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Amabie Beauty Blogger Feature: SerendipitousJo

Name: Joann

Age: 27

Skin Type: Combination/Oily

Country: Canada

  1. How did you get into Asian beauty products? How long ago has it been?

    I originally got into Asian skincare because a friend from school recommended a few products for me to try. It just grew from there. I'm still rather new to the AB game. I've been using it for... maybe 3 to 4 years.

  2. What's your first EVER Asian beauty product/your most memorable?

    The first makeup product that I can remember was Sony Makemania lip gloss. I still... have it...

  3. What's your ALL TIME favorite product (your holy grail?)

    Right now, what stands out to me is the Papa Recipe honey mask. I love how my skin feels after.

  4. What skincare routine has worked for you? How many products on average do you use in the morning/ night?

    Still in the process of finding the best products for my skin care routine, so nothing yet.

  5. Do you have any funny stories regarding an AB product you used?

    Probably forgetting I just waxed my upper lip and applying a strong serum that burned. Oh the burn...

  6. What are the current skin concerns you have that Asian beauty products have helped improve?

    My oily skin so far has been pretty good. I found a really great setting powder that I've been using everyday. (Skinfood Peach Sake Powder)

  7. What differences have you found between Asian VS. Western products?

    Different ingredients. Makeup more suitable for my skintone. When it comes to makeup like foundation, I'll use Western products as I can try them in store and find a better match vs. ordering Asian makeup online and hoping for the best.

  8. What is currently on your wish/try list for Asian beauty brands & products?

    More COSRX, Manyo products and SKII, Sulwhasoo and The History of Whoo.

  9. What Asian beauty brands and products do you own the most of?

    I'm always trying different products, but at one point I owned a lot of Benton because I had purchased a huge skincare set from them.

  10. Are there any other interesting details about yourself or shocking stories that you would like to share with the AB community?

    I wrestled in Middle school. Under 100lb category and came 1st and 3rd. Forced early retirement though because I broke my ankle during a match. I was also on the Badminton Team in High School.

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