I am a Belgian 29 year old who has fallen in love with Asian beauty this year and am currently in the process of trying out lots of products and finding out as much as I can about Asian beauty in general.  My skin has improved tremendously, so I'm completely hooked. My skin has become brighter, glowier, and is suffering much less from hormonal acne. There is no going back for me! 

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Red

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Belgium
  • Ingredient Preference: Paraben-Free, Vitamin C, Mineral, Tree Oil, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Today I'm reviewing the Cy'Lab Crithmum Maritum Callus Culture Filtrate Repairing Essence (talk about a mouthful!). This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes by @amabiebeauty@makeupinasia . Here is my honest opinion!

🌱Packaging: a sturdy green glass stopper bottle, which contains 30ml of product. The stopper is a bit fickle. It's hard to get the product out. The trick is to press the stopper for several seconds to get it to fill up, although that doesn't always work. It could definitely do with an update!

🌱Ingredients: I found out that Crithmum Maritum is a sea fennel, rich in vitamin C. The sea fennel culture used in this essence is good for skin brightening and has anti - ageing properties. Coenzyme A is beneficial in treating acne. Lecithin is an emulsifier and helps to hydrate and repair the skin. There's also collagen, another anti-ager and Sodium Hyaluronate for brightening.So a nice set of ingredients!

🌱Thoughts: First impressions were good. The essence feels very much like a serum. A small amount is enough to cover your face. It immediately feels very pleasant on, it's so hydrating and soothing. There us no discernible smell. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and my skin feels soft and well hydrated. As for anti ageing, I can't say much, I only have a few minor thin lines, and they won't go away that easily and quickly. That being said, this is a very nice product, it's no miracle worker, my break-outs aren't improved but my skin enjoys having it as part of my routine. The dose of moisture it gives is such a lovely feeling. Cy'Lab has caught my attention for sure, I only wish it was easier to find the products! 

Tonight I tried the Cy'Lab, 😲deep breath, Triple Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Moisturising Repairing Mask, which was sent to my by the sweet ladies from @amabiebeauty @makeupinasia in exchange for my honest review. Cy'Lab is a Taiwanese brand I found very little of online, so I went in blind! Here's my review (also on Amabie).
🐉Fit and texture: Aah these Taiwanese masks are always so light and thin, you can barely see them on, I actually look human! As you can see it came with a plastic backing, which is convenient as once it folds in on itself it's nearly impossible to open it up again, so definitely use it! The fit is brilliant, a bit too much forehead and had to make two cuts to get rid of the nose tent (damn you big European nose!), but otherwise perfect. Adheres wonderfully.
🐉Saturation: Just the right amount, very moist but not drippy, will last you about 30 to 40 min! . . . .
🐉Focus: As Hyaluronic Acid is the first ingredient this mask is all about hydration and nourishing the skin on a deeper level.
🐉Notable: No animal testing! . . .
🐉Results: My face is definitely well hydrated now and feels soft and smooth. Noticeable brightening too! I sure hope CyLab will become easier to find as they seem to make great products. This was a great mask! 

This was an impulse buy due to the cuteness of the product, also my first cushion blusher! I purchased it in the colour rose coral.  I heard before that the pink shade is quite light and the peach is very orange, the rose coral seems to be the happy medium!  The colour-pay off was surprisingly good! I'm very pale though, so I can't say if it will be as noticeable on darker skin tones.  It blends quite well and looks natural.  It lasts for the majority of the day too.  Overall not a bad product at all, I'm really enjoying using it.

Limited edition mask which is aimed at treating troubled, acne-prone skin.  The peppermint is not too overwhelming, it does tingle a little, but not too much.  I was very much surprised by the mask, it really packed a punch when it comes to brightening and it really reduced redness a lot.  The alcohol content features quite high on the ingredients list however, so beware if your skin doesn't like alcohol.  

This mask aims to hydrate and moisturise the skin, and it does a good job at achieving that.  The fit wasn't perfect, the forehead part was quite large.  Nice and creamy essence, face felt hydrated and soft afterwards.  Great for that extra dose of moisture when your skin feels like the desert.

This mask comes in a great compact plastic package.  It does require some fiddling to get it on as it's folded over a few times!  You'll immediately notice how soaking wet this mask is, it will drip so if you don't like that you might give it a little squeeze and save some of the essence for later.  The sheet itself is thick and feels lovely on the face.  The essence is thick, more like a serum.  The fit the sheet is quite good!  The results were great.  My face felt very hydrated and soft and gave me a lovely healthy glow.  Definitely recommend!

I received this toner from Amabie in exchange for my honest review, along with the cleanser and face cream of the same line. Sadly as I mentioned in my reviews of the other products, these products clogged my pores badly and resulted in break-outs, on my cheeks, chin and along the jaw line. I had to stop using it as I was concerned I would get cystic acne. I tried the toner on its own for a short while, and although it didn't break me out as much as the cream did, it was clear this line is not for people with clog-prone combination or oily skin, or anyone who's sensitive to coconut oil. Coconut oil has a high acne warning so I'd only recommend this line to people who are not concerned about break-outs, and have very dry skin. I passed the products on to my mom and she's enjoying it, acne is no concern for her anymore, so once you factor out that issue  the products really aren't bad at all. The brand doesn't test on animals either, which is also an amazing plus.

I received this face cream from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I had high hopes for this cream as the initial test seemed to go well, but alas it was not meant to be. The packaging is sturdy glass, but the cap isn't very well put together. After a few uses the white plastic part of the cap came lose and was no longer attached to the transparent part of the cap.  The cream itself looks very different from your usual moisturiser. It looks very much like coconut oil, it feels more greasy and slick than a cream. It feels really nice on the skin though, it's super moisturising. When your skin feels very dry this cream will really perk up your skin and will make it feel very soft. Sadly after a few days using this cream, I started breaking out, even on my cheeks where I don't often get spots. I had been concerned about this as coconut oil is a known acne trigger. Coconut oil has a lot of good qualities, if it doesn't break you out, it can do  wonders for the skin,  but if you're sensitive to it I'd stay clear unless you want horribly clogged pores. So sadly I will not be able to continue to use this cream, but I've passed it on to my mom whose mature skin is not bothered by coconut oil and she's liking it so far! 

I received this cleanser from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. The packaging is transparent so it's easy to see how much is left. Pressing the pump will create a light mousse, and 1 to  2 presses is enough to clean the whole face. I wasn't a fan of the smell, it seemed medicinal to me, which put me off slightly. The foam is quite thin and creates a mild lather, but it does cleanse well. I have combination to dry skin but this cleanser wasn't drying, my skin felt clean without getting the uncomfortable dry feeling. It's definitely not bad, but I'm partial to a more creamy thick lather and turns out coconut oil clogs my pores pretty badly, so beware if you are sensitive. Thank you Amabie for letting me try this product! 

I received this mask for reviewing from Amabie and although this was a bit of an awkward mask that made me feel like a horror movie villain, it was actually quite good.  This mask would fit those with smaller faces best I'd say, my face isn't that big but once I hooked the ear flaps the mask was pulled quite uncomfortably tight, especially around the neck.  The mask does live up to its name, it does brighten the skin tone quite a bit and my face felt very refreshed.  I'm not a fan of the fit of this mask but it gives good results!

I received this mask for reviewing from Amabie and my opinion is entirely my own.  I was really impressed by this mask! You do have to be a bit careful putting it on, the texture is very thin and as mentioned in other reviews here if you pull at it, it will stretch and lose its shape. It's a very saturated mask but it doesn't drip much and clings on well. The results were really noticeable, my skin was much brighter and my post acne scarring much lighter.  In the morning the effects were still there.  Really liked this mask and would definitely purchase for myself!

This serum is light-weight and watery and has the most wonderful smell.  Sadly I was not super impressed by it, it does a decent job at hydrating the skin but does not have many other benefits.  Although it contains a high amount of green tea extract, I don't feel like it does much for clearing up my skin.  This is an ok serum if you're just looking for an extra dose of hydration in your routine, but there are better serums out there to try.

The packaging of this mask is pretty cool, but the mask itself is great too!  It has a lovely thick texture and feels really comfortable on the skin.  It's well saturated and does a great job at hydrating the skin.  My face felt very soft after using this.  Some brightening and soothing effects too.  

Very thick and creamy cleanser that foams up really well and creates a pleasant lather.  I would recommend this cleanser only to oilier skintypes however as the pH is quite high (8.5 with water), so it's quite stripping.  If you have drier skin you might experience that unpleasant tight feeling after washing your face with this cleanser.  So, a nice cleanser; but consider your skin type before purchasing. 

I adored this mask! This is a 100% silk mask, so it's quite delicate, but the added plastic covering makes application a bit easier.  Sadly no smell of roses, but lasts quite a while and clings on well.  Makes your face feel very soft and hydrated.  Lightens the face quite a bit too, definitely a fan and will repurchase!

I have this lipstick in the colour 010, a bright red colour.  I really like this lipstick, it has great pigmentation and lasts quite a while and the colour is very pretty.  There are a lot of other great shades too!

This mask aims to hydrate the skin, but also contains some whitening and soothing ingredients.  It's a lovely paper-thin mask that is very well saturated.  The eye holes are quite small, and the fit around the nose isn't great, which is one minus point.  The results are nice though, my face felt moisturised and plump afterwards, great one if your skin feels a bit dry!

If it wasn't for the unpleasant barley-like smell this mask would get 5 stars for sure. It's incredibly saturated and lasts up to an hour. It clings on to the face really well and the material of the mask feels soft and comfy on the skin. My face was much brighter when I took off this mask, the effects were very noticeable! A great mask! 

When you get a break-out, this is a wonderful product to have in your anti acne arsenal. It really helps bring down active acne and helps the healing process along too. I've really noticed a difference, definitely a good buy if acne is an issue! 

This mask had absolutely amazing results when it comes to brightening! The effects were really noticeable as soon as I took off the mask. Very saturated, so you can leave it on for ages. Really helps with acne too, my blemishes were much improved by morning. Definitely recommend! 

This is a lovely essence that combines very well with the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule.  It is a watery liquid and sinks into the skin very quickly.  It feels very refreshing, and I feel like it has done a lot to brighten up my skin tone.  My skin has looked a lot less dull and more glowing and healthy since using this and post acne scars last a lot less longer.  A little goes a long way too, I've been using this product for 5 months now and it's still not empty, so it's well worth the cost!  Definitely recommend this product.

This serum is going on my holy grail list, as I absolutely adore it, it's worth every penny.  Not only is the bottle it comes in lovely, the product itself feels wonderful on the skin, it really gives that extra dose of moisture your skin needs.  I always look forward to putting it on my face, my skin just feels so much better after I put it on.  It makes my skin feel soft and look glowing, and it has really helped clear my skin tone.  It's a very gentle product as well, great for sensitive skin, I've experienced zero bad effects.  I will definitely repurchase.

Like the name suggests, the liquid in this mask is almost jelly-like, it's very thick and creamy, and feels lovely on the skin.  Very well saturated, but not drippy at all, it lasted a good 40 minutes before starting to dry.  My skin felt very moisturised and my complexion looked nice and glowing, a very nice mask!  The aim of this mask is whitening and anti-ageing.  Naturally you'd need to use this mask often to notice any changes in wrinkles, but as far as whitening goes it did a nice job. I'm pretty ghostly pale already so I don't notice it much ;)!

The aim of this mask is to brighten the skin, and give you a bright and glowing complexion.  I definitely found that it lives up to its word, my skin really did look much brighter and healthier and had a lovely glow.  A minus for me was the fit, it was too wide for me, but fit is subjective.  A point worth mentioning too is the fact that alcohol features high on the list of ingredients, but having sensitive skin myself, I noticed no ill effects from this.  Unless you're very sensitive, you should be fine trying this mask!

This masks only deserves one heart because it looks cute.  Otherwise this mask is awful.  The amount of fragrance in it is overwhelming, it really stung my skin and my eyes.  I only managed to leave it on for about ten minutes.  My face looked red for a while after too.  Don't fall for the cuteness, it's not worth it.

This is a really nice mask, the only real downside to me was the smell.  The almond fragrance was rather strong, but thankfully it disappears once you have it on.  The mask is very thin, so be careful removing it from the plastic backing.  Lasts about twenty minutes and really brightens the skin well.  Also lots of essence left in the package!

This is my very first cushion foundation.  It's a more higher priced cushion, but if you can catch it during a sale it's not too bad! It also usually comes with a refill and it's easy to track down the refills on their own when you run out, which is not the case for many cushions.  The case is simple but sleek, the cushion pad is soft and doesn't stain.  Lovely mirror inside as well.  Coverage is light to medium, you can build it up.  It will cover up light scarring, but for active red looking spots you will need some concealer.  I got this in the colour C13, which works well for me as I'm very pale with a cool undertone.  It does have quite a strong scent, you get a bit of a sunblock smell, but it disappears quickly.  

This  jelly flower lipstick really is something to behold, it truly is beautiful.  It doesn't only look pretty though, it's also a great product.  I received this product for reviewing in the colour pink.  It looks really nice when wearing it, it's a lovely bright pink.  The lipstick feels very moisturising, it feels similar to chapstick when applying, so it is a great product for those with dry lips.  The colour is great for an everyday look, gives that lovely pop of colour with a glossy sheen.

Personally this mask fit me horrible, but all faces are different so for someone else the fit may be perfect.  It's a big mask, so those of you with wider faces will have more success with this.  It's also a very saturated mask, a bit overly so, as it dripped quite a bit.  After usage your skin will be sticky for a while, the serum takes a long time to sink in.  Hydrates well though and did brighten up the skin, it gave me a nice glow.  Contains a few acne triggering ingredients so beware of that.

This is a wonderful product.  Don't let the gooey texture scare you off, it is 92% snail slime after all, and it may sound gross to put that on your face, but I'm fully converted and part of the snail- loving team now.  It's a lovely light-weight cream, hydrates well (although you may need something heavier in colder months) and does wonders for the skin in terms of post-acne scarring and general redness.  Love it!

This is an amazing primer.  It neutralises facial redness, and gives the face a lovely natural glow.  I also noticed my foundation lasted much longer with this primer underneath and it just looked much nicer as well.  I received this primer as a sample, but I loved it so much I went ahead and purchased it.  It's a tad pricy for a primer, but I felt it's worth it.

This cleansing oil smells amazing, as soon as you put it on your face you can smell the lovely floral scent.  It's not drying and it does a good job of taking off most make up.  Really enjoying it.

I really enjoyed this hanbang green tea mask! The fit was really good and the mask feels lovely on the skin.  There is no noticeable scent. Well saturated, you can definitely  keep it on for over thirty minutes if you want to.  My skin looked brighter, moisturised and refreshed after usage.

I looove these patches, they are so effective and I wish they came in bigger packs! This product comes with 24 transparent patches in various sizes that are meant to pull out the gunk from spots so you can get rid of them quicker.  They work best on whiteheads or spots that are close to erupting, if the spot is too deep it won't work.  The patch sticks on really well, and is best to use overnight.  The patch will show white 'stuff' by morning when you remove it, which is what has been drained from the spot.  There will be a small wound but it'll heal much quicker than trying to pop it yourself! 

I enjoyed this mask, it's definitely moisturising and it brightens up the face.  It's a bit drippy, but not too bad.  Good standard mask.

This is an amazing serum and wonderful for those looking to get rid of acne scarring and/or hyperpigmentation, and to get brighter skin with less break-outs.  I'd advise people to keep this in the fridge as it will oxidize in the sun and expire much quicker.  After using this, use sunblock (even if it's the next day) when you go outside and it could turn your face a not so nice shade of orange, due to the oxidation.  Leave on for 20-30 minutes for best effect.

I used this cream in sample format, but I know that the packaging of this product is super cute and hard to resist! Sadly it's not for everyone.  The name doesn't lie, this product really whitens your face a lot! I'm already very pale, and it still very noticeable gave my skin a white cast.  It's also not moisturising enough for combination or dry skins, you'd need another moisturiser on top.  The best use for this cream in my opinion is underneath foundation.  It's lovely as a make up base, so it can still be useful!


One of my favourites of the I'm Real line!  After using this mask, my skin looked noticeably brighter and less red, my overall complexion looked much improved after a long day at work.  A minus point is that it has a fairly strong fragrance, but it's not that bad that it gets in the way of enjoying this mask.

This is a pleasant mask. The mask clings on well and doesn't drip much, the fit was average on me.  No discernible smell.  Well saturated, lasts for at least thirty minutes.  Leaves your skin bright, moisturised and very smooth throughout the day.

This is a decent basic eye cream.  The cream is thick and takes a few minutes to sink in properly. Hydrates adequately, but won't do anything for wrinkle care, so this is maybe better for someone who doesn't worry about that yet.  It's OK, not expensive, and lasts you a long time, I'll use it up but won't re-purchase.

The way this mask makes you look is amazing, it really is a great laugh, it's a lot of fun to use.  Character masks don't often do much more besides moisturising, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  Brightens up the skin and fades redness.  Stays moist for a good half hour.

This cleanser is famous for a reason.  The cleansing balm just melts on the skin and feels really moisturising as well, it doesn't strip the skin at all.  It takes off most make up easily, but stubborn eye make up can be a bit tricky, especially if it's waterproof.  Eye make up remover might still be necessary if you're a fan of eyeliner and waterpoof mascara.  Great value for money as well, mine lasted for four months, you don't need a lot.  Great product!

Fits really well, very well saturated (but not too drippy) and nice refreshing tea tree smell.  Left it on for an hour and it still wasn't dry, so plenty of essence there.  The effects weren't that fabulous though, my skin was moisturised and some redness had gone down, but not much else.  The tea tree clearly didn't pack much of a punch as it didn't do much to combat the few spots I had.  Very mediocre for me.

This is a two-piece hydrogel mask that contains gold, bird's nest, ginseng, collagen, rose flower water, hyaluronic acid and Betula Alba Juice (amongst other things).  Although it was quite slippy and the fit wasn't perfect on the bottom half, I really enjoyed this mask.  I really noticed and felt the effects straight after, my skin was brighter, glowier, smoother and felt really soft and bouncy all day. 

I really enjoyed this mask! Decent fit, lots of essence, and great brightening qualities. Really enjoyed it.

This is a basic mask, not one of my favourites of the I'm Real line, as it didn't really have any visible effects on my skin, besides moisturising.  It's still pleasant, lasts a good while, plenty of essence, but if you're looking for good cheap masks there's better options.

This was my first Korean face cleanser (I use it as my second cleanser), and it did not dissapoint.  It doesn't make my skin feel dry and stretchy as many foam cleansers do.  It feels very nourishing and I love the smooth texture.  There is no fragrance. 

A much loved clay mask, this Innisfree volcanic clay mask, and I very much feel the same.  Perfect if your face is oily and has visible pores.  It's very quick to use too, unlike some clay masks, this one doesn't leave a mess and is easy and smooth to apply.  Wash it off when it dries as the clay could dry out your skin if left on too long.  Face feels very clean and smooth after usage, with less visible pores.

This is such a lovely product for summer, perfect for hot days when you really don't want to plaster a thick creamy moisturiser on your overheated skin.  It is cooling and so very soothing, ideal as well if you have a sunburn.  The packaging is also lovely! Definitely a great part of any summer routine.

Besides the mask this product also contains a cleanser and an essence.  The cleanser is creamy and gentle and the essence is thick and refreshing, and you get a big portion of both.  The mask itself is wonderful, it clings perfectly to the skin, lasts for about half an hour and really brightens up and softens the skin. 

First off, this product is really a hit or miss for many people, so although my review is very negative, it could work great for someone else, as I've heard other people rave about this product.  This lotion contains a few acne triggers, so those who are sensitive to break-outs beware.  This lotion gave me the worst break-out ever, so I'm not going near it ever again.  It is a lovely moisturising cream though, the snail mucin is really helpful for people with rough or damaged skin, so if you're not likely to break out, this still might be worth a try.

This cleansing foam was definitely not for me.  I found it to be very thick and very drying.  The smell was also very unpleasant to me, like baking soda.  It made my eyes water and I experienced some burning sensations as well.  It did cleanse very well and does a good job at clearing out and reducing pores, but I would only advise this product to people with oily, non-sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, love the smell of roses and want value for your money, this Rose Tea Toner is a great option.  It's a 415 ml bottle and really not expensive, I've been using it for months and I'm only about halfway now.  It's 100% rose water, so it smells amazing and is great for those with sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol or parabens.  There is a strong fragrance, but it didn't irritate my skin, it's completely botanical.  It calmes the skin and prepares it for the next step of your skincare regimen. 

This is a much loved sleeping pack for good reason.  It smells lovely, feels really refreshing, is lightweight and sinks in really quick, so no stickyness on your pillow.  A little goes a long way, so this pot will last you a long time. It gives your skin that extra dose of moisture when it really needs it, and it contains lots of lovely natural ingredients that help brighten your skin.  If you are looking for a great sleeping pack, you can't go wrong with this one.

This Taiwanese black mask is amazingly good at calming down troubled and oily skin.  The black colour comes from charcoal which clears pores and controls sebum.  It really works wonderfully well, my skin was angry when I tried this and after usage it was a lot less red, my pores were less visible and by the next day spots that I had, were on the way out.  The fit is also great, it sticks to the face really well, so you can actually walk around, the mask won't budge.  Definitely worth having in your sheetmask stash when your skin is in need of some help.



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