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Beauty Tips: What is the Perfect Sheet Mask for Your Skin Type?

Skin care is such an important part of our lives if you want to keep a youthful look. Though sheet masks have been a part of Asian skincare culture for years, sheet masks have become recently popular in the Western culture. Sheet masks help with the skin care routine a lot – it's almost a NEED/ MUST HAVE for Korean skin care routines. It is said that most Korean girls would use a sheet mask EVERYDAY religiously. Of course there are sheet masks that are designed for different purposes and needs. For those who use a sheet mask every day, these everyday sheet masks tend to be thinner and less nourishing. There are thousands of other types of sheet mask out there though, and we'll get into them in this article.

You might be wondering: So what is the best sheet mask for my specific skin condition or skin type? It's very important to note that for those who are not in their 20s anymore should not be using "cheaper" sheet masks out there if you are experiencing allergic reactions or sensitivity. It's also important to know that the skin loses its own protective system because it's protecting itself from the environment or even food allergies. Also, the age of your skin might not be matching with your actual age.

Here are some guidelines for you to determine the age and condition of your skin. If you have three or more of these "symptoms," you should consider investing in sheet masks that are more on the expensive side. These sheet mask choices would be even better if they are medicated and dermatologist recommended.

  • Your skin gets red patches easily which results from an allergic reaction, sometimes you even get red spots.
  • Your skin starts to peel in between seasons, no matter how many skin care products you pile on to your face it still doesn't improve.
  • You feel like your skin has lost its elasticity and it's not as bouncy as it used to be.
  • You can see fine lines and tiny wrinkles developing on your skin EVEN when your face is completely rested and relaxed, such as crows feet and other wrinkles such near the sides of your mouth or your chin.
  • You can't feel any differences or improvement on your skin after using average and very affordable sheet masks. You have to use very expensive ones to feel the difference.

If you have more than 3 of these conditions, your skin is already quite mature in age. A normal skin care sheet mask is not enough to nourish your skin anymore. You would have to to purchase sheet masks that are more on the expensive side to fight aging!

Which one should you pick? Drugstore sheet masks or medicated/ dermatologist recommended sheet masks?

Many people ask, what's the difference between a regular drugstore brand and a medicated/ dermatologist authenticated brand? Is it true that these brands are better than your drugstore brands?

It's first important to define what a medicated/ dermatologist authenticated brand. Some Western examples are: Vichy, La-Roche Posay, dermalogica, Avene, etc. (In Chinese, it's called 醫美, 醫stands for medical and 美 stands for beauty, it's brands that are created by medical experts).

These brands would need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered a dermatologist brand:

  • The brand has a professional background: The products are formulated by professional people who have medical backgrounds such as dermatologist, pharmacists, or aestheticians.
  • The brand has their own laboratory to invent their own skin care products. *Many brands claim that they have their own laboratories & formula experts when in reality they ask manufacturers to formulate their products Please be careful when choosing!*
  • The brand contains skin care products that can be used AFTER a plastic surgery treatment (such as laser spots removal, pore reduction, etc)
  • The brand is sold by dermatologist clinics which dermatologists genuinely suggest.
  • The brand contains enough ingredients to actually achieve the claimed skin care effect.

After knowing what defines and differentiates real medicated/ dermatologist authenticated brand, we can finally start to understand what makes these brands different from drugstore brands. Why is it that these brands are more costly compared to drugstore brands?

The main difference from drugstore skin care brands and medicated/ dermatologist authenticated brands is that usually the laboratory-tested brands focus on hypoallergenic ingredients. This doesn't mean that all skin care products from laboratory-tested brands are guaranteed to not give you any allergic reactions, but it should have a lower chance compared to drugstore brands.

When your skin age is younger, it can better protect you from external harm. Even if your skin is sun burnt and peeling, it heals quicker at a younger age than an older age. However, as your skin ages, those abilities will start to downgrade and you can feel that your skin is not as self-repairing anymore. Many drugstore brands have common issues such as it cleanses the skin too harshly, or because cost is limited, the preservative ingredients are cheap. Usually a drugstore brand skin care product will contain more than one preservative ingredient, which gives it a higher chance that your skill will more likely get irritated by these ingredients. Sometimes the formula of drugstore brands does not contain enough concentrated ingredients to hydrate or comfort the skin. Of course, if your skin is still healthy and young, these preservatives and other additional ingredients sometimes are not as much of a problem.

On the other hand, medicated/ dermatologist authenticated brands are intended to clean the skin very gently and have a preservative formula that's a lot less invasive to the skin. The hydrating ingredients also penetrate the skin better and more effectively. The most important thing is that the ratio of the rich ingredients is higher, to target aged skin that needs the help.

The skin will change so much as you age. One factor that changes is the lipid (oil layer) on the skin. You may feel that your skin gets quite oily when you're younger, that's because the skin is still very aggressive when it comes to creating an oil layer to protect itself. However, as you age, the oil layer gets thinner and thinner and you will begin to start experiencing dry skin as you get older. If you still use a drugstore cleanser in this condition, the healthy oils on your face will be stripped. This will make the skin tight and dehydrated. It could be so bad that your skin will start to crack and react with red spots.

If your skin age is still young though, don't hesitate on using drugstore or more affordable brands. But do keep in mind that what you pay is what you get.

Affordable sheet mask VS. High end sheet mask

Many people have curious questions when it comes to understanding the sheet mask world. What's the main difference between an affordable sheet mask and a high end sheet mask? Do I have to do my skin care routine after using a sheet mask? Let's talk about all the differences so you can choose which one is better for you considering your budget and your skin condition.

Why are affordable sheet masks so cheap?

You shouldn't be expecting a cheap sheet mask to have an abundance of rich ingredients that would help your skin. If your skin is still young and good condition though, a drugstore sheet mask should do the trick. This will save you money in the long run. You could occasionally use a sheet mask that's more expensive if you are in an emergency situation (ie. you need your skin to look fabulous tomorrow but it's not looking too great now).

Only if your skin is experiencing the problems listed above, will you have to start brands that are pricier.

Can I skip a whole skin care routine if I use a sheet mask?

OH NO. You should never do that. When sheet masks were invented, they were intended to be the keys to opening the doors on your skin, to help anything that comes afterward absorb better. Although sheet masks give you a lot of moisture, it doesn't lock everything it. It only gives the moisture but doesn't keep it on your face. It's like taking care of a garden. You spray the plants but you still need to water the roots. Thus, it's extremely important to still apply serums or creams after using a sheet mask. If you only use a sheet mask and skip all of the steps afterwards, you might as well NOT use a sheet mask because the moisture on your face might evaporate during the process. Sheet masks are more like extra tools for the face, your skin care routine is more important!!

Here are some sheet masks that are in the affordable range on, for those who have strong, young skin:

If your skin is slowly aging and the sheet mask above are not working for your skin, these are the high end sheet masks that are either dermatologist tested & confirmed OR the more expensive Asian beauty brands on

Sheet masks are definitely great products to incorporate into your Asian skin care routine. However, it is very important for you to figure out what types of sheet mask really work for you or else it could actually work against you!! Remember that sheet masks cannot fight through your skin care alone journey with you. You'll definitely need an army of other skin care products such as toners, creams, gel…whatever that fits your skin and makes it happy!

Written by Jobobo and edited by Secret Skincare Enthusiast

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