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Amabie Beauty Blogger Feature: Blanckittyyy

Name: Blanckitty

Age: 25-35

Skin Type: Mainly normal with some dry areas, sensitivity, and acne prone

  1. How did you get into Asian beauty products? How long ago has it been?

    I have always had a soft spot for Asian beauty products. I was born in Asia hence it is natural for me to go for items back home. They have such pretty packages so who can resist.

  2. What's your first EVER Asian beauty product/your most memorable?

    I can't really recall what is my first Asian beauty product but I do recall my easier phases started off with anything in Anna Sui. I refuse for the longest time to spend $30 on the compact mirror with the piano black finish. I had the folding one with a butterfly in the middle. I still have that mirror to this day and it looks the same. My collection moved to lip glosses, eye shadows, and foundations from Anna Sui.

  3. What's your ALL TIME favorite product (your holy grail?)

    Sulwhasoo First Care Serum all the way. It has amped up my skin and gave it that boost to any skincare routine. Totally in love with this.

  4. What skincare routine has worked for you? How many products on average do you use in the morning/ night?

    Anything from Amore Pacific has always worked wonderfully on me. From Etude House, Laniege, Iope, Primera, Sulwhasoo and Amore Pacific are some of the many lines of products I have tried. Every time I stray away from them, I end up going back and asked myself why did I do this? I usually use the same morning and evening routine, ranging from 5-10 products. This depends on the season and how dry the air is.

  5. What are the current skin concerns you have that Asian beauty products have helped improve?

    My skin is getting drier as I am slowly aging and the winters are harsh where I am. Going up an entire skincare line is very expensive and my skin isn't necessary at this stage just yet. I started including Sulwhasoo First Care serum in my daily routine. What a difference!

  6. What differences have you found between Asian VS. Western products? Do you use more Asian products for skincare and more Western for makeup?

    I found most Western products don't work on my skin. They tend to just sit on top and not sink in. Plus it's thicker and more moisturizing and not enough hydration. At the end of the day, it breaks me out. Asian products tend to target hydration and moisturize separately. I can pick the type of products more gear towards my needs. I also find the texture of the products lighter, airy, and sinks into my skin really well.

    Western makeup is more do-able on my skin but it has to be higher end non-drugstore. No western eyeliner has been more do-able on my eye than Asian ones. They can all smudge within an hour and I am being generous. I prefer Western foundations such Burberry and Armani. Most Asian BB cream / CC cream and foundations will work on my skin problem free. I prefer Western eye shadows if I am looking for pigmentation but if I am recreating a Korean look, I need to buy a Korean color. It's the color pay-off that Western makeup just don't provide. Trust me! I can go on for hours. Feel free to look me up on Instagram and Pinterest @blanckittyyy and chat with me.

  7. What is currently on your wish/try list for Asian beauty brands & products?

    Son and Park Beauty Water

  8. What Asian beauty brands do you own the most of?

    I own a lot of products under Amore Pacific umbrella. It's not one particular line but that is mainly a lot of my collection.

  9. Do you have any favorite little tricks you do with your skincare or makeup?

    Apply your powder after your primer then apply foundation/cushion. Nothing is moving! It's amazing!

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