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General Information

  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Hair Thickness: Bald
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 35-44
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

I received the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening trial kit from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

The kit is all for whitening and the packaging label is very clear as to what ingredients are in the products. I think out of all the products I like the eyecream the best. 

It doesn't have any special smell but it's a light herbal smell. I wouldn't need a lot to cover my whole eye area and it didn't cause any irritation. I think it snot bad. 

After I've tried all of the other products I don't think I noticed anything significantly changed. All of the products are really gentle though. 

I got this makeup primer from KATE along with the makeup foundation that came with it. 

I personally love to use Aqua Label's makeup primer, so I rarely use this one. 

This makeup primer claims to hide the pores and controls the oil on your face. 
I think it does work when it comes to minimizing the pores, and it's easy to blend on the face. But since my cheeks are really dry they become patchy after a while. 

So if I were to use this as my makeup primer, I would have to use extra moisture on my face before applying. In addition, this primer does not have any SPF so you'd have to apply other skin care sunscreen products. For me it wasn't really long lasting, didn't color-correct (although I did feel that my face looked brightened when I first apply it). 

I wouldn't recommend this product!


I've been using BB and CC cream as my base makeup for a while now so I seldom use liquid foundation. Honestly I don't get why there're so many different types of base makeup for the face. 

I also just started using the Japanese makeup brand KATE, I started to use their skin care lip balm products and then their liquid foundation. 

The impression I have for liquid foundation is that they're very very heavy, so since the existence of BB cream I never bought any liquid foundation. 

I bought the rial size of liquid foundation and the color is OC-C Natural. 
When applied on the face it's actually not heavy at all and it also conceals my imperfections. It's not super runny and it actually sets and has a matte finish on the face. I think this is great because I don't need to use another layer of loose powder to set the makeup. 

The foundation is also pretty long lasting. I was out all day in this summer heat and most of it didn't come off of my face. 

I think this is a good product & I recommend it to people who are looking to purchase a light foundation

I've been looking into this product for a really long time because I was really skeptical of All-in-one skin care products (cream, toner, essence). I've bought an all in one toner (with essence in it too) from Aqua Label, but I thought it was so-so. 

But I still wanted to gift Hada-Labo a try so I purchased it. The first thing I have to say is that this skin care toner is SUPER COOLING on the face.  It also claims to reduce the size of your pores so I'm really excited. It also has double the amount of hyaluronic acid than other Hada-Labo products so it's really great for keeping the skin hydrated. Even though this is an All-in-one product, I still feel insecure (haha) so I still do my regular skin care routine afterwards. 

The opening of the bottle is very skinny so it's easy to control the amount that you need - compared to the aqua label one which had a huge opening and I always got too much product. 

So far I haven't been seeing any drastic changes on my face, but the mint ingredient in the product does make it really, really cool. Very suitable for summer or for those who are living in tropical weathers. I've actually noticed that my pores are getting a little bit smaller, the gel like texture also makes it super easy to spread on the face. The best thing about it is that it doesn't feel sticky after application. 

Last thing that I love about Hada-Labo is that they never use additive fragrances or colors which makes me feel very safe when using their products~ 

I really really like the Clear C advanced effector!! 
It has a really sweet berry scent and contains 92.5% berry extract, with high vitamin C, this just sounds like it will work great for whitening already!!! 
When I bought this product, it came along with a pack of cotton pads specifically for this product. One side has stripes and the other one is normal. 

If you're using the product in the day, you can use the side that has the stripes. According to the lady at Laneige, the stipes work very well in the day because they lightly exfoliate the skin and will give it a radiant finish. 

In the night, you can use the flat side of the cotton pad and just lighting pat it on your face. I've been using it for almost a month and I feel like it absorbs very quickly, almost like a skin care toner. Compared to Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, the Kieh's one is more like an oil based skin care essence. 

The Clear C advanced effector is very refreshing, smells comforting, and didn't give me any allergic reactions. The packaging also has graduation marks on it so you'll now if you're running low. 

I will definitely repurchase this product because I feel like it's giving my skin such a great treatment!

I actually rarely use Korean Skincare, but I do know that Korean makeup is always ahead of everyone's time.

This product was really generous as I recieved it from Amabie to try, when I first opened it the gooey texture really surprised me, almsot scared me. 

This product is white and it's really moisturizing, when I first used it it's really sticky, but when you apply it on the face it becomes a regular lotion texture. It's not hard to spread around the face. 

What a special trial I get to have! It's also very hydrating - I'm going to continue to use it for a longer time to see the bigger differences it makes on my skin condition!

My skin condition has been more stable recently, so I started to use sheetmask again, 

This facemask is from Etude House 0.2 therapy air mask. I bought it because this sheet mask is supposed to be very thin. I got the pomogranate and honey one. 

It snugs really well on the skin and it's really thin, it contains a lot of essence and it feels very nourishing. I usually select sheet mask for moisturizing and those that are more gentle on the skin. But I'm sad the pomograte one didn't have a fruity scent to it. 

Other than the essence, there's also some lotion ingredient in there which contains plant extract, but I didn't feel a big difference. 

After masking my face for 15 mins, there's still a lot of essence on my face. So I use a circular massaging motiont o help my skin absorb the product. The leftover essence I will use on my neck and elbows. 

Overall this sheet mask is really good for moisturizing and it feels really comfortable on the skin. But other than these effects I haven't felt anything else special. 

I got this mask last year when there was a promotion. At that time I was really curious of these bubbling cleansing masks so I bought one. 

For each usage, tear one package and spread the product all over your face (avoid the eye and lip area). The product bubbles up really quickly! After around 10 seconds it starts to bubble up and clean the skin. The foam is very thick and delicate, and it's actually quite thick, it's so fun to use. 

At first it feels tingly on the face, but not the kind of sensation that you get when your skin is having an allergic reaction, it's more like you feel the bubbles are spreading around and playing on your face energetically!! 

After five minutes I wash it off with clear water, it makes my skin feel extremely cleansed, some of my dirt and blemishes were gone too. My skin looked brighter. The product claims to be for everyday use as it doesn't contain additive colors or alcohol, which means it's not allergic prone. However, my skin felt a little bit tight afterwards, but I do think that this is a very good product for a deep cleansing session. 

I bought this blush at Watsons (Drugstore in Taiwan). At that time the face of the company was the duo Japanese pop band "Puffy"Their makeup looks on the campaign looked so beautiful and the design was made really well too. At that time I wanted a blush so I chose this one.

The color I have is RD1, this color is a orange tinted pink, with a little bit of shimmer that looks natural on the face. It won't clog up on your skin or look patchy. It doesn't come with a brush so you'll have to figure that one out. The quality of the blush is also very fine, I really like this product!

Back in the day I would apply it on the apples of my cheek, now I've been applying it right on the top of my cheeks closer to where the bottom of my eyes are at, seems like it will make me look more mature.

What makes me disappointed is that Lavshuca is going to be discontinued, it's quite difficult to find their products in normal drugstores now, you'd have to go to "Hands Tailung" or other locations to find it, I've heard that their eyeshadows are great too.

The design is a little bit too girly though! haha.  

I really like products from Hada-Labo, especially the original moisturizing line. This line also contains high concentrate amino acid, it helps to clean the skin and lock in the moisture. I've repurchased this product many times and I really just love it. Every time I use it I squeeze out a little bit and it lathers easily. It feels great on my skin and doesn't strip off my natural oils. It doens't tighten my skin too! There's no additives such as alcohol or coloring, I like products that are simple and plain like this. No additive fragrance means a lower chance of an allergic reaction. 

Although my skin was in a super bad condition I had to use Curel (also a very good brand with good products), I still love this face wash! I will definitely repurchase it everytime I finish using it!!  

All of my makeup products are either from Maybelline or Solone, including eyeliners. 

It was a nice experience to receive this product from Amabie. My color is #e 2 Dark Brown. This color is very natural when applied, it's very understated. The design of the pen itself and the packaging is very simple and clean, I like that. It also glides on very easy without stretching my eyelids!! The color pay off is also very nice, I like the elegant effect that it gives me. I've tried it on the back of my hand and splashed water on it. It smudges a little bit but unless you're in the rain or your eyelids just get super oily, this should stay on your eyelids. 

I've been using this product recently to line my eyes, it's so easy to use so it doesn't take up a lot of my time.

I have never used products from "For Beloved One," so I'm really curious and bought this as an additional product from my other purchase. 

The color I'm using is "natural almond," it color corrects and protects the skin from harmful sun rays, at the same time contains whitening agents. (There are also two other colors to chose from). 

When tested out on the back of my hand, it's very moisturizing. It seems to have a yellow-ish color at first but it blends out to be pale/white. 

Although on the hands it seems very moisturizing, on my face it doesn't really blend that well, how strange. 

I think this DD cream didn't fulfill my expectations. I doesn't blend well and gives me a super pale look (plus it has streak marks). 

It isn't that long lasting and if you use a loose powder to set it, it even turns into little blots!!! I haven't been using it for a long time. 

Everyone has different skin types and this is my outcome of using it, this product really isn't for me!

I'm really happy to be able to receive this product from Amabie, although there were some issues but I still received it. 

My color is 02 Pink. 

I have to say I'm really impressed by the packaging, it's totally my style. The rasered on "PONY" logo is super high quality, and the reflective material almost makes it a mirror ~ 

I've said before in my reviews that I really lile neutral colors for my eyeshadow choices, but I've became more experimental and I'm trying pink colors now. The eyeshadow palette box itself has a magnetic closure, so it's really convenient. On top of the eyeshadow itself, there's a platic layer that covers it and has names of all the colors printed on it. 

I would use the top left color for base, the area could be bigger. For the color on the top right, I would use it in the fold of my eyelid. And OMG the color on the bottom left is absolutely STUNNING. Although the color pay of is so-so. That's Ok though because I don't want to use too much a mess up. I'll use this color to accentuate the outer-v of my eyes and blend it back in to the middle area. Lastly, the bottom right color I would use it as an eyeliner - line it from my tear-ducts to the ends of my eyes. To make the look even mor complete, I would use liquid eyeliner starting from the iris of my eye to the end, elongating my whole eye. 

In my opinion, I think the color of this palette is not too saturated. You can layer the top two colors though, especially the one on the top right. I would also use it with other eyeshadows too. The eyeshadows do not fall out that much, the colors do fade through out the day, but it's not like ALL smudged. 

I bought this product when I saw a Youtuber talking about it. I really like Solone's gel eyeliner, it's cheap and easy to use.  So when I saw the loose powder I bought it without hesitation! The texture of the powder is very fine, there's no shimmer or other glitter, very "down to earth." But the packaging is like pricess style (not my cuppa tea usually), and the puff itself is so cute too! 

When I use this to set my makeup, it stays on really well, even until the afternoon the powder doesn't start to feather off (Or maybe I just kind of wiped it away without noticing XD), but my forehead was a little bit oily. 

As a drug-store level product I think the performance is very decent, there's no scent (seriously, I've used loose powder that has weird scent before...), it's not expensive and does the job. The effect of the powder is kind of a porcelain finish and I really like that. 

But there's a small downside to it, which is the packaging. Over time when you repeatedly close it and open it, the hinge of the product will break and it will fall apart (which is what happened to me NOOO~~~) 

So be careful with the packaging!! 

Long time ago I tried their red wine mask, it smells great and moisturizing. But then I tried other sheet masks that made my face break out so I seldom use it anymore. Then I saw they came out with this new face mask, I bought one to try! It contains several acids and ocean collagen that helps to moisturize my skin. It feels comfortable when I apply it on my face and it’s full of essence that I can apply on my neck and arm. After resting the mask on my face for 20 minute, it’s not dry and I do think my face became smoother! Next time I will buy some other masks.

Lately I bought many Laneige’s products, their moisturizing essence is great to use during summer, because it’s hydrating and refreshing, you can tell from its bottle design. I apply the essence after toner, after blending the essence on my skin I can immediately feel my skin became softer and moisturized! The light floral scent also helps to sooth my mood, after the essence I would use the moisturizing cream to lock the skincare products in my skin! Highly recommend this! 

I’m using the #02, this bb cream foundation contains SPF30, the texture is just like mousse, very moisturizing so it spreads easily on my skin and the color blends very well with my skin tone. The oil in the mousse vaporizes after it’s applied on the skin, leaves a nice luminous makeup look on my skin.


The texture sometimes leaves creases on my skin, so I have to blend it several times. The foundation is pretty refreshing, does not stuff my skin too. After the whole day, only the area around my nose gets oily. But compared with this, I like Kate’s powderless liquid for cover better.

Their makeup remover is so great!! I bought their 20 day trail kit and this mousse is one of the products that are included! I suggest pressing twice for one time use, the mousse is very fine, it feels really great when I apply it on my skin. The mousse does not dry out my face, it’s cleansing and refreshing! I started to try this when my face was in a bad condition, it was seriously breaking out, the mousse is mild and does not contain additives or alcohol so it’s fine for my sensitive skin. Recommend it to everyone! 

I tried their oil blotting primer, it was great~ So I was really amazed when they came out with this moisturizing primer! The opening design makes it very easy to control the amount I want, and surprisingly there are little shimmery ingredients in the texture! It gives me a Japanese natural elegant look! I would also apply sunscreen lotion because this one is not enough, if you want to have a more complete makeup, I will apply a thin layer of compact powder.  It's not the most moisturizing primer but it does not give me oily skin(Your face gets oily when your skin is dehydrated!) 

It scent is ok, the primer helps to color correct my skin~ The shimmer gives my face a radiant look especially when I'm under light or natural sun light! If I'm wearing a shirt that shows my collarbone, I will apply it beneath my collarbone too for a little sexiness~ It's not sticky at all even without compact powder, highly recommend it!!

I got this as a gift from their 3rd anniversary event, I seldom use whitening products because I focus more on moisrturizing, also whitening products gave me an impression on being too harsh. I spend alot of time in the office, this sunscreen contains moisturizing agents so I won't have to worry about my skin getting too dry from air conditioning. The texture is moisturizing so it's easy to blend and does not leave any white residue, it's refreshing didn't give me bad reactions. Although I didn't feel my skin getting whiter from this product, it's definitly moisturizing. I hope this comment helps you;-)

I bought it during mother's day promotion, I read alot of positive reviews on the internet! The texture is watery so it's easy to blend and it's not greasy at all. Even though it's a night mask, don't apply a thick layer because it might cause pimples, a thin layer should be fine! I will rinse my face with water the next day and I can feel my face really soft and smooth, so far it didn't give me any acnes but it didn't improve my dru sensitive skin condition either! I will keep on using it and see if there're any improvements. 

The package design is so dreamy!! I was on the fence at first because it was too girly lol~ I bought the shade #BE101, it's a burgundy wine color but when I applied it on my lips it looks more red.The texture is moisturizing but you still need to put on lipbalm as a base. The color completely covers my lip color, it's be too strong so I usually use my fingers to blend the color more. However, I got a little disappointed, I only used it twice because the color is too strong and it makes me look unnatural. I would pair it with other lipsticks in the future.  

It‘s the first time using this eyeshadow. The pink one is more transparent but it's great for base makeup and you can make the color more obvious by applying more layers. The ones that contains glitter gives great color payoff, and it's really shiny. I usually apply some on my matte style makeup it also looks really great. I apply it with my finger so it looks more natural. Overall I love this line of eyeshadow, but I would pick more light colors. 

My lip color is pretty dark and wrinkles are very obvious, I do use lip care products but I saw many people recommending this lip mask so I decided to try it myself! There's a little spoon in the box, it smells like berries, the lip mask contains eight different kinds of berries which helps to sooth and nourish my lips. First time I scooped too much, but after using it I can see the immediate effect on my lips, my lip wrinkles are lighter. My lips did not immediately become pink but I'm sure after long term use it will improve my lips. 

This product always promotes itself as designed for people with sensitive skin so I had to try it. My face was having a bad reaction like dry and itchiness. I used to cleanse my face with Dove's makeup remover but I decided to change it to this one. The texture is pretty thick so it doesn't drip everywhere, it has no scent not acidic and alcohol free. My face did not get worse and it felt cleansing. This one is great to use and friendly to sensitive skin. 

I got this as a tester when I bought their lipstick. It's the color C21 and only contains 5g, but the package design is just like a mini version of the full size product! It has a scent but I don't mind. This foundation gives my a nice glow and the texture is moisturizing~ The C versions are better for yellow skin toned people! A little goes a long way, it does not make me look cakey or stuff my pores. This is my go to foundation now, I use it with Aqua Label's primer~ 

I just bought this today! I thought their packaging design was very high quality! I love the dark and gold color combination with a UV finish. I bought the #6 which is a rose pink color. I tried the lipquid lipstick on my hand and loved it. There are some residue when I tried to wipe it off (It means you have to pay attention when you cleanse your lips), and it's very long-lasting. When I tried it on my lips, it's very moisturizing, covers my original lip and lip wrinkle. It's different then Maybelline's lip color by color sensational. I kissed the back of my hand and there's no lip stain. The only downside is that it's kind of sticky. 

I bought the #1Chasing Shimmer Bricks. I use this palette regularly~ There are two extra slots so I bought two more eyeshadows to fit in^^ So great that I can make my own palette, just buy the box and fill it in with pressed powder or blush. 

The powder does not fly everywhere, and gives good color payoff, I only put on light makeup so my eyeshadows are also very light, for darker shades I would use it as an eyeliner~ But honestly, it's not very longlasting~ The color is still there but it smudges and sometimes the color is even gone. Lighter makeup is better because it won't look messy when it smudges. The earth tone color with glitters are pretty good, I recommend everyone to try it~ 

There's a time that I love to use their products~ I feel like their ingredients are very natural, and there are many lemon flavoured products which makes me like it even more~ This is my first skincare oil product, it smells great and it's very comfortable to apply on. When my skin is very dry or my face is peeling I always apply this. This can also be used in a bath but I never tried it before because unfortunately I don't have a tub>_< It's a very natural product, recommend it! 

This and their Res-Q ointment are the star products, you can even buy this in any convenient store. Burt Bee's products are all veru natural and I do feel like it's time for me to take care of my fingers and nails~ This box is very convenient to bring along, I can treat my fingers anytime~ But I'm very lazy so that didn't really happen lol, so my nails and fingers are very dry. This has a lovely lemon scent, it has a yellow texture too. The texture is easy to blends and makes me very relaxed. But I stopped using it now, so I didn't post any pictures. 

This is my first concealer~ I usually don't use concealers because I don't like it making me look cakey~ But due to my obvious scars on my face, I still bought it~ The texture is very easily to blend and very long lasting. It matches my skin tone and does not give me any pimples. Overall I'm very satisfied, a little can go a long way, I would defintely purchase again after this one. 

I started using this moisturizing gel since college~ It's my first name brand skincare from my mom and I really love it! The gel will melt in to liquid after I squeeze it out, it's so moisturizing~ My skin feels really hydrated~ It has an elegant scent which reminds me of France. Sometimes I apply it on my face as a mask, it helps with my redness and acnes! I always love this product~ 

I asked my cousin to bring this papaya cream from Austrailia~ I wanted their lipbalm because it's small and convenient, but he bought the 25g tube. He told me that this is great. 

My skin was very dry, even my feet's skin is in danger of cracking so I applied this cream. I'm not a fan of the scent, but it's very blending~ At first I had to put some weight to squeeze the cream out but the texture is actually very soft, so it's easy to apply. It treated my dry skin. I also apply this when my skin is dry and itchy lol. It cools down and moisturizes my skin. But I really don't liek the smell so I give it 3 hearts. 

This is one of my favorite primer~ I started to use this when I was in college and I think it's great! I don't really put on makeup, but I do want my skin tone to be abit polished, thats why I really need this! I did try other products but they just make my skin too pale or too greasy~ 

This primer moisturizes my skin, gives me a nice pink skin tone, a little can go a longway. The texture is not too greasy, I usually will put on some loose powder and base makeup to finish my goal^____^ If im going to put on makeup, I will put on loose powder then apply a thin layer of Maybelline's BB cream. I love clear natural makeup look, so I don't really need coverage. 

I've re-purchased this many times, I really recommend everyone to use this! Great product from drug stores. 

This is my first lip stain from Etude house! I was attracted by it's name and product design. There is a gap between the lip brush so there won't be too much color stuck on the brush, but I still think it's hard to control, so my way is to use little at a time. 

Brush the color in the middle of your lips then blend it out with your fingers to get a pretty ombre lips! (But remember to use lip primer)Now I pair this lip stain with a matte color lipstick, the color blends with a little bit of shine, and does not dry up that easily~ The scent is like a chemical syrup which I don't like. But it gives good color payoff! My color is #RD305 a pretty orange red color.~^^

My first air cushion foundation was Lancome, I bought it 3 years ago from the momo shopping site. I wanted to have a nice dewy makeup that looks refreshing and cool during summer. It's one of the selling point of this product! 

It feels pretty comfortable when I pat the foundation on my skin, texture is very light weight. The coverage might not be enough but that's the point of Korean makeup style, lightweight, clear and natural~ It wouldn't make me look cakey even when I put more layers on. The foundation really gives me a nice dewy look during summer! It comes with a nice round puff, but it tears really easily so please be careful. 

Overall I love the natural makeup look that this product gave me, it's abit sticky when I first use it~ But at that time, this was one of the first brands that sells air cushion foundations. 

I like the scent~ It contains shea butter but it smells like baby oil~ A very comfortable light scent^^

I tested this product for 3 days, it's pretty moisturizing, if you let it absorb more then put on makeup, it'll set really well~ It was really cold a few days before that causes my oily skin because it's too dry, and it makes my makeup smudge, even makes my skin peel, but this oil helps my skin and changed my condition. And it doesn't give me pimples or blemishes~ 

After I finished the tester I bought the whole bottle, the glass bottle has a logo on it which makes it really quality. Whenever I feel dry, I would put on a thin layer on my skin, and it will be better the next day. For your reference^^ 

I highly recommend this! It's so great! I wanted to get another tester from Clinque but then it was sold out so the lady gave me this tester instead, and I loved it!! I already purchased it^^ It helps to repair my skin and lightens my fine lines. My skin was very dehydrated and the weather is so cold so I used this to save my skin! After I tried the essence, the effect is very obvious! After long term use it really changed my skin condition! 

I only use toner and lotion as my skincare routine, after adding this essence into my routine, my skin has improved, my skin is moisturized , the redness around my nose is gone, and my pores shrinked. (But I have to say, my pores are spotless only when I apply the essence)

About the texture, it has a very light scent. When I apply it on my face, I would massage my face and lift my face with my palms. I use it after I apply lotion, very nourishing, not greasy and very absorbing.

Use it continuously day and night, the result is great~ 

This really looks like jam, very quality design! It's my first lip exfoilator~you can see many little grains in the texture! Honestly, it does not have strawberries in it even though it really looks like strawberry jam^^ 

Remember to keep your lips moist when you apply this exfoilator or else it's going to irritate your lips! My lips are very sensitive and not well cared so it kinda hurts abit this time~ And my lips are not as dark as before. I do hope that after I exfoilate my lips, my lip care products will work better since I have very deep lip wrinkles. I hope my lips won't feel irritated next time I use this.  It smells really nice and sweet, and I accidentally ate it when I was applying... 

I got this tester through an event, a little can go a long way, the texture is very liquid so I accidentally pored out too much at first. It blends on my face perfectly and it doesn't have a strong smell which is what I like ^^.

Until dinner time, my T area does not feel oily and my cheeks are not dry so I think it's great! And I don't usually use concealers except for my dark circles I hardly use concealers this give light coverage which is another thing I like! My skin looks natural and bright^^

After using it for a while, I think this one is really great, it's oil blotting and long lasting with no residue, the only thing I'm not used to is it feels abit cakey, the other brand I used before does not have this problem. 

Overall I would recommend this product, I don't have oily skin( People with oily skin might feel abit greasy) and this is very long lasting, no oil residue on my T area. What I love about it is it's lightweight and has not scent^^

I want to stop using earthy tone eyeshadows( Even though they are so easy to apply and gives good payoff>__<) But I'm also afraid to use pink or cool tone colors because it'll make my eyes look swollen or too sharp lol! So I bought this eye palette at Watsons. 

I always thought their eyeshadow palettes are great, the color is not too drastic, it's pink and earthy. The dark green color immediately caught my eyes. The name of this palette is so cute, dark green with brown shade is hard to mess up. I tried the color on my hand, the shade on the left is great for highlighting, the one below is great to use for eyelines. The dark green color in the middle is great, great for work makeup but don't put too much or it gonna look like a bruise lol. The one on the below right is great for base color. 

The color payoff is great and the glitter isn't too thick, if you like pink earthy tone eyeshadows, you can consider this one! 

This is the second air cushion foundation I ever bought. But in fact I'm not used to this one, and I don't like the smell. It doesn't give good coverage even though it does give me a nice dewy Korean style finish. It has good reputation on the internet. 

The cushion has fine tiny holes, the foundation can cover half of my face with just one push. I think the texture is too greasy and cakey, maybe it's because of my skin condition that make the foundation not holding together on my face or just this is not for me. 

I stopped using it after trying a few times. 

I saw the actor wearing this lipstick in the Korean drama. I don't really wear heavy makeup but I still picked two colors thats suitable for office and daily use. (The color payoff is great, you can put multi layers for a bright look!!) The color I use most is #12, it's a orange red color! It covers my lip color and give me a nice natural look!

The other on #16 red bean color is great too, I wear it sometimes at work. However the texture is abit dry so put on lipbalm before you apply this lipstick even thought the color may wear off easily. If you have very obvious lip wrinkles it's best to put on lipbalm first for a better look. It's also great for ombre lips or just regular full color, it'll be more natural if you use your hand to apply. 

This toner contains 8 different herbal extract, one of the ingredient Artemisia was used to treat and heal wounds. And this is has great effect for female. 

Medical effect : It contains herbs thats full of vitamin and minerals, anti bacterial, anti virus and anti allergies, improves immune system etc. 

Beauty effect : Anti aging, anti allergies and whitens your skin

(According to researhes)

Maybe some of you have itchy and dry skin problems like me, or pimples and blemishes on your face? It's caused by the change of weather and humidity, my skin also hurts when I apply toner! 

But this toner does not iiritate my skin at all! The toner absorbs very quickly ! I usually apply the toner on a cotton pad and pat it on my face, I'll do it twice for better effect then put on skincare products.

It has a strong herbal smell, but I got used to it. It does calm my acnes but does not cure the itchiness. It moisturizes my skin too. I use alot, 100ml in two weeks! But it's cheap so it's ok. Overall it's absorbing, moisturizing and calms my skin without irritation, I think it's great! 

I have to say the name of the product is one of the reason why this product attracts me~ It looks so sweet that I want to eat it lol!! I bought it after I tested it in the store, I love the sweet sugar scent~ <3

The product is small so it's easy to carry! I have to use hand cream regularly because of my dry hands. The pink package design makes me so happy, gives me a happy day~ 

The texture is white and smells like marshmellow~ I would apply on my hands and elbow, its very absorbing and refreshing. I don't like hand creams that are greasy. 

I try to avoid micro-peel products, I get bad reactions by some of the ingredients. But this one promotes that it's not harsh and safe to use everyday so I went to get a tester. The sales lady told me to moisturize my skin before use or I'll get peeling skin, and the little heat and irritation reaction is normal. Here are a few steps on using this product :  Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence→Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate→Your Own moisturizer→Lotion. 

The texture has a nice amber color, a little can go a longway. My face has itches and rashes because the change of the weather so I only use this product on my nose. I didn't see that much effect the next day then I continuously applied for a week on my nose, then I see the effect. The blackheads on my nose has reduced and pores are smaller. The texture absorbs really quick and it's mild, you will only feel a tiny bit of heat and irritation.


Starting from last year, it's like an explosion of air cushions, especially air cushion foundation, all brands has similar products. I tried this air cushion foundation from Maybelline and I bought it because I was so amazed by it's coverage!! I can cover the flaws on my face, the cushion contains alot of foundation, with just one push the amount can cover my whole face! The sponge has bigger air holes in it, so it's easier for the texture to apply on the puff. I bought the lighter color, it's great and not greasy, also it doesn't make me look cakey, this is my favorite air cushion foundation. 

Actually I forgot I bought the gold or brown edition~ But base on the golden leaf on my bottle it think this should be it lol. The rose edition is too much for me so I didn't buy that. 

My hair condition is not too bad because I seldom perm or dye my hair, but it's very frizzy and tangles easily. And my scalp gets oily easily so I don't really like to use this kind of hair oil(So afraid of oiliness)

I start to use hair oil during winter, and it's easier for me to tidy up my hair. It doesn't really effect my scalp because I only use it on my ends so I started to consider purchasing it. 

After using for a period of time, I think it smells great and very nourishing. There are three ways to use this. Use it before wash, during wash or after blow drying my hair, it has different out comes. I usually apply it after I blow dry my hair. It's not greasy and a little goes a long way. I'm very satisfied with it, my hair does not tangle as much and it has a light oil essence scent. 

I bought this on the online Watson store and saw good reviews, so I'm gonna share my views^^I've always been looking for a nourishing tint lipbalm( I don't really wear lipstick during work time), but the color payoff of other brands are not very satisfiying. 

I bought shade#1 Red, the texture is pretty red but it's not too harsh when I apply on my lips. The red and black package design is very nice. 

My lip color is usually pretty dull, so the usual tint lipbalm colors aren't very obvious. (I used Maybelline's before, scent is great but the color is not obvious) But this lipbalm color is great, I can see the tint on my lips. 

It's very moisturizing and not greasy, easy and smooth when I apply. It helps to cover lip wrinkles but not too effective on me. It's very convenient for me to carry, gives me a nice lively look, and the color red fits me so well. 

I would buy other color to try next time^^

I saw a youtuber recommend this lip polish then I decided to buy ~ I chose the Mat 12 pink champagne, it looks abit barbie when I tested it in the store, but when I tried it again at home, it looks very natural! But maybe it's not catchy enough during night events.

I been using this for a while, usually apply it when my lips aren't too dry. It's matte and easy to blend, I get good color payoff with just one wipe on my lips. Even though it's not too moisturizing but it's not dry. It does not cover your lip wrinkles. 

The color goes of when I eat and leaves residue. I've been loving champagne pink color, recommend it! !

I went to the department store to try this product before I bought it! It feels so comfortable when I apply it on my face, although it's a heavy cream, it blends easily and cleanses the makeup on my face! It has a very nice smell~ That's why I bought it, I trust this product ^^

I use to have a shu umera oil makeup remover, it's nice. This one is great too! The nice oil scent helps me calm my nerves. It cleanses my heavy makeup and even mascara!! Just be careful don't let the oil get into your eyes~ Apply the oil on your face and masssage it with a circular formation, you the see the makeup disolving, then rinse it off with warm water! 

I doesn't make my face tight and it feels nourishing. It cleanses well and has a comfortable smell, I recommend it^^

This is my next favorite lipbalm after Mentholatum's mint lipbalm~ This is the second one I've used~ I love the metal box design. But I have to say it's not convenient to re-apply and the color of the box wears off because I use it so much. It's abit greasy but I guess that means it's nourishing~ I usually apply a thick layer before I sleep, and I use Kate's CC lipbalm~

The color payoff doesn't give enough coverage but the good thing is that it lightens my lip wrinkles, so I have pink soft lips every morning! (I have dark lip color) 

I give it 5 hearts, it covers my lip wrinkles and very nourishing! This is my second box!

When I saw this product, I was curious of it's smell. The bottle is so cute, it has a romantic red champagne color, how lovely! 

I tried the tester, it's so sweet and floral but not too strong, love the smell!

I usually spray twice on myself and once in the air. The nice smell gives me good mood! Love the fruity floral smell~

I feel liek walk out of a spa, the refreshing smell is noticable and longlasting, I have the smell all day at work…………

The smell is refreshing and longlasting.

I got a 14ml sample in the department store, the sales told me it's better to use it as a mask or a toner. After using this for two weeks, my skin became more absorbing. This toner is not greasy at all. But I don't think it really lightens my finelines and I don't like the smell.

I always use it as a toner but now I use it as a mask, I can see the improvement on my face, it's very absorbing and refreshing!

This is my first product from Vichy, I got a 15ml tester through an event, it lasts for a month. It has whitening and moisturizing effect. 

Emma love it's grape fragrance. I have sunspots on the right side of my face, it's not obvious but not hard to notice. This face mask can't get rid of the spots but it whitens my face so the spot is not as obvious as before! My face feels very comfortable when I apply it, it contains moisturizing agent and hot spring water, it hydrates really well! 

The grains will slowly absorb into my skin during a massage, I usually apply a thin layer, you can put on a thicker layer and make it a night mask, just remember to wash it off the  next morning. It's nourishing and not greasy, I can see the whitening and hydrating effect on my face. It's good for people with sensitive skin. 

I got this as a tester when I went shopping in Etude House~ Since I'm going to attend a wedding party, I decided to use this BB cream foundation. I always have an impression that Korean beauty products are more clear and lightweight, I was amazed by the great coverage! But the color I have is too white for me.

I suggest to apply this with a brush or blender, it's not easy to blend using fingers. I have dark spots and circles around my eyes and a few spots around my lips and chin, this BB cream can cover them all! It is a little bit cakey. My makeup starts to come off in the afternoon, I think it's ok for my dry skin condition. Just remember to re-apply and moisturize. 

Usually I'd go with perfumes but I don't feel like spraying perfume but at the same time I want to be frangraced ( I know I'm complicated.) So when I went to the department store I purchased this solid perfume, it's 10g/580NT. The scent isn't very long lasting but since it's solid and small I can carry it with me and refresh. 

It has an elegant cherry blossom smell, which is L'Occitane's style, you can apply it on your wrist, behind your ears and inside your elbows. The texture is more like a balm than a cream!

I like to apply it around my wrist and behind my ears, I love the light smell. If you're looking for a frangrace which is not a liquid perfume, you can try this solid perfume.

I want to purchase their cherry blossom lipbalm too.

I'm gonna introduce this play 101 pencil. I've been looking for an eyeliner pencil which is not the liquid or gel kind, for eyelining and eyeshadow use too. So I found this great pencil! 

The color I bought is #75, it is a satin dark brown shade, very earthy! At first I was on the fence but when I tried on it surprised me! ( It has a pencil sharpener on the other side) The lid is soft so I can also use it as an eyeshadow, the color is no too sharp which is perfect for me as an eyeliner. 

With one draw the color goes on rightaway, and it doesn't pull my skin, very easy to apply. although it smudged in the evening so the lines aren't that clear anymore, but it's not too crazy. So I'm still happy with it! 

I've got this tester package through a promotion, it contains 5ml so it's perfect as a one time use^^ I use to work on night shifts so my skin is dull, the skincare products I use is not very effective. (When I see this mask can brighten your skin  I was really interested!) 

I like the smell, because it contains cranberry extract. But I feel like it smells like cranberry milk? The yellow color is because it contains turmeric.

It very easy to spread on my skin, it cools down my face which is very comforting.  You can wash it off after 10-15 minutes( It dried up in about 5-10 minutes) 

It's not very easy to wash off( My face kind of hurts) but after I washed it off with warm water, my skin feels abit brightened ( maybe it's because I've only used it once) It also exfoliates my skin nicely, the acnes around my nose are gone, and my skincare products are more absorbing after this wash. 

I like to use this as a massage cream or a face mask at night! The texture is like a bouncy gel! It feels sticky when I applied it ( it contains lots of collagen), but after I massaged it, it soaked in my face. After I wash my face the next morning, my skin feels bouncy! It's also moisturizing, this is the second bottle I've used, a new step to my night routine^^



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