part 2!

Toners, Serums & Moisturizers

Taiwanese celebrities, such as Vivian Hsu, and Korean celebrities Lee Young-ae & Jeon Do Yeon, the iconic Korean Beauty celebrities, are often asked, “What is it that they use in their skincare routine!?” Their age seems to be frozen in time as they are in their 40s but often get mistaken for being in their 20s! Part 2 of this article targets on how they moisturize their skin. Be sure to check out Part 1 to learn all about their makeup remover and skincare cleansing process!


Everyone knows that moisturizing is key in Asian skincare routines (or any other skincare steps!!) It’s even more important to understand your skin & pick the best type of skincare moisturizing products for yourself.

It is important to pick a good skincare toner that would moisturize and balance the pH of your skin before putting on more skincare products. A good skincare toner will help your skin be prepared for the next skincare steps and help those skincare products absorb more effectively into your skin.

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Make your Asian skincare routine advanced with skincare serums/essences!

Skincare serums & essences deserve an independent article later because these products are quite different but have the same ultimate purpose. Usually a serum is applied after a toner and before a lotion in Asian beauty skin care routines. Browse any Korean skincare review blogs and you’ll find that many Asian skincare enthusiasts, makeup artists and beauty bloggers use serums and essences as a part of their skincare routine.

This picture shows a combination of skincare serums and essences from both Asian and Western brands. SK-II and Whoo are popular Asian skincare brands that offer the most high quality products to pamper your skin. These serums target different issues and they could be categorized into very detailed categories. Some are anti-aging overall but focus on firming. Some are anti-aging but focus on reducing wrinkles. If you want both of these effects, consider getting two types of essences and alternate between the two day by day to get maximum effects.

After the serum, you’re not done! Chose a repairing cream that fixes the damage of the skin.

There are so many outside factors that damage our skin such as UV rays, dirty air, and the AC. These damages may cause breakouts, sensitivity, and redness. Your monthly period may also cause changes in your skin, so a good skincare repairing cream becomes very important if you are entering your 30s or 40s.

Skincare Tip: When applying a cream based product, rub it in your hands & warm it up to make it easier for your skin to absorb. Since you’re rubbing it against your hands some products may be absorbed into your hands instead of your face, so take more product than you usually would.

Double up the affect by giving yourself a face massage, it will help improve the circulation of your face & speed up the renewal process.

The Asian skincare routine is definitely one of the most complicated one in the world. However, these steps are necessary if you want to have perfect skin even through your 40s & 50s. The key is to find the correct skincare product for yourself and target your problems accurately. Layering skincare is still very popular and proven to be an effective way for young looking skin. Laziness is the only obstacle that’s stopping you from have beautiful skin! Start taking care of it before it’s too late!!

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