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ETUDE HOUSE – Every Girl’s Pink Princess Dream Come True

If you love Korean skin care, Korean makeup or just all Korean beauty products and want to pamper yourself with the most girly products, Etude House is for you. According to the Etude House Website, “ ‘Etude’ means the beautiful studies of Chopin in French.” With the company’s cute and sweet theme, they hope to bring beauty products that will make women feel beautiful and confident. They strive to create their beauty products based on three elements: Lovely, Trendy, and Playful. From makeup to skin care to nails, you can find everything at Etude House and step into the Princess World with us!

Currently, there are many skin care and makeup reviews on Etude House beauty products on Let’s start with the skin care basics: facial cleansers, sheet masks, facial lotions since we all know that glowing, healthy skin is the number one priority for our Korean Beauty enthusiasts.

Here’s a close up on each set of these adorable Korean beauty products…

Wonder Pore Freshner
This is a 7 in 1 skin care cleanser that deep cleans the pores. It has a special scent that soothes the skin while removing dirt and oil. Suitable for all skin types, but it is still advised for sensitive skin to do a patch test on the wrists before applying to the face.

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream
This skin care cleanser is more targeted for those who have uncontrollable oily / acne prone skin. Use this face wash if you want to exfoliate your skin as the baking powder ingredient is intended to cleanse your skin gently. For those who have dry or sensitive skin, it is not recommended to use too often as it might be too strong and drying.

I Need You Mask - Vita Complex
The "I Need You Mask" line has many different types (different ingredients for different benefits) available for specific skin concerns. This sheet mask is for those who want radiant skin! Be sure to check out all the other types we have on the site to see what ingredient works best for you!!

Other than skin care, Etude house provides some of the cutest makeup out there on the Korean Beauty Market.

Tint My Brows Gel
This eyebrow makeup is especially significant since it was a breakthrough for brow products. It is a gel that dries on your eyebrows and tints the color of your skin around it to provide a more full and complete looking set of brows. Apply it and shape your eyebrows the way you want it. Leave it on for at least 2 hours (or overnight if you want the tint color to soak in), and wake up with perfectly done eyebrows!

Dear My Wish Lips-Talk Lipstick
You cannot miss out this lipstick if you’re all about princess packaging. The pink bow in the middle is adorable. The makeup collection comes with a variety of colors such as pinks and corals that will bring out the Korean Beauty addict in you.

Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream
Etude House provide an array of BB cream and CC cream options. The most reviewed base make up product on Amabie is the mineral BB cream. This BB cream offers heavier coverage than the average BB cream and gives you a natural finish. This would be a product to consider if you’re new to BB cream as your base make up!

Etude House is constantly renewing their line to keep their fans. The celebrities of their brand are also famous Korean Pop Stars such as F(X) and SHiNee who showcase the results of their beauty products in the most effective way.

Etude House also collaborated with PONY the self-made, famous Korean makeup artist & blogger. (Click here to read more about PONY)

Some of the newest products offered at Etude House is a collaboration line with LOVFEE, a Taiwanese clothing brand. This is the first collaboration with a Taiwanese brand that Etude House has made.

For this Fall, Etude House took a new approach outside of their Princess related products and released their Pink Skull collection! Check out these Pink Skull / Sweet themed products!

  1. Dual Liptint for different finishes, comes in two colors
  2. Blushers, comes in two colors
  3. 9 Grid Eyeshadow palette, comes in two colors
  4. Smudge proof mascara, comes in three types
  5. Pink Skull Perfume
  6. Nail Polish sets, comes in 6 colors of different texture and finishes (glitter!!)

Hopefully this amazing pink black skull collection will be available outside of Taiwan for our Korean Makeup Enthusiasts! If you want to read all the reviews of Etude House products, click HERE. Let Etude House bring out the girly in you!

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Written by Taiwanese Beauty Addict Jobobo

Edited by Secret Korean Skincare Enthusiast KW

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