Marcia Wu



About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Thick
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Bridal secretary
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Organic
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

The color is super dark and smooth to apply, but it smudges easily and not super long lasting so it's better to put extra layers of eyeliners or eyeshadows. 

It's full of nice fine glitter in the texture, you can add this in the foundation for highlighting and give your face a more radiant look. 

It has several colors and really cheap. It costs less than 100NT during discount, but it gets messy sometimes and the powder is more rough. 

I can finish my contour step by using this fluid shading when I put on primer, but the color is more transparent, so it's not as obvious as cream or powder bronzers. 

The texture is very fine, and its cheap. This is a more earthy tone, it's not too strong or overly pink. You can layer it with other blushes for different looks. 

It's a super lightweight moisturizing essence, it contains sparkling essence that activates and whitens my skin, great to use in the morning. 

It's a great moisturizing and repairing face mask, the shape fits on my face very well and the essence does not drip everywhere 

You can use this to draw hairlines, but the color payoff is just ok and so far they only have two colors. You can basically replace this with eyebrow color products. 

It has many different shades, the color payoff is satisfiying but the texture goes everywhere so be careful when you use it. 

This lipgloss is transparent so it's great to use with other liptints. It blends really well and covers my lip wrinkles. It also makes my lips look juicy. 

It's very glittery and long lasting. You can use this liquid eyeliner to accentuate different areas of your eyes or use as a lower lashline shadow. 

It has different kinds of shades and gives great color payoff. But the texture is abit thick so be sure to brush it throughly in case of lumps. 

You can add this essence in any kind of foundations. But I do not recommend to use this during Taiwan's summer, it's better to use at drier places.

I personally love this blush, it's cheap and I love the color. The shade is more pink so I think it fits with all skin tones.

For a bronzer it give great color payoff, I can easily apply with just a twist so it's convenient. But it's abit hard to blend, it takes alot of time for me to blend it perfectly. 

This liquid eyeliner pencil is smooth and easy to apply, the color is super black and it's long lasting. 

This eye creamis easy to apply, but it contains a certain amount of grease so it might smudge after a long period of time. 

It gives great color payoff and easy to apply. But it's hard to remove and it's not great for people with dark lip color. You can use this to make ombre lipstyle. 

It's perfect to use on it's own or as a primer. It has a natural color with SPF 35 PA +, if your skin is in a good condition, all you need is apply this transformer then you're good to go. If you use it as a primer it give your skin a nice radiant glow. 

I recently found out this hides my dark circles pretty well! It's a light weight texture covers darks circles perfectly, so this is now a must have when I do makup on brides. 

I've used this for 10 years, I love that its a clear gel and cleanses my makeup pretty good. It even cleanses my liquid foundation perfectly, it's refreshing and has no side effects. 

This is a affordable product, almost everyone I know has one. It can apply on my brows and hair lines too. Every girl should have one. 

This is one of Chanel's top selling product, the colors are subtle, but the texture is kind of hard to stay on the brush and the powder flies everywhere, it's also quite expensive. 

I love this lotion for years, they've changed the texture along the way so it's more refreshing and easier to blend, I can see my skin is getting brightened day by day. 

This highlighter has a fine texture, the color is not too bold. It gives me a natural glow, and it's not too exaggerating even if I apply my whole face. 

This line has 5 different products, I bought 3 of them : Study, Energy and Relaxation. It's very easy to apply, it helps me relax and wake up.

I always apply this on my brides before I put on their makeup, it's not pricey and has a nice mild smell. It helps with moisturizing the skin, so the makeup would set properly and last longer. 

All of KISS ME's mascara are so good to use, I've purchased alot for myself and my brides. It's smudge proof and makes my eyelash thick and curvy all day. 

The color is very full, there is a pencil sharpener on the otherside of the eyeliner. It's very easy to apply, and doesn't smudge easily. 

I always apply this around my eyes before I put on any makeup, it makes my makeup color more obvious, keeps all my makeup in place and long-lasting. It's very useful for people who has oily skin. 

This is a good quality face mask, it's special texture makes the mask stick on my face perfectly so that the essence soaks into my face, and I dont have to worry about the essence dripping on my clothes. 

I've bought this many times, this is one of Sekkisei's best selling product. It has a thick liquid texture with a comforting herbal smell. I've been using it for a while and my skin has become healthier.

Although it a night mask, I always apply this in winter as the last step of my skincare routine. It has a cream texture with a herbal scent, my face becomes radiant on the next day. 

I've bought two of these already, before I put on any lipstick I would apply this as a base, it makes the lipstick color I put on afterwards last longer. 

For people who loves a matte look on your lips have to buy this product! The color is great, and blends really well, looks just like the color on the package. One of my favourite lipstick! 

It has a herbal smell and moisturizes my lips. I usually apply it in winter or when I go to some country with a dry weather, I always carry it in my makeup bag. 

This product has great colors, it's also easy to use, just take some with your fingers or Q-tip to apply on your lips, it also has different colors, the down side of it's not long-lasting. 

I've been using this for myself and my brides and it's so good to use! The coloring is nice, it has a fine powder texture and it comes in different colors. It looks good on Asians. 

Remember to shake before you use, even though it's kinda of complicating to apply on, but it has better effect than regular toners, and does not make my face oily. 

I've repurchased this so many times, I always rely on this cream during winter, it has a watery texture but it's not greasy at all. Gives my skin a good treatment and very moisturizing, it's very effective for people who has really dry skin. 

This spray keeps my skin hydrated, after I wash my face I would spray alot on my face then apply lotion or face cream, my skin immediately feels moisturized and it lasts until the next day.

This is a very refreshng primer, not only it gives me good coverage it also has a decent effect on sunblock. The CC cream does not irritate my sensitive skin, so usually I just need to apply this then I can go out, so convenient.



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