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*I received this product as part of the Amabie Sweethearts program - all opinion below are my own*

The Senka Mineral Water BB Cream is made by Shiseido, and the shade I received was "Bright" (Akarui in Japanese) - so it makes your skin "bright" - a whitening effect. 

At first, when I applied it on the back of my hand, I thought "Oh no, this is way to light and doesn't match my skin tone - at all." When I applied it with a sponge, it surprisingly blended in very well. It has great coverage, and was able to hide under eye circles and some sun spots that I have on my face pretty well. 

The one thing I really like about this product is that it's not oily - at all. For those with dry skin, you might need something that's a little more moisturizing - but for normal/combination/oily skin this could be a great product. Also, I wouldn't recommend this product for those with larger pores or acne scars - I feel like the finish of this product lends itself to accentuating those imperfections, rather than covering them. For those who like a brighter finish (vs. a more natural finish) this is a great product. 

I've been looking for a good BB Cream for quite some time now, having given up and just resorting to foundation most of the time, but find myself reaching for this BB Cream more often than foundation recently. Thanks Amabie for the sample! 

This is my favorite sunscreen right now! (Better than my last favorite - Shiseido) 

It goes on lightly and doesn't leave a white residue. The gel formulation is refreshing and absorbs nicely/quickly. There's no obvious scent, which is nice. The price is also affordable and easily accessible at stores like Watson's or Cosmed in Taipei. 

It works very well as a base for makeup, and isn't oily like traditional sunscreen. I picked this up during my last trip to Taiwan, and can't wait to see what other products of White Formula I will try next time!!

"One sold every two seconds in Japan." Tried out Hada Labo toner: This is one of the most popular products in Japanese drugstores and a common way to use is to soak cotton pads with this and use as a mask. Since it's relatively inexpensive (~$8) going through a bottle quickly won't set you back too badly. A combination of three different types of Hyaluronic acid makes this toner super easy to absorb and restore moisture quickly. I think this product worked fine for a drugstore brand at this price. 


Other fun fact: hada 肌 means "skin" in Japanese, Labo I think is romanization of "lab" hence "skin lab" 

OK so writing this review breaks my heart a little. L'Herboflore used to be one of  my favorite brands when it came to sheet masks. I used to buy like 30 of these masks whenever I visited Taiwan, but this past time I visited, I developed an allergic reaction to the masks!! I'm not entirely sure what I am allergic to that's part of their ingredients, I just know that I haven't had any reaction to other brands of masks (my beauty diary, my scheming beauty, SKII, Boscia, too cool for school, etc) but when I used L'Herboflore I got a red rash on my face that wouldn't go away for at least 3-5 days. At first i didn't think it could be the masks so I tired to isolate different things out of my skincare routine and it took me about 2 months but I finally came to the conclusion that it was this brand of masks. Such a shame because 1) I loved their scents 2) they have amazing variety 3) you can buy single sheets so you can pick and choose. But, I can't use these anymore because I don't want to risk my face breaking out after an allergic reaction :( If you had a similar experience, DM me!!! I want to know so I know I'm not the only crazy one :\ You can read my original review and thoughts about sheet masks here ->

This is my HG face powder. I've tried many other brands (Laura Mercier, Jill Stuart, Chanel, Origins just to name a few) and they just do not compare for some reason. 

I've been using this powder for at least the past 10 years and have gone through multiple packaging changes with RMK and have stuck with them through it all! I usually get it in color P00 - it's colorless and adds just a hint of sheen so that your face is glowing. 01 is a light nude color that adds a little bit of color. It instantly mattifies, but doesn't look too dull, it creates a really nice, glowy finish. I pick up at least 5 of these whenever I am in Asia because you can't get RMK products here in the states :(

I have this lip balm in two colors: 1) Melony Peony and 2) Spilled Wine and I love it! Melony Peony is a bright pink color whereas Spilled Wine is a darker burgundy but to be honest the color payoff is very sheer. If you want a dark stain balm this is not it (as you can see from my pics)

I like it because it's very hydrating and smells amazing. The one thing I don't like is that I don't like balms that require me to go in with my fingers to apply - it's a little messy and i hate getting sticky products on my fingers. however, the color and scent and moisturizing properties of this balm is too good so I'm willing to make an exception. You can see the pictures below of the two colors I got, but they also come in peach, orange, etc. Available on Sephora!

Recently discovered this eyebrow product and I love it! I bought Anastasia's brow definer at Sephora for about $23 and then discovered this on Memebox for like $3 - talk about a cheaper alternative! 

The color payoff is not as strong as Anastasia but that could be because the color is different. I actually prefer the lighter payoff because for my brows I don't want it to be too dark. 

The product side is angled so that you can draw both thin and thicker lines (for filling in, defining) and the other side is a spooley. 

It's really easy to draw in eyebrows and it stays all day. I fill in my brows after this pencil with Kate's eyebrow compact because using both wax and powder formulas really help lock in the color and make it look as natural as possible. 

Try it! :)

I liked this cleansing oil - it smells great, it is nourishing, I just wished that the size was bigger! In terms of value for money, I would give it three stars. 

Performance wise, it does a good job breaking up makeup, but like the other reviewer said, it will leave traces of waterproof eye makeup such as liner, mascara, etc. behind. Regardless of what kind of makeup remover I am using (unless it is a wipe) I like to use a warm wash cloth to wash my face because that is the only way I can make sure to get off all of the stubborn makeup near my eye. Especially if I am wearing dark eyeliner that day! Overall, a good oil to try.  

I tried THREE skincare products a loved the scent - it has a very calming, soothing scent that reminds of Eucalyptus. Three's products are infused with natural, botanical plant oils and I really liked their balancing foam cleanser. You only need a very small amount of product and it lathers up very nicely. Cleansing performance wise, it cleans very well, and in my opinion, doesn't strip your skin of moisture. One tube lasted me more than two months, and cleansing everyday, that is quite impressive. Three is not the cheapest brand, and value wise, there are other Japanese cleansers that are at lower price points. I usually use it during winter months when my skin tends to be more sensitive and needs something more nourishing. For a complete review of the THREE brand, you can check out:

This is one of my go-to makeup removers (the others being Three's Cleansing Oil and Beautycounter's Cleansing Balm) - I like it for a couple of reasons: 

1) It's effective! It melts away my makeup pretty effortlessly

2) Smells great

3) Easy to travel with - oils are tricky if I'm traveling, balms are easier to toss in a bag for the weekend.

Overall, I like it a lot and think the price point is fair. For those of you living in Taipei, banila co now has a counter at the department store near 101 - 統一阪急百貨。For some tips on how to incorporate this into your everyday skincare routine, check out this post: (there are tips on how to build your skincare routine using this as one of the recommended products!)



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