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Beauty Trends: What is the "7 Skin" Method?

What is the 7 Skin Method?

Korean beauty trends continue to change the game for the skincare culture. The latest is the "7 Skin" method. This method has become popularized through beauty forums in which seven layers of "skin" are applied. This Korean word for "skin" is understood in our westernized skincare dictionary as "toner." So in this skincare routine, you apply toner on your face 7 times. Yes, you read that correctly. Seven.

Now why would you go through this excessive amount of toner application? The concept behind this "7 layers of toner" method is to increase the level of moisture in your skin, which is particularly useful in times of excessive dry or cold weather… like right now in winter. What’s so special is that this method combats dryness without the heaviness of layering creams and oils. The best part is that this method can also be applied to all skin types!

If any of you have tried the wet masking technique (which is applying toner to a cotton pad and leaving it on your face for 10-20 minutes), then you might understand how effective "7 skin" may be on moisturizing dry skin. You can click to learn more about the wet masking method.

But what if you don’t have this dry skin problem?

Those who have tested out the "7 skin" method said that there are additional benefits besides hydrating the skin. The method actually helped to improve their skin’s radiance and elasticity, brightened up their skin tone and some even said it decreased their acne.

What "Skin" Should You Use?

Of course it’s important to use the right toner. Or toners in this case.

For a simple and easy "7 skin" routine, stick to one moisturizing toner that you know works well for hydrating your skin. However, you can feel free to combine a mixture of toners, and even lightweight essences and serums, that can boost the moisture level in your skin. It is recommended to use essence toners that you typically leave on your face after cleansing to prepare your skin. You should definitely avoid toners with alcohol as layering the toner could potentially dry out your skin or irritate it.

What are the steps in the "7 skin" skin care routine?

This Korean skincare routine can be completed in several ways. You can first start by applying toner onto the cotton pad and wiping your face with it first (after cleansing). Then for the remaining 6 layers, you can apply the toner directly into your hands. It is recommended that you rub your hands together to "warm" up the toner so that it can be more easily absorbed into your skin. After you’ve warmed it up, then gently pat the toner onto your face.

Of course you can always applying the wet masking technique or spray a thin layer of toner onto your skin as well and gently pat the product in. Lightly massaging the face while applying the toner is a great way to let it better absorb.

It is important to space these layers out with 2-3 minutes between each step. Your face should not be wet, but slightly moist. The amount used should also be quite small, like the size of a dime. You don’t want to waste the product and you want to be sure you focus on gently and effectively applying the toner.

What do you do after the "7 skin" method?

Apply the rest of your skin care routine as your normally would! You can apply your moisturizer, your serum, your eye cream, etc.

If you’re having some dry skin issues this season, or overly oily skin, you should give this method a try. Though it seems overwhelming, it doesn’t hurt to start with layering toner on just 3 times to see how those results work for you before reaching 7 layers. This method is not necessary all the time and it is possible that it could create irritation if overly used. Like all routines, see if it works for you!

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