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Daiso JAPAN: The beauty junkie heaven

Daiso is one of the biggest dollar store chains in Japan (They have locations in the US too!). When you walk into the store, you are almost overwhelmed by all the plethora of Asian, specifically Japanese, products available in the store. From kitchenware to storage baskets to car accessories to Asian beauty products, you'll be amazed at what you can find at Daiso. These extremely affordable products could be as useful or as useless (but fun and interesting!) to your everyday life, but the shopping experience is definitely the fun part.

Japanese people love their dollar stores and have brought this culture to some parts of the US (mainly California). Usually the quality of products at Daiso is decent (come on, it's only a dollar!), and they can be easily repurchased if damaged. Of course, the Japanese beauty product section of Daiso is every Asian beauty junkie’s favorite. If you’re a beauty addict on a budget, this store is definitely for you! Even if you’re not, they offer very interesting and innovative products that are worth checking out. Some of the most purchased Asian beauty products at Daiso are beauty supply and skin care staples.

One of the most popular Asian beauty products is the cotton pads - a MUST for removing makeup and the regular skin care routine. An interesting method to use this cotton pad is to soak it in toner and lay it on your face like a sheet mask.

Many girls in Asia use this method as part of their skin care and beauty routine to nourish the skin on areas needed when they don’t feel like putting on a sheet mask. It works effectively as a quick remedy if you skin has redness caused by exposure of the sun.

Another popular Asian beauty product is the cosmetic-grade cotton swabs. Unlike the regular “American” cotton swabs, these Japanese cotton swabs are harder in texture, so they can remove makeup mistakes around your eyes precisely. They are also packaged individually for sanitary purposes, you can carry them around and use them for anything!

Not just correcting your makeup mistakes but also as a quickly eyeshadow or eyebrow blender if you’re seriously on the go and out of time.

On, we have a few Daiso beauty reviews by our lovely Amabie beauty bloggers that we’d like to share:

1) Daiso Dual-Purpose For Liquid Or Powder Foundation:
This is your everyday blending sponge. If you’re interested in trying an alternative to your beauty blender today, try this product! The texture is very similar to sponges that are used for the baking method. It’s great if you’re concerned about bacteria because after one use, you can throw it away and not feel guilty for spending a lot on a beauty sponge.

2) Daiso Brush Cleansing Detergent
Another favorite product by the beauty community is the Daiso brush cleansing detergent. This beauty brush cleanser is very useful for those of us who own a bunch of makeup brushes and want to keep them as clean and in crisp condition as possible (and avoid bacteria growth as much as possible). ERHM, a dollar brush cleansing detergent would do just as well ;)

3) Daiso Eyebrow coat
This eyebrow product helps your brow makeup to stay put throughout the day. If you hate when your oily skin prevents your eyebrow makeup from staying on your eyebrows (especially when you have no eyebrows and then you feel like you look like an alien without them!), or you want a cheaper option for products that set your makeup, this is definitely worth a try.

These are only SOME of the beauty products that have been popularized at Daiso. Of course, Daiso is constantly inventing new beauty products that sometimes become viral. The product below is the newest skin care serum from Daiso, so much quality for the money that you’re paying!

(Photo by hiromi621197@instagram、azukina0216@instagram)

These serums can be used more than just for skin care – they can also be used anywhere on your body: your hair, your skin, your eyebrow, and even your eyelashes! They are frequently out of stock in Japan and people are in love with the effects.

Royal Jelly Serum
(Photo by: daiso_official@instagram)

This line of serums first got attention with their best skin care item: the royal jelly serum. Its major claim is to have all the good ingredients from pure honey and is highly moisturizing. Japanese girls use it in their skin care routine and wash routine. They add it directly onto their face after washing and even add it to their shampoo or conditioner for that extra hydration they need. You could also add it to your face wash to prevent the dry patchy feeling after cleansing your face.

Three Extra Ingredient Collagen Whitening Serum (Pink)
(Photo by: sh__310@instagram)

The pink serum contains 3 types of collagen ingredients, which can help to repair the damages (lack of protein) on your skin or hair. Dry or damaged hair could benefit from this serum!

Three Extra Ingredient Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Sky Blue)
(Photo by: hisaking.0909@instagram)

The blue serum contains 3 different hyaluronic acids that help to moisturize and hydrate skin, especially those with dry skin.

Job’s Tears (Green)
(Photo by: moc38@instagram)

The green serum “Job’s Tears” is more specifically a skin care item. Its main purpose is to help with whitening the skin and and calming irritated skin or skin redness.

Horse Placenta (Blue)
(Photo by: s99erica@instagram)

The last serum, blue bottle, contains horse placenta (Ok, sounds a little bit scary) but it seems to work really well when it comes to repairing the skin!

Overall, Daiso is a wonderful place if you are up to trying fun and interesting beauty products (at a very cheap price). Sometimes you might find really weird and interesting things that you’ve never seen before. Maybe you’ll find a staple product that you could always repurchase!

Check out the Daiso Locations in the United States if you want to try cool Japanese products today!!

Translated from: Fashion Guide

Published on October 25, 2016