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My mission is to find Holy Grails aka trying to find Korean products that won't irritate my sensitive skin & will fight/prevent signs of ageing. 

I am also a Spoonie ❀ Cyster ❀ Diabetic.

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Amabie sent the Senka BB cream to me in exchange for an honest review. 

Having very dry and sensitive skin I'm not a huge fan of foundations, BB or CC creams. I've yet to find one that actually works well with my skin.

I had high hopes for this BB cream but sadly my skin did not like it.

First off, the smell is awful. It's a really unpleasant strong chemical sort of smell. Kind of reminded me of tar. I do have a very sensitive sense of smell but I just didn't like it one bit.

The consistency of the BB cream is quite liquid and creamy. 

It is very unforgiving to dry skin and larger pores. It emphasises both. It is easy to blend in but it virtually disappears and just seems to cling to any dry areas, pores, fine lines and wrinkles. 

After application my skin started to itch immediately. I really wanted to scratch my face off. There was no burning or pain, it just itched. I resisted the urge to wash it straight off as I wanted to give it a fair chance, and after about 30 minutes the itching subsided.

My skin looked ok from a distance but on closer inspection it didn't look very good at all. I prepped my skin thoroughly before application and made sure to moisturise really well. As I mentioned though, you could see all the dry areas and large pores that it had sunk into or clung to. Not a good look.

I wore this BB cream for a little over 6hrs, indoors with no strenuous activity or anything. I was just sitting at my laptop.

You can see from the pictures I have attached, that after that time my skin was very shiny. That was hard to fathom given my skin is incredibly dry usually. It had also exaggerated fine lines, pores and wrinkles even more than when I first applied it. It had also become quite patchy. 

Another thing I noticed was it transferred easily. Only the lightest touch and it removed the BB cream. 

In my opinion you'd need to have pretty flawless skin to use this and not have any issues. I definitely would not recommend this to anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin either.

It did keep my skin hydrated and wasn't drying, nor did it feel heavy on the skin; sadly they were the only good things for me. 

I would like to thank Amabie for giving me the chance to try this Senka BB Cream though. 

I have very dry skin, especially underneath my eyes/top of my cheeks which causes the skin to feel very tight, irritated and it’s prone to flake when it’s very bad. Not pretty! So sometimes I need an extra boost of hydration from an overnight mask.

The Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Mask looks cute but don’t be fooled by it’s appearance. It might be shaped like a banana but it packs a very moisturising punch.

The smell of bananas hits you when you take off the lid, remember those foam banana sweets? Well, it smells just like those! I honestly could just sit there smelling it. You only need the tiniest amount, as it is very rich and goes a long way. As you massage it into your skin, you get that gorgeous banana smell. If you don’t like bananas, you won’t like this.

I use this last thing before going to sleep, after completing the rest of my skincare routine and my skin feels silky smooth and very hydrated the next morning before cleansing. Plus you can drift off to sleep with the heavenly scent of bananas.

I really recommend giving this a try if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate at all and will leave your skin feeling wonderfully hydrated.

I cannot tell you, though I am going to try, how much I love this sleeping mask. It has quickly become my firm favourite over my other night masks.

Let’s talk about this cute packaging! The cute little piggy, I mean come on, how adorable is that! I just think the whole packaging looks fun and cute and it comes in a generous size 100g tub.

When you open it up you will discover that it comes with a tiny spatula that you can use to scoop out the mask. It’s perfect as you don’t have to dip your fingers into the tub at all, keeping it very hygienic.

Once you take the lid off you will see the tub contains a very jelly like mask.  Let me tell you, the smell is AMAZING; it smells to me like the skin of a plum or nectarine, quite fruity, yet it’s not sickly or overpowering at all. I could just sit there smelling this mask. You only need the smallest amount, as this mask goes a long, long way as I discovered the first night I used it. I put way too much on and had enough to do my face, neck and had so much excess on my fingers I had to rub it into my hands and arms, so as not to waste it! You genuinely only need a pea sized amount, maybe not even that and trust me that it will be sufficient enough to do your face and neck.


To use it, apply a small amount after your cleansing routine at night, then wash off the next morning. Alternatively you can use it as a face mask by applying an adequate amount onto your face and leave for 30 mins, then wash off. I have only used it as a sleeping pack so I cannot comment on how it performs as a 30 min mask.

Formulated with 50000 mg of collagen peptide to enhance skin elasticity & firmness Contains adenosine, bean fermentation extract, macadamia seed oil & cocoa extract Helps deeply nourish skin & lock in moisture. Skin appears softer, smoother, more lifted, revived & healthier looking. Free from parabens, ethanol, animal-derived oils & artificial colors. Perfect for all skin types.

The formula of this rich collagen jella pack feels cooling and refreshing on the skin, oh, and did I say it smells AMAZING; soaking right in and leaving your skin feeling very soft and hydrated. I didn’t find it sticky or tacky like some sleeping packs are. I use this one especially when my skin is being problematic, like really dry and irritated, or having a breakout as it seems to almost heal my skin overnight. I tell you, this mask is just so so lovely and beneficial to my skin. I don’t know how it would fare on oily skin but I can say that both my son and daughter have used this on their acne prone skin and have had no issues and it does say it is suitable for all skin types. What I do know is that for my dry and sensitive skin, this is like a thirst quenching drink of goodness.


I really recommend giving it a go.

I absolutely adore this Pocket Bunny Moist Mist. It’s a lovely moisturising mist which you spray on to your face when you feel you need some hydration. It has a really nice light fruity fragrance which is not surprising as it contains Baobab leaf extract, Peach extract, strawberry extract, raspberry extract, Celtic water. It's really lovely to use, smells fantastic and leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

I love this Skin Food Honey Pot Lip Balm in Berry. I mean come on, how adorable is this honey pot? I could not resist buying it! It was just way too cute and who doesn’t love a cute lip balm that smells and tastes like berries?!  I love the whole packaging on this; especially the tiny wooden applicator. It’s just way too cute! It's very moisturising, has a slight fruity smell/taste and a really really delicate hint of colour when you apply it to. I usually use this at night and always wake up with soft, hydrated lips. 

The Aqua Glow Mist by 3W Clinic is a product that I previously got in one of my Kawaii Panda Boxes and I use it every day and I love it. It’s cooling and refreshing on the skin, and very moisturising, not to mention it smells fantastic too. This has become a Holy Grail product for me. I'm nearly at the end of my second bottle. This mist is a gel type soothing facial mist formulated with Deep Sea Water and Salmon roe extracts - don't worry, it does not smell fishy at all. It smells amazing. My dry, sensitive skin soaks this mist up. It always feels so soothing and calming if my skin gets irritated. It was a lifesaver during the hot weather too. 


I actually tried a the Cellpium Vampire Cleansing Mask a few nights or so ago. It was quite the experience, let me tell you.

This is a 3-in-mask  that uses multi-cleansing technology to remove make-up, cleanse your face and moisturise all at the same time. Contains 10 kinds of berry extracts, lycii fructus extract, lemon peel oil, providing a moisturising and calming effect on the skin.

The mask fitted ok, as sheet masks go and it was starting to foam up even as I was actually positioning the mask on my face. It really does foam up quite significantly, as you can see from the images.

Also, this thing really tickles when it’s foaming up. I wanted to scratch my face so badly. No stinging or burning though, which I was a little concerned about given my sensitive skin. Oh, and yeah, I look so lovely don’t I? This mask is so not flattering in any shape or manner!

I left it on for the required amount of time and then removed it.  As you can see, once removed you are still left with a really foamy face, so you just rinse if off with water.

My skin felt really good afterwards. It looked, brighter and not so red and felt really nice and clean. It didn’t feel tight or dried out at all, just soft and moisturised.

It was a fun mask to use because it was different from your average run of the mill sheet mask. I do prefer a mask I can just remove though and continue with the rest of my skincare routine. It wasn't much hassle to go and wash the excess foam off though.

Overall I would use this again because I did get pretty good results and my skin definitely benefited from it. Those results were still evident the next morning too.



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