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Amabie Beauty Blogger Feature: Palegreensnail

Name: Amanda

Age: 35

Skin Type: Combination

Country: USA

  1. How did you get into Asian beauty products? How long ago has it been?

    I was having issues with my skin breaking out and was trying out many new products at the time to try and make my skin behave. I found some Asian skincare products on Ebay in my search results and decided to try them. I have been hooked ever sense and was amazed at how they cleared my skin issues right up. I have been using Asian skincare and makeup products for about 3 years now.

  2. What's your first EVER Asian beauty product/your most memorable?

    One of the first things I ever bought was Etude House Baking Powder Face Wash. I was in love with the lemon soda scent and it literally cleared my skin issues up right away. I was amazed by how well it worked and how fast the results were. Hmm... the most memorable product I own is Tony Moly Panda's Dream So Cool Eyestick. The packaging is adorable! I am in love with how cute the packaging is. And I have had many people compliment me on how adorable this product is and wonder where I got it from since they have never seen it before in the stores around here.

  3. What's your ALL TIME favorite product (your holy grail?)

    Etude House Wonder Pore Toner. I have combination sensitive skin and this toner is the best toner I have ever used. I have an allergy to most USA toners I have used and was pretty much ready to give up on toners when I tried this product. I was amazed by how well it cleared up any extra oil I had and did not dry out my skin. It also did not burn or cause my skin to breakout. It cleared up my breakouts and is my go to toner. I am in love with this product.

  4. What skincare routine has worked for you?

    In the morning I use a light moisturizer before putting makeup on. Currently I have been using Holika Holika 3 Second Starter Collagen. I really like this product because it's light and gives my combination skin enough moisture without being too greasy and it makes a great basic primer that won't irritate sensitive skin. Then I usually apply BB Cream and other makeup products. In the summer I use a face mist during the day such as Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist.

    I use more products on my skin at night. Lately I have been using Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water to remove my makeup. Then I use Innisfree Volcanic Pore cleanser to wash my face, and Etude House Wonder Pore as my toner. Some nights I use a sleeping mask such as Secret Key Baby Pig Collagen Jelly Pack. I use a sleeping mask about 2 times a week.

    Other nights that I don't use a sleeping mask I will use a moisturizer before going to bed. The moisturizer I have been using lately is Skin Food Super Berry Multi Eye Cream. I use this cream on my entire face. I also use Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off about 2 times a month to get rid of any dry skin patches. I am also a fan of sheet masks and use those on average about 2 times a month. Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask is one of my favorites.

    Hydrogel masks are my favorite and I enjoy trying new and different ones all the time. I use a modeling mask about 1 time a month and my favorite modeling mask currently is Anskin Green Tea Modeling Mask.

  5. Do you have any funny stories regarding an AB product you used?

    Yes! I was sent Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo to test and review. In general I do not contour my face. I have very pale skin and tried this product out for a week. I watched You Tube videos to learn how to contour. This product was to dark for my skin and gave me an alien like appearance. It was fun to try for a week, and I had a few people ask me if I had a bruise or was hit in the face by something. Needless to say contour doesn't look good on me due to how pale I am.

  6. What are the current skin concerns you have that Asian beauty products have helped improve?

    Sensitive skin and breakouts due to having combination skin. I am oily in the T-zone and the rest of my skin is more normal. Oil control powders such as Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder have worked wonders to improve the oily T-Zone issue and also don't break my sensitive skin out.

  7. What differences have you found between Asian VS. Western products? Do you use more Asian products for skincare and more Western for makeup?

    When it comes to makeup I use Asian BB Cream, but most of my other makeup products are Western since they are easier for me to find since I live in the US. I do use some Asian lipsticks though and blushes, but the majority of my makeup products are Western since they are easier for me to purchase locally here. Asian BB Creams are much better and actually improve the texture and tone of your skin over time. Western BB Creams have less skin benefits and lower SPF in them and also tend to clog my pores and cause me to breakout. I am also very pale and Asian BB Creams match my skin tone better than the Western ones do.

    Asian face masks are also much better and more gentle on sensitive skin. There are some Western skin masks I do buy and love, but in general I like Asian face masks better and they work better on my skin. Western toners contain a large amount of alcohol and make my skin burn and breakout. Seriously, I have never found a Western skin toner than did not cause burning or a bad reaction. Asian toners do not contain alcohol and are gentler on the skin. I own several Asian toners and have had no issues with any of them burning or breaking out my sensitive skin. I like Asian skincare products better and they are gentler on my skin.

  8. What is currently on your wish/try list for Asian beauty brands & products?

    My current wishlist includes Etude House: Face Blur, Innisfree: White Tone Up Sleeping Mask, Innisfree: Orchid Eye Cream, Miss Hana: Bonjour Lip Gloss in PKOO4 or RDOO1.

  9. What Asian beauty brands do you own the most of?

    The brands I own the most of are Etude House, Skin Food, Innisfree, Holika Holika, Mizon and Secret Key. Those are my favorite Asian brands so far that I have tried. I own a variety of products from each brand including toner, moisturizers, sleeping masks, face wash, BB Cream, and serums.

  10. Do you have any favorite little tricks you do with your skincare or makeup?

    I have discovered that if you put your blush on before your foundation or BB Cream it gives your face a more natural glow.

  11. Do you have any peculiar/unusual products you'd like to suggest?

    I am a fan of snail products. Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Recovery Gel Cream is one of my holy grail products. It can be used as a spot treatment on breakouts and works wonders on them.

  12. Are there any other interesting details about yourself or shocking stories that you would like to share with the AB community?

    I am a long time fan of products and make many of my own bath products such as soap, bath soak, and salt scrub. I also make bug spray and body butter and sell some of my items on Etsy.

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