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Here's my first entry for my #deefirstimpressions : Korea specials! 

Etude House Oremong One Shot Morning Gel Cleanser

What it is 

The weakly acidic (pH 5.5) facial cleanser for morning use makes skin feel moisturized and smooth by removing impurities and oil from skin and by filling skin with vitamin moisture.


1. Morning cleanser with subacidity formula's mild and meticulous cleansing power.

2. Gel type cleanser gently rolls onto skin without irritaion, and it keeps the moisture on skin to optimized makeup result.

3. O-LE-MONG content with full of Vitamin wakes up the skin. 

How to use

1. Apply an appropriate amount on the entire face in a gentle circular motion.

2. Ok for either wet or dry skin.

3. Gently massage your face.

4. Then, wash it off completely with lukewarm water.



👍🏼scent is really nice - If you love citrus scents, you will like smelling this cleanser. It's not super citrusy that irritates your nose.

👍🏼During application, it is a bit oily but not sticky and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturized

👍🏼Easy to use once you figured out what it is 

Tip: If unsure about an item, Google it first!

👎🏼Formula is too gel-ish for me. I can feel that it does clean my face but I like it more when it's a little foamy. This one not foamy at all.

👎🏼Sample size is good for 1 usage. I've used samples from other companies before that contain more which allows you to use the product at least twice. This way, you can assess the product more. Sometimes, we feel shy to ask for samples but keep in mind that this is your skin we're talking about. You don't wanna buy a full size if you are not sure about the chemistry of your skin with the product

👎🏼My major dislike is the packaging. Don't get me wrong! The colors are cute but the sachet is around 90% in Korean. I understand that the samples are from Korea but I think they need to consider other consumers who cannot read Korean words. Put a translation or at least throw some pictures showing how to use it.

Snoe's Shoo-Zit Don't Bother Me Spot On Spot Off Daily Maintenance Acne Fading Gel

One of the things I am so excited to talk about this product is the packaging. I've only used Snoe for a couple of days and I have been an immediate fan of their packaging. I love how Snoe made this look so vintage. The colors reminded me of the classy 60's or 70's era. Spot on!

I bought this product to hopefully get rid of my breakouts. This is from their shoo-zit line which offers a bunch of products for treating and preventing acne. All of them comes on very cute, classy and unique packaging.

It was a 👍🏼 for me that the gel is dispersed via a soft pump because it is easier to control the amount of product to use. The gel is very clear, kind of sticky but not a thick formula. It is easy to spread and massage onto your skin. Your fingers may feel a little sticky after applying it but it is easily washed off. Also, it has a subtle floral scent which I like since I am a sucker for flowers.

Acne treatments usually comes in small bottles or tubes but this plastic bottle holds 50ml and costs P399 which to me, is a pretty decent price.

For my first impressions, this is a 👍🏼👍🏼 for me forpackaging, texture and price! I will have to use this for the next couple of weeks like their eau lala peeling gel to test their claims. 


Snoe's Eau LaLa Magical Peeling Liquid Gel
Eau Lala Magical Peeling Liquid Gel visibly rolls, lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged onto skin. Multi-fruit acids and cellulose effectively peel and help uncover a smooth, fresh, new complexion without drying, irritating or causing undue stress on skin.

Let me begin by giving a 👍🏼 for a very appealing and uniquepackaging. Love the color combo and the details you'll see on the actual packing. The cap is really cute, it is very handy. I just wish the bottle could be softer and easier to squeeze. It takes me a while to get a decent amount because the bottle is a little hard to squeeze.

The front of the bottle would display the product name, informs consumers that it has Chia seeds, which contains high concentrations of alpha linolenic acid that helps in effective skin moisturization and promotes skin elasticity, and it also has Prunes which are strong antioxidant superfood that is rich in hydroxycinnamic acids and anthocyanins that protect the body against free radicals.  It also adds suppleness to the skin because of its anti-aging and moisturizing benefitsand at the bottom part, you'll notice the words "Anti-fatigue. Hydrating. Fades discolorations. Antioxidant"

The back of the bottle includes product descriptions, ingredients, manufacturer details etc. By the way, I was told by the Sales Associate at Landmark Makati that this is a Philippine pride. And she thanked me for supporting the brand. Pretty new and refreshing experience to be hanked for supporting a product. I felt so proud!

I have to say that it is not very budget friendly. I'd give this a 3 out of 5 for affordability. This 3.38fl. oz/ net/ 100ml cost me P599 which we all know not everyone would spend around 600 pesos for a peeling gel. Although, it is still way cheaper than Cure but way smaller than the Cure's bottle.

First time using this was fascinating yet kinda gross. I got a good amount of product and gently rubbed it on my face and the amount of dirt that was removed on my face was unbelievable. For someone who tests makeup, this is one of the skincare products I thank God for. It is easy to use! The dirt can cling onti your skin so make sure you wash them all off. I suggest you tie your hair up before doing this because it gets stuck with your hair (Don't make the same mistakes I did. LOL)

After washing the dirt off, my face felt so soft, clean and surprisingly, it smells fresh. I usually get that strong scent from a peeling gel or scrub but this one does not have that. It does lighten some dark spots.
I also tried this on my elbow area and it worked amazing! I intend to use this 2 or 3 times a week and will write a full blog about the experience after I used up this bottle.

#Snoe have really done a great job on this product! It does magic! Try it now! I bought it at Landmark Makati but I am pretty sure they are also available in other beauty sections. If you want more convenient purchase, go to and order it from there!

Don't forget to go back to this post and comment about your own experience!

Thanks loves! 💋❤️💋❤️

I have always had issues with hair fall! Some told me it's because of stress and that I just need more rest; some said I just need to change my hair products. My hair has gone through a lot - hair dye, treatments, straightening, curling,etc. which made me worry about dryness, split ends, frizz and of course more intense hair fall.

I loved the packaging since the 1st time I have laid eyes on it. It looks classy in gold with a touch of pink. 

The texture is thick but easy to apply. It is not sticky nor slimy. Rinses off easily too which means you don't need to worry about any residues that may cause dandruff.

Day 1 using this product, I immediately noticed that my hair fall is considerably lesser than before. I also love the smell. The scent lingers on my hair the entire day. 

It did make my hair smooth and shiny but not as much as I wanted it.

There were no irritation, any breakouts or something similar that occur during the time I am using this. 

- @allaboutbeautybydee (IG)



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