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Beauty News – New Innovative Korean Beauty Skin Care for Traveling: Name card Moisturizer Sprays!

This new Korean skincare product is designed for anyone who’s always on the go. This can be your secret weapon to keeping your face moisturized throughout the day.

Do you have the habit of using skin care moisturizing sprays to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day? Conventional skin care moisturizers are usually in a cylinder bottle so it’s very inconvenient to take around to places with you.

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One of the best rated Korean skin care brands from Korean skin care bloggers, SuiSkin, recently released a new skincare product that’s innovative and very practical. In this photo with the blue background, on the left side of the photo is a normal sized gift card, and the right, is the new skin care moisturizing spray bottle to show how flat and small it is! Not only does this skin care moisturizing product work well, but also, it smells really nice and comes in a variety of different scents such as apple, pear, and many other refreshing flavors. The scents will change throughout the day, how pleasant is that?!

This skin care moisturizing product comes with a variety of different functions. All of them have hydrating as the main purpose, followed by different functions such as soothing, “shining,” and protecting. Here, the “shining” means brighter skin.

The shining one, the yellow packaging, contains ingredients that usually “brightens” the skin, these signature skin care ingredients are vitamin C, D E. The purple packaging one which is the protectant one, is designed for those who have sensitive skin. It contains gentle skin care ingredients that generally do not irritate the skin. The green packaging one is for hydrating and soothing the skin, which is good for all skin types.

This is the side view of the bottle to show that it’s relatively thin and easy to carry around. Now you don’t need to worry about carrying a bulky skin care moisturizing product (when you probably have so many other products you need to carry for touchups!)

Recently a lot of Korean beauty Instagrammers have been promoting how much they love this skin care product! You will also notice that their skin looks dewy and has the classic Korean makeup look that has a beautiful glow to it. Keeping your skin moisturized is an important task and venture that every woman who’s into Asian beauty knows about. If your skin is not moisturized, it will be hard for your makeup to naturally fall into place. Treat your skin well by adding different moisturizing skin care products that fits the needs of your skin!

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