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actually, I just buy this product for trying korean toner product, and I was in love with it. at the first time i used it, i can't stand with the fragrant, in indonesia its like an old perfume that used by old man. but, day by day i can tolerant it and now I miss to scent it :D this product can moisturize my skin without make it feel oily and it absorb well. i used it in my night routine and following it with in yang lotion and cosrx honey overnight mask or in yang face and neck sleeping repair. and they make my skin smooth, moist and elastic in the morning.

this is my first overnight mask, and I feel so loved from the first I used it. this overnight mask help me to cure my acnes, and my skin feel so smooth in the morning. I used it for 3 week and my acnes scars is totaly dissapear. althought it still be pimpling one or two because of hormone. unfortunately, it also make my pores became large. not all my face, just around the nose. overall I love this product but I still want to find another nightmask:)



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