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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

PONY x Memebox nail polish, this is not my first time using it I've had other colors I used before and thought they were great. 

I received this product from Amabie as an A-list gift, the color is a pale lavender color and I really like it. It's quite easy to apply it evenly, but the brush head is not really dense so if you don't like it you can pass. 

Good thing about the nail polish is that it doesn't have a invading smell, plus this nail polish dries very quickly!

Pony x Memebox Blossom Lipstick - The packaging is really nice, the white tube is plastic but doesn't make it look cheap 

In terms of the smell, it just smells like what a normal lipstick would have, I don't mind it but I don't like it, but when you apply it on your lips you can't really feel it. 

When applied on the lips it's smooth and nice, but I really think the product doesn't live up to its price.

The color I got is #4 blooming love, I don't think it suits me well it's too neon pink! 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. First of all I really dislike the smell of this product.. It smells like a bathroom refreshner. All "lemon" flavored products really smell like the bathroom. Also I was really worried that this product will contain microbeads but according to the ingredients it didn't. 

When actually applied on the face there are very thin bead-like substances though. I think that this product doens't do much to my face other than creating skin peels... but I do think there are other better exfoliating products out there!

This product was very popular because many people said it smells like Chanel's coco perfume. I'm surprised because it does smell really good. The foam is very normal, pretty easy to lather. The smell will also last until the next day. 

I never thought that I would like this prodcut!! I've been using it everyday since I've received it from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I also happen to get the tighetening one!! So happy!! The bottle itself doens't feel cheap and I also really like the smell. The essence is also not sticky but really thick! the skin can absorb it easily. Overall I really like it!

This face mask was given to me for free. I wasn't really expecting anything good from free things. First off the smell isn't good (it smells like fermented alcohol) and I really hate this smell. I also have sensitive skin so I'm scared to try it, and I eneded up using it on my legs haha. But I still feel this product doesn't offer any effec that's special. And the mask itself is very average and I just feel nothing special about it. Also the cut out of the mask is really weird, would not recommend this to anyone. 

Many people said this product is cheap and pretty worth it according to its value. So I bought it and tried it. One piece is around $1.15 which is an acceptable price. 

It fits on the face very well and it's super thin, so it doesn't have the issue where the sheet mask forms air bubbles in between the skin. My face was brightened but I don't know if it really brightened or whitened my face? 

This is a sheet mask that I'm really dedicated to use, I actually came to like it a lot and I bought another 25 sheets!!

When I bought this sheet mask, I thought it was really cheap so I just wanted to give it a try (it was about $1.15 per sheet, which is an accpetable price range for me).  

After I tried it I was so surprised! I love this sheet mask~ it fits on my face really nicely and my face is very moisturized afterwards. 

This is the first time that I became so diligent in using sheet masks haha and I bought 25 more sheets!! 

I have many blush products and I've always wanted a blush stick. But I never bought any blush sticks so I was really happy to receive this from Amabie. 

I tried the color on my hand and I love how the shimmer is very low-key. You could use it as a highlight and the shimmer is really really discrete but PRETTY!! 

It looks so natural on my face and I love it!!! I'll continue to use it and I really recommend it. 

Overall I didn't really like this product. 

The outer packaging is ok but the bottle itself is actually a pain in the butt to use since it's not a pump or an open bottle. I have to shake vigorously for the product to come out and it's just really tiring. Also I really don't like orange or tangerine scented products so this is not a product for me. But it does absorb pretty well by my skin. 

This product really surprised me! Since it's on the lower price range I thought it was going to be an O.K. night pack. But surprisingly it's really great! My skin absorbed the product really well and it's not a sticky consistency (which I'm afraid the most). 

It's also kind of like a gel so it's easy to spread on the face. The smell is also OK. 

I've been consistently using this product and I would use it on my hands and neck. I haven't had any sensitive reaction so far. 

When I first started to use sponges, I used ones that are gourd shaped. I've also tried beauty blender and other sponges before. But I can't afford ones that are too expensive so I would still chose products that are low in price but has high quality. 

This product is exactly that! It's very soft and it also collects & holds on to water really well. AND! the colors don't get stuck inside the sponge. Overall I think this is a good product to try. 

I bought the classic version of this product, and then I bought the two in one. 

Personally I feel like the bird nest one is suitable for winter because it's more nourishing for the hair. Since my hair gets oily easily, it's not a good product for summer. 

So I use the classic one during summer and I love the smell of this product. The smell actually lasts pretty long too. But the bird nest one doesn't have any smell. If you like products that don't have strong smell, the bird nest one would be better. 

I've never used nail polish from UNT before, but I do see their ads everywhere. One day I was browsing a blogger's post and saw that her nail colors are really pretty and I figured that the color was from UNT! So I bought 3 nail polishes. At first I expected the product to be a very mediocre nail polish but I was pleasantly surprised! It dried quickly and it's really easy to apply, overall it's great. 

The packaging of the Peripera Milk Blur is cute but not to the point that it looks like a toy. The texture is more runny than lotion, it really slides around on the hands. 

When applied on the face it looks pretty natural - as if your skin looks brightened and awakened!! But if your skin is in a bad condition I don't think it'll help you. 

Also if you have really oily skin this product is also not suitable for you, it will fight against the product and you'll just end up being a greaseball or even start to get flakey skin. 

Overall it's a product that's really good for the "no make up" look!

When I tried this liquid eyeliner on my hand it smudged off quite a bit. The color also wasn't really a deep black so it's not as good as I do. It says it's water proof but I literlly rubbed it off easily with my hands. So I guess it's also not oil-proof, if you have oily lids then nah it's not going to work for you. But the tip of the pen is really thin and skinny though! If you want to create super thin lines it's good. But I think it's not a good product to purchase, there're definitely better choices. 

I received this product from Amabie. My first reaction was Oh Okay! It's just a snail cream, but I am interested in snail products anyway. 

Since I have sensitive skin, I did some dry patch testing on my arms and neck for a night to see if I have any bad reactions. When I made sure it was OK I tried it on my face. This product is very gooey and sticky, almost like hot cheese. At first I was worried that it's going to be sticky but after spreading it out evenly on my face it actually wasn't! 

The scent is also OK, it just smells like a regular lotion. 

I really like the design of this mascara! The double sided mascara has a thin side and a normal size. So considerate for girls! I do have to apply a couple more coats than usual to make the look lengthened and full. Sometimes I'm really bad at applying mascara so I often get it on my lids (hahaha I think it's my own problem). I haven't had any smudging with this mascara so overall it's a great product. 

When this lipstick first came out I really thought it wasn't anything special. The design, the double color, everything was just OK for me. Also IOPE is not even that cheap either. I was finally convinced when I saw a Korean Make Artist's makeup tutorial. I feel like the design is actually improved and well thought out for ombre lips. But the outer layer of the lipstick is really like a lip balm, not a lot of coloration there. The inner color is really saturated though, and the lipstick is very moisturizing.

The color that I bought is pink and blue, I love the packaging so much! 

#1 is more like a lip balm which is a very light pink, but it looks very natural, it's a good base color if you want to do ombre lips. 

The smell of the lipstick is ok, I would really rather if it doesn't have any smell though. 

I love the overall design and it's definitely a good product to collect. 

This hair remover has always been one of my favorite products. It's very gentle. Overall it's a good product considering the price, but the container is so small and comes with little product Q.Q. The scent is also kind of weird, everything else is OK. It also comes with a sponge for rubbing the hair off. 

It removes hair pretty well but I guess there are other choices so I wouldn't repurchase after finishing this one. 

The packaging of this product is so beautiful!! It's a very nice rose gold color.  Sometimes lipstick covers get loose over time but this one stayed intact ! 

The color that I bought is #4, this one is pretty moisturizing and silky to apply. 

But if your lips are dry it will still look patchy so I usually use a lip balm before applying. The color of the lipstick is beautiful, so worth it for the price!

I'm really surprised how well this eyeliner gel pencil worked! 

The color that I got is pure black. I used this once and I was out and about for the whole day until 9 PM and my makeup didn't smudge at all. Plus it was a really hot day I was sweating all the time. My eyelids tend to get oily as well but it didn't smudge or anything so I think this is a really great product!

When I first opened the package I really didn't like the smell, it smells very artificial? 

But I do like the material of the sheet mask itself~ It's made out of silk 

It's fits on the face very well and the sheet mask is large in size. I like how the sheet mask works really well! 

I really don't like this BB Cushion XDD haha 

After applying my face does look brightened but I don't like the finish of the makeup 

It looks really puffy on my face and it's just not incorporated into my whole look. 

I removed it right away and I wouldn't have purchased it if it wasn't for the Rilakkuma packaging. I feel like the weather in Taiwan is not really suitable for cushion products. I've already given up especially in this summer time. The one that I bought is 21 which is the most pale color. The coverage is OK. 

I bought A'Pieu collaboration products twice, I bought their blush products. 

I really like the packaging it's so cute!! At first I thought the print on the packaging is just flat but I noticed it's actually a little bit 3D! I was so surprised. 

Color wise I bought the purple and the pink, the colors are O.K and relatively saturated. 

But the down side is that it kind of conflicts with my base makeup. So I really need to adjust my base makeup if I were to use this. 

This makeup eyeliner gel is very popular. It first came out by different product lines in a boxes that are designed with different themes. 

The "rose" series I think suits well for people who like reds and browns. Compared to the "chocolate" series, this one has more shimmer in it. 

Overall I think this eyeliner gel pencil is worth it to purchase, because there are many color selections and it's also not expensive. 

However, if you have oily eyelids I think this product wouldn' work well for you. It IS waterproof though, and it's always a smooth application. 

But for some reason, after using it for a while it will start to crumble up a litte bit which doesn't look as nice. 

Although Innis Free is known for only using natural ingredients... I actually think that their stuff isn't that natural at all. If you've used this capsule mask before you'll know that the smell is pretty artificial. But yeah they have a couple of products that are good like their eye creams. 

This wash off mask contains honey and canola flower extract which is mainly for moisturizing the skin. It's quite thick in texture and it feels a little bit sticky too. But since this one is for moisturizing and repairing the skin, I don't mind the stickiness. 

The scent of the product is also acceptable, but when I applied it on my skin, for some reason I felt a warm sensation. After wash it off my skin feels great!

This product is green to counter balance the redness on the skin. 

I used it before and thought that it was not bad but if I use it on the sides of my nose it gets kind of streaky and weird. And the effect is not as good as the stick form. But it's better because it's more moisturizing and doens't dry out the skin. 

Speaking frm a price stand point I don't think this product is a good one. 

If I really need a product like this I believe there are better choices out there!

For the price of this product, I think it's so worth it. 

Since it's so cheap I use the product generously to clean my brushes. The bottle itself is very hard so I have to press it hard before any product comes out or I have to shake it rigorously. 

This brush cleanser cleans the product really nicely! It only costs $1.45 so I think it's great! I also just pour the product into another empty cotainer and I just dip my brushes inside to clean it. 

This perfume was so popular a while ago so I bought the 150ML one myself on G market.  When I got the package I thought it was really pretty and I got the Sakura peach scent (which was the safest to get). The perfume is very peachy, if your room smells like food after you eat you can spray it to tone down the smell. 

I feel like as a perfume it doens't last that well as the smell dissipates really quickly. But you can use it for so many other purposes so I like that! 

The VDL lipsticks were so popular !! There are three colors and I got one for myself. I feel like this is the orginator of ombre lips. The color I got is #3 Orange. I really love this color. If you want to make it seem like you don't have a lip product on, this is the product to go for. But I feel like the outer most color is a little bit too pale and it might look weird so you might want to blend it a little bit to make it more natural. If you want to enhance the orange portion you can use the orange part to make the color stronger!

Speaking of snail products, I always think about this brand's snail sheet mask and snail face cream. I got the lotion and sheet mask for myself. 

This snail lotion has two types to chose from, one is moisturizing and another is refreshing. I bought both of them, so I can use them interchangeably. 

The refreshing one is definitely less heavy than the moisturizing one, but it's not like it doesn't do the job! I've been using it for a while and I think it's nnot bad! It makes the skin hydrated and absorbs very quickly, plus the bottle itself looks fancy. 

This product came along with the Dr. Jou face mask~~ Originally I thought since I don't have a lot of acne I probably wouldn't need it. But all of a sudden I started getting pimples and acne on my forehead, so sad. So glad that I had this product around my acne was better when I applied it. It also had a cooling sensation to make it more comfortable. Also I get acne on the back of my neck sometimes so I use it to deflame the area. This product really happened to be the savior of my day when I have sudden pimples. 

I bought this product after it was recommended by a beauty blogger. 

First of all I think the packaging is really troublesome because I have to untwist the cap all the time T.T I'm always in a rush and this twisting action really throws me off, and when I finish I have to twist it tight with my dirty hands. I'm so emotionally tired after using this product for a while. 

In terms of the actual usage, I think it IS very moisturizing. Especially when the weather is super hot it kind of melts away that's when it's most moisturizing (hahaha). If you are applying this for your undereye, it's best not to layer all three colors because they become patchy and don't stick to the skin well.. what a disaster. SO! Only chose one color when you want to cover up your flaws. 

This product might be THE product for someone else, but for me it's totally not my product. 

This product is used for oil-control, so it is really drying. Especially my forehead - it tends to be oily on the outside but dehydrated on the inside, so when I used this product it seems like my face was a desert. Super. Dry. It even started to peel.  I would rather have skin that's kind of oily instead of skin that looks completely dry and dead. Thus this product is not suitable for my skin type, I haven't used it in so long. 

I bought this product on a whim. I saw a Korean blogger use it and thought OMG it conceals so well!! 

I ordered my product through Gmarket Korea, I was silly because it had two colors to chose from, and I chose the lighter one (I didn't know I 

should chose a shade darker). So I ended up using this product as a highlighter / mixing it together with other concealers. 

The packaging is not bad~ quality is alright. 

When I first used it, its very moisturizing but conceals very well! It's just suitable for dry skin and oily skin, it's also super cheap!

First of all, I think the packaging looks great! Especially because I love blue. I give it a 9.9/10 for design!! This ombre color is so pretty I feel like everyone would like it. 

Then it comes to really using the product, I used in on my hands first and felt like it's not as heavy / oily as other essences. But the water-y texture is great because it's very weightless. It absorbs and blends really well. 

Moisturizing wise I think it's just alright, overall a great product though. This could be used as a before-makeu-up product because it's not oily and it does the skincare job well. 

This is a tester product from ETUDE HOUSE, to be honest I am totally amazed!! I really like CC cream products, regardless of compact CC or just regular CC I always use CC as my base makeup. I just feel like CC is better than anything because it doesn't feel heavy or cakey. 

Also I tried the VDL liquid foundation recently which broke my heart. So I decided then I have to use CC for my foundation. So this time when I got the tester I was like whatever I'll just try it. 

When I first applied it I was really surprised because I thought it was BB cream but it's actually liquid foundation!! It matches my skin so well!! 

My forehead also tends to get dry, and it didn't peel or anything!! The makeup isn't heavy too! Also conceals so well! 

I will probably get the the full sized soon!!

When I was using this eyemask, I was like, OK I'll just use it 

Upon opening the package it seems O.K, average. 

When I applied it however it was a lot better than what I was expecting. I feel like there could be more essence though, the mask itself was too drying. 

After 10 minutes though I started feeling kind of strange because it was stingy and itchy so I removed it immediately. I don't know if it's my sensitive skin or it's just like this but I got a little bit nervous!! 

This product was very popular for a while because of PONY, I was so hestitate because I wanted to buy the product for PONY, Whew thankfully I didn't buy it. 

I'm so happy to receive this prodcut from Amabie because I really wanted it. The box itself is super beautiful and high quality. The eyeshadow I got was gold! 

These colors are super practical but all four of them are shimmer! So if you don't like shimmer colors this product might not be for you. 

Also if you want to use this product to highlight your eyes this one is the choice. Color pay-off wise I think it's mediocre, some of the shimmer is too rough so it's just alright for me. 

Overall the quality of the power is not bad, not too soft or hard, just right!

I got this product from the AHC eyecream set, it's the twin product of the essence from this brand. First, the packaing is very cute, makes me very happy as it's special.  Then comes what's in the actual sheetmask, it has a lot of essence it in! You can squeeze the package to feel how much essence is packed in here. After I opened it though it wasn't as nice as I expected, it's all crumbled together. But it's still acceptable, afterall it is a extra gift. 

This product doens't irritate my sensitive skin, so it's like a "whew!" for me~ It also seems like there's not a lot of crazy ingredients, it's really similar to the essence from the same brand. 

I bought this after reading other bloggers recommendations, so great~~~ It’s great and cheap. There are 7 sides but I only use five because the other two smells weird. It’s as soft as a makeup sponge, very bouncy. The only downside is it has a strong plastic smell, if you don’t want to purchase expensive beauty blenders you can use this one. Loving it so far!!!

I bought 4 during discount, after I tried two of them I regretted that I bought that much~~~~ It’s not that useful or surprising, I don’t like the smell, smells like fake canola + honey. It is pretty nourishing, if you don’t mind the smell this would be a good choice.~ I would not buy this again because smell is an important factor to me. 

I was so disappointed at this product ;-( I bought it under other people’s recommendation but I’m so disappointed! It does have an apple scent but it’s not cleansing enough and there’s nothing special about it. Good thing is it’s not expensive, this brand has several upsetting products. I’m not sure why many people love this cleanser. ..

I bought this because Taeyeon was the endorser at that time! Love the color, it looks just like the picture in the advertisement, love the orange brown base color! The other two colors are just ok, the pink color is great but the color does not pop… It does make my eyes look shimmery though. The texture is great the color is just not saturated enough~

I bought this because it was great when I tried it at the spot, but then I seldom use it, I remember it costs about 600 at that time. Now when I think about it, I have so many eye shadows already why did I buy more? It’s a useful eye shadow but it’s pretty normal. The texture is ok, but the color is not that saturated, and the brush that comes with it is not that good to use~  That’s why I’m kinda disappointed, I can get better products with this price. 

I always use darker eyebrow powder before I bought this one, so I sometimes have super dark thick eyebrows! This is so great! It has two shades, I bought the lighter brown shade. There're not alot of light color eyebrow powders out there, luckily this brand has it!!!! The texture is very silky! The color is saturated and it's easy to control~~~~ I love this color!!! Great for newbies!

I own several concealers, but so far none of them is my favorite. This one has been a trend in the community so I bought it to cover my dark circles. At little tip is when the shade is too white it’s actually harder to cover dark circles! I learn to use darker shades! It has a cushion head, the concealer will come out by pressing it, it’s easy to control the amount! I used to have a similar one and the liquid just floods everywhere. I think the texture is moisturizing! Easy to blend! Easy to use! Loving it now. 

This eyeliner is very famous, they have all kind of series and they all give different makeup style. The Chocolate series is great for people who does not like glitters~ They have one pen that helps to cover dull skin on the side of my lips, sometimes I use it on my brows when I want a sharper style, just like highlighting! Some people will use it to correct imperfect eyelines! I think this is a great gel eyeliner! Multiple choices and cheap! It's not oil-proof but definitly water-proof!

I got it from my friend, love the cute package design! But unfortunately the texture is not that great. The glitter flakes are very huge ;-( and the powder flies everywhere. If you're looking for a great eyeshadow pallete I would not recommend this one, it's not cheap too. But if you really love the brand it can be a decorative display~

I decided to buy the full size product after I tried the tester. It's very hard for girls during period and especially during summer, super uncomfortable. Thats why I use this cleanser regularly but not everyday! It makes me feel refreshed and comfortable! I highly recommend it, even though it's not cheap ;-)

I first saw this product when a Korean blogger was using it, and I bought it immediately!! 

The color is so great! And the duo color makes it really convenient to use, plus it's not pricey at all. 

I bought two of them (four colors in total), one is more burgundy color and one is more orange so I can do a lot of variations with it.

Also the color pay off is really good! Seriously! And the shadow is compressed nicely so it's easier to load on the brush, but it does flake a little bit because of the shimmer. 

But the color pay off and color is super worth it for the price! Definitely recommend. 

This is their hot sale product, I only use it once every two weeks! I think it gets uncomfortable when I wait for too long because it gets really dry so I will wash it off when it's almost dry! Sometimes the texture will get dry so you might need to add water in it to apply! It's pretty cleansing! You can use it with blemish cleansers. 

I'm using the summer limited edition, it's silky smooth, easy to use and gives great color pay off! The lines are clear and bold also it's long lasting! I have oily eyelids and it does not smudge! 

I do not like the scent, it's too strong so if you also don't like lipsticks that has a strong scent you can ignore this one! The color is great, natural and nourishing! But I can't with the smell so I give it 3 hearts. 

I bought the shade #2. It's a must have! It's like a cheaper version of YSL. YSL is too expensive for me so I bought this lipstick which is really close. When I put on the first layer it's an orange red color, second layer it became more red! I love it, it can be natural or more bold ! The color makes my skin look more white! Also the color is long lasting too! You should think about buying it! 

This is my favourite gel eyeliner, it's super anti smudge. I love the red brown color it's so beautiful. My friends also love their eyeliners! It's cheap and great to use. The only downside is it gets lumpy sometimes ;(

This CC cream is super super useful, they used to be famous then cooled down. After I tried it I'm completely in love! It auto corrects my skin tone so I won't look too pale or yellow and the texture is light and clear. It does not dry out my skin so I think it's great! 

This product has been so popular and out of stock for so long! So I finally got my hands around it. 

I was so excited to use this product and this product did not disappoint me at all. It sets my makeup very well and my face didn't feel sticky or anything like that. Also this product is truly colorless. Just note that it doens't color correct or hide your pores, it's purely for setting your makeup. 

But the price is very affordable considering how big the product is!

I really need a oil blotting compact powder especially during summer, or I'll just get very oily and all my makeup will smudge. If the texture is not delicate enough it will not blend well on my skin, so I think this one is good. But the opening is too small so its hard to apply the powder on the puff. 

This is my first product from Mamonde, it's a BB cream cushion foundation. I used always purchase CC cream based foundation because I'm used to clear light primers. The reason why I bought this is because of it's beautiful container design lol. BB cream based foundation gives more coverage than CC cream foundations but at the same time it makes me look cake, but based on the coverage and durability I'm pretty satisfied. The texture is not too dry but also not nourishing, also it does not give me a dewy look. 

I love this mascara, I like mascaras that does not smudge and the brush has to be really thin. This one fits all my needs, easy to use and does not smudge. It also makes my lashes curly! 

If you have trouble using regular mascara on your lower eyelash, you can try this one. If your eyelashes are more droopy don't use the brown color or it'll look very ugly;( I think it's great to use and very easy for me when I apply my lower lashes. 

I'm a fan of this product, I got 2-3 different colors. The best thing about this is it does not have that stinky chemical smell that usual hair dye has. The color payoff is great and easy to use, also it's affordable. If you want to dye your hair you should try this! 

This is an early cc cream from VDL, when I first bought it I was in love, it's not greasy and fits all my needs. The texture is not sticky at all. But I'm not sure if my skin condition is getting bad or maybe it's the weather, I start to feel this cc cream is too dry for me so now I seldon use it;(

I bought it because of the trend, I wasn't expecting anything amazing but I was surprised. The texture is so silky and the highlighting is great for me. It's also moisturizing for my skin type, some people might find it too oily. Great to use during summer, especially winter. 

My lashes are soft so even if I clip and curl them they will become droopy very soon. But this eyelash curler is so useful, my lashes will stay nice and curly for the whole dau. It's easy to use and I seldom clip my eyelids (only once when I wasn't paying attention) It made of plastic so I was worried it might break easily but so far it's still intact!

This is an anti-aging serum, even though I don't have the urgent need for anti-aging products but I have the habit on applying serums. When I received the tester, I thought it was great, not greasy and absorbs very well. It's now in my makeup bag, I'll use it whenever I put on before. The serum is not greasy so it doesn't mess up my base makeup.

This oil free gel cream is my favorite, I don't like creams that are greasy so this one is great. I use it day and night, I'll use this with some CC cream and it gives me a nice base makeup. It's great to use during summer or winter if you have oily skin, I highly recommended their products. 

I highly recommend primera's products, I really love the brand, their products uses natural and mild ingredients which is great for sensitive skin. Their moisturizing cream has been one of their star product, they also have an oil-free cream which I use too. This moisturizing cream is not greasy at all, it hydrates my skin and I love it! 

Lately this eye cream is getting really famous, it's the forth generation. The texture does not feel like eye cream to me, it feels like a more refreshing face cream, this can also be used on the face. I use it on my face and neck, it's not expensive so I just use it for my whole face lol. If you're looking for a cream especially for your eyes, I would not recommend this one because it's not very absorbing and sticky which I don't like. It's pretty cheap so you can use it on your face and neck.

This is the first full size eye cream I ever bought, I usually only use tester size products from other brands. I heard that this can also help grow eye lashes so I bought it. The cream is nourishing! Absorbing and not greasy! Also didn't give me skin lumps so I think it's great! It's not cheap but worth every penny. And I really think my lashes became longer and thicker

I've heard alot of good recommendations about this lipbalm(Bad ones too) but I had too much lipbalms so I didn't purchase it. Then they came out with a Marie the cat limited edition so I bought 4! I'm not too fond of the scent, but I'm fine with it. I think it's just ok, if you have super dry lips this might be not nourishing enough. 

I highly recommend this lip mask, it's very well designed and nourishing, the price is not cheap but a little goes a long way! It smells like berries but not too strong. The texture is kind of oily because it's nourishing. It has a scoop but I seldom use it, I'll just use my fingers. If you have super dry lips, this is a good choice

If you're a Doraemon fan you should definitely take a look at this one>▽< I bought it because it was so cute and cheap. The puff is delicate and cute, but I don't like the scent, it is too strong. Don't press too hard or your face will become too red. The price is cheap, so if you're looking for a cheap and nice blush this will be a great choice. It gives great color payoff!

The #9 is a pink purple shade which works well for me, I love pink color thats why I picked this one. It's also great to draw ombre lips with it. It's not dry at all!!! Very moisturizing, and gives great color payoff. It's not very long lasting, it wears off when I eat or drink.... 

I was obsessed with color correct products, this one has been out for a while and I read some recommendations so I bought it. WOW! It's not cheap at all, good that I got a extra mini bottle as a combo. It has three colors inside the bottle : Lavender, green and peach, the green color might cover the other colors so I mostly use it to cover redness on my skin. The texture is pretty nourishing but not oily, it really color corrects my skin! It's really expensive so I only use a little at a time! 

I didn't read any reviews when I bought this, cushion blusher is becoming a trend and it's so cute so I bought it with no hesitation. The texture is pretty moisturizing and gives good color payoff. Sad thing is it's not long lasting enough.

This is the most moisturizing face mask from Korea. It's usually sold out during with so I immediatly bought some now. Even though the package design does not look very high class but it's cheap and it's really moisturizing. I give it four hearts.

Two years ago, face wash machine became a trend, auto and manual ones. That why I also have one and it's quite expensive. So this is a 4D spinning face wash machine which I don't really understand lol. The brush is soft and the speed is not too aggressive. I suggest only use these deep cleansing machine 1-2 times a week for your skin will become really fragile. I love it, the design is great too! 

I bought it because the bottle is so cute, I wasn't expecting it to be amazing because I just bought it for it's design,but surprisingly it has a nice wine scent!!I got the shade PK01 which is a baby pink, I love the color and texture is easy to blend. And it's long lasting! But then I have to pay more attention when I remove my makeup^_^

I bought both the limited edition and the normal vershion of this cc cream cushion foudnation. I'm super obsessed with cc creams, so I usually pick the air cushion foundation that contains cc cream. This cushion from OHUI is so far the best I had, it gives my skin a nice dewy glow and it's moisturizing~~~ But Taiwan's humid hot weather during summer is not very friendly to air cushion products. I'll usually apply a layer of cc cream then apply air cushion foundation.

Almost every korean girl or blogger has a few of these mono eye shadow^▽^. I bought two of them during discount, one is a glitter orange and the other is a natural base color shadow. The texture is fine and silky. I'm satisfied with the color payoff, the glitter orange color is amazing, I love it! You should buy 1 or 2 to try if you're interested. 

I'm so amazed by this night lipbalm. It's scentless and tasteless which I love, I apply a thin layer before sleep, it gives me protection. Don't apply too much or you'll have to wash it off the next morning! I've already finished one bottle and I bought a bunch more. I recommmended it to my friend and she loved it. 

This two tone lip bar has been famous since last year, many people recommended #2 so I tried it myself but I don't think it's for me;( I'm not very used to red hot lips, it makes me look like a Geisha ;(..... The texture is pretty moisturizing and gives great color payoff! It's great for ombre lip style too. It's not very long lasting, it wears off when I drink water. 

I tried the tester first to make sure I like it, then buy the full size product. I love primera's products, their products does not contain to much additives. I have sensitive skin so I'm very careful with skincare products or I might get bad reactions. This essence moisturizes my skin and it absorbs very well. It's like a toner essence, I higly recommend it!!!!!

This lipstick became really famous because it appeared in Korean drama and it's special "Dry flower" shades, I'm obsessed with the lipstick myself, I bought about 2-3 of their products. The shade of this lipstick I got is #16, it blends with my lips naturally, looks just like my natural lip color!! The downside is the texture is really dry, my lip wrinkles will be very obvious if I don't apply lipbalm. I love this lipstick, it's cheap and gives great color! When I tried the color on my hand it's more red, but it looks orange on my lips , I'm satisfied with it!!^▽^

Sabon's scrub products has been recommended alot but I'm more in love with their body wash, some of their body wash contains very thin fine glitter that gives my skin a nice skin, they smell really nice too. Great for people with drier skin or during winter because it's moisturizing. 

This compact powder came out after their compact foundation, the foundation was too hot sale so they came out with the compact powder. I bought the compact powder first then the compact foundation afterwards. I think the powder is fine and it does not make me look cakey, gives me a more natural look. And it's super cheap!!! The downside is there're glue residue stuck on the compact when I peel the protection seal, it's so ugly....... its just ugly. 

This powder pact is prettty famous, it's oftenly used in many makeup videos so I want to recommend this. It is super cheap and I'm kind of a fan so I bought it ^▽^

It has three shades, I bought the black one. The texture is super fine, it does not make me look pale or super bright, the powder covers my pores perfectly. The black one give the best coverage. The puff is super soft and useful! I think this is really worthed. 

I'm using shade #17, I think it's a nice sweet color, a natural peach pink. You can pair this with other lipsticks to make a nice elegant lip color. Ombre lip style is fine too but it's better to cover your lip color first. The only downside is when your lips are in a bad condition, it's hard to apply the color evenly. The picture is me using this lipgloss with other lipsticks, I think it's elegant haha. 

This is the most red color lipgloss I've use so far, I think it's nourishing and gives good color payoff. I can spread the color evenly so it's great to draw ombre lips which this. The downside is the twist design, sometimes I accidentally twist out too much gloss then it'll go to waste. Remember to clean it with a tissue after using it or it'll get really dirty. Overall I think it's great!!!!

This makeup remover is super famous, it has several different kinds but the pink one is the most famous bottle. I bought this two times, at first I was just curious because I wanted to know how great it was. After using it I thought it! was! so! AMAZING! Based on it's price and what it does, it's totally worthed. Since this is more like a cream gel texture it's not oily and easy to wash off. The other great thing is this makeup remover is mild and does not irritate or dry out my skin, great for people who doesn't like oil based makeup removers. 

This is Aritaum's star product! It has been their star product since 2013, I know it's not that well known overseas but I bought it three times!Three times!Three times! At first they only have the 120ml size which I thought it was too small but then it was so great so I had to purchase it again. Then they came out with a 250ml size which made me even happier. I give this ★★★★★ 5 stars ! It's so cleansing, I've used 4 different kinds of eye lip makeup remover and this is the best one. It's so cleansing but does not irritate my skin. If you buy it during promotion it'll be even more cheap~~~~ The picture is my removing my lip makeup, it's really clean. 

I highly recommend this eye primer, If you have problem with eyelid creases or bad color payoff or the eyeshadow powder flies everywhere, this will be the product for you. I first noticed alot of my friends from China highly recommended this and I love to put on eyeshadow makeup so I bought it. I think the price is acceptable and this primer is great  ^▽^ 

After using this primer, my creases are gone with great color payoff~~ I'm not sure whether this fits for people with more oily eyelids. Just purchase this!! Great for people who loves to wear eyeshadows. 

I highly recommend this eyebrow tint for newbies or people who have a hard time managing eyebrow makeup. I've used 4 different kinds of eyebrow tints and this is my favorite one, I love that it gives great color payoff and easy to use. Picture 1 is the result from using the eyebrow tint and pencil, even my friends thought this was great~(^エ^b) The second picture is me using other brands(VDL) . I highly recommend this product! It's cheap during discount and very worthed. 

I bought this under my friends recommendation, he said this face wash powder helped to reduce his blackheads. I have sensitive skin and my T area gets oily easily. When I first got this face wash powder I only used it on my T area and nose which was useful. Then I decided to use it on my whole face but then it dried out my skin... The skin around my lips even started to peel. I can't say this is not useful, it's great for people with oil skin, for me it's only great for my T area, so I'm just going to use this on my T area ^ゝ^

I bought the #1 shade. I was on the fence at first because I have so much eyeshadow palettes at home, but then I saw that it was on discount and bloggers recommended this so I eventually bought it. I thought it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It gives great color payoff as my picture shows ! Just be careful with the wine color you don't want to use too much of that~~ The shades are mostly thin and does not go everywhere, unfortunately some glitter ones gets messy easily, like the one with the crying face. So I have to tap some shade on the back of my hand before I apply it on my eyes. Overall I think this is a great product! And it only costs 200NT, 200NT for four colors! 

The reason why I bought this is because I don't have a light shaded eyebrow pencil ,and after I read some reviews about this one and luckily it was on discount so I bought it! It's a hexagonal shaped pencil which I thought was really cool when I saw the picture online. But after I got the pencil, the hexagonal shape wasn't that obvious and I don't really know how to use the sharpener. I think the color is fine, the first picture is look when I put it on. I give it four hearts because it's cheap, fine to use and gives good color payoff. 



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