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This mask was very good. Not incredible but not bad either. I saw the brightening effects on my face after using it and my skin felt hydrated but mostly cool, which helped reduce inflammation from pimples. 

It lasts around 20-25 minutes wet and while the fitting is not perfect is very comfortable. 

I confess I have a special appreciation for Lotus Skincare products. I haven't tried many but the few ones I own really work. I have sensitive skin and Lotus seems to be one of those ingredients that not only helps it to calm down but also to regenate quickly. This cleansing milk is infused with soy milk, white tea and whole oats (yu-mmy) which immediately turns it into a super gentle piece of skincare.

I've tried it in many different situations so far: in the morning as my only Cleanser (very gentle and leaves my face hydrated), at night after removing makeup with cleansing oil (it's great to get rid of whatever's left on my skin leaving it fresh, clean and not too tight), at night as my only Cleanser (not the best for eye makeup really, but good for removing light foundation) and at night as my only Cleanser no wearing makeup (good for winter days but probably not enough for summer days after sweating a lot)

Personally I'll probably keep on using it as a part of my morning routine, specially now in the winter with the weather playing tricky games with my skin. 

From all the bubble masks I've tried this one is by far the best one. Skin gets brighter and smoother immediately. I have very sensitive skin so can't really wear it all over my face. I try to avoid using it around my mouth and on my nose as it gets really read and a little sensitive, but overall it's super gentle. Just be very careful if you have sensitive skin. I would recommend patch testing it first. 

While this Cream is mostly promoted as recovery/damage control, I use it as a refresher. On days my skin decides to be flaky or dull this one is the one to go. Probably best for winter if you have oily skin. 

I'm the kind of person who needs to be really careful with cleansers. My skin is SUPER sensitive and there's lots os cleansers that just won't work on me. This one is by far my favorite, both because of the immediate clean/not-harsh texture mY skin has after cleansing and because it really calms down my skin on its worst days. This is a total winner for sensitive skin people 



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