Hello Everyone!  I admit I am a skincare addict & makeup lover! I also am a total foodie and love to travel!

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  • Ethnicity: East Asian
  • Skin Tone: Medium
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Fine
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Color Treated

Personal Information:

  • Beauty Interest: Skincare devotee
  • Age Range: 25-34
  • Location: Canada
  • Ingredient Preference: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Oil-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate Free, Organic, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

This is my first Ariul mask ever and I must say, I am quite impressed.  Many of the reviews I saw online for this brand of masks were either mediocre or poor, but this Pomegranate one which claims to give radiance and firming definitely delivered on both!  The mask itself is on the thicker fibre side, but comfortable as it envelops the face, but I felt the eye holes were a bit small and it didn't actually reach the sides of my cheek/jawline area.  It has a milky essence that is slightly viscous with some clinging on the pouch that you can put on your declotte and lasted a total of 45mins on me.  After masking, my complexion was pretty evened out as there was hardly any redness left on my cheeks, it looked more radiant and my cheeks definitely felt firmer!  Alsoooo, if you like sweet scents, this one smells SO yummy on the face..which is a fun experience on its own!

MBD masks are masks that I used to use when I was a teenager.  My sheetmask expectations have changed after trying L'Herboflore and other Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese masks that MBD is a brand I would introduce to those that are just starting out in their Asian Beauty journey or are on a strict budget.  For their price, I feel most MBD masks fulfil their claims.  They are always drenched in essence with at least 1 one face's worth of application of essence left in the pouch and the fit is okay with a decent material for the mask.  This collagen firming mask provided minimal brightening effects, evening of skintone as well as a definite firming up my skin after 30mins of use.  There was still essence on my face upon removal of the mask, but with a bit of massaging, my skin drank it all up and I locked everything in place with moisturizer.  I don't use collagen/firming masks often, but did definitely feel a tightening of my skin after use, so this definitely does what it says it would do!

My review just totally got deleted after I tried to upload my photo...which makes me super sad!  So my thoughts for this moisturizer comes after over 2 weeks of testing.  As a combination skin girl, this moisturizer was unfortunately not enough for me during the cold, dry winter months in Canada.  I tried it in both my day and night time routine and even during the day sometimes I would get dry patches on my cheeks by 30mins in.  What I do love about this moisturizer is that it is light-weight, spreads easily and absorbs really quickly.  It has a gel-cream consistency...but like I said, it is super light...think body lotion in a bottle, but lighter than that.  It also isn't a gel as it is opaque white but my skin just drinks it up.  As a winter moisturizer, this is a no no, but I feel my skin would totally dig it if I am to use it during the summer as I don't want anything that makes me oily during the day and fast absorbing products are always great!  One huge down side for me though is the scent of this is plasticky/chemically smelling to me which is no fun to put on your face.  If this was fragrance-free, I would totally recommend oily and combination skin girls to try this!

This Purlisse eye serum claims to provide intensive hydration, firming and brightening effects as well as decreases puffiness.  After using it for over two weeks, I cannot say much about its firming properties as I don't have any fine lines around that area just yet, but I can review for the other claims.  Intensive hydration gets a big check mark!  I have combination skin and this serum truly does hydrate the eye area.  I do not even use an additional eye cream on top of this as I do not want to be too over with products around this delicate area.  Also, when I didn't use it and didn't use an eye cream, I definitely missed it for the hydration factor!  For the panda eyes, I really don't think it provides much of any brightening effects...I have hereditary dark circles and honestly, have yet to find something that actually works to brighten my dark dark circles.  Lastly, for puffiness, I don't really have puffy eye bags, but on days when I'm extra tired, I feel this does give a boost to the area and like I said, when I didn't use it, I did miss it!  I really really love that it dispenses from a pump and know I will feel sad when I am out of it.  It does have a hefty price tag of $65!  Thank you Amabie for gifting me this product in exchange for an honest review!

This Purlisse mask comes in beautiful packaging that claims to be "intensely moisturizing, nourishing & renewing" for your skin.  I was lucky enough to receive this when I was chosen by Amabie to be an Alist Writer, otherwise I would be quite disappointed if I had spent $8/sheet or even $6/sheet if I had bought the box of 6. With such a hefty price point, I would have expected a lot from this mask.  I actually didn't look up the price until after I had tried it though so let me begin with the pros.  The mask is made of nature fibre, so it is on the thicker side, but feels very comfortable on the skin as it feels like it is enveloping your face, more so than just being super thick and uncomfortable.  It has a very pleasant scent and the essence is more on the non-viscous side without being drippy.  There is however hardly any left in the pack, so if you do use it, you may as well apply what you can from the pouch onto your face first before applying the mask.  In terms of fit, this reached to my hair line and the openings were all of good size, however, the mask did not reach on either side to my ears/jawline area, which is a bummer.  Lasting for 30mins, I did expect my face to feel moisturized, nourished and renewed, but really didn't see the effects much, other than the typical hydration you get from a sheetmask.  The essence left a slight tacky finish on my face, so even after massaging, I had to use cotton pad with toner to wipe it off.  Redness in my cheeks wasn't reduced, and there was no brigthening effects at all.  Overall, I felt it lacked in what it said it would do...if my skin had felt super chok chok, I would have given it more Amabie hearts!

I was ecstatic when Amabie said they would send me this beautiful lipstick to review.  Why? The gold flecks and the very famous flower INSIDE the lipstick of course!  I received the colour Barbie Doll Powder and since I have not tried any lip stain products before, you may laugh, but I actually put this on my lips after I brushed my teeth prior to watching TV before bed. I wasn't sure what colour it would stain my lips or how hard it would be to take off!

So...let's begin with the beautiful packaging.  It is a gorgeous metallic red with Kailijumei imprinted on the side and a mirror that runs along the flat side of the lipstick. The way it opens though is unlike any other lipsticks I own, and honestly, I wish ALL lipsticks in the world were made this way...this is the fanciest way to wear a lipstick as you press the "button" at the top and it ejects the lipstick, where you then pull and twist to reveal the beautiful flower embedded with gold flecks.  When you are done, you just slot it back in and it gives a small click to indicate that it is safe.  

So now onto the lipstick itself.  It has a sweet scent, but as I am quite sensitive to scents, I also picked up this plasticky/chemical scent with it.  Overall though, the sweet candy scent is stronger.  On application, it felt hydrating and my goodness, did my lips stain right away!  As I didn't exfoliate my lips, unfortunately, some parts of my lips stained darker than others, so it wasn't exactly a uniform colour...but overall, it was quite pink!  To me, a barbie pink is more opaque bright creamy pink...this one is really a stain and is to me more of a magenta/ fuchsia type pink with a tad of gold sparkles from the gold flecks.  I asked my hubs if I look crazy, and he said I was crazy to wear makeup before bed, but it looked okay, especially if I had worn makeup on the rest of my face.  So, to me, the disappointment comes in that it isn't a wearable enough colour to just put on even if I didn't wear at least a simple makeup look.

Onto the staying power...I blotted my lips and the bright pink did transfer on the tissue, but after that, it completely stayed put.  All the way until morning!  When I woke hubs said your lips are still so pink...this is before I saw myself in the mirror.  He was exaggerating a bit, as it definitely was LESS pink than when I first applied it, but my lips were definitely still stained....also no pink on my white pillow it is safe to say that there is no transfer, except for the initial blot!

4 Amabie hearts, because of the chemical scent, and the colour...!  Thank you Amabie!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair pack!  This is the hair treatment that follows the EX-2 shampoo, I reviewed in my previous post and let me tell you.  This smells DIVINE!  It comes in a huge tube and the product is filled to the brim.  Not only is it an aromatherapy experience for me as it smells so yummy, but it makes my hair so silky smooth!  I don't usually blow dry my hair or comb my hair after wash, as I just towel wrap then pat it and let it air dry.  But on those occasions where you are in a rush out of the door, I can totally comb through my hair without losing much hair as it really de-tangles most of it!  Also, I usually use an oil after wash for that extra bit of hydration.  With this hair pack, I find that I didn't need to use hair oil after every wash.  As I do have oily hair, I wash it everyday....I is horrible, but I simply can't go to work with oily hair!  On Friday nights, I usually try not to wash it unless I am going out and wash it on Saturday, and I was so surprised by how smooth my hair still felt.  Sometimes when you colour your hair, eventually it looks dry and hay-like, with this hair pack, you can say bye bye to that problem!  If you aren't interested in trying out the shampoo your current one works, I still think it would be a wonderful experience to try this awesome hair treatment!  It really does do the job...and it does it REALLY WELL!  If you'd like to try, I have a non-affiliated promocode for --> ELENCERO12   

I have long, coloured, fine, thin hair with an oily scalp.  I get sad when I see a lot of hair in the strainer after a shower and if I see that a lot gets caught in my pick comb or tangle teezer even.  I was offered this product to try by one of their North American distributors, and boy am I so glad that I had the opportunity to try it because now I have purchased it with my own money and use it religiously!  This is not like your typical shampoo as it has a translucent, liquidy consistency.  It also does not bubble up too much when you put it in your hair, but if your want to grow your hair longer faster AND shed waaaaaaaay less, you have GOT to try this shampoo!  This is a treatment shampoo, so yes it is on the more pricey side, but if you have fine, thin hair that takes forever to grow, and you shed like crazy?  Why not give it a try?  You will feel much happier!  Girls that don't have fine, thin hair (you are SO lucky!!), not to worry, as you can see this is a review for their EX-2 line, the have other lines for curly and thick hair too.  If you want healthier looking hair, look no further!  I also have a non-affiliated code that you can use if you would like: ELENCERO12

If you want a quick masking session that produces results, but don't want to spend too much money, this Innisfree cucumber mask is a great choice!  It doesn't break the bank, has a comfortable sheetmask with great fit, enough essence remaining in the pouch to last 2-3 uses, and can last up to 35mins.  If you're in a rush and want to take it off after 20mins, it is still great and I can see myself using this on a weekend morning before makeup application as it hydrates and calms the skin by reducing a bit of the redness in my cheeks.  It would have gotten 5 Amabiehearts if it was able to completely rid all redness!

If you enjoy the scent of roses, don't be tricked by this mask, as it didn't really smell like fresh roses to me at all!  It has a subtle scent, but definitely not a rose scent.  If you dislike thick mask material, also stay away from this, as it is quite thick in my point of view.  Thicker than your typical MBD masks...maybe a little less thick than a black mask.  I enjoyed that this mask didn't leave a sticky feeling despite a milky essence, but felt the results leaned towards hydrating over moisturizing.

This comes highly recommended by a friend, but for me was really only a meh mask.  I really enjoyed the texture of the mask as it is so so thin and comfortable...who doesn't love natural silk sheetmasks? However, the fit itself is another story.  The eye slits don't really fit my face, the mouth opening is small and the nose flap is long.  It only lasted for 20mins and other then hydration, it really didn't do much else for me.  

With so many positive reviews around for this mask, I really had high expectations for it!  Well, it REALLY met my high expectations.  The jelly essence is not exactly clear, but seems to have a light yellow-brown tint (unless it is the colour of the sheetmask..but I think it is more likely the light-brown essence).  I don't particularly love the scent either, as it seems like a mix of Chinese medicine and maybe stale beer?  However, all is forgiven because of how WONDERFUL the results are!  This mask can last over 45mins and as a "revitalizing mask", my skin really is revitalized.  Redness is gone!  Skin is hydrated and smooth too!  I felt fully relaxed and extremely happy about how my complexion looked post-mask session.  It really was an amazing treat for my skin!

If you have redness on your NEED this in your life.  If your face feels NEED this in your life.  If your have blemishes that feel inflamed and require NEED this in your life.  I have never been sunburnt before, but I'm pretty sure if you also NEED this in your life.  This sheetmask is definitely worth a try!!  My cheeks always has a redness..when it is irritated it is more red..and I tried this mask on a day when my face was irritated and had 2 spots plus an insect bite.  It worked magic!  This mask is made of thin organic cotton.  So comfy and essentially lays translucent on your face.  Drenched with essence with a quite a bit remaining in the pouch, this mask lasted 40mins on me and left me with a brighter, non-irritated complexion that was fully hydrated.  All the redness, except for my spots and insect bite were gone, and my spots were definitely less inflamed!  I LOVE this mask!!

Growing up in Canada, I have always been more of a foundation type of girl over cushions or bb/cc creams.  A few years back, this CC cream was all the rave so I decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately, it gives me a white cast which I dislike.  For lighter skin-toned girls, this would work perfectly.  Overall, as a girl with combo skin, this does give a dewy look which may turn oily looking later on in the day.  But if you enjoy the Korean style dewy radiant look that isn't in FULL EFFECT, this is worth a try as it is not as moist looking as a cushion.   

Your eye shape dictates the perfect curler for you.  I am Chinese, but have a lot of lid space and don't have mono-lids...typically I wear more Westernized eye makeup looks as the Asian trends don't work well with my eye shape.  I share this with you because many love the Shu curler because it fits the "Asian" eye shape.  Even if you aren't Asian, I would still suggest you to go to the counter to try this curler out as it is quite comfortable!  I've had mine for over 2 years and if you wipe it clean, at least once a week like you would wash your makeup brushes, it still works like brand new.  It is well-made and very durable.  If you feel it is expensive...consider investing in a limited edition version, such as the Takashi Murakami 2016 Holiday collection where the curler is black instead of silver and comes with the iconic Murakami flower "keychain" decoration. 

For me, L'Herboflore masks are saved for those extra special pamper sessions because their packaging is just so pretty.  This sheetmask is drenched in essence with A LOT left in the pouch...I mean A LOT as in you can use it day and night on your face for the next 3-4 days depending on the size of your face!  Like all other L'herboflore masks I have tried, it has a wide fit with perfect sized eye/mouth gaps and covers my entire face.  It has a lovely fresh rose scent...perfect for rose lovers and lasted for 30minutes.  Results?  Definitely hydrated skin as promised with a bit of redness reduction.  If it completely soothed my complexion, it would have gotten 5 hearts!  Still, this would be a definite repurchase!  If you love roses, this is definitely worth a try! 

If you've read all my other reviews for this Dear Packer Jeju Blossom line, you probably want to stay away more than try these Dear Packer masks..BUT..this one was the decent one out of the 4.  Seemingly repetitive, it does have a great wide comfy cotton fit and a really nice cherry blossom powdery scent.  I would however, warn those who are sensitive to scents, to stay far away from this one because it is quite strong compared to other scented masks.  This mask didn't get 5 hearts because I expected more of a brightening/whitening effect from a cherry blossom mask; yes my complexion was brighter compared to before, but I've gotten better results from others, like My Beauty Diary and Sexylook!  For me, most brightening masks also tend to lack in the hydration this one also falls under that category where moisturizer is definitely needed after your pamper session.

If I could give zero hearts...this mask would be it!  Yes, like the other Dear Packer masks I have reviewed, it has the comfy wide cotton fit, but at the 5 minute mark, I HAD to TAKE THIS MASK OFF!  My face felt a bit tingly at the 3min mark, but I thought meh...nothing is wrong since I checked in the mirror and found nothing.  But nope, I couldn't stand the weird feeling my face was feeling so I just threw it away because I wasn't going to gamble with my face any longer!  I didn't even bother squeezing out all the excess essence to use on my neck/arms/legs because I was that worried I would have a reaction with the essence!

The fave thing for me about these Dear Packer Jeju Blossom masks are their wide cotton comfy fit!  For this cactus version, the scent isn't very strong, but unfortunately, I couldn't leave it on for very long.  After 20mins, I had to take it off because it just felt uncomfortable even when the mask was still wet with essence.  Overall, this mask did reduce redness and my face felt hydrated, but after patting in the essence, despite no tackiness, there was a film left behind.  Yes, the packaging is very attractive, but I'd say, don't get sucked in...try something else!  If you really want to try something from the Jeju Blossom line, I'd suggest the Cherry Blossom flavour...check out my other review for details!

The only thing I enjoyed consistently about the masks in this series (there are 4 of them) is its wide fit and the pretty packaging.  As a nourishing mask, there was no reduction in redness to my skin, had a brightening effect, but my skin only felt a little bit hydrated after leaving it on for 30mins.  For those of you who are sensitive to scents, you also won't enjoy the masks in this Jeju Flower line, as they are all quite strong and linger for the duration of your mask session. If you want to try something with Camellia, I'd say go for Sally's Box and stay away from this one.  

If I had to choose between this version of the Papa Recipe mask and the original version, I would definitely go for the original version!  Why you ask?  Well they both smell like yummy honey and pretty much help with hydrating the skin and not much else. Some of you may have preference for black sheetmasks over white ones, BUT the essence of this mask is tinted grey from the mask itself (I think)!  I have tried other black sheetmasks before and their essence is never tinted grey but always transparent!  When I unfolded this mask, the eye holes were also extremely close together, however, the sheetmask itself is extremely stretchy so I was able to make it fit comfortably on my face.  Others have raved about this mask lasting between 45min-1h, but it only lasted for a little over 30mins for me.  Even if you aren't turned off by the grey essence, I'd say try the original version first as the results are pretty much the same!

Many kbeauty addicts LOVE this mask.  For me, it is wonderful to have in my mask stash as the price point is great IF you buy it overseas (Apparently in HK you can get it for $100/box...over here in Canada it is ridiculous at $30CAD/box!! I would never buy it for the Canadian price!!), but isn't what I would consider HOLY GRAIL status.  That may be surprising to some of you, but I really felt that all it did for me was hydrate my skin, with a little bit of redness reduction. The things I enjoy about this mask include it's yummy honey scent, how thin the sheetmask is, and the amount of extra essence left in the pouch!  The weird thing that I experienced was that the eye holes were slanted downwards, which made the fit somewhat weird for my face shape!

This has recently become a holy grail product for my hair care routine!  I have long, straight, coloured hair that is very fine with an oily scalp but super dry ends.  I apply this serum after my hair has been wrapped in my towel for a short period of time.  As we all know, it is bad to comb your hair while it is wet, and I rarely blow dry.  If I do, this serum makes a huge difference...pretty much I can feel it act as a heat protectant while making my hair ultra smooth with no frizz.  I find that when I do blow dry my hair with this oil, it looks better than when I don't as it gives it this extra shine that makes my hair look even healthier!  What I love about this serum compared to all the others I have tried including Moroccan Oil, It's a 10 Miracle Leave in, and more is that it is super light weight and doesn't weight down my hair.  It basically is my favourite of all the oils that I have tried and if you have similar hair type as me, it is totally worth a try!  You will see and feel the difference after your first use!

This product is pretty pricey, but has its perk for being very convenient, especially if you are travelling and want to save luggage space since the containers are disposable.  The first time I used this, I made the mistake of using one entire piece.  Completely not necessary...depending on the size of your face it should last at least 2 washes, if not 3!  I ranked it as 3 hearts because it is pricey and when I use it, it reminds me of using detergent on my face.  If you are sensitive to scents, this definitely isn't for you.  I personally enjoy nicer smell products to wash my face or even scent-free over this product.  I also find that this product leaves that squeaky clean feeling on my face, which I don't enjoy as it seems a bit stripping.  Honestly, I'd rather decant a bottle of my fave cleanser to bring on vacation than to repurchase this! 

I like to have a jar of this in my fridge at all times!  I don't use it daily, but it's there because if my skin is feeling troubled and needs soothing, this does the job!  I'm not talking about the type where you put on a soothing mask and it I do use soothing masks ever so often anyways.  Sometimes, a random red spot may appear (not a pimple) and this will make it less irritated.  Or after shaving your legs, if your legs get a bit itchy after a few days due to re-growth, I also find that this helps more so then body cream!

Some may think this pretty packaging is gimmicky.  I bought this mask because of the packaging and really didn't have high hopes, but Snow White totally blew me out of the water!  This mask claims to be whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing.  Lasting for 35mins, this black sheetmask has a pretty good fit and a really nice sweet floral scent.  The scent alone, made me feel relaxed and happy!  I can't vouch for its anti-aging properties, but my face definitely felt smoother and more hydrated.  I also love the fact that my complexion was completely evened out and the redness in my cheeks was completely gone!  It's one of those skin-moments where you feel confident about your skin and at the same time wished your skin always looked so good!

The hype of this sheetmask is REAL!  For those of you who are sensitive to fragrance, maybe not so much for you, but those of you who don't mind it or love sweeter scents, it smells deliciously of yummy pears.  Lasting for 1h on the face if you have the patience (even though the packaging says otherwise), this sheetmask is so thin and has such an awesome fit.  My face felt so hydrated and nourished after this and better yet, all the redness in my complexion is completely gone.  A sheetmask that does multiple things for my face, feels good, smells good and has a decent price tag is definitely a keeper!  This is one of those masks that should ALWAYS be in your stash!

My HOLY GRAIL toner in the Moisture Bound line of Amore Pacific.  Once you try it, you seriously will have a hard time falling in love with anything else!  It has a steep price tag, and trust me, I have been trying to find a dupe, but have only failed.  Your skin feels hydrated, smooth and so supple after putting this on.  In a multi-step skincare routine, you really don't need an essence if you use this toner.  It doesn't have a watery texture, instead, it is thicker and almost essence-like.  If you are in need of a new toner and don't mind splurging on skincare, go try it on the back of your hand at your nearest counter!

MBD masks were the first sheetmasks I used during my teenage years.  I haven't used them in a long long time, but when I used this Strawberry Yogurt one, I remember why I enjoyed them so much when I was younger.  It smells so yummy, fits quite well (but doesn't reach the edges of my forehead), and has TONS of essence left in the pouch.  For a quick skin pick-me-up, this is perfect because after 25mins of application, your complexion is noticeably whiter and more radiant. (In the pic is also one of my favourite lipbalms from Taiwan.)

My mom got me the Vaseline Intensive Care - Lip Essence in Cherry Flavour from HK.  Funny enough, I haven't seen these tubes in Canada.  My lips are usually okay during the summer months, but can be dry and even peel during the dry winter in Canada!  I really enjoyed this lipbalm as it applies easily, has a nice flavour and keeps my lips hydrated!  It is one of those lip balms where after putting it on, you want to put more on after awhile since it makes your lips feel so kissable! 

Primera is a brand under Amore Pacific that is eco-oriented.  Their technology is innovative as they capture the nutrition released during the germination of sprouts.  This line of sheetmasks is made of organic cotton, which feels more durable and is slightly thicker when compared to sheetmask from Leaders. Packed with essence, these masks can last between 30-45mins.  What I love MOST about this mask is not only the fact that my skin feels hydrated and supple afterwards, but the redness in my cheeks is COMPLETELY GONE!  Bye Bye redness and hello beautiful complexion!    

A luxe cleansing oil that has a high price point but is completely worth it! It has a light spa-like fragrance and takes off your makeup like a dream.  If I have a full face, I always use eye makeup remover before using Shu's Ultime8, but if you're just talking about eyeliner and mascara with face makeup, this will melt it off with no problem.  You simply massage it onto your face, then add water and gently rub in circular motions to make it milky before washing it off. Your face will feel clean yet nourished after as it is an oil after all!  I personally double cleanse as that's just my routine, but you do not have to.  Definitely worth trying if you're looking for a great makeup remover!  Shu Uemura also has collabs ever so often with beautiful limited edition cleansing oil bottles.  If you see a collab you like, that may be the time to try!  As a side note, larger Shu counters should also have a sink where you can actually try this, so bring your eyeliner and put it to the test!



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