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  • Ethnicity: East Asian, South Asian
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Skin Type: Combination
  • Hair Thickness: Medium
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Hair Color: Black

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  • Beauty Interest: Professional: Skincare
  • Age Range: 18-24
  • Location: Philippines
  • Ingredient Preference: Anti-oxidants, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Natural, Peptides, Retinoid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Mineral, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tree Oil, Glycerin, Aloe
  • Are you a mommy to be?: No

Took this Orifera Skin Care All Day Face Cream that I received from Amabie in exchange for my honest review.

I first tested it on the back of my hands to test for any allergic reactions. Virgin coconut oil is an ingredient new to my skin, and I'm currently breaking out, so I took extra precautions.

The scent is really strong, like strong grandma perfume. I actually got a cold from this and a mild headache, but most of it I can claim is due to the smell not going away. And it's really, really strong since it's in my face. 😂

The texture feels unrefined, not exactly a smooth cream, more like shampoo. Really thick shampoo.

You do need extra time on running and patting it in.

It leaves a very tiny film that you know is a moisturizer, and in our climate, it's really hot, so after a few hours, I look like a grease ball. Lol.

Since I am breaking out, I really cannot pin the disaster my face is right now, but it sure is not my product. I just put it again on the back of my hand to make sure of the scent, and I just noticed there's a hint of coconut oil smell. It doesn't make it any better, but thought you should know! :)

Err.. poor performing mask. How beautiful and engaging the packaging is, thats how bad the mask is. Not brightening, although it had the best fit. The best I had so far. Really. The eye holes especially. i have pretty small eyes, so those with bigger ones might need to cut or it might sting your eyeballs.

The material of this mask is biocellulose, and boy, they are very interesting. I dont know, i prefer biocellulose masks over hydrogels. hydrogels tend to feel drying to me. whilst biocellulose masks, they stay on for house. you bet. and also i like the word biocellulose. haha. so fancy. as for the mask, it performed really well. it was brightening, hydrating and not sticky after. the size and face holes are in goo sizes too!

I love the finish of this bb cream!! Had i have the good skin i had in my high school days, this would be a holy grail. I deducted 1 star because it smells awful. like chemically plasticky rubber whatever. but the color matches me well and it just gets better and better as it sets and oxidises! its not full coverage, but its good enough for me on days. love this!

This is my first eye cream! This is again part of Elizavecca's package that they sent me for review. It has a very interesting texture, and it feels good to apply. I dont knwo how to explain it, its a thick cream, and more like a balm that's melted.. I like how it feels. I only used this for a few days, and at tis point since i am young i dont have much worries about wrinkle pkumping. so for what its worth, i wake up with plump eye area which i like since my eye bags are hollow. the results are temporary though and usually gone at the middle of the day. might be better for twice a day use, but i like to save it so i can use for a long time. i like me some eye cream drama now. :p

This was provided to my by Elizavecca to review. Honest opinions for life doe! Okay, so this mask has a distinctive smell of nature. Haha. I dont know how to describe but using a 'tree'. ;p The mask is really hydrating and relaxing, and mildly brightening. :) Also, the size of the mask sheet is huge for my face, and the eye and mouth holes are large and overlapping. It stayed on for 30 minutes, until the mask felt dry and had to remove. It was sticky after so I needed to top with a sleeping pack.

This liar beautiful girl (lol?!) mask was gifted to me by elizavecca to review. honest opinions ahead: i didnt use the 1st step cleanser since the pH of these are usually high, although I will keep it for travel. The second step mask was soaked in essence, good mask material, not too thin not too thick,the adhesion is good as well as the face holes. the balm-type serum after is something that i also liked! its not greasy and has a lovely texture. :) will purchase happily for myself. my skin tone was brightened mildly. :)

I got this free from my beautius order, and if anything, im glad i didnt purchase it as a stand alone product. The mask material is thick, although the eye and mouth holes fit perfectly. The mask sheet itself is embossed with patterns. It was beautiful. Anyways, the adhesion is ugghh. It didnt cling well and alsted for a good 20 minutes. to me, that is short. There's no scent as well that I can remember. This performs very average, in par with most sheet masks that are just good for a quick relaxing session.

i bought this without any prior knowledge about ingredients, or sensitivites, and t just caused me to break out more. this has a cream texture, quick thick, and i actually like it. you also need less than a pea size and its more than enough. this is laden with irriants though according to cosdna, and while i know its not always accurate, my experience has told me this is not a good product. well, at least for me.

Actually now a cosrx produCt that i like. its very cooling and soothing, i like the gel texture. my skin didnt get better while using this, but its not an acne treatment. its a moisturizer. it sank well and didnt leave a sticky feeling of a film. i like it. it did whats its supposed to do. i havent repurchased though.

I am a fan of my Scheming mask! I like the fact that they are packaged really small, and that there are no backins to the mask itself, as well as there are plenty, I mean plenty of essence left in packet-always. Adhesion is good, and the size and fit is great as well. Will repurchse these. :)

I like Etude House's sheet masks, they're affordable and generally good. This is one of those good masks in general, and I really don't think this line should be discontinued. Anyways, the essence is clear, brightening and didnt leave s ticky film, which I like!

I may have concluded with this that CosRX products are not for me. Ive been using this for a little over a month now, and I can say that its either purged me, or broken me out. I am continuing my use except the left side of my face to compare which gets better. I still hope this works for me, but if it doesn't, my hunt for BHA will go on.

I got during my Taiwanese masks haul, and I thoroughly enjoyed that the essence in these masks are abundant. It doesnt smell like apples as far as I can remember, and gave good brightening and moisturizing results. I do like that the fit and the packaging!

Same with the IOPE one, if you have dry skin, you should moisturise before using this; or if you have oily skin, you'll most probably love this already. The coverage is sheer to medium, and the finish is great. I like this one, too!

If you have nice skin already and only need a sheer coverage, really, try this. It wouldve been perfect if only not i have acne scarring to cover up. Cant use with specific primers though as it accentuates dry patches. Better moisturize before using, definitely. Overall, I like it!

I love this! My favorite treatment when I am breaking out! It helps pull the clogs faster to the surface, and leaves my face smooth. Easier to wash off than the elizavecca bubble one, although it needs longer time to sit in your face than the elizavecca equivalent. anyways, i love clay masks, and im likely to repurchase this one!

Found this product on the klog, and at first, i really like it, it cleanses really well. but then when i found out that its pH was too high, i immediately tossed it to the top shelf. i use it to clean my puffs and makeup brushes, but not on my face now.

I like this for the times I feel like I didnt cleanse thoroughyl enough, or before makeup. It does feel harsh on the skin when I use it, but it could just be the pressure I put in. I really did not feel like it exfoliated my skin on a chemical level, but physically, of course. I will not repurchase this particular item, but I like the idea of these pads.

This product is supposed to be a spot treatment, and for the size, I thought it was a toner. It really gives you a bang for your buck. However, its an item where it either works or it dont. In my case, it didnt. No matter what type of application I do, this product just didnt cut it for me.

I am not in general a fan of first essences, mainly because in the span that I have used them they turned out to be duds. Well, maybe its just the ones I tried. I do live this one though, this is the only one in my routine right now that's supposed to brighten, and while I still do not have that coveted first essence glow, I can say it feels like it helps in fading my scarring.

I usually look for brightening masks when i hoard them, so its a no-brainer that ill get a couple of those with pearl extract in them. this is an average mask as per my experience, mild to none brightening effects, but still would be a good relaxing mask.

I love this powder! Would always repurchase unless ifind something more economical. It sets makeup nicely, and on some good days, can even be worn alone! Smells like mint/herbally but fresh. It comes with a puff which I use sometimes, or a mushroom brush if im in a hurry.

It does brighten! Although not as drastic as the strawberry one. It is soaked in essence, good mask size, and stays the usual time with other masks. Overall, i really like this brand's masks and would repurchase only if they become more affordable. lol

I only used samples of this - but I love it from that. I cannot find tis product to purchase though! and ive looked everywhere. its so hard to get. it dries semi-matte o matte, non-sticky and high spf. would love it!

l'herboflore's masks have the most beautiful packaging I think its too big though so.. kinda wasteful. performance-wise, it is good, but not holy grail. i havent found my favortie mask yet, but i always look for brightening powers. i always expect masks to hydrate, if it does more than that, its just a bonus.

Love. itt. I always wake up to plump skin when I use this! Plus, its a giant jar for the price! Heck yes?!!! Only complaint is while the tub is sturdy, its very easy to knock it down and spill it, maybe a squeeze type packaging like bentom's aloe propolis soothing gel will be better. otherwise, the product itself is remarkable!

It's a good product for the body - I used to moisturise my face when I was a newbie, but figured out that its better for the body to cool me down. It has alcohol, so thats probably where the cooling effect comes from. Its a giant tub but I go through it fast because I love to slather it after showering.

Very interesting mask! It's a jelly type essence, which is my first of its kind. It did brighten my face as it claims, and didnt feel rather sticky after. plus, it smells like oranges!

I dont pick it up much. It doesnt do much, but for whats its worth, a nice facial treatment at home. Smells like detergent though. lmao. would not repurchase, but I do enjoy it while I have it. :)

50/50. am i the on;ly one unimpressed? haha. i saw this work on blogs with writers' pimples havent come to a head yet, but unless i pop mine, these are useless to me. when i pop my pimples thogh, it will always always scar. i dont know, im trying really hard to make this work,but its giving me a hard time.

first thing first: this smells like ginseng! you either love the scent or you dont, in my case i do. calmed my face and made it look glowy. i would even hoard it! its so sad they discontinued this line already. why, why do you do this to us?

Yeah.. so i bought this because chalotte cho recommened this, and its got a nice cult following. however, i think my skin knows when i try products because they are fmaous - because it hates it! lol. i didnt see any particular glow, nor did i feel it did anything significant. moreover, i think it kinda broke me out.. would not repurchase.

unlike the l'affair honey mask, this is not oily, and sinks in good. doesnt leave a film, good fit, and nice adhesion to face. ill be happy to repurchase/ :)

I had high hopes for this since a lot of people had success with this, although a fair number hadn't as well. i belong in the latter. It's not a bad product - it's just it didn't do anything for me. In keeping acne at bay, or as a spot treatment--this product has let me down. I guess this is one of the products that you either love it or hate it, there is not in between.

interesting product! i didnt feel too much itchiness as the clay bubbles, and it does pull out whiteheads or help bring acne to a head faster. I like to use it in the bath for extra steam and because this is hard as heck to rinse off! Overall, I really like it- - and clay masks in general.

I feel like I under appreciated this product. Looking back at my 10-day streak with this, my face is better. I dont have redness to begin with since Im tan, but could use some on my PIH.. which is terrible. I would repurchase this.

My first AB scrub! This is everywhere, and of course, I wanted to try! I put some water on its tub and mixed it to make it less abrasive, and still then I put water in my face and apply gently. I leave it for 10-15 mins max. I dont want little tears in my skin! Leaves my skin smooth unlike any other.

Good ingredients, a cult favorite, but for me, its just an average performer. Noting special really, but I still do enjoy another cleansing step given that I always feel I rinse insufficiently. Didnt help with blackheads or acne tough, I dont think so.

It has high SPF, protects from both AVA and UVB rays, doesnt leave a white cast, and has a very interesting texture. I really like it, one catch: it leaves me so greasy!

Other than hydrating, I do not find this much help, or any at that matter, to my acne - which makes it an average performer for me. I know other great hydrators, without the ewee (lmao) feeling, so I wouldnt repurchase.

Uhhmm.. gurl??? If I'm gonna summarise this review into three short words, it will be: intense immediate brightening. Really. I like black masks so much, there's something about them. I will defintely, definitely repurchase this. My first five stars in here!

Looovve ett. Leaves me with soft skin, at the right pH to mildly exfoliate, and gentle. It's non-foaming, so if you need those bubbles to feel clean, stray away. whatever you do, you'll not be able to foam this. lol. apply before water - i feel like once it mixes with water it dilutes it even more making it ineffective. That's my only complaint about this rather fantastic cleanser. 

Does what it says it will do! Brightens immediately, soaked in essence and even better if popped in the fridge for say, five minutes. Results are temporary, as with other masks are, but immediate. I can see myself repurchasing this!

This removes makeup, and sunscreen too, although I stopped using halfway through my second tub as its getting hard to rinse - and i follow up with a gentle cleanser after. it was not enough. you need to follow this with perhaps a foaming cleanser or waste a lot of water trying. that is when i started to notice closed comedones forming - so i stopped using it.

Mentally, I like it, but physically, it says it ain't so. In the first weeks, I noticed it did face my previous scars, but it also purged me, rendering the erasure of other scars moot. After I was done with the bottle.. I was left with a worse face.

If you've been into r/asianbeauty, you'd be familiar with cosrx. and familiar real good. lol. its a minimalist kind of brand that targets acne-prone people. minimal skincare with a lot of raves? im sold. i own quite a handful of items from them, and i do like some. this one gave me a number of whiteheads though, and it does not clean well for me. you need a lot of product to cover your face, and cant use as a standalone cleanser in the night. way too weak, at least for me. i could compensate the weakness but adding more product perhaps, but cant with the whiteheads.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. :) I love this clay mask! My favourite treatment when I am breaking out. It helps pull the gunk out faster, and it leaves my skin smooth! When I use this, I also use a sheet mask to calm the skin after, if its stressed out. Less than one star because it doesn't remove the blackheads off my nose as noticeably as others have experienced, but overall, totally love this!

I ran out of my balm cleanser and I l always wanted to try an oil version. Balms are okay, but sometimes I find it to be much work. Ive read at a blog about this cleansing oil that smells like apple candies, so I was eager to try it. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, but having tried it with makeup it does remove it effectively. In a few uses, however, the product broke me out. B a d l y. All over my face. I wanted to love it since it smells like candy, it really does, but I wouldn't put it on my face again.



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