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It's very refreshing and it's pretty good, but my skin was still tanned.... Maybe I didn't re-apply on time, but I really got tanned...

The scent is great, it has a calm woody smell which gives me a good mood, I like it. 

The brush is very useful, it not too soft and makes it very easy to apply, I can use this box for a long time. 

It's not cheap, but it has a very soothing smell. It helps to calm down my skin when it breaks out. It's great but not cheap. 

This puff cleanser has a chemical smell, it's only 39NT so I would but it again, it's great. 

This face wash is very worthed, I love the clean feel after I used it, great for men too, I've used up several tubes. 

It has alot of different types, the Okinawa addition I think it the most special, the others I think it's just ok. 

It has a clear gel texture, but it doesn't lather easily. Paired with the 3 step, my skin became more stable. 

This hair mask is very nourishing, I can see the shine on my hair, but don't apply it on your scalp or too much, or you're gonna get flat hair. 

I think this is not for me, it irritates my eyes and cleansing is just ok. I kept it away after using a few times. 

I bought a bunch when I went to Japan, does not tighten my face. 

It's great to use during winter. 

This face wash is very mild, it lathers pretty easily, great for sensitive skin too.



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