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Amabie Blogger Feature: Finn

Name: Finn

Age: 21

Country: Brunei

Skin Type: It’s been a combination lately, where my T-zone is mildly oily and my U areas are dehydrated. I am also acne prone and have concerns over clogged pores, acne scars and PIH.

  1. How did you get into Asian beauty products? How long ago has it been?

    I think I got into AB (particularly Kbeauty) since 2012. It started when I was trying to find a skincare line to help heal my acne skin. I tried various skincare lines until I found Etude House AC Clinic line, which has helped to make my skin clear. I was browsing through Jolse, a site that sells Kbeauty to order the skincare line. It was my first Kbeauty order ever, I became hooked with Kbeauty since then.

  2. What’s your first EVER Asian beauty product?

    I can't remember my first AB product but the Etude House AC Clinic line was the most memorable for me because it saved my skin. I feel nostalgic whenever I use the products again.

  3. What’s your ALL TIME favorite product (your holy grail?)

    My HG is the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion. There is a reason why the cushion is so popular and raved.

  4. What skincare routine has worked for you? How many products do you use on average?

    Skincare routines with light products work right for me as my skin is easily clogged and oily. I use a total of about 9 products. During the day I add in sunscreen, while at night I add a sheet mask step and extra moisturizer to hydrate my face all night. I like to keep it light during the day and sufficient during the night.

  5. Do you have any funny stories regarding an AB product you used?

    Funny stories? Probably when I encountered this one mask (I unfortunately forgot the brand's name) that smelt like trash/bad food/stinky foods and all bad things combined haha

  6. What are the current skin concerns you have that Asian beauty products have helped improve?

    AB is not just about using AB products but it is also about using the right products for your skin type and learn how to moisturize and hydrate sufficiently without overdoing it. From AB, I learned how to moisturize my face adequately and using particular products to combat a certain skin issue. eg. I use a Vitamin C based product to lighten my acne scars. If it wasn't for AB, I would've used a regular moisturizer to combat acne scars.

  7. What differences have you found between Asian VS. Western products?

    Do you use more Asian products for skincare and more Western for makeup?

    I find that AB products are cheaper. Despite the low prices, most of the products are well contained with good ingredients. I use most AB products for skincare, again because they are cheaper to purchase and with beneficial ingredients. For example, a $2 sheet mask can contain superb ingredient such as centella to soothe the skin. As for makeup, I still use AB items too. Ever since I gotten into Kbeauty, Kbeauty brands and items are all I can think about haha

  8. What is currently on your wish/try list for Asian beauty brands & products?

    I have many wishlist items since Kbeauty always comes out with new releases. I've wanted to try the Neogen peeling pads, Pony Effect, Son & Park Beauty Water and Cosrx products that I haven't tried.

  9. What Asian beauty brands do you own the most of?


  10. Do you have any favorite little tricks you do with your skincare or makeup?

    At some days when my acne are stubborn to heal, I use a clay mask as a spot treatment and apply it onto my spot areas and leave it overnight.

  11. Do you have any unusual products you’d like to suggest?

    I've seen products with spider/spider web ingredients in them. I never tried any and probably won't try because I am afraid if spiders might come to me haha but I wonder if they really work.

  12. Are there any other interesting details about yourself or shocking stories that you would like to share with the AB community?

    I have yet to visit South Korea! haha

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