I'm a thirty something year old #kbeauty obsessed junkie who recently got in Pokémon Go. I began playing this cult fave game cuz my six year old nephew is playing it at the moment. I'm very non educated when it comes to skincare or beauty in general. So, let's learn together!!! I enjoy taking pics and writing reviews on #instagram. 📔📸

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type:
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Brown

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: United States
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Help my hands are cracking, dry!!! I bought this #naturerepublic hand "lotion" and instantly fell in love. It absorbed into my skin within a second and did not leave my hands greasy! It hydrated just the right amount for my depressing dry hands. Problem: I cannot locate it anywhere!!!! I found it in #hawaii at the Nature Republic store awhile back. But now it is nowhere!! 😩👎😰💩 can you guys recommend a good #kbeauty hand lotion??? Let me know in the comments below. ✨💕💋

I heart #sheetmasks. I can not get enough. I've been on a #sheetmask kick for a week now and I think my skin is looking more glowy! ✨ tonight I tried a #mediheal vita lightbeam essential mask. 👃light scent 😀 fits nicely on my big face💧moderate essence, a good amount to put on as extra 🌟 immediately noticed a slight to moderate brightening effect 👍 overall I really enjoyed this sheet mask. Definitely will be repurchasing in the future.

Not shown but I got the full size @theskinfoodus black sugar mask wash off. It's a bit abrasive even on my non-sensitive skin but the sugars dissolve fairly quickly. It smells like lemon rather than sugary. After rinsing with warm water, it left my skin smooth and clean. I'm definitely glad that I purchased this cult fave. 👍💕

Gooooood morning!?!? Ok, maybe not. But better late than never, right? This facial cleanser is in my current morning and night routine. It has a light scent (I'm horrible at describing scents), needs a little bit more rinsing off time but leaves the skin clean. I don't know as of yet if it's helped my big old pores but maybe after two more weeks, I'll notice or won't notice a difference. But this @theskinfoodus facial cleanser is a fave among #kbeauty peeps. 📝 Q/A What is your fave cleanser? 

UPDATE: it shrieked the appearance of my pores for an hour but then they looked big again. FAIL!

Have you tried multi step #sheetmasks before? This innovative #sheetmask is new to me but have been loving it! I tried this particular one for the first time last night. There were three steps: eye essence, face cream then sheet mask. What made this sheet mask different was the eye essence and face cream. After an hour of the sheet mask, my face was hydrated! I didn't even put on any products afterwards. It's a definite repurchase for me in my book.

This is my current fave #cleansingoil. I cannot live without #cleansingoils. This oil based product takes off a full face of makeup in less than a minute! It's like magic! ✨💕😉 do you double cleanse? What products do you use to wash your face?

#donkeymilkbrightening #sheetmask was a bit disappointing for me! I heard a lot of hype about this sheet mask but it didn't live to my expectation. It was a little hydrating but not a lot and it didn't really leave my skin brightened. Maybe I need to try it a couple more times to give a more thorough review. I will buy a couple more and test them out again. 

👄 Curel // moisture lip care cream: I got this lip balm at a store in LA while shopping with @lotusandthesnail and @midnyteblaque this past weekend. I was complaining about my dry, chapped lips and saw this simple lip product. It was pretty cheap.....around $5-7. I tried this out and am pretty happy with it. It has absolutely no scent or color. It is creamy and moisturizing. What more can you ask for, right?!?

Inside the box contained a mini size (1.69 fl oz) of the #Missha Super Aqua Ice Tear Cream // hydrating and refreshing. Just to give you a short background, I have combo and oily skin with some sensitivities around my nose area.
First off, the smell was light and pleasant (at least for me). It smelled like a Japanese soda called #ramune. The scent didn't last long but I didn't mind as I prefer very light to no scent in my skincare and makeup products. The texture was light and gel like. It was not tacky nor greasy and my skin absorbed the product very quickly. For people with combo/oily skin this product would be great in the sweaty HOT spring and summer times. But for autumn and winter, I will need a more hydrating cream. Nonetheless, I would definitely purchase this item. 

REVIEW #ponyeffectluminous boosting pack mask
💧Essence: a ton!!! There was even a tough left over in the packet. 💦Hydration: good. Not great as a felt a bit greasy afterwards. It was not dewy rather oily. Maybe this #sheetmask would be good for dry skin peeps. 😀 Fit: no slipping, fit my big face. 🌸 Scent: I didn't notice a smell. If there was any, it was very mild. 💸Price: $3
Overall ⭐️⭐️/5 stars
Due to the greasy feeling afterwards, I gave this sheet mask only three stars. I was luminous but not in a good way!!! Lol I liked though that it didn't have a strong scent and the price was descent. I will however not be RP. 


  • The second one I put was from a brand called #l'herboflore. This is my first time trying anything from this brand. I used the BLACK PEARL WHITENING MASK. 👩 FIT // the fit is phenomenal (for me) as I have a big face. It was large enough to fit me and it stayed on my face for at least an hour. 💦 there was no left over essence in the foil packet. The mask was moist enough. But after I took off the mask, my face felt a bit tight! What?!?! Weird, right?!?! This was probably one of my first times ever using a sheet mask and afterwards finding my face to be on the drier side! Maybe it was the AC? Maybe it was the weather? Maybe I left it on too long? Idk why it left my skin feeling tight but I will not be repurchasing this particular sheet mask. NRP ⭐️/5 stars

😋 last night, I double masked with the Japanese brand called #ishizawalab. The type of sheet mask is called "white mask!" LOL so simple to remember, right?!?! 💦 you'll notice lots of watery essence from this ten pack sheet mask. BTW one foil pack contains 10 nicely folded sheet masks. 📅 So they are great for everyday masking!!! And these masks provides good hydration. 👩 the fit is kinda small but they easily rip so you can mold it to your face. This mask is for petite faces! Haha 😂 🌸there is no fragrance but it does smell a bit alcoholy. 👻 does it actually brighten your skin and make you look like a ghost?!?! Lol not really, which is a bummer as I am looking for a product that makes me look like a #kdramaactress! 💁 finally the texture: 🖐it's a moist tacky feeling. You can decide whether to put on your cream and or sleeping pack afterwards. Sometimes I get lazy and just skip the last steps to my nighttime routine. OVERALL // it was a good sheet mask that was affordable. WRP ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars

🐬Tosowoong // mermaid princess aqua refresh whitening mask: this cute thing promises intense moisture and boosts skin condition with whitening and anti-wrinkle functions. As for the whitening results, I cannot attest that it did much of that. And it's difficult to tell if it helped prevent wrinkles after only one use. However, it did leave my face moisturized. Though my skin felt a bit tacky afterwards for $1 I would repurchase cuz of the hydrating effects and the adorable packaging.

🍄Bonvivant // madecassoside + mugwort
🍄EFFECTS: mugwort tightens (didn't feel like anything tightened), madecassoside leaves your skin more elastic, healthier, firmer (yes, yes, yes)!!! And it made my skin super baby soft!!! I gotta stop touching my face!! 😆
🍄SCENT: nice floral scent that wasn't too overwhelming
🍄ESSENCE: it was clear, watery. There was not enough left in the pack to put on my face.
🍄WRP: Yes yup yeah

🌿Naisture // Ginseng Mask Pack
🌿EFFECTS: it's supposed to immediately moisturizer and tighten the skin: not really. It had moderate moisturization and made my skin feel a little tight but not in s good way.
🌿SCENT: the smell was very herbal but I love that scent so I didn't mind it.
🌿ESSENCE: the essence was milky, non greasy and light. There was about a teaspoon of left over essence which is always nice.
🌿FIT: it was bigger than some of the other sheet masks that I tried but I hated how thick the mask was! I like mine to be less than paper thin.
🌿WRP if it was a good price. Good for everyday double masking use.

🌸l'herboflore // Camellia Nourishing Hydromask
🌸Claims to hydrate, soothe, brighten, repair the skin
🌸What did it actually do: hydrated, soothed and softened my skin!!!
🌸Fragrance: moderate floral scent
🌸Amount of essence: one teaspoon of watery essence
🌸Texture of essence: a little sticky
🌸Fit of sheet mask: large fit, very thin
🌸Other information: state of the art Japanese multilayered, breathable material with natural fibers.
Comment: I really enjoyed this mask as it left my skin baby soft! It was had a not too strong floral scent that hydrated my skin as well. When this baby is on sale, I'm going to stock up!!!

💕Lovermore // Saussurea Involucrata Revival Mask Sheet
💕Claims: balance and rehydrate dry skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and brighten the skin
💕 What did it actually do: hydrate 😒
💕Fragrance: none!
💕Amount of essence: barely any left over essence
💕Texture of essence: very watery, not sticky
💕Fit of sheet mask: large fit
Comment: maybe because I used the amazing l'herboflore mask, this was not a HG status #sheetmask for me. I bummed cuz tons of people raved about this cult fave. I might use as an everyday mask though.....

Oh wow @ohlollybeauty! The packaging: isn't it stunning? You might not see the small details but I absolutely love the simplicity and beauty of their design. This @kicho_cosmetics sheet mask is meant to nourish and even out the skin tone. And guess what, it did!!! The package of 5 masks is $20. Not bad. I will definitely be repurchasing. 💕✨😘

I went shopping with the one and only @lotusandthesnail this weekend. Per usual, I had a ton of fun with this girl. We ate good #hongkongstylefood, chatted a ton, and shopped til we dropped. We stopped by Lohas (an Asian grocery store). Julie showed me the selection of sheet masks they carried and their amazing prices. 💸 I forgot how much a box of #lovemore #sheetmasks cost but they were dirt cheap!!!
Review// LoveMore
🌑Black Pearl True White Mask Sheet
🌑No scent
🌑Left my skin baby soft
🌑All essence quickly absorbed into my skin
🌑Not sure if I see whitening effects
🌑Cheap everyday sheet mask
🌑Burning feeling on my sensitive spot, wiped off essence from that area and did not mask under nose section due to sensitivities
Overall: I would definitely repurchase this lovely box of sheet masks! Though I had s tingly feeling under my nose area, I quickly solved the problem by removing all essence and the sheet mask from that section. Definitely would recommend this #sheetmask for everyday masking.


🌿this product is gel like in consistency and certainly cooling. ❄️ you put a generous amount on problem areas or entire face. Within minutes, the gel turns into light beige dead skin that is disgusting as well as very satisfying to see. After you messaged all of the gel onto your skin, you wash it off with Luke warm water. 💦 Then just pat pat with a dry towel. You are left with super smooth, squeaky clean skin. 

The featured sheet mask is:

🍄Bonvivant // madecassoside + mugwort

🍄EFFECTS: mugwort tightens (didn't feel like anything tightened), madecassoside leaves your skin more elastic, healthier, firmer (yes, yes, yes)!!! And it made my skin super baby soft!!! I gotta stop touching my face!! 😆

🍄SCENT: nice floral scent that wasn't too overwhelming

🍄ESSENCE: it was clear, watery. There was not enough essence left in the pack to put on my face.

🍄WOuld Repurchase: Yes yup yeah



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