一個寶貝、一段旅行、一缸悲傷、一陣狂喜、一抹黑暗跟一疊影像, 跟著A小姐的步伐,陪我發現心中未完成的夢。

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Bald
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Beauty blogger
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Natural, Organic, Vitamin C, Mineral, Glycerin
  • Are you a mommy to be?: Yes

The nice texture lathers easily and deeply cleanses my scalp. The special ingredient can improve my hair's quality to make them shiny and firm. I love the leechee fruit smell! It calms me from a tiring day. 

This is a amazing face mask! It cleanses and nourishes my skin at the same time, helps to slow down the aging process of my skin! Remember to exfoliate your skin, so that the skincare products can absorb better. 

The texture is mild and absorbing, the scent is really nice. It contains Taiwan Magnolia extract which give nutrition and hydrates my skin. The price is pretty decent, great of office ladies. 

It's inexpensive and great! My hair became smooth, airy and my hair loss situation is better! Get volumed and great hair at the same time. 

The texture is a clear gel, I was afraid that it would be too nourishing that make my face breakout, but it's actually pretty refreshing! It contains retinal, antioxidant agents that can make my skin elastic, it doesn't contain other additives. It helps to lighten my spots and brightens my face. 

The design is very user friendly with it's special brush, easily to apply on my face. It helps with all kinds of spots on my face ( dark spot, freckles, sunburns, age spots etc)! I have dark circles, so I would need to lighten it! This can be used as a whitening essence and help with dark spots, it's inexpensive and useful.

This has nice tender touch. It's milky texture lathers in to fine bubbles that cleanses and nourishes my face at the same time, it does not make my face tight which is great for people with dry skin. I suggest people to use this during autumn and winter. 

This product is amazing! I can get perfect curved eyelashes with no effort! Because of it's special brush design it's very easy to apply. 

This eyeliner gel is so versatile, I can do different types of makeup with this. It doesn't irritate my skin and easy to apply! The gel is very smooth, you can get perfect eyelines easily. Eyeliners are very important! 

This essence nourishes and hydrates my skin! After a week my pores got smaller! It has a nice comforting scent. 

I love this face mask. It softens and cleanses my skin with it's Vitamin C, special minerals, Amino acids etc... These ingredients gives my skin new life, and makes me look more alive.

This cleanser lathers up pretty easily, it can deeply cleanse your skin and pores. It‘s special ingredient can exfoliate your skin and tighten your pores. The fine bubble not only cleanses your skin but also makes it soft. 

The gel is pink, it cleanse the oil and makeup but still nourishes my skin. It contains 6 herbal oil with flowery scent such as lavender and rose. With just little amount( a size of a cherry) it turns into oil in your hands, then massage on the face, the skin will turn soft and all the makeup will fall off. It's very comforting. 

This makes my face look clear and natural, the texture is water clear and very easy to blend, really effortless. Gives me a nice natural look. 

It doesn't seem special but it makes my eyeshadow color pop and keeps them intact . The black and white packaging is classic NARS style. The texture is pretty smooth, not greasy or sticky, so you don't need to wait for it to dry up, just apply your eyeshadow right away! 

And it doesn't have any coloring once it's nicely blended, so it doesn't effect your eyeshadow color, so convenient! 

I enjoy it's sweet scent. It comes out as a fine mousse, very comforting and hydrating. 

The bottle is really beautiful! It's nice to collect it. The scent has a fruity wood smell, which make it neutral, it's longlasting too!

It has a nice fruity smell which make it neutral. It makes me happy all day. 

The scent is very sweet, but it's not too strong. It very longlasting, I still have it on me after work!

Very moisturizing and refreshing! It absorbs really fast and keeps me hydrated.

With just one push, you can get really thick and bouncy bubbles. It cleanses my face better with the thick bubbles. The ingredient contains coconut oil. The cleansing mousse can prevent acnes and exfoliates the face. Suitable for busy working girls. 

It's very refreshing, it's not heavy like makeup removers but still cleanses my makeup really well. The gel is made with pure ingredients. Makeups products is one of the reasons that clogs pores, and irritates our skin. Alot of makeup removers emphasizes on cleansing, but products that are too strong can make your skin condition worse. 

I've used alot of eye creams from Korea, they're contained in nice glass jars so it's hard for me to scoup it out and it's hard to control the amount I scoup which is very inconvenient. But this product has a very nice design! With it's little tube, I can easily squeeze out the amount I need with no effort. 

The texture of the eye cream is very light and refreshing! Makes my eyes feel comfortable. The creamy texture really moisturizes my skin. 

This face wash does not irritate my skin or make my skin dry and tight, it's easy to wash away the bubbless on your face! I suggest people who have oily skin to use it everyday. Deep cleansing is the first step to get rid of acnes. When it comes to acnes, always note that having your face clean is a very important step.

The texture is like fine powder, so it sets well on my face, refreshing with a natural touch. It covers my pores, dark spots and brightens my skin! Like a nice glowing apple. It's also very long-lasting too. It corrects my skintone, and can cover up my dark spots and circles. 

This BB cream is very comforting to use, gives me a nice glow when I apply makeup and makes my skintone even, I feel like an elegant lady. It's also very moisturizing and easy to blend! The light weight texture makes my skin breathe easily with a nice touch.

This is washable mask with a refreshing texture and comforting kiwi scent. It makes my skin bright and radiant.  The mask has oil control effect and tightens my skin, you can see the kiwi fruit cubes in the texture too! I highly recommend this mask. 

This makes my skin moisturized and tender my skin. It has a light texture, my skin feels hydrated and bouncy, also it revives and moisturizes my skin. 

After I cleanse my face, I would dry up then apply the peeling cream on my face and neck. After one minute, I would massage my face with my fingers until the cream turns solid and starts to flake. Then wash it off with warm water, at last apply my routine skincare product, I suggest to use this once a week! It's really mild and won't irritate my skin, feels great!

It has a refreshing texture and feels really comforting while using it! It's special ingredient can perfectly exfoliate your skin. It's 100% made in Japan, a very high quality product. 

Put some toner on a cotton pad and apply it on your face, then slightly pat your face until your face feels cooling. This can help the toner to quickly absorb and moisturize your face. After having a fun time during a sunny day, when I apply the toner at night, I can see the difference on my face. It hydrates the skin, refreshing and not greasy. 

I've always been using VICHY‘s products and always have a good impression in their products, good pricing and very good to use. I've used other brands, their BB creams are too heavy and sticky which I don't like. This BB cream has a clear tecture, it's very refreshing and gives me good coverage! I don't really need to apply foundation, my freckles and pimples are hidden perfectly, my face smells nice and gives me natural skin.

I always use The Body Shop product when I was young, The Body Shop is founded in England 1976, it uses all natural ingredients to make cosmetics and skincare products, all the packaging are in a simple design and environmental friendly, that's why everyone loves it. 

The texture is a clear liquid, refreshing, absorbing and not sticky at all. My face feels moisturizing and bouncy. It has an elegant and comforting smell. 

This product combines three basic needs for foundation : Whitening, Concealing and Brightening, it emphasizes on these functions. It contains Ascorbyl Glucoside, a whitening agent that can reduce spots, clear the skin and make your appearance more outstanding! The Melanin-BlockTM, is the brigtening agent that can make your skin radiant with a natural glow. The most important factor is the SPF19/PA+++! Avoiding harm from the sun!

You can blend the three colors of the product and apply from the center of your face. Then use a puff to correct any small spots on the face. From the bottom to top is the first layer of whitening, next layer is concealing then at last brightening on other areas of the face. Whitening, Concealing and Brightening all in one! You can relieve your makeup bag with just carrying this product!

Use the puff to apply the powder on your T area, eye area and your C area, your face will immediately become radiant , your skin will be bright and beautiful. 

The design is portable and easy to apply so you can bring it with you everywhere. It contains witch hazel extract so it can improve your skin condition such as large or clogged pores, it can also help sooth your skin with pimple or acne condition.

For me I have dry skin, because of late nights and high pressure so my skin gets oily easily. My cheek will breakout and have blemishes, even thought it's not obvious but it affects my makeup. So I have to use this pen to sooth my acnes and pores! It's refreshing and absorbs quickly so acnes and pimple will go away. 

I often stay up late or didn't sleep enough for several days, so there are some fine lines on my face. After I use this product, my skin became brighter like it drank alot of water, and feels healthy and smooth. This gel has a clear texture with floral scent, so it's very comforting when I apply it, also it's very absorbing. You have to take good care of your skin especially before sleep! Lightly massage the gel on your skin with circles so that your skin will deeply absorb and be hydrated, your face will be healthy and moisturized even when you sleep. You will feel that your face is bouncy and smooth in the morning. 

This has an elegant smell, comforting and delightful. This essence has a very clear texture, and absorbs really well on your skin, it makes your face smooth and moisturizing. 

This is a light blue gel texture product, not like other brand's gel which is kind of sticky. It feels cooling when I apply it, very comfortable. And it's not like traditional moisturizers, this contains water-bonding factors moisturize your skin and improve moisture-locking capabilities.

Before you leave for the day, all you need is 5 minutes to have great skin color! You need a product that can protect your skin from the sun and dry skin! It makes your skin moisturized all day, and it makes your makeup sets perfectly. It feels refreshing and moisturizing when I apply it, the texture is clear and not sticky at all!

I'm recommending one of the top beauty brand VICHY. I tend to break out during my period, I also have blemish and blackheads issues, especially on my T-zone. Because T-zones are usually very oily so if you don't clean it the oil will block you pores and easily turn into acnes. [Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot 15ml]  is packaged like a pen, easy to apply and portable, so you can carry it everywhere and improve your acne scars and uneven skintone.



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