我是個懶人 但還是想美麗 呵呵~ 

沒有特別愛哪個品牌 只要划算有效 包裝可愛加分

I'm lazy but I still want to be gorgeous :/

About Me

General Information

  • Ethnicity: South Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Hispanic/Latino/Carribean, African/Black/Caribbean
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Other - non-beauty
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Ingredient Preference: Organic, Vitamin C, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This sheet mask is always on sale. I really like to try new sheetmasks so I bought it. 

The smell is very faint and the sheet mask fits like a glove. I give it one less heart because it did sting my face a little bit but I do like the texture of the mask (it's like apple sauce) 

Although after using the sheet mask I didn't feel that my face was particularly hydrated I do love how comfortable it feels on my skin. If I'm on a limited budget but still need to take care of my skin this would be my first choice. 

I think this sheet mask is just O.K. I was quite disappointed because it's very popular on the IG community. I did like the smell and the fit of the mask. But for me, the best thing about a sheet mask is how well it gets absorbed by my skin. The essence felt very sticky on my face and I tried to massage it into my skin but that failed. So for me this is only a 3 star product. 

I've received this product in the color "CAROB" from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. It's a nice deep brown color. I liked this product when I tried it on the back of my hand. I usually only use my eyeliner strictly for my waterline but for review purposes I tried it to line my whole eyes. Unfortunately, unlike how it was on the back of my hand, when I actually applied it to my eyes it was a little bit difficult to use because the pencil isn't soft and really dragged my eyelids and I really didn't like that. I do think that the packaging is great because it is an automatic pencil. But I don't mind sharpening my eyeliner pencils manually so this doesn't really help with the fact that the eyeliner pencil is too hard  :/ product lasting wise I think it's very generic? It will smudge throughout the day and honestly I don't mind because products that completely don't smudge kind of scares me too anyway. For the price of this product I think you can definitely get better products at a lower price. 

I received the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening trial kit from Amabie in exchange for my honest review. 

1. Brightening Cleansing Foam 

I didin't really like the cleaning foam because I'm really used to Japanese foam cleansing products. I like my face wash to have a lot of foam but this one doesn't foam up as well. But it does feel more gentle compared to other brands I've tried. 

2. Brightening Toner 

This is my least favorite from the collection. The texture is gooey but my skin can't absorb it AT ALL. Even after 3 hours my face remained sticky and it was really uncomfortable. 

3. Brightening Serum 

I like my serums to be heavier and more liquidy? I just didn't like the consistency. 

4. Brightening Eye cream

This eye cream is really light and I think it's great 

5. Brightening Protective Cream Broad Specture SPF 20 (Day)

I think this product is good because it has sun protection with SPF 20, but I do feel like I need to re-apply proabaly every 1.5 hour? I feel like my skin gets dry and doesn't remain hydrated. 

6. Brightening Night Cream 

I think this eyecream is very mediocre. It does it's job but it's nothing amazing or surprising. 



I think for the whole collection I would probably purchase the night cream. But the price is way too high for the results that it delivered. I would rather buy other Asian brand products. And everything else is just so mediocre to me. 

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The scent of this sheet mask is quite nice. It has a very special Chinese herb scent. I think the gold flakes in the mask are fun - you feel extra luxurious when you're using gold for your skin care routine!! But this sheet mask is honestly only a so-so for me. It fits well on my face but after I took it off it did not absorb immediately. I was massaging and patting my face to try and make the essence absorb but it just wasn't working. I had to rinse my face with clear water and use toner to make it feel like it's not sticky. Wouldn't recommend overall because you can't access this product easily on EC-websites anyway . . .

My FAV product of all time! I've been using it ever since it first came to Taiwan. I feel like the consistency of the product actually changed over the years. To me, this product is more like a light weight lotion (which it is as the name says clear lotion). However, in Chinese and Japanese the product is actually named a toner. I love this product, the newer formula is a lot more easy for the skin to absorb. You don't feel the product on your hands at all after about 10 seconds applying it. It's quite moisturizing for me but not enough for me to skip the rest of my skin care routine XD I usually use this right after I shower to maintain the hydration of my skin. There's usually another 4 hours I spend in between showering and sleeping, so I use this to keep my skin moisturized at that period. I also use it in the morning alone because I don't like wearing moisturizer in the morning and I think this is enough. Definitely  a product that I would probably repurchase over and over in my life time XD

Love this product ! At first I was scared to try because the price is really low and I just feel like products at a low price wouldn't deliver quality. However I am very happy with the product. First the sheet mask is REALLY 3D, I was wondering how the 3D would work but figured the mask is cut and shaped in a very special way that it 'stands up' on its own. You can feel that the mask has a stronger structure? If that makes sense... and it fits SO WELL on the face. I got the orange one and the scent smells really great and it's not too strong. It also absorbed really well. Would definitely repurchase. 

This sheet mask is a pleasant surprise. I bought it for less than $1 (It's one sale!) and I tried the brightening one. First, I really like the sheet mask itself, unlike other sheet mask at the same price point, the sheet is very thick and feels comfortable on the skin (I feel like my face is hugged by the mask hehe). The scent of the essence is really nice too, some masks have a strong smell but this one is just right. The only complaint I have is that when I removed the mask the essence was sticky on my face. I gave it 30 minutes hoping it would absorb but it didn't !! So I just rinsed the excess essence off with water. My skin feels hydrated and bouncy after that, it lasted til the next morning! Overall, I'm really happy with this mask and I'm going to purchase more of them.

I bought this product from the beauty EXPO and I really like it. The texture of the product is so smooth and it glides on the face so easy. I think the best part is that it doesn't look cracky on the face and it conceals pretty well. There are 4 colors you can choose from which is important because different parts of your skin needs different shades of coverage. The darker shade can be used for controuing. I usually just apply sun screen all ovre my face and then use this concealer palette to cover up where needed. I don't use any more BB cream because the concealer actually has a cream foundation kind of texture. It's also pretty affordable especially with promotion. I think this is a very outstanding product that's made in Taiwan. I recommend it!

The Sekkisei Medicated Toner is one of my favorite products out there! 

I only use this toner during summer time though, since this toner has alcohol, I only use it during the summer to eliminate the excess oil and sweat on my face. Although it's quite expensive, I use it only in the summer time so I think it's worth it. This skin care toner is also very safe to use because I didn't get any sensitive reaction (I have combo+sensitive skin). I think you can purchase many other types of toners out there at the same price but Sekkisei just gives me a sense of brand trust!!

This product smells really good. It is really cheap and it does its job. My hair doesn't feel oily after using it (although it does dry out my ends). When I use other shampoos my hair the day after becomes oily quickly. This shampoo helps my hair maintain its dryness, so I don't look like a hot mess. LOVE IT, plus it's so cheap when it's on discount!!

The packaging is reall cute, but mascaras from this brand tend to be very wet. I think for Asian eyelahses their fomula actually doesn't work well because our eyelashes are usually thin and straight. This mascara only made my lashes look heavier and it also gave me spider legs (WHICH I HATE)

This product is made in Taiwan and I really like it !! The new name of this eyeliner pencil gel is called "BoBo" (which is the same as my nick name!!) I use eyeliner pencil everyday as the first step of my makeup routine. I usually use it for my water line and then complete the eyeliner with liquid eyeliner. A eyeliner pencil would have to be waterproof for me because I'm using it on my water line, or else it would smudge. This product is affordable and the pencil is super easy to glid on. I have two colors, shimmer black and shimmer brown! 

I really like this skin care toner from Curel. The products from Curel are actually formulated for those who have dry-sensitive skin. My skin is not like super dry but it definitely is very sensitive so I really like to use products from Curel. The scent of the product is very natural and non-invasive and I feel like it does a really good job in oil control. It's kind of like cleaning my face but at the same time moisturizing it. I will definitely repurchase this product, perhaps I'll even stick to it for a while, it's also pretty affordable. Sometimes there are promotions running with this brand so I really recommend it if you have sensitive/weak skin like mine.

I like this sheet mask quite a lot. I gave it only 4 stars because of the smell, it smells like the salon when you're getting your hair dyed, not a pleasant smell. Also the cut of the sheet mask is not really good. The essence is also very runny and it went into my eyes which hurt A LOT. BUT ! The essence in the mask actually absorbed into my skin really well and I'm really happy with that. It was absorbed completely and it didn't leave a sticky / disgusting feeling. The sheet mask material is similar to that of My Scheming. I don't know if it's something that's with black masks they all have this smell.

I got this product for free along with another purchase so if I don't find other sheet masks I think I'll buy a full box to use!

"You pay what you get" I think I really believe this applies for skin care sheetmask. This sheetmask is very thin, that's why it has two outer cover sheets and the sheetmask itself is in the middle. The sheetmask is thin and also very delicate. I feel that the pores on the sheet is very intricate so it holds the serum really well. I feel that my skin is hugged by the sheetmask when I put on it. My skin also absorbed the essence really well, unlike many other Korean brands such as Etude house and the faceshop.  Oh! And the sheet mask packaging itself won't have a lot of serum left in it, I think it's because the sheet mask holds all of it so well.   My skin became so soft and smooth the next day! Love it. 

I really like this product! It's my new baby hehe! 

The texture of the product is very silky smooth. Right now everyones into the Korean style makeup (glowing makeup look) instead of matte finishes so this product suits that look very well. 

Compared to powdered blush, this product lasts longer on the cheeks and it looks really natural too 

The best part is that the shimmer is very low key and it really adds a beautiful glow to the face (as opposed to cheap looking glitter that doens't blend well into the cheeks). 

I didn't really like this sheet mask by etude house which is from their "I need you" mask line. The sheet mask itself feels good when it contacts the skin (it feels like pure cotton) But after I took it off the essence from the mask was on my face and it just wouldn't get absorbed.

The day after I use the product I still felt like my face was oily. I also had a mini break out where there are spots on my face. I feel like this sheet mask doesn't suit my skin. The other etude house line, 0.2 Therapy Air works better for me!

This product is very affordable, there are always promotions running at the drugstore that I purchase it from.

I think this produt suits my 23 yearold skin really well. It hydrates my skin and my skin absorbs it nicely.

My skin became very bright and soft the next day. Also it's cheap so I just slather it on my face generously.

It actually takes two pumps at most to cover the whole face. Overall it's a product that's worth every penny of its


This line of sheet mask is very thin and you can use it everyday. 

I bought this product when it was on discount, it's around $1.15 per sheet mask 

So far I've used the tea tree one, it smells quite nice but I feel like it doesn't abosrb well. After using it I feel like my skin is sticky. Even after two hours I felt like there was a residue. So the next morning I cleansed my face with facial cleanser (usually I just use clear water) 

I never tried any face mask that contains this much essence… Maybe it’s because the sheet is too thin to hold that much essence so it drips everywhere lol, even though it says no dripping. It’s actually not that easy to put the mask on my face, but it sticks and covers all areas on my face! The rose scent smells great and as you can see via my picture it’s really full of essence! It’s cheap too, I bought it at a drug store under discount~ No hard feeling even when I apply it everyday~ My skin does feel soft and moisturized. I believe that you don’t need to buy super expensive skincare product, the cheap ones can also do the job^^

The scent is great and I can immedaitely feel my hair nourished after I dry up. The price is reasonable so I can squeeze alot without feeling sad!!

I recently bought this face mask, just first time use and I can see the huge improvement on my skin! My makeup does not crack anymore lol. The gel texture is easy to spread, it contains whitening agent beads which soaks into my face after time. I love it~~ I want to see more results after long term use~ I think it's great for lazy people like me! Just remember to rinse it off in the morning~ 

I personally love it, it's cheap and it's always on buy 1 get 1 free discount. But I have to pay close attention when I use it on my eyes because it's not cleansing enough. But it still does the job! 

I tried the tester. I'm! so! scared! it has a vert strong alcohol smell and it's nit mild at all. My skin became soooooooo dry after I applied it, absolutly different from the comercial. I don't like it, 1 heart!!!

I bought this at 2011 when I was studying in the states, it's still pretty popular though. My favorite is the "Half baked" color, it's a lovely golden shade, gives my eyelids more attraction. I also like the color "Virgin" it's a glittery baige shade, I use it to highlight my tearducts and the area under my brows, it's so beautiful. I used this palettle for 4 years and still not finished with it, I think it can last for 10 years lol. If you have resources from the states or if they start to sell in Taiwan, every girl should buy one, the yalso have Naked2, 3, Basics, Smokey. But my favorite is still Naked 1! 

Some girls say that they just need to apply a thin layer, but I'm recommending the opposite lol. After I apply my nail polish, I would put on a thick layer of Seche vite with no hesitation. I can start moving around after two minutes (Type on my computer, scroll through my phone) as long as I avoid hitting my nails, the layer on top is already dry (Just need some more time for the inside) I won't have to worry about my nail polish after I apply a thick layer of this lol, so just put on a huge blob! Your nail polish will be very long lasting, when it's not shiny anymore just put on a new layer and it actually won't be thick when it dries up. Some people say that it'll dry up in the bottle if you don't use it for a long time, they have a thinner, just add some in and shake the bottle, it'll be just like brand new. The only downside is that it has a very strong smell, but I rather want shiny nails so I don't mind the smell lol. 

I never bought products from this brand before, then I realized they've been advertising everywhere even in subways! And hair stylist guru Yi-lin Wu also recommended this product so I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly it was very effectvie!! I permed my hair so my hair gets really frizzy after wash ;-( But this shampoo makes my hair more smooth, it smells good and it's cheap! Recommend it~

I bought it because of its lovely scent! When I was studying in NYC the weather was really dry, I apply this after I put on toner and eye cream, it gives me nice moisturizied face the next day. But then I think it's too nourishing(?) I have pimples on my face, but I wasn't sure if it's because of this cream lol. 

But then I thought, yes this has a very nice scent but it must have added alot of artificial ingredients, so I changed a product without finishing this. Now I use this as a hand cream, it's better to use natural products for my face. 

The packaging design is great but base on the fact that it contains artificial ingredients and this might be the cream that caused the pimples on my face so I give it 3 hearts. 

I bought it in the states, forgot the price though. I just want to find a sunscreen that is not greasy and this one did the job, it has SPF 45, light scent and very absorbing. I can't have heavy bags because I can't carry it, so I would squeeze some in my lens container if I need to re-apply. And by the way, any sunblock products can only protect your skin from getting sunburns, if you're under the sun for too long you'll still get dark... Anyway, this is an affordable and great product! 

It's great. Affordable and goes with my eyebrow color. 

I hate this lipbalm, it doesn't smell nice and so sticky!!!! But because it's easy to purchase ( Even in convenient stores) so if I'm outside with chapped lips I'll still buy it. But I still don't recommend it. I like Rosebud or Mentholatum's watercolor lipbalm. 

I always love this concealer, but because of my combination skin condition, the skin around my eye area is more dry, so even though it gives me good coverage it creates fine lines which is very awkward, it is very important to apply eye cream the night before lol. I also bought their liquid concealer, easier to hide my crazy dark circles... Overall I love this product, the package is very fashion forward and a little goes a long way. 

This is my favorite, gosh I love it. it makes my lashes really long and it improves the condition of my eyelashes.

I love this lipstick. The finish is great and the smell isn't too chemical or too "lipstick"y if ya'll ladies know what I mean. However it doesn't really last for too long so I have to reapply every 2 hours or so. It's ok, lipsticks are meant to be used !! Finish them up before their suggested expiration date because you eat these things X_X

All I can say about this BB cream is it's worth its value..... Compared to drug store BB cream, Dior's product is very soft and silky. If my skin condition is 80points, after applying this it'll turn to 110points LOL! I bought shade 002, the color is abit pale so I would use some contouring to make it more natural. The pump is very useful but mine is abit dirty lol. If you use a BB cream brush to apply it will be amazing~~~ Love it! But my purse is about to die. 

I bought this blush in Hongkong, there wasn't any Visee store in Taiwan at that time. I bought the shade BE-7 pink color, it also has an orange and brown color for contouring~  It's great that this doesn't have too much glitter in the blush or it's gonna look "cheap" lol. So better choose the matte one...

I don't really need blush products because I have sensitive skin and my face is red all the time. But this blush is pretty longlasting. I can't get enough of the super cute design and it comes with a brush! Love it, give it full hearts. 

My mom gave it to me, I think it's ok. The smell is good, simple packaging design then there's nothing special about it. Maybe it's becaue I'm too young so I can't see any firming effect on my face lol, I would not buy it again. 

It's moisturizing but the coverage isn't enought and it's not cheap. And it wears out very quickly, compared to IOPE's product this does not last long and I have to re-fill it (I'm lazy) However, I can't tell the the difference of other brands puff but I think this is fine! So I just kept the puff from the cushion for other use. 

This is my number one sunscreen. OMG! I can't stand those disgusting greasy suncreens. This is high SPF and it doesn't have a strong smell. Its just like applying toner on my skin and blends easily. I highly recommend this product, inexpensive and useful. Great to use during summer and winter, always remember to do sun protection. I read a news about using too much phone can even make you dark, very important! 

The scent is nice but it's kind of chemical (It still smells nice), it's cheap and useful, it lathers easily with a bath ball, just one pump to get alot of bubbles. 

I grew up watching SKII's tv comercials, then I got one as a christmas gift when I became older. 

I always wonder if this is that amazing, when I open the bottle, I can smell a nice scent like Fermented bread (Pitera!)  After using this for a week, I'm so amazed, it's a gift from heaven, I feel like a goddess after using it lol. 

It is abit pricey but I will still spend the money for my beauty! Even though I just bought expensive stuff from La mer. 

Anyway, I love this heavenly product, I give 5 hearts!!!

I love this product, alot of people has a misunderstanding about oil makeup remover, they think it'll clog their pores but it actually does not! You have to use it the right way.

First you have to make sure your hands are dry, then squeeze the amount needed on your hand, usually it's 2-3 pumps to cover the whole face, then massage your face in a circular motion. After you massaged your whole face with the oil makeup remover, then add some water to let the oil emulsify, splash the water about 10 times the makeup would be all gone and your skin will not feel tight. Makeup remover lotion, cream or toner will irritate and dryout my skin, so it would be better to use the oil base makeup remover! 

Freshel's products are clear and non-scented, which makes me trust it. It's inexpensive and easy to purchase, I can get it from any Watsons, love it. 

I bought the toner, it's very moisturizing and does not irritate my skin, I'm not sure whether it contains alcohol. The reason why I deducted one heart is because it's too expensive for such a small bottle, I would only purchase when it's on discount. 

I have very sensitive skin, my dermatologist diagnosed me with very thin skin, thats why I breakout easily, especially during winter. With this Curel moisturizer, my skin hydrates throughout the night even with AC. Curel's products are very mild, with no scent or color. The downside is that it doesn't absorb well, sometimes in the morning my face is still sticky. 



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