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Amabie Beauty Tips: Why is My Skin Still Oily after Using Face Wash?! Skincare Tips for Cleansing for Oily Skin and Why You Shouldn’t Over Cleanse!

Photo from Japanese beauty brand Senka

There are a lot of harmful things in the air and environment, such as bacteria and pollution, which clog our skin and pores. This is why cleansing our skin is one of the most important and first steps in our skincare routine. However, sometimes we may over cleanse our skin and cause skincare damage instead. If you over cleanse your skin and strip off the natural oils, the skin will receive a signal that the natural oils are missing. Then, the skin will release more oil in the attempt to protect the skin, leaving your skin feeling extra greasy.

For people who have oily skin for example, they should chose a skincare face wash products that contains less soap ingredients in it to minimize damage while maximizing cleansing. Also, people who have oily skin need to incorporate moisturizing skincare products in their skincare routine as well. These skincare products should contain less oil based ingredients (such as gels and hydrogels instead of creams and lotions) to help balance out the oil on the skin.

Remove Your Makeup Gently:

Oily skin tends to be more acne and blemish prone so it is recommended by many skincare bloggers and skincare experts to use skincare makeup removal products that are lighter and more refreshing when it comes to removing your daily makeup. Korean makeup products can be tricky because makeup like BB cream and CC cream contain complicated ingredients that need to be carefully removed. The recommended texture for makeup remover is gel or water (basically loose liquids) so that the skin does not get clogged with more products. If your makeup is heavier, chose a skincare product that contains as much water content (aqua) as oil, but never a product that’s only oil. This helps the heavier makeup be removed completely without messing up the oil and pH balance of the skin.

This is Pony, the famous Korean makeup artist removing her makeup in her Korean skincare routine video. (Read more about her here)

Cleanse Thoroughly:

Choose a skincare facewash that’s neutral in pH and use warm water when rising. Do not use hot water because this evaporates the moisture on the skin. Only use skincare face wash products two times a day, day and night (at most)! If your skin feels oily throughout the day, use clear water to rinse it so that the skin’s natural protective oil layer is not completely stripped. You could also use oil blotting sheets to help you get rid of excess oil. If you don’t have oil blotting sheets with you, a piece of facial tissue with a little bit of patting motion should help too.

Moisturize Religiously:

Skincare moisturizing is the most important factor for all skin types. Our skin is most likely always dehydrated and needs a little bit of external help. It is very important to start your moisturizing skincare routine immediately, one minute after you wash your face. Use your skincare toner or activating toner (Read more about skincare toners here) as the first step of your skincare routine. You can also choose toners that have ingredients that softens the dead skin such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and salicylic acid. These acids help the skin regenerate the surface and expel dead skin cells.

Lock in Your Skin’s Moisture:

Moisturize your skin with a thin skincare facial lotion, gel, or essence (ones that do not contain oil). These types of skincare products can provide enough oil but a lot of aqua to help your skin stay in pristine condition. Prevent from using skincare products that contain too much oil. Many Korean skincare sheet masks contain oily ingredients such as shea butter, milk, etc. These skincare products could most likely be too nourishing for oily skin and might cause a breakout, so beware!

Product Recommendations:

Since people who have oily skin often have facial grease, it is highly recommended that they use skincare products with high moisturizing abilities without oil. Choosing the right skincare products will not only help the skin balance out its oil, but also prevent it from gaining more blemishes and pimples. Here are some Korean beauty products and Japanese beauty products that are great for oily skin with skincare reviews available on

Asian Skincare Products:

Moistfull Water Jelly Cream by Korean beauty brand Etude House

This type of moisturizing product has the perfect texture for oily skin. We can see that it’s a)transparent, most likely does not contain too much oil, b) has a jelly/gel texture to ensure a refreshing finish, c) moisturize the skin with all the aqua agents.

AHA/BHA clarifying Treatment Toner by Korean beauty brand COSRX

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you have oily skin, chose a toner that contains acids such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) to clarify the condition of the skin.

Clean Face Spot Corrector by Korean beauty brand The Face Shop

If you unfortunately have acne prone skin, this is a good product that might save your day. It helps to prevent acne and blemishes, problems that often occur for people who have oily skin.

Sebum & Blotting paper by Japanese beauty brand Shiseido

Oil blotting sheets are useful for touchups throughout the day. If you have Korean makeup such as BB cream, BB cushion, CC cream, CC cushion, foundation cushion on your face, use this products to gently pat the face and absorb excess oil. Do not use a rubbing motion as it might smudge and smear the makeup. Gentle patting is OK!

Lastly, every skin type has its up & downs. Oily skin seems to get out of control easy, but think about it, while the dry skin people are literally dehydrating in winter, all the oily skin people have a forte! The key point for oily skin is to choose products that are formulated for oily conditions. However, some oily skin formulated products could be too strong so it really takes a lot of experimenting and adjusting to find the right fit for you. This is what makes the Asian skincare routine and adventure fun and forever unlimiting!

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