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The one and only PONY:
Self-Taught Blogger Korean Makeup Artist

PONY (Park Hye Min), is a Korean makeup review artist who rightfully earned herself the nickname “Magician Makeup Artist.” Pony was able to utilize social media and went from a Makeup blogger into an all-star Makeup Artist, who directly influences the trends of Korean Makeup today. Since her first appearance on CYWorld, a Korean blogger platform, she has accumulated 1.8 million global subscribers on YouTube, along with 2.6 million followers on Instagram. She also published four Makeup tutorial books, which have sold over 1.5 million copies over the world. Most astonishingly, she's appointed as the personal Makeup Artist for one of the biggest K-pop music 2NE1 leader, CL.

6 months ago, Pony released a Taylor-Swift makeup transformation video that took the Makeup community by storm. The video had 1.1 million views and brought Pony international recognition. Makeup enthusiasts from around the world are impressed with PONY's makeup skills and her video makeup style. Pony can transform flat looking features into accentuated features just with her magical makeup skills. After a few months from the Taylor Swift transformation video, Pony released yet another hit video where she transformed herself into the social media sensation Kylie Jenner. She proved herself to be outstanding in her makeup skills as she can replicate any skin tone, or any ethnicity - some people call her makeup “surgical".

Not only a Korean makeup artist, Pony is also a model, blogger, and a writer. In November 2015, she also became an entrepreneur as she released her own makeup brand “PONY EFFECT,” and became the center of attention when it comes to the beauty industry in Asia. PONY EFFECT products are 100% produced and formulated by PONY in Korea, making sure that consumers get the best out of their buck.

The mother company of PONY EFFECT, Memebox (me-me-box) stated that PONY EFFECT is special because the effect of the makeup is very buildable to the user's liking. The PONY EFFECT products all have a warm undertone, which is especially suitable for those with a warmer skin tone. The best part that comes with PONY is the price. The average price of a product is usually lower than that of European high-end brands, making it infinitely more attractive for makeup addicts, especially those obsessed with Korean makeup! Besides her own brand PONY EFFECT, Pony herself has collaborated with Memebox beforehand creating the Pony x Memebox line which is at an even more affordable price.

Memebox's brand philosophy is built upon the idea of “Make Your Scene” which encourages consumers to create their own style. PONY EFFECT adopts that philosophy and also came up with their four ideals: Self-expressing, seductive, experimental, and unique. The main featured products are: Everlasting cushion foundation, strobing luminizer, ultimate prep-primer, conceptual eyeshadow quads, and outfit velvet lipstick. All of these products carry PONY EFFECT's brand philosophy by being practical but also customizable.

Top 5 PONY x Memebox collection & PONY EFFECT

Pony Effect

Pony Effect Luminous Boosting M...

Reviews: 7


Pony Blossom Lipstick

Reviews: 4


Pony Nails

Reviews: 3

Ever lasting cushion foundation SPF 50+++ (5 colors)

This everlasting cushion is formulated to create a bright, translucent, luminizing finish. It's a compact witha lot of personality - the packaging is square rather than the usual round compact. The cushion itself is infused with micro nano material that doens't rub the skin and is hydrophillic - making the foundation long lasting. It is formulated with ingredients such as amino acid, daffodil extract, white rose, lotus, and various other plant concentrations. Making the product even more complete, it contains SPF 50+++ to make sure for maximum sun protection.






Ultimate prep-primer (3 types) 35g

These prep primers are designed for specific skin types to achieve the flawless look. From oily to dry skin, there's a primer that's for your skin type. There's no need to layer your makeup as this primer has a light, comfortable finish. Use it before your foundation routine to make your face glow in perfection!

Formulated for dry skin

Formulated for combination skin.

Formulated for oily skin

Strobing Luminizer 35ml

A must-have product to create a glowing finish
PONY EFFECT exclusively created this product which is the secret key to her fabulously glowing skin. This luminizer contains micro shimmer that could be used all over the face or on the high points for highlight effects. It gives a natural finish and absorbs quickly, while keeping your skin healthy and moisturized throughout the day.

Conceptual eyeshadow quads (6 colors)

The eyeshadow texture is smooth and has great color payoff. Use with a damp brush for bright color effects. Every palatte contains a combination of matte and shimmer colors to maximize the practicality of the colors. Formulated with mineral powder base, it stays on the eyelids and does not crease or smudge throughout the day.







Outfit velvet lipstick (10 colors) 3.5g NT$690

The Outfit Velvet lipstick has a smooth texture that provides a satin finish. The fomula is non-drying with infused amino acid and hydrating contents. It smooths the lipline and creates a seductive look. These could be mixed with foundation and be used as a blusher.











Limited PONEY EFFECT that girl Make Up Brush & Pouch Set
PONY EFFECT Makeup Bag + PONY EFFECT Powder brush+ PONY EFFECT precise eyeshadow brush刷+ PONY EFFECT Multi-use brush+ PONY EFFECT Eyeshadow brush.

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Published on October 19, 2016