About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Organic, Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I thought it was a nice set, very creamy texture on all the products, but a bit of a interesting scent which I didn't love.

This product reminds me of Korean beauty products. It's shaped like a contour stick and it's really light. But the coverage is good because it was able to cover my dark circles and spots. It's kind of hard to blend though. I used a sponge the first time and that was a total failure. The second time I tried with the product I use a brush and it was a lot easier to blend. The product is 6 grams so it will last a long time.

This product is made by Taiwan. The color is close to a lavender color and it has very very micro shimmer in it. It's not a foundation and it moisturizes nicely. It doesn't have any sun protecting agents though so that's disappointing

This sheet mask is very moisturizing. It feels more moisturizing compared to other Taiwanese aloe sheet mask. I don't know if it's because my face is too round but the sheet mask didn't really fit me that well. It can't cover the sides of my nose. I had to cut it a little bit to make it fit my face. After using the sheet mask I would use night cream. 

The next day my skin doesn't have excess oil but generally it's OK, I wouldn't repurchase it. 

Over the past two years, I've used up approximately 2 or 3 compact powders. I found out that they sell the product on the internet too. 86 shop and Watsons also have Cezanne as their staple product line so I think it's super convenient in terms of accessing the product. I think the cheapest I've ever got the refill was about $6. I use this product right after my sunscreen. Since this product is very natural it doesn't look cakey. Also you can use the product with a damp sponge. This will make the powder appearance more obvious though. My face gets really oily in the summer so I would blot my face with a oil blotting sheet before I re-apply my makeup. I think this is a great, cheap product !

Memebox x Pony blossom lipstick is another product collab that PONY has with memebox. The color I received is "blooming love," after I finished my whole makeup look, I applied this lipstick directly without lip balm. The color is so beautiful it really makes me feel like I'm in love. I don't know if its me applying a lot of lip balm recently or if Korean brands are truly awesome.. but my lip lines were not obvious at all which is a big plus. In my opinion, all korean made products are suitable for the Taiwanese consumer except for the BB cushion because Taiwan's summer is way too hot and disgusting. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

The overall color and packaging of the product is very beautiful. I have really long hair and I wash my hair everyday. For the size of the product I think I can probably use it for a month so I do think it's worh the price. The shampoo is very nourishing and I usually skip my conditioner with this. I've been using it for two weeks and my hair doens't get tangled as easily as it did before. I like this product! It also contains bird nest essence although I'm not sure how much. I will continue to use this!

I've always like this blotting paper. It will only absorb the excess oil on my face and not the water/moisture. If my skin gets oily I'll immediately use this to combat the situation. One sheet can absorb all of the oil ! 3M blotting sheets are very similar to Biore ones but Biore's products are too expensive so I recommend the 3M one to everyone!

This product contains some gold foils. The sheet mask is also cut into two parts (up and down). It fits well but after using it I feel like I still need lotion products for extra hydration. So far I think it's O.K. but it might be a little bit too hydrating for my skin which might cause some granulation around my eyes. Also the essence went into my eyes and it hurt a lot so I don't really recommend it. 

The texture of this sheetmask is like a jelly. When I opened it I already ripped the eyemask a little bit. I put it carefully under my eyes and saw that there are super delicate reflections of the product. It feels really soft and all the goodies (essence) are locked in the eye mask. After using it for five minutes I felt that the skin around my eyes are tightened. 

This product is 100% made in Taiwan and I use it often in summer. I would usually place it in the fridge and use it right after I clean my face with a facial cleanser. It's very hydrating and there's a lot of essence in the packet. However, even after 30~40 minutes of wearing the mask, I can feel the the essence is left on my face and wouldn't absorb. Personally I think the atoms of the essence are too large so it doesn't really absorb well. 

I bought this color in Watsons and it's a new collection. The color I have is NV025. I would usually apply it and put on a layer of top coat. It takes only three minutes to dry. Compared to nail polish formulas I've used before this one is thicker. This nail polish would probably last about a week or two but I'm always doing things so it will chip off. 

I received this product from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. I'm so happy that this platform exists to help people find the information that they need. This serum is very popular in Korea. I've seen many of it when I went to Korean for a vacation. The one that I got is for moisturizirng. The packaging is a glass bottle. I've used it right after cleansing my face and toner. I tried it on one side of my face so I could really tell the difference. If I have the chance I would definitely purchase it. 

I think this sheet mask is like pretty amazing. You can use if after your plastic surgeries or operations. It also states that you only need 8 minutes to see its claims. Although I have combo skin, there was so much essence I had to use them on my knees. I don't know about whitening I probably need to true it more often.

This makeup remover oil is so special. It feels like applying essential oil on the face. Once you start to massage this product, it will turn into a foamy consistency before it emulsifies. The foam is really light though. This product can also remove heavy makeup. But habitually I would still use face wash to cleanse the face one more time. The price is also very affordable so it's worth it to try!

OMG! I bought this product for so long and it's almost expired so I started to use it finally. The product comes with a scoop so you can take out the product each time without using dirty hands. The texture is very smooth it's kind of in between a serum and a loose cream. My skin feels really soft the next day. 

This product repairs the skin very well and I saw so many bloggers talk about this product. I was really curious so I bought a set on their official website for about $30. I like the packaging and it works really well too. I got an acne from my period and it didn't go away for like 2 weeks. It left a small pink scar when it finally went away but when I used this product I can see that the scar was lightened a lot. I've used up about 2/3 for a month and I think it really fixed my period acne issues. 

I bought this product at Watsons which was buy one get one free and it really feels like a regular lotion. It's not sticky too so you can use it on your hands or your face. Since it feels very refreshing I would probably repurchase it. It's not waterproof though so I wouldn't suggest this product for the summer. I've been using it this year and I didn't get tan. But I've also been extra dedicated for my skin care routine. I also use this product as a primer for the face and it contains Galactoarabinan which is supposed to be a good ingredient for moisturizing. 

I bought this March 2016 and it's huge! 500ml a bottle. The advertisement of this product said that it can remove the heaviest makeup easily, even mascara. I wear makeup everyday but I've used more oil or lotion based products. This product is great because it really melts off the makeup on my face.  I massge it for about 2 minutes but it takes a couple of rinses to get a real clean feel. I feel like this product is very special and it does its job in removing heavy makeup. After using it my face is not entirely dry (about 70% moisturized). At least it doens't feel sticky or uncomfortable.

I've always really like products made by Media. Their packaging looks very nice and it's low key. This BB cream has SPF 30 PA ++, if you're just going out for work this product would work just fine. You can use it as a base makeup or primer too. Coverage wise it's not as good as Freshel's products but it is pretty moisturizing. It also has a nice glowing finish. There's no added fragrance so that's even better. The color I have is 01 Bright. I also use loose powder to set my makeup. Since I have oily skin, I'll have to blot out the extra oil that usually appear in the afternoon. 

This product is from Orbis and it's a wash off foaming mask. I like this product a lot especially in the winter. When you squeeze it out it's like a foamy butter consistency. It doens't have any strong smell to it. I use it in the morning and it feels warm on the face. You can leave it on the face for 3 minutes and you can wash it off! My face became really bright and it just looks like it's so hydrated. I used it weekly and for the four seasons!!

This nail polish remover is very affordable and it comes in a big bottle. Usually when the nail polish start to peel off your nails it becomes really hard to remove. But this nail polish remover is very easy to use. TIP: I use disposable panty liners instead of cotton pads. I fold the panty liners by half and stick them together. Then I would load the pad with nail polish remover and leave it on my nails for about 1- 2 mintues. This makes the nail polish come off like a breeze! Unlike cotton pads, panty liners won't shred around and get stuck on your nails. Sometimes cotton pads get soacked too much and the nail polish color gets transfered on other parts of the finger it's annoying. So it's really convenient if you use a pandy liner. 

I don't like the smell of this nail polish remover though! It's two strong, so only two hearts~ 

This product was given to me for free from in exchange for my honest review. I was so excited to use this product because it has very good reviews on the internet. The formula is very hydrating and it feels more like a lotion than a BB cream. But one downside is that the SPF is only 30. Coverage wise it will cover your light spots and redness! 

I was very excited to receive the Peripera Milk Blur from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. You can see my picture with and without the product on the back of my hands. The difference is quite drastic!! In the summer if you see that your skin color is unbalanced you could apply this on the body too. I've tried it on my beck, face, and body and they all work so well to color correct! I really like this product. 

This product is suitable for four seasons. The packaging is really cute and it only costs about $6.50. The one thing that is a little bit of a let down is that it doens't come with a flat scoop. I think this product is at its best if used in the winter because it really moisturizes the skin. It doens't have any special fragrance so I feel even more safe about using it. This product also has a medium coverage as it covered the redness on my skin!

I always buy products from this brand online. My loose powder was running out so I tried out this product and found it to be really great. The website description said that the product is supposed to blur out your imperfections and give you a porcelain finish. The last step of my makeup routine is setting my face with a powder and I feel like this product really lived up to its claim.  In terms of oil control I think it's only OK. I set my makeup at 9:00AM and by noon my face will become oily, but I have oily skin so I would just reapply. The texture of the product is very fine and it gives my face a nice glow too. 

Last year September I went to a place in Taiwan called Liuxiaoqiu. It was very sunny and I applied this product to product my skin (I even held a sun umbrella). I later figured the umbrella was totally unnecessary. This product was sweat proof and water proof. The color of the product is white but it wouldn't make you look dead pale. It also isn't sticky on the skin. I've used a Biore Sunscreen before and I was dissappointed in it. The Biore one felt like I had icecream stuck on my body. So I suggest this product for those who need a product to protect your skin outdoors. 

This lipstick is very moisturizing but it doesn't last that long. For example, I would always apply lip blam before applying lipstick. The product that I got was more of an orange color which can hide some of my lip lines. But once I eat or drink I'm literally eating the lipstick into my lips. I need to reapply 10 times a day so this product is probably better for those who is less lazy than I am 

I really like this retractable brush! It's so convenient to take it around with me. This is also made by a Taiwanese brand (Cosmed, a drugstore). The hair of the brush is actually really soft and it only costs about $4 ~ $6.5. I would use this as a loose powder brush and I feel that this product collects powder pretty well. The hair of the brush also doesn't fall out compared to other brushes out there. Some brushes will start to loose its hair a couple of times after using it, but this one doesn't so I think it's really worth it. It also has a cap to make sure that the product is dust and dirt free! 

I really like makeup products by Freshel. Since BB cream became really famous I feel like all drugstores are professional BB cream stores now haha. Every brand would seriously have a BB cream that's mainly for skin care and foundation coverage. 

I've used this product for about 3 months and I'm already finishing it. I spent a lot of time to find the perfect BB cream for me and this one is really great because it moisturizies my skin. Whenever I apply BB cream I would wait for it to melt in with my skin before I set it with loose powder using a puff. This actually works good for me because my powder wouldn't have BB cream all over it. This product is really cheap; you can get it for about $12.5. The coverage should be enough for regular imperfections, but probably not for dark circles. 

I like this product because it has a really soft scent and it's also really gentle. My skin can absorb it easily and I could even use it all over my face. There was once when I was in Korea during the winter and my face was literally cracking with fine lines. So I added a step to my regular routine where I would apply this before my sunscreen and foundation. 

If I applied this product on my face my makeup lasts a lot longer. When your face gets too dry it'll start to look yellow and patchy which will instantly make you look 10 years older!! So scary!! The texture of the product is very fine and not like straight up oily. This product is made in Taiwan. 

Before I go out for work, my skin care routine is: 

Toner -> Lotion > Sofina Jenne Day Protector II SPF 24 PA +++ 

I would usually wait for about 10-15 mintues before I apply my foundation and concealer because I feel like applying other products on top of the sun screen before it sets will make it lose its power?? I learned this from a very famous Television MUA in Taiwan. This product is also very light, so sometimes I would put on a second layer. For me, this product is basically a need for all seasons. 

When I saw this product at the drugstore I really really wanted to purchase it!!! 

The main reason is that this product not only protects the skin from the sun, but also color corrects the skin. I wanted to buy this product because I'm running out of a similar product and ready to embrace the crazy hot tropical weather in Taiwan. 

The packaging is blue with a white cap, it has the words UV and SPF 50 which I find really important for summer where I'm always exposed to the sun. 

I've used the toner from this brand before and didn't have any sensitive reaction before so I was confident in trying this product. I did some patch test on my neck to make sure that I don't have a sensitive reaction. I tried it for 2 ~ 3 days just to be safe because my skin is a really complicated combination of oily, dry, and sensitive. 

On the 3rd day it worked totally OK on my face so I'm really happy about that. I would use this product and set it with some powder then I'm ready to go. But you do have to spend the effort to remove this product carefully so your pores don't get stuck with dirty products!!

When I saw this BB cream I bought it immediately. This is because I've used a Freshel liquid foundation before which is discontinued. I thought that this product might be similar to the liquid foundation. To my expectation, this BB cream is very hydrating and would last a pretty long time. My skin looks like it's on "beauty skin" mode!! I really like how it conceals a lot of my imperfections. It covered my dark circles as if I had a good 8 hours of sleep! I would recommend this product!

I would think that this BB cream would have at least two color selections. Since most BB creams will have a "bright" color and a "natural" colors. But this product only has one color. I would usually take about a rice grain sized amount and apply it on my face. This product is really hydrating! The brightening effect is also really nice, it's not like a very weird reflective effect. It's kind of like I'm glowing from beneath my skin. I would use a little bit of loose powder to set my makeup also. The tube is 50ml which can last me forever! The only down side is that it doens't have much SPF protection. Only SPF 6! Not even 10, it's a little bit of a shame. 

If I was removing my white heads or was exfoliating my skin, I would use the Hanaka Facial Astringent Toner right after. I bought it at a beauty store for about $6.5. It smells a little bit like alcohol and I don't know if it contains alcohol in it. In terms of removing white heads, black heads, my pores are completely open when I'm trying to clean them. So I would use this product to tighten my pores. This product contains cucumber extract which makes it more moisturizing. The packaging is a black bottle and I usually use it with cotton pads and soak it wet on my face for about 3 minutes. 

This product is a very famous brand from Japan. Japanese girls will usually start to take care of their face for anti-aging starting at 25. They wouldn't wait until 30 yearsold to do so. The most important step of this would be to cleanse the face. Actually this product doesn't lather up that much but I do feel that my face feels really tight after using it. I don't know, it's probably also because I'm just convinced about this product.

I give this product a 5 hearts because it's so worth it!! I use this product day and night. This product foams up really nicely - almost looks like it's a mousse or foam on a cake. The scent is really nice and my face feels refreshed everytime I use it. It also doens't completely take away the oils on my skin which means it feels hydrating after using it. I also feel like my face has brightened and whitened a little bit after using it for a while? I think there's also a new improved version of this face wash so I would like to try that also. 

I first used this product when I was in middle school (10 years ago!!). I've bought so many different types of face wash to try and combat my acne. This product is actually really cheap, it only costs $1. I actually like it in the summer because it gives a cooling sensation which is supposed to calm down acne. It also doesn't irritate the skin after using. If you feel like you're about to break out you can try this product!

This product was a gift to me from a friend who went to Japan. The name is so easily confused with Sekkisei plus the packaging is exactly the same. haha. This product is a must buy product if you're going to Japan. One of these costs about $3 only. You can use a little bit and it wil lather into a very nice foam. It also feels really nice on the face. I usually use cleansing products with a facial loofah or else I feel like it takes too long to lather the product manually. Overall I liked this product a lot, it would be even better if it feels more hydrating after I use it though because my skin does feel tight each time. But it's good because it doesn't irritate the skin.

I usually exfoliate my skin 1~2 times a week. I really like this product because it's really gentle. It doesn't exfoliate the skin using rough beads but instead it's a gel texture that even has 24k platinum in it. This product can be used all over the body. I usually use this after I shower. This product doens't irritate the skin, and it smells really nice too. After using this product it was a lot easier for me to apply my makeup products and skin care procucts. The products stay on really well and my skin feels really soft too. Also my white heads and black heads are exfoliated too. But the ones that are stuck deep in the skin is still quite hard to remove. You can buy this product at its local counter stores, I happen to always get a buy one get one free deal. 

DHC is a brand that I've known ever since I was in middle school. The old packaging used to be pink. The new one has a smaller opening so it's easier to control and there's less of a chance to spill the products. When I'm on my period, I get a lot of acne which will turn into annoying acne scars. So I tried this product hoping that the scars could be improved. It contains some acid that will help the skin to neutralize the scar discoloration. It also has vitamin C which is known for whitening and color correcting spots/scars. I use this in the night and not in the day. 

This product doens't have any additive fragrance to it so when you use it you don't really smell it or feel it. It feels very light on the skin and you don't need a lot to cover the whole face. The product is about 1.6 fl oz but you can use it up to a month. It balances the oil on the face but you still need to clean your face first for the product to be properly absorbed. This product is made in Taiwan. Some people said that this is very sticky but I think otherwise. Also the product is very hydrating. If you use this product it prevents black heads and pimples from growing on your face so it makes your life easier when you are cleaning off blackheads in your daily routine. It's really important to use products that fits your skin condition needs, so I think this website is really useful!! 

The texure is very rich and sticky. After coming back from home when I'm exposed to the sun the whole day, I often drip the product onto cotton squares and use it as a mask on my cheeks to calm down my skin. I've always been using toners that are more liquid-y and I'm really used to this type of toner, so when I applied this to my face and neck, it felt really sticky and uncomfortable. I don't know if it's chemicals that's making the product gooey or it's the amino acid content in the product. Hm, but I don't think real amino acid products could be bought at such a cheap price. Although many people suggest this product, I personally think it doesn't suit my needs and habits. 

I've been in love with the TT masks! It's the number one most bought product in Taiwan on EC! I love this one which is light, thin, and penetrative. Although there are some EC channels that carry this product, I really hope that this product has some trial or sample sizes. The ingredients contains Tranexamic acid, arbutin, vitamin C, basil, and chamomile. Actually these products are popular ingredients in many sheet masks out there, the difference is in the size of the particles, (if it absorbs easier or not).

This product is something that grows on me, I've been so used to using it I use it every other two days. My skin becomes so soft and bright! And there's also a lot of essence in it. It absorbs in 15-30 mins, I really recommend this product. 

I really like this product with these reasons: 

1) The pencil texture itself is very soft so it doesn't drag your eyelids and irritate them, even if your eyelids are oily it glides on very easily. 

2) It's a single pen that's easy to carry around unlike many other types of gel pen that comes along with other parts that are troublesome. 

3) The pen is very sharp so you can control the thickness very easily

4) It doesn't smudge, even applied on top of eyeshadow it stands out. 

5) It's oil and water proof. I use it along my water line and after 12 hours since application + being rained on, it was still there!!

So far I've only used the black one. I've heard there are four other colors that I might try. I give it a give it 5 hearts! I really like it!

I think the bottle is so cute! Initially I thought it was nail polish remover. I got this in 86shop (Taiwan beauty/makeup specialty store). I needed a makeup remover but didn't have one at hand so I bought this. Compared to Biore or 1028, this makeup remover is quite mild. When I used it I had super heavy makeup on, I had to leave the cotton pad (soaked) on my eyelids for 1 mintue for the makeup remover to melt my makeup. After that there're still some makeup left so I had to use the remover again. I had fake lashes, water proof eyeliner / water proof liquid eyeliner and dark eyeshadow on that day. If it's used for everyday makeup, this product should be able to remove those. 

This eyeliner pencil is more like eyeliner gel. The texture is really soft and I usually use it for my water line. The pen itself is really cute, I think it compares with high-end products. I bought this when it was on sale, it was only around $6! I got the black and the brown. I use black for my water line, and brown towards the roots of my lashes. It looks so natural and it's really long-lasting, after 8 hoursof application it's still there and it doesn't smudge! I recommend this product.

This is my first time trying on orange based eyeshadow. After my foundation base makeup, I use the color on the top right Galm Faur Orange as a wash all over my lids. Then I use the bottom left color Shine Orange brown as an accentuating color, layering slowly to achieve an ombre effect. I usually use my fingers to apply eyeshadow. I feel like the temperature of my hands make the eyeshadow stick better. The colors don't seem too heavy on my eyelids too.  To finish the look, I use eyeliner pencil to line my water line to make the whole look natural. The powder of this eyeshadow is very fine, if you use a brush, the powder flakes all over the place.  

I really like the rasered logo of PONY on the outer box. 

This product has high SPF Spectrum, 50, but the texture is similar to lotion and it spreads easily. Personally, I feel like the coverage is not enough. I only bought the trial size and I intented to try it out anyway. I was hoping that it could replace the "Sunscreen + Foundation" routine in the summer, but the coverage is really not enough. If I have acne scars or other spots, it's impossible to cover. So after a couple of times trying I gave up on this product, I think it's more of a base makeup.  Another thing, this product IS water proof though, I tested it out by running water on the product which was applied to the back of my hand, but I just think this product might be too heavy or un-breathable for the skin in the summer. 

Use it as a cleanser, leave it on the face and use it as a wash-off mask! This product is completely made from Taiwan. I bought one five years ago and received it as a gift from a friend this time so I wanted to try it. When used as a facial cleanser, it doesn't feel like it deep cleansed my skin and it doesn't tighten my face too. I do feel that my face is moisturized. If you use it as a leave on mask (Use cotton squares to apply,) and wash off later, your skin will feel very soft. I support products made in Taiwan. Kuanyuanliang has been around Taiwan for 20 years, they have always lived up to their philosophy of "Natural, kind brand" The packaging is super un-trendy it's so green and natural looking. 

Girls just have so many sheet masks! I think whitening and moisturizing is the most important, moisturizing is the first step when it comes to skincare. When your face is dry it's not only uncomfortable, but will cause fine lines and wrinkles. So if you want to get great skin the first step is to make sure your skin is totally hydrated. 

This facemask is really special because it has 3 layers. The one that you acutally put on your face is the middle layer that is ultra thin and transparent. After 15 mintues you can take it off. It feels super snug on my face and it doesn't move around, I could do other things while using it. I really recommend this product, I feel like all of the essence was locked into every single pore of my face, hehe!!!

This bottle is huge, around 500ml. The name is kind of special too. All of the ingredients seem really natural. Most of them are Chinese medicine such as Chinese mugwort, plum, pomegranate, cucumber, gingko, job's tears, sweet flag, and strawberry saxifrage. 

I use it day and night, since it's really cheap I don't care if I use a lot. I just really dislike the scent, plus it bubbles up a lot when I shake the bottle? This product can only be bought at Cosmed (Taiwan drug store) 

Some of the effects of the ingredients as listed: 

1) Chinese mugwort - Sooth unstable skin 

2) Plum - slow down aging

3) Pomegranate - Help improve saggy skin / wrinkels

4) Cucumber - Moisutrizing

5) Gingko - Prevent UV ray / Ultra light caused dark spots

6) Job's tears - Deflames the skin

7) Sweet flag - Calms down red-ness and help refrain breakouts

8) Strawberry saxifrage - whitening, anti-oxidizing, and controls freckles. 

I bought the pearl pink diamond tone palette, it's been with me for 4 years and I love it. The pink color gives me an elegant makeup style and I don't even need to use a brush. Love the color, highly recommend it, not sure whether it's still in the market. 

I bought this recommended by my hair stylist, it smells great and lathers pretty well. I thought it would not be easy to rinse the shampoo off my thick hair, but surprisingly clean with no residue. After using it for a week, my hair ends became smooth and it makes my scalp very comfortable, I highly recommend this. 

I bought this in Japan for 500NT, DHC is a well known brand, you can purchase it in almost any drug stores. I always agree that we should take good care of our neck, especially people always look down on their phone it's easier to get wrinkles on your neck. Alot of people around 25 years old already have neck wrinkles which is a sign of aging, that is why we have to pay attention. I always use this after I wash my face. The cream includes : Coenzyme Q10, amino acid, collagen, vitamin A, squalene, oilve oil extract and shea butter, that's why it's very moisturizing. 

I got this as a b’day gift from my friend, it’s a mini size 5g only. It’s a Japanese brand that focus on moisturizing and whitening~~ This lipgloss has a light mint flavor, I think this is a lipbalm, lipstick, lipgloss three in one product, but it’s still a bit sticky.

The shade I got is Br-3 new york coffee, the white color on the left is for my tear duct. I think this palette is great for newbies, you can use the dark brown shade for eyelining too, great to use! 

I picked this whitening essence while I was looking for a whitening product! It's absorbing and compared to it's former generation, the essence smells better. I put this essence on after toner, I'm not sure whether it's whitening or not but it's absorbing did not give me any bad reactions. 

I love this toner so much that I bought three more!! It shrinks my pores and balances the oil on my face! It does not contain alcohol so I'm not worried at all! 

I bought this one PChome, their snail products are the most famous such as essence, toner, cream etc... This toner is abit greasy so I can't use this during summer. It's a hot sale in Korea but based on Taiwan's humid hot weather it's better to use more refreshing toners. I might try it again in winter. 

I like Eve's products, my lady parts tend to get sweaty and stuffy during summer, I use this powder after I shower, and it leaves my lady part nice and comfortable. I saw a research online saying 80% of women gets uncomfortable because of the humid weather, polluted water and stress . 

I bought this in Japan, my feet gets sore and bloated easily because I like to walk and shop alot, thats why I purchased this to reduce my soreness, just stick this sheet under my feet and it felt better. 

I've used many eyeliners, this one is great at water and oil proofing, it's affordable and easy to remover. Eyeliners that don't smudge is always my first choice, I highly recommend this, five hearts. 

Love the package design, but the original price not cheap so I bought it during discount. It's special ingredient allows the skin to absorb better, I do feel my pore are getting smaller and tighter but it needs time and consistency, also helps to hydrate my skin during winter! 

My friend gave it to me, but I acciendentally broke half of it. I got the 01 color, it helps to prevent dryness but it's abit sticky. It gives me good bright lips! 

I've been looking for a seum to help sooth my skin after my laser treatment, because my skin is sensitive and fragile after the treatment, it's important to moisturize my skin. I use this serum after I wash my face and apply toner, my skin became better after a week. 

It has no coverage but it's really oil blotting. Great for people with oily skin, this helps to clear all the oil. I recommend it, it's cheap and great. 

I was brain washed by this TV ad, I like the coverage, so I bought it through TV since my IOPE air cushion is running out. I think this should be great to use furing winter, it's an air cushion with SPF50+PA+++, and the color tone is great for work or travelling. 

Instructions: Wash your face→ Toner→ Moisturizing Essence→ Air Cushion Foudnation→ Loose Powder. My T area gets oily easily around afternoon, so I will use an oil blotting paper to clear all the oil then apply the air cushion foundation with 1-2 pats. After using it for a week I had my period and I see some blemishes and pimples on my face so I'm actually not sure whether it's the foundation or my period! It has no special scent, it does have a plactis scent when I opened it which is kind of disappointing. 

Their foundation was on discount for 499NT paired with this blush. After reading some good reviews online, I purchased it right away. I used the blush the next day, I love the berry scent, the color is orange and it has glitter in it, I can swipe it on my face for 7-8 times and doesn't make me look cakey. But it's not that long lasting so I had to re-apply several times. The texture is firm, easy to carry and there's a little mirror inside! 

So thoughtful it comes with a little brush, I didn't purchase this when I was in Japan, I got it in Watsons for 280NT instead! It's like I found a treasure, the highlighter is not too much that makes me look oily! It gives me a nice dewy look all day with just a few swipes on my T area. Gives me a perfect makeup look! ( Apply the makeup in circle form) Canmake's products are all made in Japan, it has a great Japanese package design, I think it's going to take me over a year to finish this product...

I like the scent, I see alot of Bourjois' products in Watsons. The package design is nice and light, there are testers that I can try it out. This is too dry for me, and coverage is not enough to cover my dark circles or dark spots. It blends really well, it will be better if it has SPF. I'm still waiting for Bourjois to come out with a amazing foundation. 

P.S : Buy it during discount for 33% off. 

"Media came out with a new BB face powder" So thoughtful they have a little plastic cover in the compact! I think this only comes in one color? So lucky I got the last one from the store, and there are other three girls in front of me lining up to purchase this powder! 

Few steps to use this face powder: Wash your face→ Toner→ Primer→ Foundation or Tinted moisturizer→ Face powder. My makeup stays in place half the day, I thought this is gonna make me look cakey but I was wrong! I only re-applied once, and I accidentally got water on my face and my makeup is still perfectly intact until 8pm, so amazing! I would purcahse it again, it gives good coverage too, I love it ;)

I was chatting with my friend about makeup primers, then I found the primer I was looking for at Watsons, I use this primer after I put on all the essence and lotion before I put on makeup. It helps to cover my spots and gives me natural skin after I use my foundation. I highly recommend this. 

Here is a little tip on how to pick the color of your primer -

Purple : Great for mroe yellow tone skin. Green : Great for redness or skin with scars. White : Great for dull, uneven skin. Blue : Great for unhealthy pale skin. Gold : Great for people who wants a healthy tanned skin. Skincolor : Great for moisturizing or dryness, and people who is not contour. 

I got it as a birthday gift, it has a strong scent which surprised me, a little can go a long way. I like the smell. 

This is a great hair oil, apply two drops on the ends then blow dry, no frizzy hair the next day, love it! Recommend it to everyone.

The texture is like a paste+liquid... I apply it on my elbow and feet after shower, the smell is fine. As I have the habit to apply body lotion everyday, I don't think I would repurchase, it's too nutritious for me! Especially won't use it during summer. 

I bought this on discount, I was really looking forward to it. When I apply it during autumn or winter, it feels like the essence is stuck in my pores and takes some time to absorb, so I extended the time till 30 minutes to apply the mask. Unfortunately the result wasn't as good as I thought it would be, it wasn't hydrating enough, and my fine lines condition didn't change at all.

It doesn't make my face tight or break out when I apply this moisturizer after I wash my face, usually I apply it on my cheeks and T area, it's super super moisturizing! Compare to highend store, it's a more affordable price with highend product quality. 

I bought this because there are some freckles on my cheeks, this spot eraser has a floral scent, not greasy and very absorbing. But I have to apply it for days to see the results, it's refreshing but don't apply during day time, it has the reverse effect. 

It's a gift from a friend, I find the smell weird? I can't really tell what the smell is. I love that it has alot of liquid essense, enough for my whole face and neck.  I recommend this to my friends who love highend products.

I bought this in the department store, definitly helps when your skin feels dehydrated and dull. It's kind of pricey, so I suggest to buy it during discount, usually it will come with an extra gift. 

This mask uses innovative Bio Cellulose Cloth , the size fits my face so well, it feels like the liquid extract directly injects into my face and doesn't drip on to my neck. The mask sticks really well!

This face mask has a clear texture, when I opened the sheet and squeezed it, the sheet dripped out about 20ml of liquid extract, it's a very generous product! It costs 55NT per sheet in average so I bought 50 sheets! The mask contains EGF anti-aging agent, it revitalizes your skin, sooths the fine lines and slowers the aging process! I highly recommend it! 

My colleague introduced me to this face mask! I give it 100 points! This mask sticks on my skin so well, immediately I can feel the results on my face, so radiant and bright, and the next day my makeup sets so well! I've already bought 50 sheets on discount, so afraid it would be sold out. 

I am a complete face mask lover, every week I apply face mask 3-5 times. This face mask makes me really happy, it's very environmental friendly because there're several sheets in just one package, I use it mostly during summer because it's very moisturizing! I would defintely buy it again.

It's often on discount and the packaging is really pinky and girly! It cleans pretty well when I'm on light makeup, but makes my face break out so I won't buy it anymore. I stuffed it in my closet for a long time. I only use it during summer to clean my body skin when I apply water-proof sunblock. 

Four years ago, I've used this before and I think it's a good face wash. Few days ago I bought another bottle, although they came out with a new face wash (POWDER WASH +) I would purchase it after I finish this one. For girls who have combination skin type, I suggest the way to use this is for winter, use this to wash once a week.  For summer, you can wash 2-3 times per week. Your pores can be deeply cleansed, so you don't have to use another product to clean your acnes. I feel refreshing after the wash, but don't forget to apply toner afterwards.


Because of my very long hair, I have to wash my hair everyday to keep it clean and tidy, this shampoo is a gift from my friend, my hair doesn't feel dry or rough after I use it. But if I wash two times a day, my hair will feel abit dry , so I suggest just wash once a day. 

It's very moisturizing, I think it's very absorbing, usually I apply it 3-4 times a week, and it smells good too. You can finish one bottle around a month, my cheeks and forehead became radiant. 

I bought this when it's on discount, I use a little amount each time with my foaming net. But face became abit tight, and it's not moisturizing enough...

The package is very exquisite, and easy to carry, it's better to use it in winter! Very moisturizing.

I have sensitive skin, this body wash is very mild, and it's such a big bottle I can use it for a year, which only cost 590NT. My skin doesn't feel dry at all after shower. 

I bought this for 89NT, so I thought what good can come out of cheap stuff.It's really moisturizing, very good to use in winter when you have chapped lips. But it taste abit like plastic?! I don't like the taste.

I always use this as a conditioner after I wash my hair, it's easy to squeeze. It takes longer time for me to apply because I have really long hair, so I just wrap my hair with a hot towel and wash it off after 5 minutes, like getting it done in a salon but for free! I recommend it!

You can apply alot on your face and go to sleep, it's kind of like a sleeping mask idea. It smells really fresh, and my skin is really good when I wake up in the morning, highly recommend it! And it's a glass bottle:)

Why is it efficient and soothing? Because it can efficiently sooth your skin, anyone who uses it would know it's very easy to absorb, and not sticky! I would definitely buy this again:) It's very suitable for combination and sensitive skin type people. 

I use this during winter and summer for moisturizing, after I apply it I can hardly see the pores on my skin. Love this toner, I always bring it with me when I'm travelling because it's so useful. Once my face was swelling and red because of the flaming sun, after I apply it my swelling went down! It was a big surprise.

It's not too expensive! It's a nice choice if you're looking for something not too pricy, doesn't feel dry and it's really smooth when I apply it. But after I washed it off and scratched my face abit, there're some flakes falling off which is kind of disappointing!! After one day, my foundation/base makeup didn't stay on well, maybe I didn't moisturize my face properly...

This mask is surprisingly good in oil controling~ Very nice to use around summer~ But I applied the mask for over 30 minutes which I think it's too long, also my skin got abit dry and itchy and it's kind of hard to wash off. Next time I would try 15 minutes. 

This face wash is very nice to use especially during summer, it's not aggresive at all and it can also whiten your skin~ It says "Tranexamic Acid and Arbutin" on the package and approved by MOHW so I can slowly whiten without worrying, it's also very refreshing~ I recommend this product!!

It's very bubbly. easy to wash and my face doesn't oily at all~ I love it's white and clean packaging design! 

This shampoo combines 4 benefits Color Protection, Anti-Breakage Protection, Thermal Protection and UV Protection. I recommend this shampoo to people who have dyed hair, because your color won't fade and it's easy to wash!

This is a luxurious toner, I usually apply it for 5 minutes after I clean my face. It's very moiturizing and the scent makes me comfortable. It will be more efficient to always finish the toner within 28 days, you can see the obvious change on the cheeks. Even though I have combination skin, I never dealt with allergies using this product and not only I didn't grow acnes and also my pores are smaller than before!? It's true

During winter, I apply this lotion after shower, it's like the water locks in my skin! It's because this lotion has Glycerin & Petrolatum so it makes my skin moisturized~ I just need abit of lotion to apply all over my skin, I highly recommend it~~


I always carry this with me because it's easy to carry, the texture is watery and not oily, it makes me refreshed all day! Some people said that it leaves white streaks on your face but you just need to blend well and it will absorb. I bought two bottles on a discount! 

I love this oil~ It heals my cuts and burnt skin quickly and it doesn't hurt at all! I always carry this with me~ 

No matter how heavy my makeup is, this makeup remover can clean it perfectly~ Also my face feels hydrated, the smell is nice too. I always thought that makeup removers will give me acnes, but after using this, my skin feels refreshing and it's breathing! I highly recommend this product!

This is not that kind of sticky essence, it absorbs very well~ The essence contains rose extract so it feels nice when I apply it on my face~ After I finished the whole bottle I feel like my skin is more bouncy! 

When I first bought this, I pressed three times which is too much for me. For girls who have volumed hair, you just need to press once, when your hair is halfway dry, just comb the ends then you can start to blow dry your hair! The next day your it will be nice and tidy~ This is my No.1 product! 

I bought this after I watched this ad video:

It's excellent to use~ It's like wearing fake lashes!! But after I apply it, I got some smudges under my eyes, maybe I brushed too much?

This looks like a crayon so it's easy to carry, and it has no smell! You can use it to moisturize your lips, I always use it as a lip balm when I'm outside~ But it has to be removed afterward or else you might get pigmented lips. 

It smells nice when I open the box,  I can feel that its really full of cream when I press it with my fingers. It's very longlasting and I only need to retouch in the evening. It also gives abit shiny touch on my skin! I like it.



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