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Beauty Tips: Top Makeup Remover Mistakes that can Damage Your Skin!

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Cleaning your face is arguably one of the most important steps in our skin care routine, especially in Korean skincare routines where double cleansing is the norm. Cleaning your face also involves making sure that all your makeup is off, but technique and attention to detail are very important. Here are the 2 most common mistakes that are made when removing makeup:

  1. Not Removing All Your Makeup
    It seems obvious to remove all your makeup, but knowing and doing it are two different things (Quite similar to knowing we should eat healthy and then actually eating healthy!) In fact, according to a recent skin care survey, about 1/3rd of women go to bed without taking off all their makeup twice a week. It is important to note face wash alone does not remove all your makeup and may not fully remove “long-lasting” or “waterproof” makeup products. Some believe that it is clever marketing to have different makeup removers, cleansing oils, and cleansers to remove makeup and that you can use all in one products. However, this is not always the case and you may in fact need a separate makeup remover (especially one for eye and lips to remove stubborn makeup).
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  2. Rubbing and Scrubbing to Remove Your Makeup
    It seems natural that when cleaning a dirt spot, you rub at it, even scrub at it with extra effort. However, this is not the case when it comes to removing dirt from our face and rubbing your skin can create wrinkles and make your skin age faster.

Eye Makeup Removers: Waterproof, long lasting, and “24hour tattoo” eyeliners and mascaras are purposely designed to be stubborn and stay on your face so they cannot be easily removed. Many say that eyes show the first signs of aging so it is very important to treat them delicately and not rub them to avoid creating wrinkles around the eyes. Many of these removers are combined as “eye & lip” makeup removers so that you can use the same remover to remove stubborn lipsticks and lip tints (which have become so popular lately, especially in Korean makeup).

Face Makeup Removers: Facial makeup removers come in all types: lotions, oils, gels, creams, and makeup remover wipes. Note that facial makeup removers are very different than lip & eye makeup removers.

With the various types of makeup removers, here are some tips how to properly use them:

DIY Makeup Remover Tip #1: You can take a small amount of baby oil, apply it to a damp cotton pad and apply it gently to the lashes and eyeliner area. You can also do the same thing with olive oil on a cotton ball. Make sure to hold the cotton on these stubborn makeup areas for at least a minute or two to help loosen the makeup. Using oil also conditions the lashes. Afterwards, you can remove the excess oil with warm, damp washcloth.

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To use makeup remover correctly, use a few, but generous drops onto a cotton pad and gently wipe the face and neck. It is recommended that you leave the makeup remover on your face for several seconds to even a couple of minutes to let it dissolve the makeup completely. It’s very important to choose makeup removers according to your skin type and one that is gentle on your skin.

DIY Makeup Remover Tip #2: An effective DIY makeup remover is combining rose water, baby oil and lemon juice. You can apply this combination onto the skin and then wipe it off using a warm, damp cotton pad. This will help remove dirt and grease off your face, but make sure to rinse your face well to fully remove the residue.

On, here are our top 3 Asian skincare makeup removers:

Hope these little tips help in your skincare routine! It is important to take the time to carefully and thoroughly remove your makeup as this step will be so important as we fight against aging!

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