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Purito centella green level eye cream came in a white plastic tube which I personally prefer mostly as it is more hygienic than the products that came in tub or jar form. It’s my first time trying the centella containing eye cream and I am glad I did! I don’t know why but Purito products works amazing for me. Purito eye cream contains 30 ml of product and has pointy dispenser. I smells amazing and does have a mild Bergamot oil scent.The centella cream is not that viscous and absorbs into the skin after gently patting. It really cool down the area around the eyes and feels super hydrating and moisturizing as it contains the 49 percent of centella asiatica other good ingredients like palmitoyl peptide complex, asiaticoside, Asiatic acid and madecassic acid. 

full review on my blog

I love that it has a mild centella asiatica powdery scent to it. The consistency can be define as liquidy but thicker than the water. The toner is transparent and absorbs into the skin easily leaving the skin hydrated, soothe and little but moisturized. It does tackle with the dry skin very nicely. The Purito centella green level calming toner can be used by any skin type because it has very nice consistency and texture which will work for oily skin as well as dry skin. I personally have acne prone sensitive skin and I loved how it soothes my skin and reduce the redness and helps with irritated skin.

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theseThis shadows are so freaking soft , yeah I can say that the quality of Etude house products have got better and actually some of them remind me of the colourpop super shock eye shadows. For the color combination I personally like, I do think there should have been a matte shade included to complete the look but I am not complaining I mean I choose it because I love glitter and I think if I have this and mini matte palette that’s all I need to create stunning looks. To be honest I couldn’t find a single flaw in the formulation, I think this is a beautiful palette for the money are paying you are getting amazing glittery sparkly eye shadows. These adhere to the skin well, I haven’t faced any fallout and I think they look best with the finger application. They last 8-9 hours easily and some of the shadows are more of a topper, some are nicely foiled and some are highly pigmented but I like them how they have different finishes.Starting with the shadows there are total nine shadows in this palette and all are shimmery/glittery.

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This foundation is pretty think and is a creamy in texture but does not feel heavy or clogged my pores. About the scent I have to agree that it is pretty strong at first but it smells so heavenly good just like honey and the scent does starting to fades away after you applying it. I personally do not mind the scent and I actually think it does starting to fade as you keep on using the product.

I would like to say if you have wrinkles or textured skin it is better to avoid this foundation as Skinfood Honey Propolis Essence Foundation does exaggerate the appearance of any kind of texture on your skin as it is dewy finish foundation it can make your acne scars and wrinkles obvious. If you have to use it, it’s better to use a pore refining primer before and it actually works but for the claim that this foundation covers the wrinkles are not so true. It does feel a little bit tacky and also transfer easily so yup a powder is must especially if you are using it in summers and plus it is waterproof, in case you guys are wondering.

Overall I like it, it’s a nice foundation which looks good on the skin and makes your skin moisturize, healthy and glowy but in the end it’s a matter of preference. Check out the full review on my blog with swatches.

I think this is great for all the season but definitely you have to set it powder in summer and it is not really ideal for people with dark spots or freckles or who are looking for full coverage last for 4-6 hour and one need touch ups in between especially the people with the oily is buildable till the medium coverage.


chekout the detailed review on ammarahblog .

When applied on the skin it feels hydrating and soothing.After removing the mask skin feels supple and much brighter and a big moisturized as well. It also reduced the appearance of spots.Skin feels smooth and soft, does give a sightly dewy finish to the skin. The essence does not feel heavy or tacky at all and it absorbs nicely into the skin.

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It came with a eye and lip mask as well as mostly hydrogel mask these days have it, i used the texture (honeycomb) side on my fave which adhere the skin perfectly and you can do whatever you want without feels super hydrating, soothing on the skin. The fit of the mask was also pretty good.

Afterwards Skin feels clear, supple, bright and moisturized. it really calms down the redness and tingling.

Skin feels smooth and soft, does give a dewy finish to the skin but the essence does not feel heavy or sticky. Overall

Highly recommended, i have acne prone/ sensitive skin and i used it after derma rolling and my skin really calms down after using it.

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I have been using it for a month and a half and I have to say that it is a really nice cleanser, it cleanses the face nicely, makes a nice amount of foam which I was afraid of that it is not going to as it is a mild cleanser. As my skin was very bad at terms lately this really helps to cleanse my skin nicely without stripping it off and keep my skin calm. My skin was irritated at the very extend that I couldn’t apply any products especially new so I was using the same skincare or skincare to soothe my skin only and this one really helps. As it is gel cleanser which contains centella asiatica extract and tea tree oil which helps with acne prone skin.

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It contains propolis extract and  vitamin C. This mask has a honey scent to it. The essence itself is again pretty think and rich but takes more time to absorb than the green fit mask. The fit of the mask is okay and the essence is transparent, tacky and does not absorb easily. You have to pat the essence into the skin to absorb it otherwise it will leave an oily layer on the top of the skin. It gives a glossy/dewy finish. I applied it for 20 minutes with the ion enhancer device which automatically shut down after 20 minutes. It feels moisturizing, hydrating, soothing and skin feels supple, bight and healthy plus it does rescue the appearance of skin texture and pores seems less visible. I like it more than the tea tree (green) fit mask. I used a red light which is for oily skin and is has the highest intensity.

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this product contains alot of essence essence which is pretty thick and rich, gel like in is transparent, non-sticky and absorbs in to the skin and gives a dewy finish.. The essence is pretty heavy so I use it mostly it as night time.Okay so here are the results that I have noticed after using the green fit mask, my skin looks bright more supple. It really reduced the redness and skin texture and soothes out the skin. It also moisturize and hydrate the skin.

check out the detailed review on my blog

I have read a lot of reviews of my blogger friends but I personally like it. It does what it claims even though it does hurt but it does work as well. Okay so it came in a packet which contains the 2 chin hydrogel patches. The hydrogel side of the mask is textured and thick, the other side has a thin bandage to make it comfortable to wear so it does not feel sticky. The mask looks small but after stretching it fits easily around my chin area. It does hurt the ear area and feels uncomfortable. It has a nice floral scent to it and I wear it before sleeping and it feels super soothing and hydrating. I have measure my chin size so I can see if it actually makes a difference. I put it on for 8 hours as recommended and it does make my skin less saggy and more firm. When I measure again it was 1.5 cm less than before which is great.I think it is perfect to wear before any big events as it actually work even though it hurt a little


 It came with the white plastic film sheet and actual mask is also is white in color and is a cotton sheet mask. I has quite a lot of essence in the pack which is more of a gel like consistency and is transparent in color. As I was super tired the day I tried this mask I don’t have pictures of mask. It took some time to essence to absorb into the skin. Aeria Skin Rejuvenating & Firming Eye Mask feels fresh and light weight. I applied it for 20 minutes and still it wasn’t feel dry at all, it helps in moisturizing the skin and soothing my eye area. The skin around the eye feels hydrated and plump. Overall I like this does my eye area soft, smooth and hydrated and I like it as I don’t have wrinkles I can’t say it helps me with the wrinkles but it feels so soothing on the skin and does looks more plump. It is currently on sale so make sure to get your hands on Aeria Skin Rejuvenating & Firming Eye Mask.

provided by amabie for the review purpose.

I have been using it from the day it came it’s about to end now because I am obsessed with it. I love the packaging it looks so special as it came in a black card board case and inside is a soap with the actual wrapping on it. It just look so sleek and luxurious. You get the 100g weigh product. 107 Premium Black Soap contains 7 years old naturally fermented vinegar to clean the skin without stripping essential moisture of the skin. Aged vinegar naturally removes invisible flakes and cleanses stuffed pores filled with harmful oils that may cause acne. It claims to give skin the appearance of elasticity and strong firmness. Incredible results for troubled skin and clogged up pores. It has a baby powder scent with a hint of vinegar scent to it. It makes a foam pretty well which is great as I personally love foam cleanser. The foam is pretty creamy and after cleansing with it face feels super cleansed and clean. It does feels clean but not drying which is great as I was expecting it to be super drying. It does remove the left over makeup, oil and dirt well. The skin feels soft and super clean especially the pores the pores seems super clean whenever I wash my face with it. It does not cause me any irritation and helps me with the acne and oil controlling as well. It does mattify the skin but is not harsh on the skin at all.

Chulala cleansing lotion which claims to be the gentle yet powerful blend of natural enzymes and sea botanicals; coral water rich in calcium aids in healthy skin cell turnover, papain enzyme metabolizes dirt and impurities while ginger leaf extract and the islands deep ocean water adds moisture to plump and protect the skin basically a cleansing lotion which combined the blessing of the plant with a marine mineral of Okinawa.

I like the way it smell it’s like a salty sea kind of scent which is pretty natural and to be honest I did not like it at totally feels like a water on the skin, super liquidy in consistency, transparent in color and does not form any fill on the skin surface. I is very good at removing makeup and dirt from the face but it stings a little bit in the eyes so make sure to close your eyes well and go gently over the eye area. It is not really good at removing the water proof makeup but I does which takes some effort. I simply wash my face afterwards and follows my skincare with the foaming cleanser but the days I am feeling lazy It feels hydrated and plus It makes the soft and smooth. I does not irritate or cause me any acne so overall it’s a good cleansing water.

I got this product from amabie for the review purpose.

I got mine in the shade 23, natural beige. This one has the perfect undertone for me, not too pink not too yellow. What bother me about this foundation that it actually does oxidize and cannot not control the oil for a while, it looks nice for 4-5 hours but definitely you have to fix your foundation and that’s what compact foundations are for. Does starting to budge off if keep on layering the foundation? It has a chemical scent to it which is not over whelming. It has demi matte finish and for that to last it’s better to set it with setting powder. It does not apply better on the sunscreen and other skincare products.


Hands down to favorite cushion.The air puff of the April Skin black cushion is more dense and doughy and it applies the product more evenly and nicely. This cushion also came in a 3 shades in total which are 21(light beige), 22 (pink beige), 23 (natural beige) and I ordered this one in the shade 23 natural beige again. It has a floral sweet scent and feels a bit heavy. The April Skin Black Magic snow cushionhas a little bit of Yellow undertone it. This cushion gives the Brightening effect and does not oxidized at all. It feels super moisturized and is not that heavy. The new Black cushion provides the medium to full coverage. It feels a little bit sticky and last quite long as compare to the fixing foundation. It does not feel cakey and adhere nicely to the skin. It provides the dewy finish and does control the oil throughout the day. It lasts though out the day and the oil starting to appear after 5 hours which is not crazy at all. It sets beautifully on the top of sunscreens and skincare products. It is meant for oily, combination and acne prone skin and actually great on all skin type according to me.

It has a gel to cream like consistency and absorbs pretty quickly. The BEVY C. White UMoisture Cream is light in weight and the formula is non sticky which provides a beautiful dewy/ glossy finish. It feels refreshing and hydrating on the skin. The texture and the feel really reminds of the laneige water sleeping mask which I love so much.
It feels pretty much like a gel when touched but it really moisturized the skin. The consistency of it is more on the liquidy/watery side even though it is labeled as cream but seriously it is different and that’s why I come to like it. It leaves the skin super soft and dewy. It does not have any white cast and leaves the skin surprisingly hydrated. It is cloudy white in color and has a pleasant mild floral scent to it. The dewy effect fades after few minutes especially when my skin is dry and dehydrated.
I have notice that my skin become more soft, supple and really even out and makes my marks does reduces after using it for a month.


Overall BEVY C. white up moisture cream does brighter my skin and my spots fade and my skin looks supple and even toned. I am currently in love with this moisturizer. It’s a great moisturizer for mostly skin types, even though I have an acne prone skin and I avoid moisturizers in summer but this one is totally on different level. It does not cause me any irritation or acne.

At first it feels like a gel in texture which means it feels smooth but when intact with skin it becomes pretty watery. It is light weight and watery in consistency.
It feels super refreshing on the skin and absorbs pretty quickly.
It is gel like in Consistency, not very thick or thin and spread evenly and easily on the skin.
It has a very light pale yellow color to it but looks transparent on the skin. It has a mild fresh minty citrusy scent to it which I personally love.It gives a skin a matte finish and blurs out the pores to some extent.Continuous use of the essence with the BEVY C. White UMoisture Cream makes it more effective and I have seen that my pores become less visible and it helps in controlling the sebum and oil without breaking me out. It does not cause me any irritation or allergies.

 The serum is transparent in color just like gel and absorbs pretty quickly. The Shangpree AC balancing serum feels a little bit tacky when applying but absorbs quickly into the skin.
It feels like a gel on skin and not very light weight but not heavy as well. It feels really refreshing and soothing on the application.
It gives the matte finish not dewy at all and seems to control oil to some extent and does sooth the skin and hydrate the skin a little bit as well. I haven’t notice when it comes to controlling from acne but it does sooth my skin and is mild enough to use after Derma rolling. i have seen that it helps in healing my acne and recovering my skin .
Overall this serum does not irritate my skin nor does I get any acne but it does not control acne as well. It does control oil for few hours and does not make your skin a greasy mess. It feels over very refreshing and soothing and helps to cure my acne.

The formulation of A'pieu wonder tension pact is pretty good, I like the way it covers my imperfections and I feels pretty sticky and does transfer a little bit. I does not oxidize at all but still looks really nice on skin. This dry pretty fast so you have to work quite quickly with it. It gives a velvety matte finish and does control the oil to some extent. It does not really help with blurring out the pores. It has a very mild scent which is plus point because mostly tension pacts have chemical scent to it. It has a matte/satin Finish, which is not common in Koreans but the basic function of this is to provide the coverage which it does. The only thing that I do not like about this tension pact is that I does crease if not set with the powder. These days I prefer this one over my Clio kill cover cushion. It last on my face 6-7 easily and if set with powder I think it can last 14 hours.

Overall it is a nice tension pact which actually covers and works and as it is summers i think it is better to set it with powder to make it last and also to prevent it from creasing.

Bubble starts to appear as soon as you spread it over the skin as it is exposed to the oxygen. The mask has a sweet floral scent which does not fade away easily. It makes a foamy bubbles and bubbles started to disappear after 5 minutes. I mostly apply it after cleansing my face and take about 1 teaspoon or less than that and spread it quickly as possible and I try to secure the jar as soon I get the product out because exposing more to the oxygen can reduce the performance of the pack. I applied it for 5-8 minutes and simply wash it off. I have notice that after 5 minutes it starts to dry up.
My skin feels soft and smooth after using it and it does brighten my complexion a little bit and works amazingly for my pores, the pores looks clean and it also help to reduce the redness a little bit. I don’t think it help to stop my acne. My face looks matte but fresh and plump after using it.

THESE PATCHES ARE MY LOVE. Make sure to clean the skin properly and apply oily or moisturizing stuff after applying the patch. I use them mostly at night but sometime in a morning when my acne is about to pop up and after 7-8 hours or when the patch become white I simply remove it and I sucks out all the gunk and pus. The area seems less inflammatory and soothes down a lot. Overall it’s a great product, you are going through any pain and your acne seems less noticeable and recover pretty quickly as well.

The pads are white in color and have an embossed texture which helps in gentle exfoliating. The pad does not feel harsh or rough on the skin. COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad claims to be gentle enough to use on daily routine and I second on this because I thought they are going to pretty rough as mostly acne prone designed products are. The solution feels light weight just like a toner. It has a tea tree kind of herbal scent to it.

 COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads smooth out the skin and skin feels hydrated and moisturized. It claims to clean up the clogged pores and which is true. They are gentle enough to use 2-3 times in a day. One thing that I wanted to add with the product is the tweezer which will make it more hygienic and easy.


Over all I love COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads I like how it makes my skin clean, soft and smooth and help me with acne and my skin feels good every time I use.

I got this mask for free from amabie in exchange of honest review.

WHAT IT CLAIMS: FOODAHOLIC Red Ginseng Natural Essence Mask contains red ginseng extract that recovers damaged skin and helps to maintain the skin healthy and glow.

Its my first time trying the 3D mask so maybe my point of view differs from you .

The mask is 3D so it  fixes easily on skin (3D mask are made according to the face curves and contours so it is stitched from the mid to cover the nose properly and have slits on the corners) The mask stick so well to the skin that  i was trying to move it  and i does not move but torn from the corner as the sheet itself is thin which is a negative point for me .It has the scent of the ginseng which is not overwhelming and i personally like sweet herbal scents , the essence is not very thick and is transparent in color and does not feel heavy on skin but as compare to the other masks there is hardly any essence in the packet. After using it i fell my skin feel moisturized and healthy and it does brighten my skin.i have acne prone skin and this mask doesn't break me out or irritate my skin.I wan't expecting foodaholic mask to be that good but seriously its way better than the other popular masks and also cheaper.


overall i don't have any problem with the essence formula but i hope they change the sheet material its not silky and the holes of eyes are small for me ,other than that i love it and will recommend it especially because its cheap and the actual product works.

This product is provided by amabie for the review purpose.

what product claims:

Specially formulated to give you clear, problem free skin, a soap-free, daily use face wash gel that cleanses your skin by removing excess oil and impurities without over-drying.

my skin type: acne prone/combination.

The product came in tube form with the lid to open.I like the transparent packaging so one can know how much product is left.I have used the older version of this product and i don't like it because it was super drying and does nothing but this one is amazing.The product is green in color with the thick jelly-gel consistency which is same as the old version.This product does not make foam as it is free from parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates. As it claims it does help in reducing my acne and redness especially it does not dry out my skin. Every time i wash my face with it my skin looks clean, bright and tighten.The only thing which bothers me about it that it does not remove the makeup properly so make sure to remove makeup with cleansing water or oil before using it.Overall its an amazing drugstore face wash.







I think it works better with lukewarm water so try to wash your face with lukewarm water.(especially for acne prone skin)


Overall i love the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face wash,its natural and it works plus its cheap, will definitely recommend it to all but especially the people who have problematic skin.

The sheet itself is smooth and thick in texture with white creamy essence.The smell of the mask is so good, nothing like avocados but its more of a wild floral and its not very overwhelming.The mask is really hydrating and moisturizing to my skin which i love but i don't think it brightens my skin and i will definitely recommend it to the people with the dry skin because due to my acne-prone skincare I've some dry patches on my skin and seriously i can't really find them afterwards and i haven't notice any breakout after using it which is plus point. I've a big face so the sheet size is okay for me.

The packaging is pretty good ,bronze gold color gives it a luxurious look,i love the color nor its too dark neither its too light and does not have any reddish tone to it,it looks so natural and lately i been using it to contour my nose and it perfectly matches, even though i have ashy eyebrow hairs i prefer sticking with lighter color than my brows as they look more natural.the packaging is travel friendly and i love how the eyebrow comb/brush have its own cap.Overall it blends very nicely and stays on all day.I don't know is it just me but the lead from the end broke when i was using it first time but i fixed it twice but it does not like being a single piece, the only thing i hate about this product is it broken.The shade i own is the darkest which is coffee brown.

this product blends super easily and is super pigmented , i used it as a highlighter and a blush mostly even though they introduce it as a eye shadows and for the price its totally worth it.

this one the most because it smells great (smells like a sweetest honey) and gives you dewy finish and keeps your skin moisturized with low-medium coverage even though its not ideal for acne prone skin still i prefer it ,it minimize/blur the pores but i can still see my spots,when i need a full coverage i use it as base/primer and then apply foundation and concealer on the top.It does stay for 3-4 hours(in summers) but after that it becomes oily until you set it with the powder.

This is the first Korean product i have ever tried,i was in 10th grade when i tried this product and totally love the results,basically is cotton tissues and you have to wt them and rub on your face and its create a foam and cleanses nicely.

It has a sticky gel/glue like consistency , it does not smells like an egg but have a chemical-alcoholic smell which is quite strong(mostly peel off mask have that kind of smell).It is cloudy white in color,basically you apply it after cleansing and toning and you can layer it on your whole face while i prefer my t-zone area where i have pores , once it dries which takes 15-20 min. mostly, you simply peel it off and most of your pores are cleared and look smaller than before, it leaves the skin matte and smooth.

It is celadon green color gel with tiny gel balls which are quite firm and does not break.It smells like a fresh strong scented cucumber, even though i have a acne prone skin it works for me,it hydrates, make you skin more soft and smooth and reduce the redness.After cleansing and toning , while my face is still wet i applied it all over my face and neck and let it sit for 20-30 min. and wash it away with the Lukewarm water.

it does not clog the pores and your skin feel hydrated and mositurized as well, helps in getting the glowing skin.

one of my all time favorite lip product,i used them to tint my lips + its a treatment ,its make your smooth and soft. 

i have a acne -prone skin but i works for me and i think it works for every skin type a perfect mild make your skin clean and smooth ,kind of tone your skin and gives nice softness to your skin.what i don't get it i just not make your skin bright in real,you feel brightness for 2-5 minutes after washing.

one of the best summer shampoo one can find in drugstore,it cleanses the scalp the have the refreshing sensation to it,also smells refreshing which helps as relaxing  therapy.

This product way better than the classic neutrogena visibly clear facial wash , its smells amazing ,it works for my acnes and does not over dry the skin and i have seen that blackhead on my nose are visibly reduced.For me it is one of the best cleanser i have ever used.

clean and clear is budget friendly, well known drugstore brand, its a nice everyday cleanser but if you have a dry skin i would not recommend it ,its best for oily and combination skin, clean and clear is well known brand especially in teenagers.



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