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General Information

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/European/White
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Italy
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

CLAIMS 📣: "Our Brightening & soothing eye mask will prevent or zap away signs of aging by: 

✓ Reducing puffiness, fatigue, dark circles, fine lines, and crow's feet
✓ Hydrating and plumping the delicate eye contour & cheek"

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: the ingredients list is very diverse! there's a couple of peptides, hyaluronic acid and a complex of brightening botanical extract which the brand refers to as "

APPEARANCE 👁: it's a black, thin sheet made of natural derived charcoal rayon, abundantly saturated in a clear, watery essence. It has a bat-shape which fully envolops your eye area, up to the eyebrows on the top and up to the middle of my cheeks on the bottom.

It sticks very well to the skin and fits my eye contour comfortably.

SCENT 👃: there is some kind of scent to it, but it's so faint that I can't really pick it up.

RESULTS ❓: the mask stays moist for a long time, and was still wet when I removed it.

Once removed you have some leftover essence to pat in, which readily absorbs without leaving any kind of residue, so it's great for daytime use, in case you wanna apply makeup right after.

I didn't notice an instant brightening effect from it to be honest, but my eye area felt soothed and refreshed, and makeup went on smoothly!

This mask was provided to me by in exchange for my honest opinion and I have not received any monetary compensation for this review.

CLAIMS 📣: This serum-infused facial mask helps restore and renew skin's vitality through pushing the moisture and repairing essence into skin cells deeply.

AERIA SKIN'S Even-tone brightening mask will prevent or zap away signs of aging by:



- Clarifying skin and drawing out impurities


- Fading age spots and discoloration


- Repairing and rebalancing skin through releasing botanical active ingredients into your skin


- Making your skin look smoother, softer and plumper

Hexapeptide-11 (from yeast extract), niacinamide, various botanical extracts of organic source.

APPEARANCE 👁: it's a very thick sheet made of 100% organic cotton. It doesn't feel too saturated in essence, but that's probably because of the fabric's thickness. There's a plastic backing on it, which is pretty redundant since the mask's thickness would likely allow to unfold the mask without it without many complications.

The fit on me isn't the best. There's a lot of extra fabric on the sides which I was compelled to fold and adherence isn't stellar either. It creases and bubbles up a lot and even when smoothed out, it wouldn't stick to the skin completely.

SCENT 👃: it feels completely unscented to me.

RESULTS ❓: The mask didn't last long on me. After 15 minutes it started feeling dry and separating from the skin, and at 20 minutes the dryness forced me to peel it off.

Once removed, my skin looked definitely brighter and more hydrated, so I'm gonna give it 3 starts because the essence does deliver good results, but unfortunately the mask thickness prevented me from having a comfortable and relaxed masking session, since it didn't adhere well to the skin, started drying up too early and overall felt quite heavy to have on.

This mask was provided to me by in exchange for my honest opinion and I have not received any monetary compensation for this review.

This is one of those famous, well-loved products where I don't understand the hype around them. I've had it and used it probably 5 times, than gave it away because it was just "meh".

This sleeping mask claims to "recharge your skin overnight with an intense dose of moisture". It contains ceramides (which are always good), some amino acids and apricot and chestnut extracts, which exfoliate and brighten the skin.

It's a thick gel with a faint light blue hue to it. The consistency is excellent I must say, it spreads beautifully on the skin and feels cooling and refreshing. The scent is also something that I liked about it, it's fresh and invigorating! A bit perfumey (like, you can tell it's all artificial) but very pleasant.

The problem I had with it is that it always always left a film on my face. It feels nice during nighttime, because it makes you think that it's locking hydration in, and to the touch your skin feels amazingly soft and bouncy, but whenever I would wake up and wash my face, it would go away and my skin didn't feel more hydrated than the night before, at all. So it's a product that makes you feel like it's doing something, but then eventually doesn't, it's a fake impression.

For what it's priced, its failure is definitely unforgivable for me.

I got a travel-size of this spray which have been using regularly before sheet masking whenever my skin needed an extra boost.

Annie's way describes it as "a softening jelly spray based on Calendula extract. Organic Calendula revitalizes dry skin, leaving skin with a visibly healthy, oil-balance."

The description is pretty on point: this is not your typical watery, light mist. It's much denser than common facial mists, it's got a thicker texture, almost like a lotion, and yes, it's incredibly softening. Calendula is known for being particularly soothing and calming for the skin, so this spray is a great addition for people that suffer from redness and general sensitivity, and its softening power works particularly well if your skin is dry os is going through some dryness caused from exfoliating products and/or external factors (wind, cold temperatures, etc). It's got a base of rose water, which is renowned for being great at soothing the skin, and other than calendula, this spray is filled to the brim with loads of other botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate.

The spraying action isn't the best I've ever used I must say, but that's probably because since it's not watery, it's hard to get most of your face dampened quickly. A single pressure of the pump will cover only the area of your face you're spraying it into, so to get my whole face covered I spray this at least three times.

As I said, I like to use this before putting a sheet mask on, so that the jelly will get pushed into my skin by the sheet mask and absorb deeper. I can see a HUGE difference whenever I use this before sheet masking or not, because whenever I use it my skin is much much more softer and bouncy, so it does its job very well indeed!

This cream from Cosrx features a whopping 92% snail secretion filtrate. It's clearly the ingredient it wants to rely the most on, giving a potent healing, calming and hydrating cream. Snail mucin also has antiaging properties, promoting rejuvenation of the skin and prevention of damage. Other than that, there isn't much else worth mentioning, there are typical emollients and conditioning ingredients found in several creams, and adenosine, another ingredient that works against aging.

On websites it gets describes as a thick jelly. It's thick indeed, so thick that for me it almost crosses being a jelly, and I would classify this a cream. Its texture is incredibly sticky and glutinous, so much that whenever I pick some cream up it will form strings, just like melted cheese!

It spreads on the skin very easily, however it's not something that readily absorbs, I personally need to spend time massaging it before I can feel like it has sunk in properly.

It's rich and very moisturizing, your skin will feel pampered using it and a little goes a very long way, so I kinda disagree with the websites' description saying that this is suitable for any skin type. I have normal/combo skin, and I use very little (it's seriously gonna last me a decade!) and still, I wonder if I'm gonna wake up with clogged pores the next day because of how rich this feels (I've been lucky not to break out with it so far). Apart from this, the results are very good: your skin will feel extremely soft to the touch and well moisturized. It's also particularly good whenever your skin feels stressed and looks irritated, the high quantity of snail mucin will take care of that!

This essence from Missha is from one of their lines focusing on antiaging and firming. It's actually recommended for people in between their 30s and 50s, and I'm only 26, but never cared about these claims of skincare targeted only for certain ages. Plus, it's never too early to prevent aging and sagging skin!

So, this essence is formulated to pack protection for the skin against external factors and provide some firmness against wrinkles. I like its formula, it has some interesting ingredients, amongst which are peptides, which I'm a fan of.


I seem to have a problem with Missha essences though, because this is the second one I've tried from them, and they're not lightweight essences, they're very rich and thick, more like serums. This one has also a lot of macadamia seed oil in it, which can definitely feel too much for oily skin types. I never recommend Missha serums to oily skin types for this reason. It was quite heavy for my skin too, in fact this was a nighttime step only for me.


Overall I liked it (even though I can't really say if it helped firming my skin or not) but I prefer lighter essences, so I won't repurchase.

I used up a whole bottle of this, but it's not a product that was easy to finish up. The main problem is how this essence absorbs (or rather, DOESN'T absorb) into the skin.

It's a clear, thick-ish gel that's based on brightening and moisturizing ingredients. The formula is not bad at all, it has 5% niacinamide and an array of botanical extracts and brightening and antiaging ingredients (such as several forms of vitamin C, vitamin A and lactic acid) but damn, it's sticky as hell. It spreads well into the skin, but there's no way I coud make this sink in completely: it always left a very uncomfortable tacky feeling that only dissipated if I put a sheet mask on top, in fact, I could use this only at nighttime, or on a daytime if I was planning on using a sheet mask.

Other than that, it was a good enough essence that helped keeping my skin bright and clear, but its stickiness is just too off-putting for me to repurchase.

This is a cult product from Missha. It's a First Treatment Essence, one of the first ones that replicates the famous SKII Treatment Essence.

These first treatment essences are a bit of a controversial topic, since there are some people that strongly feel they are just "expensive water". They are all based on the popular yeast extract, which supposedly has antiaging properties. Whether that's true or not (that's for science to say, google about it and you'll find tons of interesting infos), one thing that I notice with them it's that they are really perfect at prepping your skin for all the following steps. Remember when toner used to be the first step? Well, in asian beauty routines it's FTEs, and I agree that they are amazing at doing that.

This Missha one not only contains yeast extract, but niacinamide and other botanical extracts: it's exactly the consistency of water, and I like to put a generous splash of it on the palm of my hand and then smear it quickly all over my face and pat in. It gives a nice glow to the skin and I do feel a little hydrating effect from it. I definitely can feel a difference from when I didn't have it in my routine!

I do feel it could be a tad less pricey, but thankfully it often gets discounted!

I got this product for free from in exchange for my honest review!


This soap is from a japanese brand called Chulala, based in Okinawa. It seems to be a skincare brand based around herbal extracts, which I'm very drawn into! Even the packaging the soap comes in gives off this natural, authenthic vibe: it looks simple and minimalist.

The soap is intended to be used for face and body. First and foremost, let's talk about pH, which is one of the most important things about cleansing products: it's very high, my strips gave me a reading of around 8, which isn't very encouraging. High pHs in cleansing products just over-cleanse your skin, stripping it of its natural oils, which can lead to dryness and a disrupted moisture barrier. In terms of effects, this translates into having a cleanser that leaves your skin "squeaky clean", deprived of natural moisture, just like when you glide your fingertips onto a perfectly clean plate.

And unfortunately this is what this soap gave me. Upon contact with water you can lather up a nice, rich foam that smells very clean and herbal (nothing overpowering though) but its cleansing power is pretty strong, and that's something that it's better to avoid for everyday face washing.

It's very handy for hand washing though, and that's how I'm keeping using it!

First of all, what captured me about this essence is its appearance, like most Huxley products anyway: they have this beautiful clean, crisp and ethereal packaging that puts me in a relaxed mood by just looking at it 💆

Huxley's line of product is called "Secret of Sahara", that refers to the signature ingredient that is inside all their products: Sahara Cactus seed oil and extract, a plant famous for withstanding the super hot, harsh temperatures of the desert thanks to its ability to retain water. As it naturally defends itself from dehydration, that's what it does to the skin just as well: it's packed with linoleic acid and vitamin E, which hydrate and soothe the skin 💦

The clear, watery texture of this essence is as thirst-quenching as it looks! It's just slightly more viscous than water, and you can feel that especially once you spread and pat it in your skin, it's got a mild sticky feeling coming from the prickly pear oil and the Japanese white birch juice, but everything sinks in pretty quickly

The scent is fresh and invigorating, not resembling anything I can think of. Just very summery and revitalizing!
I'm loving this essence in conjunction with my other hydrating toners, it boosts hydration without being heavy and since it absorbs completely, it's perfect with the hotter climate, a winner for the coming summer! I'm happy with my purchase!

This is a tinted gel made up with 70% water that give a sheer, super natural bronzed effect. I'm totally obsessed with it!

It comes in 3 shades (I own the shade BG61 Soft Brown, which is the lightest) and seriously, it gives the most natural sun-kissed effect ever! Super natural, doesn't look fake in the least, it warms your complexion up in the best possible way. I apply this on top of foundation (but can be used alone too) with the same foundation brush I used (but can be applied with fingers, it doesn't matter) and it blends beautifully with no streaks, leaving a gorgeous dewy finish.

Only downside, it's expensive. But it's worth every cent in my opinion!

This cream is seriously my saviour. It restored my skin on all the occasions in which it was severely irritated or going through an allergic reaction. In just few days my skin would go back to normal like nothing ever happened!

It's a thick, white cream that contains lots of panthenol (vitamin B5, super effective at soothing the skin) and madecassoside, an ingredient that has antibacterial properties. It doesn't cost much and I recommend it to anyone!

If you love honey, then you'll probably like this mask! 🍯🍯🍯 it's got that lovely gooey texture and honey is the second ingredient, so it's definitely there!

It also smells really really nice, but don't ask me what exactly smells like because me, my mom and my aunt all came up with different guesses! 😵

It's definitely something fruity, by the way!! 🍎🍌🍉🍑🍓🍍 Also contains Community Trade marula oil from Namibia and Community Trade olive oil from Italy! 🌿

It stays sticky on your skin for the whole waiting time, and after washing it off hello to soft, pampered skin! 😍
A great alternative to sheet masks 😊

I bought this cream specifically because it has a SPF 15 (which is enough. We wash our hands often so it needs to be reapplied during the day), and not only is super cheap, but it's also enriched with a blend of hyaluronic acid, LHA’s, ceramides, vitamin C and 10 oils, so it's protective, nourishing and anti-aging 👍
It's also not sticky whatsoever and absorbs quickly, and forget about the typical sunscreen smell, it's been concealed by a perfumey floral scent, not overpowering and very pleasant!

This is a first step cleansing product that performs like an oil but has a thick gel-cream consistency.


I've tried two samples of this, and while it performs well, I cannot stand its scent: it's a quite strong, perfumey chemichal scent, which I wouldn't mind too much normally, but it lingers on your skin even after washing with foam. You can smell it on your skin afterwads for a while and nope, I don't want my face to smell of perfume. So for this reason, I definitely won't purchase the full size, nor I feel like recommending it.

This is a cleansing oil that does its job just fine at removing makeup and dissolving it. It's a thick, deep yellow oil and it's olive oil-based. It's fragrance-free (like most, if not all, DHC products) so you can clearly smell that distinctive olive's scent which, personally, I don't find that pleasant. By not including any sort of fragrance, they haven't adjusted the olive scent to make it a bit more "fresh", so it comes off quite heavy and definitely feels like you're smearing your face with plain olive oil from the kitchen. So, it's not the most beautiful sensorial experience, but that's what you get with this.

The positives are that, apart from performing well and rinsing clean, this cleansing oil is often discounted a bit everywhere, so it's a good option if you don't want to spend a lot on a cleansing oil and appreciate the pureness of its formulation!

CLAIMS 📣: none that I could find of. There's no description on the packaging and also couldn't find specific infos about this mask anywhere on the web.

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: hyaluronic acid is, as you could guess already, the star ingredient. Don't really know what "triple" in the name stands for, since there's only one type of hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list, maybe they just put a triple dose of it? 😕 just guessing!
Ingredients list is one of those "nice & short" ones, there's also saccharide isomerate, which is a a very effective hydrating and moisturizing ingredient.

APPEARANCE 👁: super thin, soft silk sheet abundantly drenched in a watery essence, just like many great Taiwanese masks. It sticks to the skin like a dream and almost disappears into it 👍

SCENT 👃: sweet and fruity. Comes off a bit strong at first, but it's really pleasant. After a while, I realized it smells very similarly to green apples 🍏

RESULTS ❓: after removing it, first thing I noticed was how incredibly soothed and cooled down my skin was! ❄ Like massaging your face with ice cubes!
After patting the leftover essence in, my skin felt hydrated and soft 💆 I definitely liked it 👌

This mask was provided to me by in exchange for my honest opinion and I have not received any monetary compensation for this review.

This is 100% ascorbic acid powder that comes with a little spatula and that you mix with your essence, serum or cream, simple as that!

It may sound boring and unattractive but, without a doubt, it's the best form of vitamin C you can use on your skin, since you freshly mix the pure form of vitamin C on the spot and use it right away on your face, so you totally get ascorbic acid full powers and this process will never give you the oxidation problems that you get with pre-made ascorbic acid serums.

It works a charm and it's fuss-free since the powder is very finely milled and dissolves quickly into my lotion. I love it!

CLAIMS 📝: a gel type sleeping mask cream with soothing, moisturizing ingredients. It provides irritated rough skin moisture and hydration. Rose oil and plant oil flower capsule gives silky coating shield. Can be used as hydration cream as well

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: damask rose oil, licorice extract, adenosine, a lot of flowers and plants oils 🌿🌸 (macadamia seed, rose-geranium, palmarosa, ylang ylang, bergamot, grape seed, jojoba, sunflower seed, olive)

APPEARANCE 👀: it's a gel mask, it has that light, bouncy, springy texture that really resembles jelly, in fact, when I applied it in sections on my face, the chunks of mask placed on my skin slowly slid downward and almost risked totally falling on the floor! 😁 So from now, I immediately spread it onto my face.
It's got tiny capsules that supposedly contain rose oil and some other oils. They're not round capsules and don't feel solid either, they feel like flakes, in fact, initially, I thought they were tiny bits of rose petals. By the way, they break up upon massaging the mask in.
After spreading it around for a while it leaves a shiny, "wet" hydrating coat on the skin 💦 which feels lovely and cooling, and it's not sticky whatsoever, that's why it feels nice! I like to leave it like that on my skin for a while, then give it a good massage until everything absorbs.

SCENT 👃: DIVINE. Absolutely divine. Smells like a bouquet of fresh roses!! 🌹

RESULTS ❔: When I woke up yesterday, after using it, I washed my face and didn't do my routine. My face felt absolutely amazing the whole day! Once I rinsed it with water my skin was so soft and bouncy, and behave like that aaaall day! Sometimes I suffer from a little tightness if I don't apply anything at all (on my so-called "skin-detox days") but not after this mask. Intensely hydrating and moisturizing, with a divine scent and chok full of flowers and plants oils, this mask is 100% approved!!👍

This is a super pretty, handy tool that works very nicely for a light physical exfoliation during your washing step!


it's made of Japanese silk and has a pocket where you fit your hand and massage your face with it after foaming your face wash up. It feels gentle on the skin and helps pull every little residue of dirt and oil off and refines skin texture leaving it very soft to the touch. It's a nice cute tool, if you like using tool during your cleansing process I'd give this a try!


Also, you need to find a place where to store it because, since it gets wet, it has to air dry safely to avoid bacterias growing in it.

CLAIMS 📣: This highly moisturizing enriched gel mask containing white ginseng extract and oriental medicine oil(korean pine seed oil, green tea seed oil)adheres well to the skin to provide refreshing feeling and instantly calm irritated skin. The enriched whitening essence content brightens dark and somber skin tone and smoothes out rough skin to keep it moist

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: White ginseng extract 140mg/100g, white ginseng ceramide, oriental medicine oil (Korean pine seed oil and green tea seed oil).
Don't know much else since the packaging is all in Korean 😵

APPEARANCE 👁: it's a gel mask, which I'm not fond of. It was tricky to apply, even though it was sandwiched between two plastic backings. It stays quite put once it's on the skin, but not the upper lip bit 😑 it kept sliding onto my lips, which truly drives me crazy 🙅

SCENT 👃: very faint, you can smell something floral while placing the mask but after that, nothing.

RESULTS ❓: I left this on for 25 mins, roughly.
Once removed, the leftover essence on my skin was a bit oily but felt nourishing, and my skin did look brighter, was soft to the touch and looked pretty calm and soothed 💆

So, it's quite a nice mask that delivers what it says actually, it's a shame I can't totally appreciate the gel consistency, but it's approved 👍

This cream has had more fame than some Hollywood stars in Asian Beauty forums and blogs. Truly, everyone was crazy about it, everyone loved it and bought tons of them when it had been announced that it was getting discontinued, it's been talked about for a very long time, and I'm glad now it's over's nothing special to me.


I bought it only to see what the hype was about because as I said, every Asian Beauty lover was using it or had used it, and am also salty because I did not pay the regular price this cream was for, but significantly more, because I snatched it off eBay just when it got released again after being discontinued (and obviously, they had inflated the price).

Only to get a cream that doesn't feel special at all. Yes, it's full of Korean hanbang extracts (which is nice, but you can get many other hanbang creams) but its texture is sticky as hell and gooey, feels EXTREMELY rich (so it's not for everyone. Definitely ideal for dry/very dry skin types) I was compelled to use always the tiniest amount, but because of its heaviness it broke me out anyway.


I ended up giving it to my sister but yes, I don't feel like this cream is so special and probably it's jsut me since everyone loves it!

This Silk Lotion Face Mask relies on silk sericin as its main ingredient, a natural protein created by silkworms in the production of silk.
Studies have found sericin to improve skin elasticity and have anti-aging factors. It minimizes water loss and, in turn, improve skin moisture.


The mask is, as many Japanese masks are, made of thick and sturdy cotton, which I personally don't like as thick cotton tends to absorb the essence to the point of not releasing much of it during the masking session. The essence itself is light and watery, the scent: terrible. I really don't know how to describe it, but I seriously disliked it and didn't let me enjoy having this mask on, I was looking forward to taking it off (in fact, I didn't go beyond the standard 15 minutes).

Once removed the results are meh, nothing exciting. Mininum hydration and nothing more. Will not repurchase.

CLAIMS & MAIN INGREDIENTS 🔍: This product provides elasticity and leaves your skin feeling moist and smooth
with black rose(rose extract 5,000ppm),Rose Water(Rosa Centifolia Flower 
Water) and NMF of natural moisturizing system.
It contains Adenosine and Niacinamide that help to manage the appearance of fine lines and skin radiance

APPEARANCE 👁: a black thin sheet fully saturated with a clear thicker-than-water essence. Reminded me a lot of the black My Scheming masks! It fit me PERFECTLY, and stuck to my skin like glue.

SCENT👃: definitely smells of roses, but not the best rose scent that I ever encountered but it's pleasant and relaxing.

RESULTS 📣: supple, plump, soft, soothed and hydrated skin. Oh yes, I absolutely loved this ❤❤❤ a solid mask. Plan to repurchase it!

Do you like to have hot-ish showers? 🚿 (And also spend ages in there like me?) And have the problem of getting out of there with tight, dry skin? 😞
Here's where this mask comes into play 🙌

The product comes in a pump bottle (which is handy and perfect for the purpose) that dispenses a bright, honey-coloured dense gel. You apply a sufficient amount on damp skin before getting into the shower (or directly inside the shower) and it'll work as a barrier during the whole shower.

Now, it doesn't only work as a barrier, because remember that heat and steam coming from the shower are especially useful for ingredients penetration, so it plays with that to also provide an intense hydrating and nourishing effect on the skin 💦
It's formulated with a bunch of berry extracts and hyaluronic acid that will hydrate and plump your skin in the meantime, while argan oil, avocado protein, fructooligosaccharide (from a tree with soothing and emollient properties) and shea butter will nourish and soften 💆
Caffeine and vitamin C revitalize the skin and squalane and ceramides will lock everything in 👌

I-simply-LOVE-IT. It works really incredible on me 😍
As you can see from the video, the mask is sticky enough to withstand water flow and stays put after shampooing too (I'd avoid playing around and making a Santa's foam beard tho 🎅😁) Although it's common (at least for me) to end up casually touching the face while showering, the mask layer may get thinner but that doesn't stop it from doing its job.
When finished, I just gently massage my face under the water jet until I feel no residues left.
It leaves my skin amazingly soft and plump 💛 no more water drying out my face ✌
I also can see this particularly useful for the beach too 🏊, to protect the skin from the drying effect of sea's salt 🌊

So yeah, love this product, it resolved a problem of mine to which I always suffered. Strongly recommended! 👍

If you think that cotton pads are all the same, then you haven't tried Cosrx Naturally Embo Cotton Puff. These AREN'T your common cotton pads, I can assure you that 👌

I like to remove my eye makeup with a designed eye makeup remover instead of cleansing oil, because most of the times my lashes are cemented with thick layers of mascara, and removing that with my hands results in a lot of tugging at the skin around my eyes, big no-no ⛔ Melting it by pressing a cotton pad with eye makeup remover is a much better idea.
So, you know cotton pads. The square ones or rounded ones that you buy at the drugstore. Let's be honest, they're all shit 😒 Not only the cotton isn't the softest, but once you pour liquid onto them they suck and drink half of it. So not only you lose product, but you're gonna lose even more because you're compelled to reapply more. And it gets lengthy, and stressful. And you're stroking your eyes and pulling at your skin in the meantime too 😧

Nothing of that happens with these Cosrx pads.
First of all, they're so sturdy and compressed, and THIN. You think they're gonna destroy in pieces once you dampen them with product, but NOPE, they hold together in one piece forever, and they don't get fuzzy and messed up.
But the BEST thing is, they don't absorb product!! The liquid ends up almost sitting on top, and once you press the pad onto the skin, the liquid all transfers onto it. It's magic, I don't need to top up on makeup remover (or micellar water in the morning for my quick face cleanse) during the whole process, one go is enough. No stress and so much product saving! 😍
My average-quality eye makeup remover has suddenly become incredible once these pads entered the game, because they transfer all the product and soak your lashes/skin abundantly with it, that your makeup just has to come right off!
Easy peasy, no stress, no product waste and NO tugging and skin irritation 😇

I like Leaders masks, but this one isn't a favourite of mine.

As with all Leaders masks, it's a thin sheet that comes out of the packet absolutely drenched in a clear, slighlty jelly-ish essence. It abundantly saturates your skin with the essence, and the gives you a lenghty masking session, since it really lasts a long time without really drying out.

Once removed your skin is wet of essence, a detail that I usually appreciate, but not in this case, because the essence doesn't absorb easily and I patted and massaged it in for a really long time!! it also doesn't really absorb completely, it leaves a bit of a sticky layer on your skin that to be honest felt quite uncomfortable.

Will not repurchase.

🐌 CLAIMS: "regenerating and moisturizing. This product makes your skin soft and elastic". Yep, doesn't say anything else. 🐌 the sheet is made of 100% cotton. It's quite thick and not much drenched in essence. 🐌 fit is ok and the sheet adheres fine to the skin, although it forms creases during wear time. 🐌 scent is very perfumey, but it disappears once you wear the mask.

I kept this on for only 20 minutes, since I could feel it drying up on my face.
It was poorly hydrating and I didn't feel like it did anything on my skin. Had to double up on moisturizers to compensate 😞
Not repurchasing it.

CLAIMS 📝: this mask maintains skin's flexibility and boosts its ability to replenish and hold onto moisture.
If you're wondering what the hell djulis is (I had no clue either), it's Taiwan's red quinoa! It has antioxidant and antiphotoaging properties 👌

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: djulis extract, collagen, vitamin A&carrot polypeptides, saccharide isomerate, reishi mushroom extract and a whole lot of other plants extracts 🌱

APPEARANCE 👀: the sheet is made of medium thickness soft silk, VERY similar to My Scheming's masks basic line. It's well saturated with a clear and scentless essence. It's also particularly watery, so that denotes not a high concentration of humectants.

FIT 👧: it fits me very well, although the eye holes are the smallest I ever encountered in a sheet mask! Wasn't a problem for me, but I can see it being a little annoying for someone with a different eye shape.

RESULTS 📣: I removed it after about 40 minutes, and my complexion looked very brightened. As far as the plumping effect is concerned, my skin didn't feel any plumper than usual, and also, I didn't feel an amazing hydration boost from it.

Not a nasty mask, but I probably won't repurchase this particular flavour. 👎

I'm not a fan of The Face Shop sheet masks. I tried a bunch and found them very inconsistent throughout the flavours: some are ok, some are very meh, overall I never found one that really satisfied me.
But, but. I read somewhere that this "The Solution" line is good, so I put two flavours from this line into my cart while I was making an order. And one of them is this. Let's take a look into it! ✌
CLAIMS 📝: "This face mask features a light-as-air sheet that feels soft and weightless on skin. The serum containing Pearl powder provides a brightening solution to dull skin.

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: niacinamide, peony extract, pearl powder, hyaluronic acid.

APPEARANCE 👀: the sheet is indeed very thin and light. It's very soft and nicely saturated with a clear and watery essence.

FIT 👧: amazing fit! It covers every part of my face adequately, nose included (I don't have a small one, so often the tip of my nose doesn't get covered). This one too has very small eye holes! 🤔
The adherence is also fantastic, it totally sticks to the skin like glue.
SCENT 👃: it smells like nicely-concealed-alcohol. That is, the alcohol scent was strong and they tried to subdue it and make it more pleasant. They managed to, but you can still tell alcohol is there.

RESULTS 📣: unfortunately this mask lasted much less than expected. It started feeling drier after only 10 minutes and looked almost totally dry after 25 minutes. A bit disappointing.
Once removed my face did look brighter and felt incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, so, it definitely delivers and also gave me other benefits!

I'm a bit baffled by the duration of this mask, but liked the effects. I think I'll repurchase it, but only at a good price! 😁

I don't buy many of these "clearing/anti-acne" masks, I only keep a couple in my stash for the occasional breakout.
Last night I looked at the mirror and saw two bumps appearing out of nowhere on my forehead 😡 what can I do to stop you from getting bigger? 👿 After my usual exfoliating step, I remembered having this @drjart mask, what better occasion to test its powers? I waited until this morning to see its effects, so let's see what it did!

CLAIMS 📝: This silky, hydrating microfiber sheet mask addresses trouble-prone complexions by soothing redness and inflamed skin from acne and preventing pigmentation.

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS 🔍: niacinamide, vitamin C, E and B6, glutathione, tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

APPEARANCE 👀: it's a very soft -and very thick!- microfiber sheet, moderately saturated with a clear and watery essence.
FIT 👧: pretty good fit, although I wished it was a tad larger on the forehead, as to totally cover it.
Adherence is fine.

SCENT 👃: almost scentless.

RESULTS 📣: the mask hasn't a long wear time. 30 minutes at most.
After removing it, I hadn't noticed any changes. It also felt poorly hydrating.
BUT, BUT!!!!! ✋ this morning I woke up and... what?!? Those two bumps were less than half their original size, much flatter and not inflamed! I'm AMAZED 😍😍😍 it worked its magic!! I hardly ever believed into clearing sheet masks, but this one left me astonished!
I'm totally gonna stock up on these!! 👍👍👍

It's a sheet mask with a foil sheet attached to it, the foil is there because it acts as an occlusive for deeper and faster ingredients absorption by keeping everything nice and warm and prevents evaporation.

As notable ingredients 🔍 it has niacinamide, lots of humectants, lots of ferments, lots of botanical extracts 🌱

The whole thing adheres fine to the skin, not too well on my chin though.
The warming effect is absolutely REAL: you can feel the foil exercising a "sauna" effect on the skin. 🛁

The instructions say to leave this on for 10 minutes, I removed this after 15.
Once removed I felt a bit uncomfortable with how my skin felt. It was like when you have a temperature and you apply cold things on the face 😦
Thankfully that feeling disappeared after 5 minutes.

Speaking of results, my face felt hydrated and smooth, but not much more than with my usual masks 😳
The foil thing is cool while you're masking, but I dunno, it felt really uncomfortable afterwards.
I have two more and I don't think I'll repurchase. I prefer normal sheet masks 😮

The brand describes it as a "firming, skin lifting facial serum" that nourishes and revitalizes the skin with high quality organic concentrated ingredients. 
It's formulated with European damask rose water and the extract and fruit oil of rosa canina. This plant is high in antioxidants, and its fruits are the source of one of highest amounts of vitamin C available from nature! Take that, ugly oxidation process!
Other notable ingredients are bifida ferment, adenosine for increased antiaging, panthenol for soothing and hyaluronic acid.

Before buying it, someone warned me that the scent of this ampoule is quite intense, and I was like "Erm, that isn't a problem for me at all!". It's definitely there, impossible to ignore it, but it's not a perfumey, overpowering kind of smell, they probably wanted this ampoule to distinctively smell of roses, and they definitely accomplished that. The sensorial experience that it adds is enchanting and super relaxing, it feels like smearing rose juice on your face😻 if you're sensitive to fragrances and/or don't like floral scents, then this isn't for you.

The texture of it is gorgeous, it reminds me of gooey honey. It's quite thick, and it can come across as sticky. A little goes a long way, I only need TWO drops of this for my whole face because it's VERY nourishing, in fact, I find it perfect for winter. This must be followed by other products, both to dissipate any possible residues and because ampoules are concentrated essences that you typically add to your base routine.

Overall, I really like this ampoule. Great winter addition to booste moisture levels and antioxidant action, and a must for all the rose lovers out there! 🌹🌹🌹


Addict Lip Glow


I'm not giving this 5 stars exclusively because it is expensive for a lip balm, but it's a good one. It hydrates my lips and adds a lovely hint of colour, a healthy and delicate rosy shade. I love it because I often don't wear anything on my lips but this one gives me that "My Lips But Better" look with the pros of a lip balm.

I'm not Asian but I have small eyes, so since many Asian people raved about this lash curler I decided to buy it and...I was left a bit disappointed. I don't find it that amazing and it does pinch my eyelids sometimes. Once the cushion wears out I'm not gonna repurchase it.

This mask is loved by many people, and I do think it's a good mask, but I don't think it has anything particularly special about it, maybe it's just me. It's definitely hydrating, soothing and calming, but like many other masks, so I keep repurchasing it but only at a good price.

Definitely one of my favourite My Scheming masks. It is called rose "dew" and it definitely gives your face a lovely dewy result. I recommend it especially before an event or a special occasion, it is excellent for that as it prepares your skin to look the best, glowing and radiant.

🍇 CLAIMS: "the main ingredient of grape seed extract possesses good effects on preventing and smoothening wrinkles, and restraining aging. Grape seed extract is a good anti-oxidant and stabilizes collagen. Natural plant extracts are added in the mask to enhance and supplement skin moisture which may be lost in the day." 🍇 the sheet is the usual: medium-thick soft silk mask abundantly saturated with a clear watery essence. 🍇 fit is very very good and the sheet adheres super well. 🍇 I H.A.T.E the scent!!! 😣 it totally reminds me of that nasty cough syrup I used to take when I was ill as a child!! 😨 Can't forget that horrible scent and taste, I'm traumatized! 😭 it's a sickening super sweet and chemical scent, it makes me retch STRAIGHTAWAY. Nevertheless, I decided to be brave and try to ignore it while I was sticking the mask to the face. Thankfully I couldn't smell it anymore after a while.

Once removed I had a hell lot of essence left on the face to pat and... WOW. Did they say instant brightening?! This mask DOES really give you instant brightening! 💡 my complexion looked so much brighter and even! And felt very well hydrated and calm!

Oh, this one was one of my favourite sheet masks and it's now discontinued. it was a sheet mask with a milky, loton-y essence that hydrated my skin so much and left it radiant and smooth. It's a shame that Etude House has decided not to have this flavour on the new sheet masks line. Apparently you can still find it online, but obviously, because it's now discontinued, they charge you a lot more than what the usual price was.

I bought this mask after reading many people raving about it, but I only used it once and then gave it away. I didn't like it as an exfoliant and I didn't like how it left my skin afterwards: it felt like I had a film on my skin, which I strongly disliked.

So many people love this mask, and I don't, at all. I tried so many different masks from My Beauty Diary, and this is definitely one of my least favourite. It's drenched in essence (like all My Beauty Diary masks) but the results I get from it just leave me extremely disappointed: I don't see a brightening effect at all, and, worst of all, I find it very poorly hydrating too. I used a couple of them and promised myself not to buy anymore.

I love very much the Benton Snail Bee essence and I love this mask too. It is a great option when looking for a snail-based mask, since this contains a lot of it. I always get a very soothing and nourishing effect from it and I regularly repurchase it.

I tried a 10ml sample of this lotion and didn't like it all. The other version, the Gokujyun, is much much better without a single doubt. This one here, apart from providing hydration, is supposed to brighten your complexion with the help of arbutin and vitamin C. This lotion is runny, more liquid than the Gokujyun one, and doesn't feel very hydrating at all. I didn't notice any kind of brightening effect either, so I used my sample and immediately went back to my beloved Gokujyun, which is far more hydrating and leaves my skin so supple and plump.

I used this vitamin C serium by gradually introducing it in my routine, because that's the way you're supposed to do with vitamin C serums, you shouldn't buy them and start using them every day straightaway, vitamin C is an active, so you need to let your skin get used to it gradually. My skin never got used to this serum, or maybe it was something else, because I developed a reaction with bumps on my skin and very very sensitized skin. It was so sensitized that any product I applied on my skin would give me a burning sensation. It's a tiny tube and you need to cover your face with as little drops of product as possible, since there's not much product inside. The texture is liquid and it has a slight oily feeling to it. Overall, I just had a very bad experience with it.

I used half bottle of this and after that I just got too bored and gave it away.

It's a thick essence that did absolutely nothing for my skin, apart from giving it a bit of a glow. I just thought it was an extra step that didn't provide anything for my skin.

I can't think of a more overrated, useless and ridiculously expensive product than this.

This essence is the n.1 top product from SK-II: it contains more than 90 percent Pitera, the main ingredient used to enhance the skin's renewal process. Supposedly, with daily application, this essence moisturizes, improves texture and clarity, and contributes to a more beautiful, balanced, and glowing complexion.

I used it consistently for a month, only to see NO difference whatsoever in my skin, and ALSO it gave me an allergic reaction that took a very long time to subside.

Nowadays there are just a million of similar essences containing fermentation extracts, literally every brand makes one, and not only at a fraction of the price, but definitely more effective than this.

Do not waste your money on this product.

I wanted to love this shampoo but it's just too heavy for my liking. It's a thick, gel-like brown shampoo that smells divine (roses and jasmine). Once massaged onto wet hair it foams well, but the end result is just too bad for me: my hair was soft but didin't feel properly clean, like I had some kind of residue left. It weighed down my hair a lot, it didn't have any volume, it didn't look like it was freshly washed hair. So for me, it's a big NO. I gave it to my mother to use.

This is for me a very average concealer. The pros are that it's very easy to use and handy to carry in your bag for touch-ups, the cons are that the name "Big cover" doesn't reflect its actual coverage. I found its coverage too light for me to use this concealer on a daily basis as my go-to concealer, so I ended up repurposing this only as a touch-up product to use on the go.

This review is for the shade #1 Mother of Pearl.

I bought a pack of 10 samples of this highlighter and I'm glad I did because it's not what I was expecting. It's an iluminating, glitter-based highlighter to brighten up the complexion. Now, I had read somewhere that you could mix it with foundation for a brighter finish, but it's not indicated for that use. It's very white, VERY illuminating, I looked like a disco ball when I mixed it with my foundation so, I don't recommend using it all over the face. Used only on the spots you want to highlight it's quite nice but still it didn't convince me because I found the texture of it too rich. I prefer a more subtle highlighting effect personally, but I know a lot of people like their highlighters to be strong and visible so it may be just me.

I can't think of a more overrated, useless and ridiculously expensive product than this.

This essence is the n.1 top product from SK-II: it contains more than 90 percent Pitera, the main ingredient used to enhance the skin's renewal process. Supposedly, with daily application, this essence moisturizes, improves texture and clarity, and contributes to a more beautiful, balanced, and glowing complexion.

I used it consistently for a month, only to see NO difference whatsoever in my skin, and ALSO it gave me an allergic reaction that took a very long time to subside.

Nowadays there are just a million of similar essences containing fermentation extracts, literally every brand makes one, and not only at a fraction of the price, but definitely more effective than this.

Do not waste your money on this product.

I really really like this BB cream. It melts into your skin giving you a very natural, second-skin finish that isn't too dewy or too matte. Definitely among one of the BB creams that gives the most natural finish. I never needed to set it with powder or anything else, it stays nicely and lasts a long time without looking dull over time, and without exacerbating sebum production. A very valid BB cream, it's a shame that it's not famous and not many people tried it.

I only used a sample of this hair mask so my opinion is based on only one use.

🔹claims: "it contains organic argan oil extract, rose hip oil, prime rose oil that supply your hair with moisture and nutrition.  It repairs hair damaged due to frequent perm, colouring and daily hair drying." 🔹the sample contains a very generous amount of mask. I used it all bc as I said, my hair is very long. 🔹the mask is a thick yellowish cream that spreads ok through the hair 🔹the scent is pleasant. Can't discern something in particular, but it doesn't have the usual "hair masks scent" that smells like hairdresser salon. 🔹I used my conditioner, rinsed it and then applied this all over my length (ears down) and tips after squeezing excess water out. I massaged it carefully and left it on for at least 5 minutes.

Results: my hair had almost no tangles during blowdry and was very manageable. But once completely dry, I didn't see any special results in terms of softness, shine and nourishment. My drugstore hair mask gives my hair more, so I won't purchase this.

I'm a sucker for rose scents, so the idea of spraying a rose scented mist all over my body really intrigued me when I discovered this mist.

It's a big bottle and the spray nozzle sprays a fine mist that it's easy to apply evenly on your body. The scent is very very nice: it smells of roses, and it's not too strong or too chemical. I would like the perfume to last on me for longer than it actually does, but it's ok. I like this product and use it regularly after showering.

Loved everything about this cream except one thing (that eventually ended up in me not repurchasing it). It comes in a super cute peach-shaped container that really looks like a real peach. The cream is thick and VERY rich, very moisturizing and nourishing indeed. The scent is AMAZING, if you like peach's scent you'll LOVE this cream. But, but..... maybe it's too rich for my hands, because even if I used a small amount it would never completely absorb, leaving my hands slippy and a bit greasy. I would recommend it if your hands are REALLY dry, but if you only need a light moisturizing hand cream then this one isn't for you.

The main reason why I don't like this product it's the smell: it smells strongly of alcohol and I just can't put up with it. Other than that, I found it decently hydrating but not much else. I surely think there are better serums out there, without necessarily spending more.

I used this peeling gel for a long time and it's a cheap peeling gel that works really well. I never thought of changing it for another one. It contains cellulose particles and AHA from apple to exfoliate the skin ang gently remove dead skin cells. It works as any peeling gel: you apply it on dry skin and massage until it turns into little "balls" and you keep massaging it for a couple of minutes and then rinse everything off with water. The balls that form are from the cellulose, and those are the ones that are scrubbing your skin. It's a common mistake to think that the balls are a result of dead skin cells coming off the skin, but nope, that's just the cellulose inside the product. My skin is always super soft and smooth after using this peeling gel. A bit of this physical exfoliation once in a while is useful, since removing dead skin cells will help products sink in your skin faster and more effectively. I definitely recommend this product.

I'm only giving this clay mask 3 stars because I didn't find it very effective. It's a standard clay mask, it spreads easily on the skin and dries after a while. No matter how long I would keep it on, once washed away (and that also required time) I didn't see much of a difference on my pores: they didn't appear any cleaner than before. Pros are that it isn't drying on your skin and and it's cheap. Maybe if you don't have very much clogged pores you would think it works fine, but if you have very clogged pores like mine, I recommend looking for a stronger clay mask.

I tried a sample of this ampoule and unfortunately it broke me out the next day.

It's not a bad product, it contains a lot of beneficial ingredients and the texture is like honey, and it's overall very pleasant to use and leaves your skin soft and moisturized. But it just didn't work for me.

I wanted to love this mask, but I ended up strongly disliking it, to the point that I used it once and after that I immediately gave it away.

This is a sleeping mask contains rose extract and AHA, to moisturize and refine skin texture. The packaging is very pretty, it's a fuchsia glass jar. The mask looks like jelly and it's pink-coloured. The scent wonderful, it does indeed smell of roses.

Unfortunately it's SUPER STICKY, like, incredibly so. I didn't even apply a thick layer of it, but my skin felt greasy and gross, and even massaging it for a long time didn't resolve the problem, it would remain extremely sticky. After ignoring the problem for a while I just decided to rinse it away because I couldn't possibly touch my pillow with my face covered in such a sticky and greasy layer. So, no, I didn't like this mask for sure.

This is a solid pH-adjusting toner (a toner that you use after washing your face to adjust the pH of your skin back to the normal), which is indicated when you use acids (AHA, BHA, Vitamin C and so on), which, in order to work more effectively, they require your skin to be at a pH that is in the low-acidity range. If you DON'T use acids, then there's no point in using this.

The problem I had with this toner is that, by lowering my skin's pH, it increased the potency of the acids too much, which exfoliated my skin too aggressively, resulting in sensitized skin. I do have sensitive skin, so maybe that's just what the problem is. Other people regularly use this toner and have no issues. So, if you have sensitive skin, I recommend at least to do a test with the product before buying the full size.

I'm absolutely crazy about this mask. it's just wonderful. It relies on a high concentration of hanbang extracts.

First of all: the scent. I love the scent. It smells so herbal, and it's pungent, it's very therapeutic for me. Secondly, the consistency: it's a buttery cream that feels extremely moisturizing and nourishing when you spread it on your skin. The results: I wake up in the morning with such soft and smooth skin, it's incredible. My skin just feels in perfect condition after using this mask. It's definitely my n.1 favourite sleeping mask.

This is a pretty nice oil, the packaging is beautiful and the scent is very pleasant, you can definitely smell honey. The biggest con for me is that it leaves a sticky finish on my skin, which doesn't easily go away when you apply other products on top of it. For me, the best way to use it is at nighttime, at the end of my skincare routine, right before applying moisturizer and/or sleeping pack. I dampen my face with a mist for maximum absorption and then pat 3 drops of this oil all over my face. It feels rich and nourishing, so if you're looking for a light oil this isn't for you. I wouldn't recommend it in general to oily skin types.

I don't know what this essence does to my skin, in all honesty. It relies to a high concentration of tea tree extract, which helps soothe blemishes. Luckily I don't get many blemishes, so I bought this product mainly to help me prevent blemishes. And I don't know if it really worked that way.

It's very light in consistency, absorbs fast and I can feel that it also lightly hydrates my skin, but there isn't a specific thing about this product which I can rave about. Maybe exactly because I don't have acne-prone skin. People with that skin type seem to absolutely love this product. So, give it a go if you suffer from breakouts, but if you don't you can definitely skip this product.

💦 CLAIMS: "Naruko ha hydro-lock moisturizing mask is designed to deeply condition, moisturize and whiten the skin through a thin fiber cloth. Contains highest level of triple ha serum for best result. Contains highly effective moisturizing ingredients that work together to create the perfect hydration barrier to keep skin moisturized" 💦 the sheet is thin and drenched in a clear essence which is has a slight lotion-y feeling to it. It has that bit of stickiness that doesn't allow to categorize it as a plain watery essence. It adheres very well to the skin. 💦 fit is very good 💦 I couldn't discern any particular smell.

It lasted well for half an hour, and once removed you're left with a lot of essence on your skin to pat in. Once all absorbed I indeed felt my face cooled and hydrated, and my complexion looked soothed and even.
Yes, I did like this mask and I'll repurchase! 😉


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

Web is full of reviews of these Bombee masks, and I don't have much more to say about them, they're great masks that tick all the boxes: they're thin, comfortable masks absolutely drenched in essence, stick amazingly well to the skin, smell great and they're super hydrating and leave you with fantastic glowing skin! They are a bit pricier than other masks, but absolutely worth it! I always keep a box of 10 at home!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This facial mist is described as "a hydrating mist formulated with 92.5% organic ingredients, which are naturally fermented to ensure maximum efficacy. It is water-free and relies on a blend of Olive, Green Tea and Aloe Vera extract to help rehydrate and revitalise the skin". I honestly appreciate the lack of water in Whamisa products, instead they use a blend of extracts, which should provide more hydration than normal water.

Anyway, I don't usually use mists during the day unless it's summer, so now that it's winter I use this mist only when I need to dampen my skin for whatever reason (for example, before applying oils. Oils absorb better on damp skin). I must say that the spray nozzle isn't the best, since it doesn't spray a fine mist, but almost squirts your face with the product. The product itself is a bit oily, so it's not a light mist, it adds a touch of nourishment to the skin. It requires to be patted a bit before getting absorbed.

It smells very herbal, so if you don't like herbal scents, you definitely won't like this mist.

All in all I quite like it, although there are details about this mist which I would have preferred were a little different.

I only used this essence for a month and then gave it away, because there were many things I didn't like about it.

It's essentially a brightening essence, it claims to improve dark spots and pigmentation in skin by controlling the transition of Melanin formation and give you a brighter and cured overall skin tone.

I never found it did anything to my skin. First of all, it's more of a serum rather than an essence, since it's thick and dense. I find it too rich to be called an essence, and left a bit of a tacky feeling on the skin. It smells really odd, like old stuff that clutters your basement. Seriously, this is the best description I can think of. Then, what can I say, I just thought it did completely nothing for my skin in terms of brightening or reviving my complexion. So yeah, I think it's a useless product.

Unfortunately my skin didn't like this product, it clogged my pores badly, especially on my chin, so 3 stars is the best rating I can give to it.

It's a very viscous essence that relies on snail mucin to treat your skin. I wouldn't say it's bad, but I never found it particularly hydrating, it leaves your skin smooth and soft, but that was it for me, so even if it worked for my skin I still wasn't too much of a fan of the product itself.

This is absolutely one of my favourite hand creams.

I'm very picky with hand creams: most of them don't impress me, some are too heavily fragranced, and some, in an effort to be extremely moisturizing, leave your hands slippy and greasy, which is something that really annoys me.

This hand cream has a scent that I'm in love with: it smells "clean", like freshly washed clothing. It's not too thick, spreads easily and absorbs really fast, without leaving any greasy feeling behind. And it's perfectly moisturizing for my hands.

🍶 CLAIMS: "it is blended with milk extract which possesses abundant butter fat, protein, vitamin A, B, E and minerals. It enhances skin’s moisture, prevents dry skin, and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. It refines skin, enhances luster and revives elasticity. Your skin will regain its softness, lightness and mildness." 🍶 it's a medium thick, very soft silk mask abundantly saturated with a clear, slightly lotion-y essence.
It adheres pretty well to the skin. 🍶 fit is pretty good, My Scheming masks always fit me well. 🍶 I can't discern anything from its scent. It's somewhat perfumey, but extremely light so it's not bothering.

After removing it my face was very calm, soothed, baby-soft and brighter!
I very much enjoyed this mask and will include it among my favourite My Scheming masks' flavours 👏


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This is a micellar water, and a very particular one. It contains active hydrogen mineral water instead of refined water and is very very gentle as far as the cleansing agents are concerned (I can only count one when reading the ingredients list). It also contains galactomyces, sake ferments, pearl powder and other botanical extracts.

I must clarify that I do NOT use this micellar water to remove makeup, so I don't know how it performs in that sense, but I use it just in the morning, on a cotton pad, to give a quick cleanse to my skin before applying my morning skincare routine. I can't say anything bad about this micellar water, actually, it's just perfect as it is: it gently removes sebum and little impurities without irritating my skin at all. You don't need to rinse it and it leaves my face clean and bright. I love it!

If your skin likes it, this is a great light moisturizing gel that is perfect for oily/combo skin types, and also very cheap. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth and not sticky finish that is perfect as a base for makeup.

Unfortunately my skin didn't like it, because it clogged my pores. It's a shame, because as I said, it works really well. It's definitely worth a try!

As the name says, this is a lip "treatment", and it's a great one. For very dry, cracked lips this is a life saviour.

It's a thick gel that contains snail slime and it's best used as a nighttime treatment for your lips before bed. You'll wake up with extremely nourished, plump and smooth lips without flakiness.

It gives a slight tingling sensation when it's on, and it's very very tacky, but the results are just amazing, it's perfect for wintertime! You may use it in the morning as a light layer to protect the lips against wind and cold temperatures, if you can stand the tackiness. Overall, it's undoubtedly one of the most effective lip treatments I've ever used.

This is a ceramide-based gel that works incredibly well for restoring and replenishing your skin barrier, or just to maintain it healthy and strong.

Ceramides are a component of the human skin, which are very useful in water retention. A strong skin barrier is less sensitive to external factors, looks more supple and retains water (so it keeps itself hydrated for longer).

This product contains a lot of ceramides, which will help restore a wrecked skin barrier (due to allergies, irritations, overexfoliation, etc) or just maintain a good one. Everyone should have a ceramide-based product in their skincare routine.

It saved my skin when it was very irritated and it maintains it strong when it's in good conditions, so, it's a must-have if you're looking for optimal skin health.

This is my go-to sunscreen when I need one that absorbs fast and dries completely, for when my morning skincare has been particularly rich or when I need to wear makeup that needs to last all day.

It's something in between a cream and a gel, the word "watery" refers to the fact that it has a light texture that won't add grease to the skin, hence why it's perfect for daily use (especially for oily/combo skin types).

For me, it has the right characteristics for a sunscreen to be pleasant and not annoying to use, that's why I use it a lot and I always have a backup of it.

This is an oil with green tea seed oil as well as green tea extract. Green tea seed oil is a powerful antioxidant that mixes green tea leaves and green tea seed.

It's not a light oil, it's similar in consistency to sunflower seed oil. It feels incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, perfect for winter as an added boost of moisture.

I like to apply it on damp skin: it doesn't absorb totally, but it leaves a light sheen on your face. And your skin will feel luxuriously soft and nourished. I really like it!

This serum contains 44.5% canola honey extract, which s rich in flavonoids and protein for firmer and more elastic skin.

It has a rich consistency, similar to honey, but not as sticky, it's smooth and spreads easily on the skin without leaving a tacky feeling. My skin feels very soft and plump afterwards.

I like this serum during winter, since it is very moisturizing and nourishing, ideal if you want to add a moisturizing layer before creams!

This an aloe vera gel with the addition of propolis that serves a million purposes!

You can use it for....everything! Soothing sensitive skin, irritations, breakouts, allergic reactions, sunburned skin, flaky skin, mosquito bites, post-shaving, just about anything.

The addition of propolis makes it better than standard aloe vera gels, since propolis is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory!

I'm almost done with one bottle of this toner, and I liked it very much.

It contains pretty much the same ingredients of the Snail Bee Essence.

It's very watery. I apply it with my hands and pat it on the skin until it gets absorbed. It's great as a hydrating toner that preps your skin for the following steps!

If you're looking for a simple but effective AHA treatment, then this is for you.

It contains 7% AHA, which is a percentage that works great even on sensitive skin. It's the perfect balance of effectiveness and gentleness. AHA hasn't to be harsh to work well.

I like to dispense it on my hands and apply it with my fingers, like a toner. It absorbs very fast and leaves no residues. After using it your face is brighter and smoother.

It's also great as a spot treatment on pimples and blemishes, especially the ones that haven't come to a head yet: apply it with a Q-tip on the spot every night and it will get flattened and disappear eventually!

What I like about this mask in particular is its texture: it's a jelly type of mask that feels very refreshing and soothing.

I like using a generous amount at night and my skin instantly feels plump and hydrated.

This mask is the Diamond&Caviar Moisturizing Mask. It's part of a small range of 'V-Up lifting masks', made of two pieces, one for the top part of your face, and one for the bottom (which includes ear loops and a large sheet that covers the neck too).
The sheets are made of stretchy, thick cotton, they come out of the packet quite moist, scentless and you place the top part first and then the bottom one. It claims to provide deep moisture and soothing.
Right, why don't I like this mask? Different reasons, the main one being that the sheet material is ANNOYING. They say about it that it's made of silky fibers, hell not, it isn't. I find it very uncomfortable against my skin because it itches!! Yes, it's not lightweight, it's not soft, the opposite. It just makes me want to ditch the masking session and remove everything and apply something super soothing on my skin, because I feel like it's been bothered by this mask.
What else? I don't feel like it provides much. I really don't like this mask.

The sheet is really moist and drips all over the place. The material is quite particular: it's something very similar to a hydrogel. In fact, it gets described as a "velvet soft feeling dual gel mask". It is a gel mask, but thicker than hydrogels, and almost plasticky. It has no scent and the essence isn't watery, but more like a runny gel.
It claims to give moisture and glow to dull skin.

Results: I felt like this mask stayed moist for a minor amount of time than usual.
Once removed, there was very little essence on the skin.
I didn't feel like my skin was very hydrated nor brightened, doesn't do what it claims. It was very very soft though.
So, erm, I like Leaders but this is a pretty unimpressive mask for me.

Completely made of lace, it's such a pretty sheet mask to wear! 😍 it comes with a neck piece too and ears loops for both the face sheet and the neck part so it stays nicely in place! It's also very drenched in essence and leaves your face brighter and hydrated.
Definitely a fun mask!

This mask is made of 3 steps (ampoule, mask and essence) which allows me to skip some of my own products!
It is incredibly good, packed full of various vitamins, niacinamide and brightening extracts. The sheet material is thin and drenched in essence!
After using it my face is indeed brighter and more hydrated.


Lumilayer Primer


I had heard different things about it... People saying it is really good, people saying it's not worth it... since it didn't cost as much as my older useless primers did, I gave it a chance, and, THANK GOD I did!!! I love, love, love this primer. 💗💗💗💗
I apply it all over my face before foundation/BB cream/cushion and it just does a magic job: it makes the whole face makeup look gorgeously brighter 💡 and, oh-so-glowy 😍🌟 the kind of glow that I love: not too obvious, not too dewy, subtle but not too much, it's definitely THERE. It's not the fake kind of glow, where it looks too much. It's the perfect glow.
With this kind of products I find that it's very easy for them to add grease to the whole makeup, but this primer doesn't. Another plus!! 🆒🆒🆒🆒 So yeah, totally worth the purchase, and got me so addicted to it that I don't skip a single makeup without it! 😍

I used this oil everyday for at least 2 months and really like what it does.

It's not really an oil, it's very watery, absorbs fast and doesn't leave any sticky feeling.

It was very useful for me in the morning, after using toner, on damp skin. It boosts your moisture levels and overall your skin feels more hydrated.

This is a great cleansing foam altogether. Because:

1) It has a low pH (which is important to mantain a healthy skin barrier, every skin type should use a low pH cleanser)

2) it foams very well so the washing process feels pleasant

3) it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped and tight

4) a little goes a long way, you need just a little to get a decent amount of foam, so it lasts a long time!

5) it has medicinal herbal extracts

6) if you like herbal scents, then you'll love this


Yes it's not cheap, but as I said, you need very little every time so one bottle will last you a really long time.

This is a product I always have a back up of. I don't feel any need to look for another similar serum anymore, I love it.

The texture is more like a gel, it contains snail slime as well as arbutin, bee venom and azelaic acid. All ingredients that soothe your skin and help blemishes heal and scars disappear faster.

I tried other snail serums but this one beats them all!

I just can't live without it. This product represents the absolute basics of skin hydration. Everyone should have a step with a hydrating toner like this one.

First of all, one bottle lasts for ages, you only need 4-5 drops each time (some people even use just 3).

I like to apply this when my skin is slightly damp, so it locks a bit of water in.

It contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid and you just feel your skin intensely hydrated, perfectly ready for the next skincare steps.

It also helps the following products sink in faster!

I will never be without it.

Characteristics (from the website): An enzyme facial cleanser that utilizes moisturizers derived from rice to soothe and hydrate skin. This powder facial wash removes dead skin cells and impurities with the natural moisturizing power of rice, so skin feels clean, smooth and fresh. Cleansing ingredients: Protein digesting enzymes (proteases), sebum clearing ingredient (Silica sodium lauroyl glutamate). Moisturizing ingredients: Natural rice derived moisturizing substances [ Rice sterol, Rice Bran Oil, Rice Germ Oil ].


Appearance: It comes in a box with 32 single-use sachets with 0.4 g of powder inside. The quantity of powder is perfect to get a generous amount of foam (might even use half of it if you'd like, but I always used a full sachet for every use so far).

Once combined with water it creates a rich, creamy, super soft foam that it's just a pleasure to massage on the skin.

The scent is delicate, I can't smell anything in particular, it just smells of something "clean", maybe a bit citrus-y?

Performance: well, here it comes. This cleanser is such a dream. First of all, as I said, the foam itself is so soft that when you massage it onto your skin, it feels like you're massaging a cream moisturizer. That is the level of softeness I'm talking about. It's so pleasant that I have to force myself to rinse this stuff!!

But softeness doesn't stop here. Once you rinse it away, you're left with the most amazing clean skin: to the touch it's incredibly soft, like a baby's butt, and so so smooth! Not remotely stripped, it's bouncy and, OH, so radiant! You can really see your skin purified: it looks healthy, glowy, more refined. And my pores! My huge pores are at least half their size after using it!

This cleanser is really another level: it is a step further than most cleanser in terms of action (since it doesn't just wash your face. It helps remove dead skin cells and impurities too thanks to the enzymes) and it's ALSO not stripping, on the contrary, it's very moisturizing and leaves your skin just feeling and looking divine.

The icing on the cake? It's low pH! I tested it with my pH strips and it gave me a wonderful result in between 5 and 6.

what is it and what does it claim?: Rumase Bifida Snail Toner is, as it says, a toner. But not the kind of toner that you dispense on your fingers or that you apply with a cotton pad: it's a spray toner. You just spray this all over your face (I spray it 4-5 times to cover my whole face) and then pat it with your hands to get it absorbed. It claims to ”reveal a smoother, more radiant, younger looking skin”

The bottle is dark brown, looks sleek and it's made of sturdy plastic. The pump functions well, never had a problem, and it produces a nice and fine spritz, like thermal water.


Characteristics and features: This toner is literally PACKED with goodness.It contains:

  • Bifida and Lactobacillus ferments, to improve skin condition

  • Galactomyces ferment, for getting resilient skin

  • AHA+BHA, for exfoliating (ok, I'll tell you right away: forget about AHA and BHA. The pH isn't low enough for them to exfoliate. I pH-tested this toner when I got it and can't really remember the exact reading, but it was something along the lines of 5.5/6)

  • Snail, for enhancing elasticity

  • Madecassoside, for reducing blemishes

  • Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera for moisturizing

  • Propolis, Allantoin for nourishing

and a quick mention to other interesting ingredients that it contains, such as: niacinamide, tea tree extract, betaine (apparently lots of people -including me- love it!), adenosine, green tea extract, phytosqualene (that is, plant-derived), gold (well, whatever, not a fan of gold), licorice extract.

It does not contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, triethanolamine, synthetic pigments and synthetic fragrance.

How it performs and my general opinion of it: Let's get straight to the important question: does it do what it claims? Yes, it does. And I found it out when I stopped using it. You kinow when you use a product but can't exactly tell what it's doing to your skin? Well, I went on a long vacation without it (4+ weeks) this summer, and didn't bring this with me. My skin looked soooo much duller, and it was only after reintroducing it that I noticed how well it works: my skin just returned to be brighter, much brighter. My complexion looked again clearer, fresher-looking and yes, just a lot brighter.

It works amazingly well as a daytime toner, cos it's not sticky nor heavy whatsoever and it requires a few pats to get fully absorbed. After that, my skin just feels super ready to get the next steps.

Since it's so light, it could also be used as an "anytime" mist, as it says on the bottle, but I personally have another mist for that task. Besides, I don't know, it feels wasteful to me, I don't want this toner to run out quickly!!

Would I recommend it?: Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. And for what it's priced, it's an absolute steal.

When I bought two of these Innisfree makeup masks, there were no reviews anywhere, but more importantly, there was very little information about it, so I was buying this mask knowing that it was a pre-makeup mask and that was it.
Now I noticed that Innisfree has added it to their website, and there's a clear description of the mask. Had I known before what it really was, I don't think I would have bought it 😜
Onto the review: 🔹claims: "A makeup foundation mask made with organic Jeju green tea to moisturize and prepare your skin for makeup." 🔹So, I knew nothing about this mask, I don't even look at the back prior to opening the packet, and once I do I...realize that this mask isn't a sheet mask, but basically consists of 3 cotton squares. 😓 the ones you see in the picture. Three simple damp cotton squares that you place on the forehead and on each cheek. "Oh, ok." I confess I was a bit disappointed. The cotton is of medium thickness and just enough saturated with a clear, very watery essence. 🔹The cotton squares unfortunately don't even stretch much, so even though I have a small face, I only covered the centre of the areas where you apply these.
Adherence is fine. 🔹There's no scent at all.

The instructions say you leave these on for 1-3 minutes. I left them on for 5 minutes at most, and then patted the very light essence in. I proceeded to makeup application right afterwards.

I see very little utility in this mask, tbh. It is just a very light hydrating step, that you can easily make yourself too. I mean, I can see the logic behind this, and it would work for those days where you're in a hurry, but again, just do it yourself with some cotton and your favourite hydrating toner. Or, if you don't even have time for that, before makeup, just saturate a cotton pad with rose water or something really refreshing and lightly hydrating and pat it on your skin thoroughly. It gives exactly the same result.

🌟claims: there aren't. There's very little infos available for these masks. But apparently this rapeseed one is for "moisturizing dry skin". Rapeseed extract is emollient and antioxidant. 🌟the sheet is made of 100% pure cotton, like Tonymoly Pureness masks, in fact you can see little cotton seeds attached to the sheet.
It's soft and thick-ish, decently saturated with a slightly cloudy watery essence and adheres fine.
The sheet is very large. 🌟it has a light floral scent.

It lasted well for half an hour.
Once removed my skin was very refreshed, hydrated and soothed.

Dr.Jart masks don't belong to the "cheap" range of sheet masks, so I had high expectations from it. 🌟claims: "An ultra-fine microfiber sheet mask that instantly brightens dull and uneven skintone." Notable ingredients: niacinamide, bisabolol, vitamin C and glutathione. 🌟it's a thick, soft microfiber sheet saturated with a white, milky lotion-y essence. 🌟 it adheres to the skin very well 🌟 fit is good, although it left the top of my forehead uncovered 🌟 almost scentless, but if you sniff the essence more intensely you can smell the essential oils mix. There's a lot of them and to be honest, they don't smell nice.
Tbh, I should have paid more attention to the ingredients list before deciding to use this mask in the morning. A closer inspection of the list does give off the indication that this mask has a lotion-y essence (I prefer masks with light essences to be used in the morning), but especially, since it contains essential oils, most of them photosensitizing, it's safer to use it at nighttime.
Once removed my skin felt moisturized and soft and yes, it did look brighter! 💡

Overall, a pretty good mask that delivers what it claims and it's also moisturizing.
I wouldn't mind reusing it, but for its price I think I'll wait for a sale anyway! 😜

I loooove it because it never dries up, like all clay masks! The clay is soft as a mousse and stay soft. I dislike masks drying and hardening on my skin. So if you find clay masks drying, you'll love this.
I spread this on my T-area and upon touching your skin, you feel a light warming sensation.
I leave this on for 20 minutes and then gently massage it for a quick scrub, as it contains tiny capsules.
Rinse off and WOW, my pores are muuuch cleaner and less visible!!!

100% silk cocoons that you fit in your finger and you use to massage your blackheads-prone areas.
I soak one of it in warm water while I splash my face with warm-ish water to soften the pores lining, so it comes out more easily.
I then massage my T-area with it and also the rest of my face, gently. It removes a bit of dead skin cells too!
Immediately my pores look cleaner and less congested!! 👏 and skin overall is much softer!

this sheet mask is made of medium thickness cotton and fully saturated with a clear and INCREDIBLY sticky essence. OH-MY-GOODNESS. So gooey and sticky. 😵 Never encountered such an essence. I do find it excessive, to be completely honest.
If you think that's because of the high presence of snail slime, I'm so sorry but I have to disappoint you.
The second ingredient in this mask after water is Algin, a common thickener and viscosity increasing agent, so that's who you should really credit for such gooeyness. 😫
By the way, the mask sticks well to the skin and the fit on me is ok.

Once removed the essence gets absorbed quite quickly, but I feel like it left a film on my skin. Didn't feel truly hydrated.

I'm looking for true hydration from a sheet mask, and this one didn't meet my needs. I know many people love it but I personally found it somewhat gimmicky.


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟claims: "A restorative sleeping mask infuses the skin with the purifying energy of White Jade, which helps create clear and smooth flawless skin." 🌟it's a white cream that is quite light and smooth in texture. The original packaging hosts the cream in a pretty white jar, while I have a very convenient trial size tube. 🌟the scent is herbal but not as strong and spicy as the Overnight Vitalizing Mask's. Those who dislike that kind of scent may probably find this gentler to their nose. 🌟it spreads easily and gets absorbed quite fast. Once completely absorbed, it leaves a smooth and non-sticky touch.

Results: right, I've used this sleeping pack quite consistently about two weeks ago, to get a clear idea of how it performs and what results I would get from it. I used it under different circumstances, varying the complexity of my PM routine.

Once you wake up the next day you can see a nice light sheen on your skin, the complexion appears a bit more radiant but......erm.....that's about it. 😓 Not much else. Also, after you rinse/wash your face, most of the effects seem to subside. 😩
It's also not as nourishing and moisturizing as the Overnight Vitalizing Mask, so those with a dry skin type might be left disappointed by the sole use of this mask.

Overall, nope, it didn't impress me. To be quite frank, I personally don't think this sleeping mask is worth the money 😫 I'm certainly not gonna buy the full size. If it intrigues you, I recommend buying sample sachets first or the trial size.

I care about protecting my eye area from sun exposure as much as any other part of my body. The problem was: since starting facial sunscreens consistently I never managed to find one that didn't bother my eyes. Sweat, tears and wind would make the sunscreen melt and end up into my eyes, causing an excruciating burning sensation 😭😭😭 Well, problem totally solved thanks to this little @apieu_cosmetics Pure Block Mild sun eye stick. As the name says, it's purposely designed to be used around your eye area, has spf50+ and PA+++.
Appearance and consistency is basically the same of a chapstick, you apply a light layer around your eye area, tap it lightly with your finger, wait for the usual time to let sunscreen settle and dry up and done! Perfectly protected eye area that won't make you cry during the day👏👏👏 already tested against high temperatures and tears 💧

Really really recommend it to anyone that suffers from the same problem with sunscreens as I used to! 😊



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

The Hyaluronan is one of my favourite My Scheming mask, because it's drenched in an INCREDIBLE amount of essence which just floods your skin and leaves it super duper hydrated and plump! Both Hyaluronan types (black and white/silk one) deliver the same results, but I have some kind of preference for the black one.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

It's a jelly cream that hasn't any sticky feeling and melts into your skin like a dream. Really perfect for combo and oily skin types (dry skin types might want to use something richer underneath). It contains probiotics which help neutralize skin damaging free radicals and Seamat extract, that has sebum-controlling properties. And it claims that you'll wake up to glowing skin.

It's ALL true! When I woke up this morning my skin was a mirror, man!! had such a nice radiant look that I've never experienced before with any sleeping pack. And absolutely NO SEBUM!
Strongly recommend this 😍😍😍



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

Although the name refers to the camellia "japonica", this mask actually contains camellia "SINENSIS" leaf extract, which, as we know, it's the lovely plant where tea comes from 🍵



the sheet is drenched in essence and drips all over the place 😅 make sure you're applying this mask over the bathroom sink!
The sheet material isn't the same as the 'Invisible' series ones. This one reminds me a lot of the Maskingdom masks': it's still silk, but it's thicker. Nonetheless still very soft and comfortable and it sticks very well to the skin.
The scent doesn't reflect tea whatsoever,, it's somewhat floral, a bit strong when you open the packet and unfold the mask, but gets fainter once you're wearing it.
Results: very very hydrated and glowing skin 🌟



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This mask comes from a specific line of MBD black masks, there are three types if I'm not mistaken. But I only tried this one.
It's a black mask of medium thickness, drenched in essence, adheres well to the face and it's got a neck piece too (but no ear loops). The lack of ear loops won't bother you the first 15 minutes of wear, since it'll stay stuck on your skin, but after that... you're gonna get a bit annoyed.
Yes, because in contrast with most MBD masks, this one doesn't last that long. I never really counted how long exactly I can keep it on before it feels dry-ish, but I can definitely tell you that it's not like the other MBD masks. I do need to remove this earlier than the usual MBD masks, which, even after 30 minutes, they're still very moist. Can't say the same about this one.
The scent smells like...a new car? LOL, I'm really not joking, you know what new cars smell like for the first months?! It's a peculiar scent. Well, it exactly smells like that! 😂😂😂 It's necessary for me to say that I've never agreed with all the hype around the MBD black pearl masks: I never found them so great as many people say, I don't see that amazing brightening effect from them. In fact, I find this specific flavour quite boring and very poorly hydrating.
I don't really know what MBD had in mind with these "Black Pearl Total Effects Black Masks". Maybe a stronger brightening effects plus others things?
Well, honestly, I don't get much from this mask. I may actually say I get almost nothing from this mask.
I can also feel a slight tingling sensation while I have it on, and I never find that a good sign.
So yeah, I like MBD, but with this mask they didn't accomplish something remarkable.


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

I am absolutely CRAZY about this sheet mask.
First of all, it's a super thin sheet, very saturated with essence and fits like a dream.
The best part of this mask? Its scent. I've used different rose-scented sheet masks, but this one is by far the best of all!
It smells like fresh blossoming roses 🌹🌹🌹 such a delightful, delicate scent that feels VERY authentic, not the least chemical. It relaxes you instantly and takes you virtually to a garden full of beautiful roses of different colours 😍😍😍
Yep, a magnificent scent.
It wears for a good 30 minutes and after that the first thing you notice is that your skin feels incredibly refreshed! It has a potent soothing and freshening effect on your skin, that's why I love this mask as a morning one: it's so awakening and revitalizing! And it was indeed one of my favourite masks during summer, exactly for these reasons. It gives the perfect punch of hydration and the essence absorbs completely giving you a perfect canvas for makeup application.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This is the Alps Edelweiss Ultra Repairing Mask, which belongs to the recently released 'Polar Series' line.
It is quite different than your usual MBD mask: the sheet is thicker, more cotton-y, but it equally adheres well to the face. The essence is different too: it's (maybe, not 100% sure) the first MBD mask with a white, lotion-y essence, that is very rich and nourishing. Scent is barely perceivable.
It wears well for my usual 30 minutes of wear time, and once removed you're left with a lot of leftover essence on your face to deal with: a few minutes of patting and massaging and it will absorb, but I do find that it leaves a bit of a sticky finish.
Good mask if you need a richer, more nourishing type of mask, especially during wintertime!


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

It claims to be intensively hydrating.

Opening the packet gave me a pleasant surprise: a Korean THIN, soft, super moist sheet, just like My Scheming ones!!! Yay!! 🙌🙌🙌 thumbs up!!
Finally Korean brands seem to understand that this is, generally, the most appreciated type of sheet, and hopped on the train! 💞
So yeah, thin, moist sheet with a watery essence and no discernible scent. Fit was incredibly good!
It wore well for my usual 30 minutes of wear time, and after removing it I patted the remaining essence and my skin was very soft and hydrated!
Definitely liked this one! 😄


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)


Snail 3D mask


It's a 2-step mask made of an ampoule (1st step) and a 3D sheet mask (2nd step). I actually decided to use the ampoule after the sheet mask, since it contained emollients and occlusive ingredients, so it just made more sense being used after the mask.
It claims to be regenerating and repairing.

I was dreading this "3D mask", because I had never used one before, and all the 3d masks I read about had bad reviews 😱 but actually, the fit wasn't that bad at all, it adhered pretty well to my skin!
It's made of a resilient cotton and was decently soaked in essence. Weird scent.... not able to describe it, I just thought it smelled weird.

I left it on for my usual half an hour and after removing it I was left with an average amount of watery essence on my skin. Upon patting it in, I just thought I was patting my skin with water. My face didn't feel hydrated nor soft, just refreshed....but the same as splashing my face with cold water.
As predicted, the ampoule was more of a serum even in consistency, and that was mediocre too. Didn't feel like it did much apart from a light softening effect. It smelled strongly of alcohol too.

All in all, a very unimpressive mask that I surely won't repurchase. 😒



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

Snail masks CAN be a bit boring (they will never bore you if you love snail, like I do, but they often have a very minimal ingredients list) so what I particularly like about this mask is that snail slime is not all lonely here, but it's accompanied by other interesting stuff like collagen, royal jelly, ginseng water, soybean ferment and a lot of peptides! 👏

The sheet is made of a medium-thickness cotton and it's nicely saturated in essence. It adheres well to the skin and the fit is good, although it doesn't cover a portion of my forehead (and I don't have a big forehead).
The scent is light and pleasant, a bit perfumey, but not overpowering at all.
It claims to make your skin moist and healthy and nourish it with the snail slime and the other ingredients.

I wore it for my usual half an hour and it was a bit dry after that, upon removing it I patted the remaining essence in and my skin was hydrated, refreshed and very soothed 😊
This is a repurchase!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

It contains plants extracts used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine, such as purslane, angelica acutiloba, white peony, shan zhu yu and Korean cornel dogwood.
The sheet is made of thick cotton that isn't very much soaked in essence and doesn't feel super soft. It also has those annoying eye flaps which I'm sure nobody ever cares about 😜 it doesn't adhere perfectly to the skin, especially during wear time, and fit is ok. The scent is light and pleasant, it's not herbal though.
It claims to provide abundant nutrition and moisture to the skin.

I couldn't keep this on for longer than 20 minutes, because at that point it was pretty much all dried up. I also didn't enjoy wearing it because it gave me a slight burning sensation around my undereye area that persisted for all 20 minutes. Not good.
After removing it the results are nothing impressive, I felt decently hydrated but not much else.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

The sheet is made of thick but soft cotton, is quite saturated with a lotion-y essence and adheres decently to the skin. The fit is amazeballs, all the tiger's features fit in the right place on my face! so yes, I look very much like a tiger 🐯🐯🐯
The scent isn't the most pleasant I ever encountered, it smells a bit like rubber.

The ingredients lists for all the Berrisom animal masks aren't plain and boring, so this one is the same too, it contains lots of extracts, various emollients and ceramide too!
As with most sheet mask made of thick cotton, wear time isn't long.
Once removed though, my skin felt nicely moisturized and really really soft.
Loved all these Berrisom masks and this too! 😊



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

It contains milk 🍶, cacao 🍫 and plum 🍑 extracts and claims to provide moisture, hydration, clarity and silky skin!
🌟The packet requires some strength to rip it off. It's very sturdy 😝
🌟The sheet is made of medium-thickness soft cotton, saturated with a milky lotion-y essence and adheres well enough to the skin.
🌟It fits me pretty good.
🌟The scent DOES resemble chocolate milk!! Yayyyy 🙌🙌🙌 it's sooo pleasant!! And I could still smell it a bit during wear time 😍 it's made me crave for something sweet and chocolatey

I wore it for 30 minutes, and after removing it I patted and massaged the leftover essence in and my goodness, I had such soft, nourished and brightened skin! Really liked it! And I thought I could also smooth the used sheet over my neck, decollete and arms since the essence was so nice and smelled so good! The scent lingers 😍
Loved this mask so much! So happy that I have another one too!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟It contains a "Strong brew of lemon grass ingredients, which contain various vitamins to help make the skin vivid and clear".
I also googled the other extracts it contains, and they're all medicinal herbs! So it's a very herbal concentred mask! 🌿
🌟The sheet is made of natural-derived cellulose. It's very thin, very soft and so much drenched in lotion-y essence (the essence reminded me a lot of the Hadalabo Gokujyun lotion, and the sheet mask itself is a twin of My Scheming invisible masks!). Adherence is super good.
🌟The fit is nice, it's a tiny bit large for my face but not so much that I have to fold it somewhere.
🌟It smells like real lemongrass, folks! 💓 in a delicate, not overpowering way. Dunno about you, but I luuuuv lemongrass' scent so I'm happy!

Due to its characteristics, this mask stayed wet for a long time, but I always remove masks after 30 minutes.
After removing it, my skin was very hydrated, soothed and even! 🙌

I say, very well done, Missha! 👏👏 You came out with a pretty nice mask!
I have another flavour of this masks line and if it's as good, it's a definite repurchase!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

It contains "Ingredients that calm down irritated skin (Birch extract, Bitter mint extract, Wild berry extract, Arnica flower extract, Alpenrose extract), Diverse ingredients from the pole for healthier skin, Provitamin B5, outstanding calming effect."


🌟it's a thick jelly mask with suspended particles of unknown nature
🌟you can immediately feel the "cool" factor once you dab it on the skin.
🌟it spreads easily and pleasantly and you feel the coolness even more.

I applied this right after the sheet mask and massaged until absorbed. It was really refreshing and indeed soothing 👏
I like it, I can see this working particularly well on hot summer days and when your skin is just flushed/irritated.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟it's a thin cotton sheet saturated with a watery, dripping essence. It adheres well to the skin.
🌟fit is good
🌟the scent is strong and perfumey, with faint hints of propolis scent if you concentrate on smelling it. I wasn't too happy with it.

I left it on for 20 minutes, after removing it my skin felt decently hydrated but not much soothed. An "ok" mask.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟 claims: "With Illi's Lotus Moisture Mask, your skin is restored and detoxified, to improve its overall health and radiance, while flavonoids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals effectively hydrate the skin, leaving you glowing and luminous." 🌟 the sheet is made of thick soft cotton, and it's moderately saturated with essence. Adherence is ok, at first. I had to smooth the sheet out several times to get rid of all the air bubbles. 🌟 The fit is alright. The sheet is a bit large for my face. 🌟 The scent is floral and very pleasant and you still smell it while the mask is on. I don't mind since it's nice and not too strong!

Wear time was slightly annoying because the sides and the bottom part wouldn't stick too well.
Once removed my skin felt INSANELY refreshed and hydrated. 😱 it's crazy!!!! I disliked this mask a bit during wear time, but the results really shocked me.
So, in summary, I'll hate wearing this mask in future but it's too good to not repurchase!!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟 it claims that "Peony herbs give radiance and vitality to skin, leaving skin brighter and glowing."
🌟 the sheet is of medium thickness, soft and very abundantly saturated with a clear lotion-y essence. Adherence is very good.
🌟The fit is... so and so. It fits me ok I guess, but the cut outs are weird and it took some time to adjust it to my face
🌟 The scent is floral, very nice, but maybe a tad strong. I don't mind it tho.

Once removed my skin felt hydrated and smooth, although that was clearly due to the silicones in the formula, since patting and massaging the essence felt a bit tacky.

Not a bad mask, but nothing remarkable either. Don't think I'll repurchase.



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟it claims that "Purple Kohlrabi mask sheet contains anthocyanin, vitamin C and amino acid to provide intense hydration with brightening effect" ·🌟 the sheet is made of thick but very pliable cotton, and it's not smooth on the surface but textured, kinda like....toilet paper? 😂 yes it reminds me of that. I thought that could have made the sheet uncomfortable to wear but nope, it's spongy and all soft and good. It's moderately saturated with clear watery essence and adheres pretty well. ·🌟fit is very good!! Although there's too much space near the sides of the nose and a bit of cheek is not gonna get pampered. ·🌟 there is some scent but it's very faint and not unpleasant.

Once removed my skin felt very hydrated and looked clear 💡
I liked this mask 👏



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

🌟Claims: "Containing Pomegranate extract 500ppm. It turns dark and dull skin into dewy and bright " 🌟The sheet is made of medium thickness soft cotton, it's moderately saturated with essence and adheres pretty well to the skin. 🌟Fit is very good! 🌟 no discernible scent.

It dried a bit sooner than 30 minutes, but after removing it my face was hydrated and indeed brighter! 😊



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This is the upgraded version of the My Scheming invisible masks. It contains a smaller amount of essence and the sheet material is different.

CLAIMS: "The mask which contains bird nest and collagen provide skin double moisture and keeps sheen and lightness and elasticity on your face." 🌟 the sheet is super thin and abundantly saturated with watery, drippy essence. 🌟 The material is so different than the old invisible masks. 😢 it's not silky anymore, it's papery and also textured with small dots. What the hell. 🌟 it adheres super well to the skin. 🌟 it's almost scentless, but with a faint play dough hint 😓

It doesn't even last as long as the old invisible masks. 😥 after 15 minutes it was almost all dry!!! 😱😱
When I peeled it off it even hurt my skin a bit, because of how dry it was.

The results are hydrated but dotted skin (due to the sheet texture 😨). This is a TERRIBLE upgrade. I'm mad at My Scheming. They must reuse their old silk masks because this is just not good at all.
I'm definitely NOT buying anymore of these upgraded invisible masks. 😠😠😠



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

This is a 2-step mask that comes with the sheet mask and with a 'snail fresh repair cream', which basically serves as a moisturizer to lock everything in.
Already used this mask too, and the sheet mask is just like any MBD mask too, and the cream is a thick white cream that is very very moisturizing (in fact, I only use a little bit for my face, saving everything else for neck, decollete and hands).
I remember to have been really impressed with this mask everytime I've used it: it's definitely a solid treatment altogether for stressed skin, and the second-step cream really gives your skin a punch of extra moisture and nutrition. It is, in fact, one of my favourite MBD masks among all. It's a shame that it's not that easy to find!



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

I bought a mini size of this (I always buy a mini size of new products if available) and thank god that mini sizes exist and give you the chance to test a product before committing to its full size (and to the bigger price, consequently). I have laughed a lot at the product description at the back of the tube, which says:
-evens out skin tone and mattifies the complexion
-reduces the appearance of blemishes
-refines skin texture
-moisturizes and plumps the skin
-gives a non oily, velvety finish to create a perfect-like skin.

Ok, right.....It's a load of bullshit. Straight to the point.
It does NOTHING of what it claims to do. Maybe moisturize, but I'm not giving this to it totally since, you know, makeup can't *really* moisturize.
Upon squeezing the cream onto the back of your hand before application, you see a dense, coloured cream with a STRONG scent. That put me off straightaway. Please, I don't care if my makeup smells like a thriving garden. Scents in makeup is so useless.

I spread this onto my face with my beloved stippling brush, and while doing that I could see OIL 😨😨appearing on my usually glowy-but-not oily skin.
The coverage it gives is light, VEEERY light. And not buildable. I don't mind light coverage, as long as my complexion looks decently evened out (only reason I wear base makeup), but it doesn't even do that 😒😒😒 what the hell, man. I could still see my veins even after applying two layers, and the overall look just wasn't satisfying.
Having said that, you can figure out yourself that this BB cream CAN'T cover blemishes. It couldn't even hide my veins, let alone proper blemishes like pimples.
Once I finished application the finish is very dewy, BUT when touching my face it didn't feel greasy. Oook, that's good, I thought.
Yeah, just waited a couple of hours and after that there was soooo much oill on my T-zone 😵😵😵 something I hadn't seen in ages!!
Nope, nope, nope. That is enough for me to say that this BB cream is a complete dud. 😣



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

I gratefully received this hand cream for free from @bentoncosmetic after winning their blind quiz! 😊
After using it for days, I'm ready to share my view.


🔹Claims: "Benton Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream is a natural derived product with wrinkle improvement function. It will help your skin soft and silky with 20% of Shea Butter and 3% of Coconut oil."


🔹 The cream is hosted inside a bright yellow, satin plastic tube with a black cap.


🔹The cream itself is a white and thick cream that takes a bit of squeezing to come out of the tube, since it is indeed quite thick, probably due to the high content of shea butter.


🔹 it spreads easily on the skin.


🔹the scent is delicately coconutty! 😍 it smells specifically like coconut flakes. Have you ever eaten Ferrero's "Raffaello" coconut pralines? This cream reminds me a lot of those! (P.s. if you like coconut and have never tried these pralines, you absolutely MUST).


🔹once absorbed I was left surprised by the results: it leaves a very smooth and non-greasy touch! Which is extremely important for me, I can't stand hand creams that leave my hands slippy and with an oily feeling 😨


🔹my hands feel very soft and moisturized 🙌

Very happy with this! 👏


(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)

Don't get confused by the name, the word "lotion" here doesn't stand for your usual Asian hydrating toner, but rather for the Western conception of lotion, which is an emulsion/a very lightweight moisturizer.
Organic Flowers Lotion Original is, so, a very light cream that you use at the last step of your skincare routine as an occlusive (or layered with another cream).
What I was looking for before buying this, was an occlusive step that wouldn't be TOO occlusive though.
Having a normal/combo skin type,
I need someone light that plays well with sunscreen and makeup.

This lotion literally did EVERYTHING I needed it to do!! 😍
It's a GIANT 120 ml sturdy, elegant bottle with a pump that dispenses a white, thick-ish emulsion (or light cream, whichever is the most right definition).
It smells so nice. It smells of some flowers in particular, but can't tell you which kind it is. It's not powerful nor perfumey though and it's not annoying to my nose, so that's good!
I need such a tiny amount of product that this bottle will surely last me AGES.
It moisturizes my skin just right and dries to this wonderful soft, smooth touch that plays amazingly well with anything on top! I'm totally in love!! 💞
Strongly recommend this! 👏



(Review coming from my IG: @a.mere.illusion)



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