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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest:
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Paraben-Free, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Scent: light non-discernible scent. It wasn't offensive or anything .
Essence: serum like and was dripping in it. Very thin, not thick like I was expecting with snail related things .
Material: super thin silk mask .
Fit: good fit. Just like the other My Scheming masks .
Results/Ramblings: I had it on for 30 minutes instead of the instructed 10-20 minutes. The mask was starting to dry out at this point but I'm wondering if I took it off too late. It's supposed to provide intense hydration to the skin but I feel like it kind of didn't? My skin wasn't sticky or feel like there's a layer on top of it, which I usually get from snail related products. 
I usually have to choose between the Neogen Aqua Cream or the Skinfood Vita-C cream as the last step. But last night I was able to layer both cream on with no stickiness or piling. So my skin was either super parched from the heat or the extra 10 minutes with the mask drew the moisture from my skin. .
Looking at the ingredients, I don't see anything snail related in there. BUT I want to give My Scheming the benefit of doubt, so maybe I am blind or don't know the proper name so I am not seeing it. Either way, I don't think the concentration of snail mucin is high in this mask. 

The Black Pearl True White Mask Sheet that has royal jelly, honeysuckle and other ingredients that is aimed to hydrate, brighten and revitalize the skin. 
Scent: Light sweet scent. Kind of artificial. I'm not a fan. Not strong but occasionally wafts in .
Essence: Mask was very wet and dripped a little bit but not as much as my Scheming. Thankfully😥 .
Material: Thin silk mask so it looks like I have nothing on .
Fit: Good fit the nose is meh but I screwed that part up. Otherwise it's good fit .
Time: Supposed to be between 10 to 15 minutes. Took off after 25 mins. Mask looks more opaque and there's a little bit of essence left on face.
Results/Ramblings: Extra essence tingles a little when it was sinking in. It was tacky until it sunk in. My skin felt moisturized but it wasn't anything amazing. I didn't notice any brightening but photos I took showed there was a little bit brighter. 
I wouldn't repurchase this mask since I wasn't wowed by it. Looking forward to finishing it.

Scent : I was expecting the same honey smell but instead I was hit with scent of roses🌹. So I guess Ms.Flowers gets to shine with the masks and Mr.Honey with the cream. 

Essence: mask was dripping in clear serum like essence, and there was quite a bit left in the package

Material: thin gold hydrogel mask held between a clear and a white backings. Don't think the backings helped as I had a lot of trouble getting the mask pieces separated from the backings .

Fit: the fit isn't bad but because how flimsy the mask is, I couldn't get it to sit properly on my face so it was bunched up or tenting in some areas. 

Results/Rambling: instruction said 20-40 minutes but I had it on for 45 minutes since I kind of lost track of time😅. The mask was still moist but a little dry on the upper lip area. Extra essence on the face was absorbed quickly and not sticky. I was very surprised by this as I had extra essence on my hands and it felt like I had stuck my hand in a thick glove. It just felt like I had a thick layer of something sitting on top of my hands and it didn't go away with washing them. But I am glad the essence sunk in nicely on my face. This mask is definitely a cooler weather kind of mask as I find it to be very moisturizing and nourishing for my skin. I want to say I would repurchase this but honestly I probably won't. Considering how much trouble I had taking it out of the package and how it bunched up on my face and it's price(US$4+). I would be better off with a Leaders coconut gel mask instead. 

Scent: Light apple blossom scent
Essence: mask was wet but not dripping. Not much essence left in the package
Material: Cotton mask with two sets of ear hooks. For face and neck
Fit: Much better fit than the Foodaholic. Mask is hugging the face and neck with the exception of the nose .
Time: recommended for 10 to 15 mins. Start at 855, stop at 930. I had it on for 35 minutes and it was still very moist but my ears hurt from the hooks
Results/Rambling: Essence sunk in quickly and wasn't sticky. I didn't notice too much of brightening effect.  But skin tone looked more even and redness went down. My skin did feel moisturized but that's what every mask is supposed to do. Overall, gimmicky mask and I wouldn't buy it again. 
PS. If you see iLook Beauty at your Marshalls/Winners/TJ Maxx, it's Sexylook. I confirmed it with the brand 😊 .

I won the emulsion from an Instagram contest from Amabie and Thank You Farmer, but all opinions expressed are mine. 

Size: 130ml in a frosted glass bottle

Scent: a mix of light floral and orange leaf scent, kind of reminds me of the Biotherm Aquasource line.

Notable Ingredients:  soluable collagen, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, shea butter, ceramide 3 are all moisturizing ingredients. but it also have cetyl alcohol,alcohol, ceterayl alcohol, which is quite a bit of alcohols for a hydrating emulsion. 

Consistency: thick emulsion that doesn't drip or move anywhere until I physically spread it, at which point it becomes easily spreadable.

Thoughts: The emulsion sinks in quickly and does not leave my skin feeling tacky. It left my skin feeling quite dewy and moisturized. But the price point is a tad high in my opinion for an emulsion that has so much quite a few alcohol ingredients. 

I won the toner from an Instagram contest from Amabie and Thank You Farmer, but all opinions expressed are mine. 

Size: 150ml in a frosted glass bottle

Scent: a light floral scent, kind of reminds me of the Biotherm Aquasource line.

Notable Ingredients: niacinamide, soluable collage, sodium hyaluronate which are all moisturizing ingredients. 

Consistency: thin gel like consistency. 

Thoughts: The toner sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling a little tacky to the touch. But it does provide some relief from the tightness resulting from the cleanser. It makes my skin feel quite dewy after usage. I would repurchase this toner if it's on sale. 

I won the cleanser from an Instagram contest from Amabie and Thank You Farmer, but all opinions expressed are mine. 

Size: 200ml in a plastic bottle

Scent: a light jasmine scent

Notable Ingredients: soluable collagen, sodium hyaluronate, squalane, shea butter, ceramide 3,  which are all have moisturizing properties. But there are alcohol, cetearyl alcohol which can be drying for the skin. 

Consistency: Thick gel that spreads easily. 

Cleansing Power: When used against normal eyeliner, the cleanser removes everything easily. When used against waterproof eyeliner and mascara from Kiss Me, it removes most of the eyeliner but the mascara stayed put. So it works well removing non-waterproof makeup. 

Foaming: It doesn't foam up well, it is more emulsifying instead of foaming. 

Thoughts: I am not sure how I like the cleanser. I have normal, dehydrated skin and tried this in summer. And it kept on making my skin feeling tight afterwards. It is supposed to be for sensitive skin and if it is making my normal skin feeling tight, I am not sure how it will work on sensitive skin. 


The packaging is gorgeous, the smell is pretty nice. But its effect is horrible. It is not made for my dry thin hair at all. It actually made it so dry that no amount of hair conditioner or hair masks will compensate for it. It made brushing my hair every day a pain because I would always wake up with a giant tangled mess. It took a few months after I stopped using it to return to my hair to a less damaged state. 

I read other reviews prior to using this and used a thick layer but it was still very painful to remove it. In addition, it barely removed any blackheads like it is advertised to do. I would only recommend using this on the nose area. Full review on

This sherbet type of oil cleanser works well in removing makeup, even my super waterproof Kiss Me mascaras. However, it does have a very sweet smell to it and leaves my skin feeling like there is something on top and need a second or third washes to get rid of that feeling. 

I love this cleanser! A little goes a long way, thus making this tube last a long time. The cleanser does have a funky wet clothes smell to it, but after a few washes I grew nose blind to it. The cleanser foams up well and leaves my skin feeling cleansed without feeling like there is a layer on top or feeling tight. 

I tried my best to like this serum as it is so popular. But I cannot stand the smell of it. I forced myself to go through a whole routine using only the Green Tea Seed line samples, and the smell of all of them combined smelled like aftershave and it would not go away. If the result of the serum was amazing maybe I will deal with it. However, the results were okay at best. I can achieve it with using other serums that has less offensive scent. 

I really like this eyeliner as it draws the finest lines, perfect for tightlining. Unfortunately, it cannot stand against my hooded eyes. In which it smudges just a bit throughout the day due to the oiliness of my eyelids. Thankfully, the it comes off flakes so I can easily remove them. Swatch and full review on 

I have this in super water proof and it lives up to the name. The mascara will not budge unless you use the special mascara remover from Kiss Me or oil cleansers. The mascara lengths my lashes and hold the curls all day. It is the only mascara I use and recommend to all of my friends. A mini review can be found on

I got this for free from Etude House for review purposes. I wanted to like this, as it is sun screen in cushion form. In theory it should make for an easy even application of sunscreen. The sunscreen itself spreads well and drys matte. However, it has the STRONGEST sweet powdery smell that it barred me from putting it anywhere on my face. For swatch and full review, please visit

This is toner has real rose petals and is suitable for sensitive skin. It can be used as an after cleansing toner or a cleansing water like micellar water. I absolutely love the light rose scent of the cleansing water, and it lingers which is a plus for me. It removes makeup, including eye makeup, without irritating my skin. 

I primarily got this for the novelty of its shape and that is about the only thing I like about this hand milk. The hand milk has a very strong sugary sweet banana milk smell and has a thin consistency. It takes a lot to cover my hands and it's not worth the price unless you are looking for interesting shaped hand creams. Swatch and full review on 

I have the chiffon version of the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK029 and BE109.  While I like both of the shades, I find BE109 to draw attention to all of the lip wrinkles. While both colours are well pigmented, they don't last long. For swatches and full review, please visit

I have this in #4 My Girl Pink and this is supposed to be a glossy and sheer tint. While the tint definitely delivers on the shine department, the colour differs slightly from the official swatches but it is still a very cute shade of pink. The only downside is that it comes off very easily. For swatches and full review, please visit

I have the Christmas 2016 special edition of this lipstick in BE103. I quite like this lipstick as it is well pigmented and has some shine to it. However, the actual shade differs from the swatches shown by Etude and the staying power is not great. For swatches and full review, please visit

I purchased this in #7 Dollish Beige Rose and I have to say I absolutely love it. A little goes a long way and it stays on for hours. The downside is that you have to make sure there are no dead skin on your skin as it will dry matte and cling on to any dry spots. Full review and swatches can be viewed at

I had high hopes for this and purchased it in Lovely Peach. I found it to be a tad difficult to apply and maintain a thick and even coat as gravity comes into play and drag most of it downwards. Not to mention that you NEED a thick coat in order to avoid removing it in pieces. Maybe because it's one of the lighter shades, I didn't really find the tint to be very noticeable on me. I liked it for the entertainment aspect but not much for the actual performance. If you would like to see the swatches and reviews of other tints, please visit 



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