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THE FACESHOP x Kakao Talk Friends: Halloween Limited Edition

One of the most famous Korean beauty brands must be THE FACESHOP. Just from their slogan, we can tell that the Korean brand strives for natural ingredients that aim to make your face shine radiantly. They are one of the top producers of Korean makeup products and Korean skincare products! What makes THE FACESHOP stand out from other brands is that they frequently collaborate with Kakao Talk, which is the biggest chatting app in Korea, to include Kakao characters on their makeup and skincare products.

In order to keep things super fun and relevant, THE FACESHOP recently came out with a line of limited makeup and skin care line of Halloween themed products with Kakao Friends characters!!

Here’s a close up on each set of these adorable Korean beauty products…

  1. Single Eye Shadows
    The single eye shadows are very much your everyday, daily eye shadow colors. These makeup colors (shades of brown and pinks) are very suitable for the Fall.
  2. Watery Lip Tints
    A must have for your Korean makeup collection! Lip tints are the best if you want to have a natural healthy glow on your lips. They really enhance your natural lip color without making it look like you’ve actually put on any lip makeup.
  3. Single Sheet Masks
    Add a little bit of fun to your sheet mask routines! Each Kakao character, (dressed in Halloween costumes, how cute!), has a different type of sheet mask to provide different skin care benefits.
  4. Pumpkin Lip Balm
    Get in that halloween spirit with this Pumpkin Lip Balm! Perhaps it’s scented like pumpkin too? This lip balm is an even more natural (and possibly delicious?) lip product for you if you don’t want to use a lip tint.

  5. Pumpkin Hand Wash
    More pumpkin packaging! You can even save it for next year October and put your own products in there in the future! Definitely something to purchase if you want make the bathroom scene Halloween themed.

These Halloween beauty products have just been launched in Korea and so they’re currently only available in Korea. Hopefully they’ll be available outside of Korea for next year!

Let us take a look at some of the cutest beauty products from THE FACESHOP that are reviewed on Amabie!

  1. THE FACESHOP: Mono Pop Eyes 02 Lovely A. Peach
    A.Peach, is the name of a Kakao character, who is a peach. Can you imagine your daily Korean makeup routine getting so much better when you see cute packaging like this? The FACESHOP does make sure that the actual quality of the product matches with the cuteness of A.Peach.
  2. THE FACESHOP: Natural Sun ECO
    The character on this skin care product is called MUZI, who is a cute mischievous rabbit. Imagine yourself like Muzi with those shades, strolling in the sun protected by this sunscreen. It’s definitely a very important part of your Korean skin care routine to apply your sun protection products before foundation and other face makeup.

Other than cute products, THE FACESHOP has many staple lines in their brand that devotes to skincare with natural ingredients

  1. THE FACESHOP: Real Nature Masks
    These sheet masks are a top favorite. These sheet masks are a must to add to your daily Korean skin care routine. In South Korea, it is often a habit for women to use sheet masks everyday as a dominating part of their skincare routine. Using a sheet mask will not only hydrate your skin, but also, you can select specific “flavors” or ingredients that are suitable for your skin type. There’s always SOMETHING for everyone.
    Facial Toners is the basic skin care product that most females in Asia incorporate into their skin care routine. Contrary to the “American” impression of toners, which is more like an astringent that cleanses your skin, Asian/ Korean skin care toners are usually used to balance out the skin pH and pre hydrate your face before you apply any other facial skincare product. Again, toners are catered to different skin types: some are oil control for oily skin, some are hydrating for dry skin, etc.

If you are looking into expanding your Korean skincare / Korean makeup collection, THE FACESHOP provides a variety of products which are designed for different skin type needs.

Check out Amabie for skin care and makeup reviews on more of THE FACESHOP products!

Translated from: Fashion Guide

*All photos from THE FACESHOP

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